ALONE AGAIN, NATURALLY (Updated April 13, 2013)

April 11, 2013 – 2:05 pm

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In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher

The CD was mailed out April 8 to all who had preordered the disc in 2005. Ex SBD stereo.

Back in 2005, anarchist collective Chumbawamba pre-sold an EP called In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher which they would keep under wraps until the prime minister passed away. Since Thatcher did pass earlier this week, the band has delivered the EP and is also streaming the release online. Along with that, the band delivered a eulogy:

“Let’s make it clear: This is a cause to celebrate, to party, to stamp the dirt down. Tomorrow we can carry on shouting and writing and working and singing and striking against the successive governments that have so clearly followed Thatcher’s Slash & Burn policies, none more so than the present lot. But for now, we can have a drink and a dance and propose a toast to the demise of someone who blighted so many people’s lives for so long. If we must show a little reverence and decorum at this time, then so be it. Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of all Margaret Thatcher’s victims.”

So let’s spread the word on this release.

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Updated April 13, 2013


The BBC grappled with a dilemma after opponents of late British leader Margaret Thatcher pushed the song Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead to the top of the charts.

An online campaign to drive the Wizard of Oz ditty to the No. 1 spot on the U.K. singles chart was launched by Thatcher critics shortly after the former prime minister died of a stroke on Monday. She was 87. Normally, a top position on the charts guarantees a song airtime on the BBC, but some called on the broadcaster not to play the song.

John Whittingdale, a legislator from Thatcher’s Conservative Party, told the Daily Mail newspaper that many would find the song “deeply insensitive.” BBC management announced Friday that it will play a short clip of Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead on Sunday’s music chart show if it makes the Top 40. -

Meanwhile, the Standard reported that an online poll for the Radio Times found 89 per cent  of people believed the song, originally written for the  1939 musical The Wizard Of Oz, should be played. David Cameron’s spokesman said he regarded the matter with “personal distaste” but the decision whether to ban the  song or not was “a matter for the BBC”.

Music industry analysts say the song only needs to secure a few thousand 79p downloads to topple current No. 1 Duke Dumont’s Need U. More than 20,000 copies of it have been sold since the viral campaign started within hours of Lady Thatcher’s death on Monday.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps).

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Introduction (644k)
Track 02. So Long, So Long (4.0MB)
Track 03. Pinochet Bids Farewell From Beyond The Grave (1.5MB)
Track 04. The Day The Lady Died (2.5MB)
Track 05. Ring The Bells! (873k)
Track 06. Waiting For Margaret To Go (6.6MB)
Track 07. Sleep (1.6MB)

Chumbawamba are a musical collective from Leeds. Buy Chumbawamba’s releases here.

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  1. 58 Responses to “ALONE AGAIN, NATURALLY (Updated April 13, 2013)”

  2. Wouldn’t be so bad except they’re a shite band and every song sounds like it was written by someone not old enough to shave. Not exactly Shipbuilding is it?

    By Biff Baxter on Apr 11, 2013

  3. Distasteful.

    By Stranger on Apr 11, 2013

  4. This shows the pig ignornace that infects the UK these days. People who have NO FUCKING RESPECT think this sort of thing is funny. It would be interesting to see how people who do this sort of childish thing would get away with it in say Russia, China, Saudi Arabia. I know your site is left leaning BigO, but this crap belittles you

    By leedspoolie on Apr 11, 2013

  5. I can understand your taking offense, leedspoolie, but not sure what to make of the second part of your comment. Are you suggesting that the UK should follow the example of countries that criminalize criticism of their governments? Do you think that BigO should be shut down and its staff given long prison terms? If not, why bring those countries up?

    By YogaforCynics on Apr 11, 2013

  6. Thatcher was a horrible human being who called Nelson Mandel a terrorist and called Pinochet her friend.

    Good riddance.

    By Jasonm on Apr 11, 2013

  7. Of course I don’t suggest criminalising criticism of governments; freedom of speech should be a given thing in the UK (and the rest of the world) but no matter how disliked she was, this sort of attitude is unneccessary and sickening. Of course I believe in free speech, however I also believe in decorum and respect.

