April 26, 2013 – 4:31 am

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A Bottle Of Gin [Triangle PYCD 051, 1CD]

Live at the Hippodrome, London, UK; March 17, 1974. Excellent BBC broadcast.

Thanks to the person who shared this on the net in 2004.

Uploader’s notes:

This is a slide guitar feast with Rory wailing away with some very hot blues tunes. Rory is really on this night as his guitar playing shines, playing more slide than in later tours. He has only one acoustic song here (Bankers Blues) and a very interesting version of Voodoo Blues. Recorded during the “Irish Tour 74″ filming, you can hear why the audience went crazy when he hit the stage. His back-up band is extremely tight, with Gerry McAvoy on bass, Lou Martin on keys and Rod de’Ath on drums.

Source: Taken directly from the CD silvers, this seems to have been copied from the BBC broadcast acetates.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Hands Off Up 5:28 (9.6MB)
Track 02. What In The World 9:32 (16.6MB)
Track 03. Walk on Hot Coals 8:52 (15.7MB)
Track 04. Bankers Blues 4:40 (6.4MB)
Track 05. Race The Breeze 8:00 (13.0MB)
Track 06. Hoodoo Man Voodoo Man Blues 7:45 (13.8MB)
Track 07. Bullfrog Blues 10:45 (17.2MB)
Track 08. Tattoo’d Lady 5:23 (9.2MB)
Track 09. Back on my Stomping Ground 5:22 (8.9MB)
Track 10. Who’s That Coming 5:49 (9.7MB)

Rory Gallagher - electric, acoustic and slide guitars, harmonica and vocals
Gerry McAvoy - bass
Rod de’Ath - drums
Lou Martin - keyboards

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  1. 38 Responses to “RORY GALLAGHER - LONDON 1974”

  2. Thanks for this concert by rory.

    By shadreck on Apr 26, 2013

  3. i was out for a few days due to my shoulder surgery - did any one acknowledge the passing of the wonderful beatle era and woodstock opener, richie havens? are there any recent or early roio’s of him out there? oh, it only took 13 months since the drunk hit me to get surgery.

    By 5yrsnojob on Apr 26, 2013

  4. saw him open for Rush believe it or not darth in Largo,Md.I envy you-wish I had gotten to tell him how much joy he has brought me and others.

    By matt the cat on Apr 26, 2013

  5. ohhh! gotta get this gallagher!

    By 5yrsnojob on Apr 26, 2013

  6. Thanks Big-O for another fine set. Saw Rory many times in the early 70’s opening for everybody else and he always held his own or topped the headliner. By the way, song #1 is Hands Off. Hand’s Up is also a Rory song but this is Hands Off. Keep up the great work here and Thank You!!

    By QDOG on Apr 26, 2013

  7. Thanks, BigO! Best site on the ‘net, IMHO…

    By TDC on Apr 26, 2013

  8. hey bigo, thanks! song six is hoodoo man not voodoo man blues. some of the tags are off to way the hell off. song two says once in the world, song four says a bottle of gin, song eight is just spelled wrong and song nine was stamping ground. i made all the necessary corrections. now some don’t care, but i’m a professional so i do.

    now i’m not really sure how stompin’ ground really should be tagged. i’ve seen labeled just like that on one of his live albums then i have also seen (back on the) stompin’ ground. maybe both are acceptable.

    after 5 tries, i finally got zeppelin-empire pool 11.20.71. it’s a great show and ok audience recording. i’m not at 69 zeppelin shows only have two duplicate shows of paris 10.10.69 you offered and live on blueberry hill you also offered.

    a great zeppelin that many don’t know about is paris 12.6.69. they played at some club called piston 70 on some college campus. i found it last week!!!

    it’s amazing that zeppelin management came after you guys cause their shows are still out there in mp3 and lots of flac shows. if you ever want to be defiant, i still need fillmore west 1.10.69 and 1.12.69. i have 1.11.69, 4.24.69, 4.25.69 winterland, 4.26.69 winterland and 4.27.69 fillmore west. i also have the november winterland shows. i’ve not seen the last night out there. their 1969 shows to me are their best. they were at their heaviest one and two they were playing songs that were never released.

    i got a great robert plant show yesterday from austin city limits, klru studios, austin, tx 9.15.02. he played several zeppelin shows including four sticks.


