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Montreal 1974 And More [no label, 1CD]

Live in Montreal 1974; Belgium 1971 and BBC 1971. Excellent FM and TV broadcasts.

Singer-songwriter Peter Hammill was also a founding father of the prog-rock group, Van Der Graaf Generator, and his solo career has coexisted with Van der Graaf Generator’s activities. As the wikipedia noted, for the majority of both his solo songs and the band’s songs he is credited as the sole songwriter, and some of his solo albums feature all the members of Van der Graaf Generator). In general, however, solo Hammill is concerned with more personal matters, while the band’s songs deal with broader themes.

Disc from the Pink Robert site.
Cover picture of Peter Hammill posted at

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Solitude (9.8MB)
Track 02. Time For A Change (6.7MB)
Track 03. The Birds (6.0MB)
Track 04. Out Of My Book (8.5MB)
Track 05. Slender Threads (10.1MB)
Track 06. German Overalls (13.9MB)
Track 07. A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers (6.1MB)
Track 08. Part Two (31.4MB)
Track 09. Theme One (7.3MB)
Track 10. Killer (13.4MB)
Track 11. W (8.7MB)

Tracks 1-6: Peter Hammill, FM broadcast, Montreal, April 21, 1974
Tracks 7-9: Van Der Graaf Generator, Belgian TV, 1971
Tracks 10-11: Van Der Graaf Generator, BBC In Concert, October 5, 1971

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  1. 37 Responses to “PETER HAMMILL & VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR - 1971-1974”

  2. Thanks very much for this! Any Van der Graaf Generator is greatly appreciated!

    By Phil on Apr 30, 2013

  3. when vdgg did their only usa concert ever in the states back in 76 in nyc at the beacon theater i thought i was dreaming. a 4th of the audience seem to be obsessed with the idea that fripp would show up and make an appearance with them on stage. of course he didnt. amazingly no more than 2 recordings of that performance have ever surfaced. it was an excellent show but definitely not any where near their best. im a huge fan of this stuff and i remember my introduction to their music was ‘h to he who am the only one’. that album came out when i was 10 but i didnt discover it til i was about 13 or 14. it was nearly 2 years after i discovered tangerine dream i believe and once i discovered german electronic music i was hooked. i couldnt get enough. if only imports didnt cost so damned much. and that wasnt the worst part. finding the damned things was impossible. back then there were no books or guides to help u even find out what there was to look for. it wasnt like there were rock encyclopedias out there like there were for regular rock music. thankfully i had a few friends who seemed to know what was what.
    in my attempts to get all i could in the psych progrock krautrock vein i discovered many things that would have never found their way to my ears otherwise. one band that most ppl have never heard is cybotron. by the time i discovered them they had 2 lp’s out which were mind bogglingly good. finally they put out a 3rd album and boy was i let down. it was total crap. i used it as a frisbee and was never sorry. if any of u ever find the first 2 albums by them i highly recommend them. imagine elp plugged in!! haha.
    back in 2004 i joined a group on yahoogroups that was essentially a psychedelic group that did vining. many of the recordings that we shared were albums that were of course extremely rare and out of print and of course rarely from the usa. often worth $100s if not $1000s. i have several 100 of these cds that i amassed from that group but vining and trading has slowed down considerably. there is still some done on usenet groups and it seems that now theyre sharing flash drives like 32gig in size. crazy! i wanted to join one recently that is making the rounds but im hesitant. i wont say what band it is because of the assholes on this site.

    in other news - on monday nite as i mentioned on another page.. charlie musselwhite and ben harper did letterman and played we cant end this way. iggy pop played 2 songs on colbert report one was not aired. they were job and burn. and old crow medicine show was on conan and they did mississippi saturday night. that performance was superb. all songs mentioned are on the respective sites.

    rod stewart did a tiny intimate show at the troubadour in la ca last thurs. 10 songs 48mins. 6 songs from the new time album coming out next week. u can find the show on youtube. i did and made an mp3 of it.

    id like to get that rolling stones set they did the other nite in la. 90mins. they played the echoplex on the 28th. the set list was -
    “You Got Me Rocking”
    “She’s So Cold”
    “Live With Me”
    “Street Fighting Man”
    “That’s How Strong My Love Is”
    “Little Queenie”
    “Just My Imagination”
    “Miss You”
    “Love In Vain” (with Mick Taylor)
    “Midnight Rambler” (with Mick Taylor)
    “Start Me Up”
    “Brown Sugar”
    “Jumpin’ Jack Flash”

    sabbath did god is dead in australia so far and now theyve done another new song methademic. the rest of the shows are all old songs.

    yes is going to make a new album with jon davison.
    ok more later.