    By leedspoolie on Apr 11, 2013

  8. however I also believe in decorum and respect.

    sort of like the decorum and respect she showed for pinochet and his murderous hordes?

    By not darth on Apr 11, 2013

  9. If Thatcher was buried in Scotland, every one would turn out to dig a hole so deep they would hand her over to Satan personally.

    By miner on Apr 11, 2013

  10. Respect to MT as a human being, but never for her anti-social policy!

    By zapzapzap on Apr 11, 2013

  11. Scandalously disrespectful to post this(stated as a working class Northerner who can actually remember the union driven, downward spiralling shambles of 70’s Britain pre-Margaret Thatcher). As free speech entitles them to produce this utterly contemptible shite, I’d like to use it too to state that I think Chumbawamba a bunch of cunts. I would dearly love them to sing this in front of me in public, I’d throttle the fuckers!! No apologies for the language, these no-respect scum should be treated as such.

    By Shep on Apr 12, 2013

  12. I am not a politically minded person. I don’t live in the UK. I have no opinion on Margaret Thatcher’s passing. I just like good music. And this is not…

    By atackleberry on Apr 12, 2013

  13. Great stuff.Thankx BigO! You’ve done it again!

    By Bwonk on Apr 12, 2013

  14. There was no in-between with Thatcher. You either loved her or hated her. All I’m gonna say here is I just hope I don’t ever run into Shep. An ambulance crew would have to be on standby!

    By Bruce Skywater on Apr 12, 2013

  15. No matter what one thinks of Margaret Thatcher, this “project” lacks taste and class.

    By Improper Bostonian on Apr 12, 2013

  16. I concur Shep-and I think most would agree.Hope I never run into them either

    By justin case on Apr 12, 2013

  17. I don’t have a strong opinion on Maggie, and am not well versed in the details of the politics except in the most general sense. But I certainly respect those whose extreme antagonism toward her aren’t buckling under simply because of death. Death is no redemption to anyone, good or bad. Yes, as a fellow human being, she as any human being deserves a degree of sympathy, but all of us must be measured by our life’s deeds. If in fact she made the existence of countless fellow citizens wretched by her policies and supported dictators, etcetc, then we need less of her ilk on this planet. Her death is not to be mourned nor celebrated… but held up as an opportunity to remember what this person of great influence did to better or degrade her country and it’s people.

    By lowendbill on Apr 12, 2013

  18. “I don’t have a strong opinion on Maggie, and am not well versed in the details of the politics except in the most general sense.”

    But you don’t mind blathering away like your new hero darth…

    By HighEndMike on Apr 12, 2013

  19. I think it is distasteful to celebrate and dance on someone’s grave even if you disliked them. I never ever was a fan of hers and like many other commenters above I strongly disagree with many/most of her statements and political decisions, but don’t forget she was elected THREE times. She was not some dictator who grabbed power and screwed the poor; she screwed the poor fully elected. It would have been a little braver to release this sort of albums while she was still alive; or better, at the time when she was still in power.

    By Stranger on Apr 12, 2013

  20. I was working in a large office when word came that Ronald Reagan had been shot. A number of us had gathered in the front lobby to hear the breaking news over the radio. All of us were appalled, whether republican or democrat. Most of us were old enough to remember when JFK was shot, and we all had this horrible feeling. It was more than just an assassination, it was like our country and way of life was under attack. I say all, but there was one exception. Colleen walked in. I told her that Reagan had been shot. She grinned from ear to ear and said, “YES! Insn’t it GREAT!!” I then realized she had no compassion, no empathy, and had a deep dark soul capable of endorsement of murder.

    By 5yrsnojob on Apr 12, 2013

  21. People who speak about ‘decorum and respect’ should consider whether they would themselves be respectful towards the death of someone who had been responsible for their father being thrown out of work, for their local community being turned into a place of no hope and drugs etc.

    She did massive damage to the people of the north of England. I think that if they want to celebrate her passing they have every right to do so.