    By Ed Saad on Apr 26, 2013

  9. one more correction, bigo. it’s hands off not hands up. i put stompin’ ground and leaving it. now with my other corrections the rest are correct.


    By Ed Saad on Apr 26, 2013

  10. matt.. i saw rush 12x and believe it or not i actually dont like them. i saw ian moore open for them at nassau col on long island once and marillion open for them at radio city once. in fact i only went to rcmh that year to see marillion and stayed to take pics of rush. i actually got thrown out cuz security didnt want me taking pics. i wouldnt give up my film tho. haha. the pics arent that great altho i like them. theyre full band shots no real close ups of individual members. i prob had a shitty camera and couldnt get close enough. i dont remember now. i didnt get to see that much of their set.. haha. thank god. i really dont like them. i suppose if they were an instrumental band i would like them more. of all their albums the one i would say i can listen to with the least amount of difficulty is feedback. its all covers of other bands songs. to me geddy sounds like a worried munchkin. he ruins the music. otherwise they do seem like talented musicians. pity.
    i never saw rory open for anyone. anytime i saw him listed as playing anywhere he was the headline act. i remember him playing some small club in the village in nyc in the mid 80s but i dont have much memory of it now.
    im just glad so many of his shows are out there and available. a bunch of years back i attempted to find all the official product i could of his. i think i located 22 albums. and i think last year a new set came out of previously unreleased stuff. i was soooo sure that these bbc brdcsts were officially released but maybe thats a different batch. id have to check my cds of his official released version of the bbc brdcsts and compare it. i know he has released a cd of bbc material tho. one thing i used to do is collect concert videos on vhs. i had what had to be 40-50 shows of rory. a massive amount of them seemed to be from germany. one of my things was to take these and make audio tapes of them. i did this also with official videos where there was no audio counterpart released so i could listen to the concerts without having to watch them. u know.. back when we had walmen units that played cassette tapes. many artists and bands released concerts on vhs and no album or cd versions to coincide. if they did there were always differences.
    so with rory having so many tv brdcsts of his concerts made audio collecting a dream. i still dont find many ppl making available a lot of tv brdcsts in audio form. it does happen but not nearly as often as it should. but more often than it should there is nearly no difference between the official recording and the live performance either. which sucks. thats one reason i like ppl like clapton and rory and the dead and zep and floyd and other bands that tend to alter and jam on songs making them different from their official product. i want those differences. why go to the shows or collect live music without them?

    btw.. Cordell “Boogie” Mosson died a few days ago. read about him here -

    we dont really get much pfunk on this site but i thought that some might care about this.

    and i have a question -
    i have the cd rock candy funk party - we want groove with joe bonamassa. its unbelievable of course. how could it not be? has there ever been any live performances at all whatsoever? even one song in a promotional venue type thing? anything at all? thanks.

    By darth on Apr 26, 2013

  11. oh btw matt.. i never met rory off stage. i have no pics of him off stage whatsoever. i never got to tell him what he meant to me either. if it helps u in any way tho.. imagine u were on stage performing. in other words imagine being him for just a minute. if u ever had the thought that u didnt mean anything to anyone.. all u would have to do is look out at the audience and see 1000s of people watching u intently who came to see u and only u who paid good money who traveled often times many miles. not just a few dozen people but 100s and many 1000s of people from the late 60s thru his death in 95.. nearly 30 years worth of concerts - almost as long a career as the grateful deads. he knew how much his music meant to people. there are interviews out there. he was a humble man. he went thru bouts of depression and he drank. cmon hes irish haha. he suffered terribly in the last few yrs of his life at various points. not always mind u. he had good and bad days. but his music took him away and healed him. trust me.. he knew. ok?
    btw.. if u dont have any taste shows.. find some from 67-71. theyll blow u away. there are some videos on youtube.

    By darth on Apr 26, 2013

  12. “he went thru bouts of depression and he drank. cmon hes irish haha.”

    That’s an ignorant stereotype that only a halfwitted moron like you would express here. You owe an apology to everyone of Irish heritage.