    All polticians are self-serving and to be treated with great suspcion (in my experience anyway). But she was truly in a different class and unless you suffered under her you should really keep your mouth shut

    By Jack Bond on Apr 12, 2013

  22. I was born and brought up in the North East of England. I was nearly 17 years old when she came to power. I spent a lot of the eighties out of work. I had friends the same. We all had a hard time. We had a fucking awful time in the seventies under Heath, Wilson and Callaghan. Shipbuilding had ceased in the early sixties. The Sunday Times in the early seventies reported on my home town as being where “mothers eat their young.” The steel industry (biggest employer) was fucked by unions. The streets were filled with rubbish because of strikes. Bodies were stockpiled because they weren’t being buried because of strikes. I have no love for Thatcher, but I hated what unions had done to the country more. UK manufacturing was in major decline years before Thatcher came to power.

    So Jack Bond, I did live through it and that therefore entitles me to an opinion, so please don’t tell me to shut my mouth. I resent your suggestion that the north of england was turned into a place of no hope and drugs. Which part of the north of england are you from? victimville? Wingeton?

    By leedspoolie on Apr 12, 2013

  23. Well said Leedspoolie. I come from a North West town that has been brought to it’s knees since 1997 due to successive Labour governments and constant Lib/Lab councils. They have destroyed my hometown to the point of collapse and virtual dereliction through liberal, left wing policies and the total neglect of the tax paying worker who funds those policies. I detest those people - would I dance in the street and offer to tramp the dirt on their grave? NO!! I keep my contempt to myself and would never show such dispespect to them in public after they had died. Beer swilling, trumpet blowing, street dancing celebratants(?) of someone’s demise are vermin - you would think they were welcoming the death of Hitler or Stalin, not a politician who MY country owes a massive debt to.

    By Shep on Apr 12, 2013

  24. Margaret Thatcher was elected and then re-elected twice more so she must have had a broad base of supporters that approved of her policies. I am surprised that people show so much hate at her passing.

    By Mackster on Apr 12, 2013

  25. Considering that Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead is rising on the charts in the UK it seems that there a lot of people share the sentiments of the Chum.

    At times like these I always follow the golden rule - don’t say nothing but good about the dead. Thatcher’s dead. Good.

    By Oh No, Shep on Apr 12, 2013

  26. Maybe there are just a lot of The Wizard of Oz fans around. Besides you only have to sell about 50 copies to get to number on in Britain…I’m no mathematical genius but I would say that’s a small percentage of a 65,000,000 population.

    By Shep on Apr 12, 2013

  27. It’s all about business. If you don’t have a job guess what…You don’t have shit. Margaret Thatcher got englands Gross domestic product up to 4%. England at that time had the fourth largest economy in the world. She is what is needed today.

    By Phil Errup on Apr 12, 2013

  28. Bait. Hook.

    Number 1 at iTunes, Number 4 on the charts, and the BBC is red face over the prospect of having to play as it reaches Number 1.

    I suspect your political acumen matches your mathematical skills - which is what would be required to shed a tear at Maggie. She’s getting as good as she gave. Shit in, shit out.

    By Oh No, Shep on Apr 12, 2013

  29. why do brit women look like horses ?

    By cowboy bart on Apr 12, 2013

  30. The answers simple cowboy Bart- so Americans feel at home when they sleep with them

    By leedspoolie on Apr 12, 2013

  31. I knew it would be simple. yeehaw !

    By cowboy bart on Apr 12, 2013

  32. Lol

    By leedspoolie on Apr 12, 2013

  33. Ah, OH NO SHEP, you are so right right. My political acumen must be very low…I don’t agree with you which makes me a very stupid individual. Funnily enough though, I don’t feel insulted, you can think whatever you like. Although I think she was easily the greatest PM of modern times, it’s the idiotic and childish lack of respect and public displays of glee I have a problem with, not the disliking of Mrs Thatcher itself. Such behaviour would be distasteful when directed at anybody - that would be undeniable by any right minded member of society in my view.

    By Shep on Apr 13, 2013

  34. She is a public figure and not your mum.
    People around the world have criticized/adored her for a long time, why would that change on the day she died?

    As for me, she can rot in hell. Good riddance.

    By Bigdoins on Apr 13, 2013

  35. there’s wall to wall nonsense about Thatcher glossing over her idiosyncracies (remember her telling the press to “Rejoice” at the loss of life following the sinking of an Argentinian submarine?). Its in the Daily Mail, Express, Torygraph, BBC, Sky news - the establishment trying to reclaim her as a great leader. And in a typically surreal British manner the people are speaking - saying “we don’t buy it. She wasn’t our heroine”. In a peaceful, pointless, harmless protest we are restating our opinion - we didn’t love Thatcher. I don’t rejoice over the death of an old woman. But I refuse to mourn someone who divided this country so.

    By Diamond Doug on Apr 13, 2013

  36. “Finally I know why the British always drink tea.” - “Why?” - “I’ve just tried their coffee.”

    By justin case on Apr 13, 2013

  37. brit women look like horses? someone needs to introduce him to page 3 girls.

    By darth on Apr 13, 2013

  38. To Jack Bond: I will keep my mounth shut when I want to and not because you think you have the right to deny my right to say what I want.

    By Stranger on Apr 13, 2013

  39. Most of those I have seen “rejoicing” over the death of thatcher were not alive when she was PM. I’ve never had much respect for those who inherit their prejudices and their politics from their parents.
    i was in the UK throughout the MT years and agree with those who argue she dragged the country out of the cesspit into which the loony left and tosspot unionists had driven it.
    yes, she was very VERY far from perfect. yes, her support of pinochet and opposition to NM was anathema to me, but her preparedness to stand up to the shite dished up by scargill and company was admirable.
    her legacy is very ambiguous and she was no saint. but does she deserve the bullshit celebration by arsewipe kiddies born long after she was ousted?
    no fucking way.
    and, bigo… the so-called music is shit. thanks but no thanks :)

    By Tony on Apr 13, 2013

  40. oh my

    By Wang Dang on Apr 13, 2013

  41. These celebratory hijinks are harmless enough if not a little puerile. Margret Thatcher is dead, so obviously she doesn’t care anymore. She was a successful politician who doesn’t need defending. By all means oppose her mistakes. But earlier posters are correct. The even more contemptible governments of Heath, Wilson and Callaghan who preceded her were a disaster for England. They are forgotten today because of their weakness. Thatcher made grave errors, but breaking the unions was the right thing to do. The people who focus on opposing Thatcher after her death are pawns of others who wish to distract the public from the continuing operation of an unjust and tyrannical system of government which continues to repress and steal from us all. Too bad her death only inspires insipid music and infantile protest.

    By Zaar Locust on Apr 13, 2013

  42. I had to live through Maggie’s reign and like many of my fellow working class folks, had to suffer in many ways as a result of her fascist policies.

    anyone who is saddened at her passing is a prize a-hole, and probably a right-wing money-worshipping fascist like Maggie herself.

    so screw maggie.. I’m glad she’s dead, i just hope she suffered intolerable pain for many years before being allowed to escape this world. I hope she is being tortured in hell for all eternity.. I’m sure there is a cell reserved for her, next to hitler.

    By I'm Glad Maggie Is Dead on Apr 14, 2013

  43. “Let no man pull you so low as to hate him.” Martin Luther King, Jr. (or woman, for that matter)

    Amazing how some liberals decry their enemies as heartless monsters void of humanity- and then these very liberals show themselves as heartless monsters void of humanity.

    As an avid Dylan and Baez fan, I appreciate their political songs. The songs in this post just leave me cold- music should celebrate life and promote positive change, not celebrate death. In regards for Ms. Thatcher, Richard Thompson’s “Mother Knows Best” is a good example of vitriol put to good use.

    By RRM on Apr 14, 2013

  44. RRM:
    AMEN , Brother !
    The hypocricy of those who comically label themselves as the ” idealogically compassionate “, is illuminated by the silly / sad human debris who celebrate the death of anyone whom they feel personally slighted by …

    ” I.G.M.I.Dead ” : You express yourself very well for a seven yr. old.?

    By WOLF RICKETTS on Apr 14, 2013

  45. dead dead I’m glad the witch is dead.. dead dead.. I wish she had died long ago, but slowly and painfully. she caused untold misery to thousands of regular working class innocent people with her selfish, money-worshipping policies, so send her to hell.

    By I'm Glad Maggie Is Dead on Apr 14, 2013

  46. To relive this moment in time get a copy of Robert Calvert’s 1984 album Freq.

    By sking on Apr 14, 2013

  47. this is a great site.bravo bigo.