    By Dingus on Apr 26, 2013

  13. thanx BigO for that music of that man from Ireland

    By fruchtas on Apr 26, 2013

  14. George Jones dies

    By sking on Apr 26, 2013

  15. he went thru bouts of depression and he drank. cmon hes irish haha

    he called everyone idiot and lied frequently, cmon he`s darth.

    By morgus the magnificent on Apr 27, 2013

  16. To QDOG and Ed

    Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on Apr 27, 2013

  17. darth u friggin caffler, dont u ever stop acting the maggot? ya do naught but talk shite, ye plonker! kiss my blarney stone, ya gobshit ye!

    By st. patrick on Apr 27, 2013

  18. begorrah man, i was talkin to the other darth! since when was eggs, tripe, whiskey, and sodomy a bad thing??

    By st. patrick on Apr 27, 2013

  19. ye darths, ya are all boggin! lick the back of them and hump off!!

    By st. patrick on Apr 27, 2013

  20. @ 5yrs, Here’s a Ritchie Havens from 2009. Not had a chance to listen to it.

    By Creatist on Apr 27, 2013

  21. big o u cannot stop the MAMA DARTH she will lay her darthness upon ye and ye shall become darthfull

    By MAMA DARTH on Apr 27, 2013


    By johnnyWing on Apr 27, 2013

  23. Ref - Richie Havens Sorry guys just listened to it …its shite

    By Creatist on Apr 27, 2013

  24. i am JohnnyWing stopped and i stopped Johnny Wing

    By johnnyWing stopped on Apr 27, 2013

  25. there are 22 richie havens shows on sugarmegs from 1979-2009. a few are sbd/fm quality. even the audience ones are very good quality. only 4 are from the 80s. 1 from 70s. 6 from the 90s. all the rest from 2004-09. if one needs more than this.. head on over to the npr site and look for his appearances there. he has done a few public radio appearances over the years that they have available for dl’ing and or listening which means.. well.. u figure it out.
    as for george jones..theres a 76 min show of him on sugarmegs as well from august last year. its audience recorded but its not bad sounding at all. its approx 25 songs and its from mass. i dont do country that much with very few exceptions so i cant really tell u where to find other stuff on him altho i wouldnt be surprised if the cmt site or austin city limits site had some recordings of his appearances.
    and yes.. richie havens did acl at least once. check out his performance of freedom on the show in 2009 here -

    By darth on Apr 27, 2013

  26. ok that above performance was in fact - The late, great American folk singer and guitarist Richie Havens performing “Freedom” at Pete Seeger’s 90th Birthday Celebration in 2009 which took place at new yorks madison square garden not austin city limits. sorry. he did play acl but that wasnt the link i provided.
    one very very interesting show i had on vhs back in the 80s was him on a german tv program called ohne filter. it was about 53mins long and i believe the year was 87 altho it could have been a couple of yrs prior. it was incredible. i had a bunch of performances from that program but i distinctly remember havens.

    By darth on Apr 27, 2013

  27. darth, you need to apologize for your insensitive remark about Irish people.

    By Dingus on Apr 27, 2013

  28. Here’s a link that works, and goes to the proper performance- George Jones on the Radio Jamboree in 1963. Thanks bigO!

    By Dingus on Apr 27, 2013

  29. its electrifying!!!!

    By morgus the magnificent on Apr 27, 2013

  30. ed saad sed ..a great zeppelin that many don’t know about is paris 12.6.69. they played at some club called piston 70 on some college campus. i found it last week!!!

    any zep,show without stairway is fine by me.

    By zed leppelin on Apr 27, 2013

  31. rory madrid 1975

    By mohammed taffy pull on Apr 27, 2013


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  33. Big O sells out to the Darthless massess - too bad suckas - STORMDARTH is a-coming ye shall bend before his Darth Wrath

    By Fake Darth on Apr 28, 2013

  34. Big O sells out to the Darthless massess - too bad suckas - STORMDARTH is a-coming ye shall bend before his Darth Wrath’

    oooh we’re scared…more unfunny posts must be on the way

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    By darth on Apr 30, 2013

  36. Dear all
    Please send all comments to me first for correction of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etcetera.

    By Chris Maddock on May 1, 2013

  37. chris- whats the correction punctuation that u forgot after “Dear all” ?

    By barth on May 1, 2013


    By darth on May 11, 2013

  39. new Taste bootleg release..

    By sluggo on May 14, 2013

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