    By tman on Apr 14, 2013

  48. thankx wolf for putting igmid in its(?) place.Truer words were never spoken.

    By justin case on Apr 14, 2013

  49. Hi Justin,
    I have to admit that I felt a little infantile after posting prompted by anger and emotion… , but I believe that we must ” push back ” , due to the fact that the extreme left is having such a negative impact on all that is sacred in our society. Yes,this is a music site : however music will ALWAYS reflect the political ebvironment.

    By WOLF RICKETTS on Apr 14, 2013

  50. Yeah, right. Like the wingnuts are so respectful when a Liberal dies. Or when Obama talks. When you create such a negative space with your actions, expect noise.

    By RLennyPincus on Apr 16, 2013

  51. dead dead dead… ha ha ha dead dead dead LOL LOL LOL dance a jig, because that evil pig, is now dead.. dead.. dead…

    By The only good maggie is a dead maggie on Apr 18, 2013

  52. Stranger’s comment that “It would have been a little braver to release this sort of albums while she was still alive; or better, at the time when she was still in power” suggests that he or she has never listened to Chumbawamba’s other work. They did, repeatedly.

    The reason so many people still hate Thatcher even after her death is that Britain and the world are still suffering the consequences of her policies. More than anyone, she created the world we live in now, one where big banks can ruin the world’s economy and their bosses carry on giving themselves massive bonuses as if nothing had happened, while “austerity” policies drive millions of ordinary people out of work and into despair.

    I’m not insensitive to the grief of her family, but that doesn’t mean I have to celebrate her life.

    By Rod Parkes on Apr 18, 2013

  53. She was a cunt! Along with Ronnie McReagan, Tony Blair, and both Bush’s! Oh yeah, suck on it! Geriatric Burnouts!

    By 1.62% on May 5, 2013

  54. @ 1.62% - you are, it seems, a small and relatively insignificant wart on the inner sphincter of the international arsehole.
    while I despise the politics of all the people you mentioned, I have to despise your shit-marinated self even more for combining gratuitous offensiveness and arrant stupidity with ageism.

    By Tony on May 5, 2013

  55. Clearly, you are a fuckin’ lime suckin’ wankin’ cocksucker motherfucker! Oh, tut tut, did I offend your British sensibilities with my brash and obnoxious American opinions. Get the fuck over it!
    You old limey closet case!

    By 1.62% on May 6, 2013

  56. i am not sure but i dont remember many other items inspiring 54 comments. theres no way on earth i would be interested in this item but i thought that it must mean a lot that such a huge amount of comments have worked their way out of the fingertips of the readers here. i wonder if thats a statement on the political nature of the subject matter of the item offered or what? this sort of reaction is normally found in the contests area isnt it. i wonder what billy bragg would have to say about thatchers death. he was never one to stifle his thoughts.

    By darth on May 6, 2013

  57. Here’s what Billy Bragg had to say about Maggie’s death (he’s a lot more civil than Morrisey):

    By YogaforCynics on May 6, 2013

  58. thats my billy. thank u for finding that for me to read. while i appreciate that morrissey has a mind i dont think he defends his position as clearly or as well thought out as bragg obviously. i have appreciated bragg’s intelligence and insight since the late 70s. i didnt get to meet him til one of the hungerthons at the un probably in 84 or 85. we talked for a while and he even had opinions about that event as well. he was angry at the performers who were more intent on doing their popular songs rather than songs commenting on the situation at hand - hungry people and the need for fixing the situation etc. hungerthon was inspired by harry chapin’s world hunger year. the day he played the un other people that showed up were hot tuna the turtles james taylor ten years after joni mitchell roger mcguinn richie havens warren zevon and many others. other years billy j kramer joe walsh the fixx jethro tull peter paul and mary paul simon and im sure some of if not all of csn. this is all by memory. i know there are dozens more that im forgetting.

    By darth on May 6, 2013

  59. i am not sure but i dont remember many other items inspiring 54 comments

    what about the ones where you made the hitler /jew comments? conveniently forget those?

    By father times time machine needs oil on May 6, 2013

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