    By darth on Apr 30, 2013

  4. Hey darth:

    By Erin on May 1, 2013

  5. darth, have you ever heard of blogs? Or Facebook? You can start a blog or create a page within a minute and talk about whatever you want, instead of publishing these lengthy essays about whatever’s on your mind here, where they don’t belong, and you get so much grief from people who don’t like you. It’s easy. You could even get your pictures out of storage (that’s the whole point of putting things in storage, as opposed to throwing them out–you can get them back out again) and post them. And if people try to give you a hard time, you can block them or delete their comments.

    By Innocent Bystander on May 1, 2013

  6. u know whats great about this blog? u dont have to read what u dont wanna read and u can read what u do wanna read. imagine that!!
    i never decide that i dont like someone who i never took the time to get to know. how can anyone else?
    as for getting my things out of storage.. thats not an option at this point. not that that is any of your business or concern. my pics arent and shouldnt be the topic again. why are they?
    i posted on here because i was making a comment about vdgg which is the topic of this particular page if u havent noticed. and i actually get to talk about that and anything else i want here within reason too. u have the option believe it or not.. to not read it. go figure.

    By darth on May 1, 2013

  7. oh.. and erin.. im not surprised u dont get it. seriously. if u did.. that would surprise me.

    By darth on May 1, 2013

  8. innocent bystander you are wasting your time, he thinks secretly this is his blog.

    By dropkick sarge on May 1, 2013

  9. once again, the sarge speaks the truth.

    By barth on May 1, 2013

  10. I certainly hope they finally kill off Darth once and for all in Star Wars Episode VII!!! What a pain in the f**king ass!!!!!!!

    By Leviathan on May 1, 2013

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    By darth on May 1, 2013

  12. Thanks for the Vandergraph, BigO!!
    And thanks to anyone else who actually stayed on topic here. Good to see you posting, Dropkick Sarge!!!
    Hadn’t seen your posts in awhile…as opposed to…

    By DanC on May 1, 2013

  13. You’re right darthyboy, I don’t get it. I don’t get why you write 600 words on a Van Der Graaf Generator post that have nothing to do with VDGG. Or why you write two 500 word essays on the Ron Sexsmith post that never mention RS. Looks like you’re just as self-absorbed as everyone says u are.

    By Erin on May 1, 2013

  14. if i was self absorbed.. the things i wrote would have been about me. they werent. the reason i wrote what i did on the rs page was because it was the most recent item and i thought more ppl would notice and read the comment there than anywhere else. it would remain on the site longer than any other page.

    im not surprised u didnt get it as i mentioned because of your limited grasp of things. clearly youre not very bright and u felt the desperate need to jump on the collective bandwagon and u must be so proud of yourself. u would have gotten much more respect had u taken the high road. im ashamed of u. youre an embarrassment. but im sure u have been told this before.

    on still another subject -
    for rod stewart fans — kimmel on 6th, the voice on 8th, howard stern on 13th, good morning america on 9th, kelly and michael on 10th i believe, katie on 10th also i think. the reason i say i think on these last 2 is because the info i got says theyre both on the 11th and thats a saturday. those shows are not on saturday.
    these performances will make nice filler if one was to put the troubadour show from last week recording on a cd. that was 48mins.

    other things coming up this month include the hbo brdcst of the rnr hall of fame that happened exactly one month prior in la.
    the next day tim mcgraw has a cbs 2 hour show that will have john fogerty at 9pm. that was recorded in vegas in early april.

    still hoping to find that stones from parison last october - both shows they did. i saved the link to one to dl later but i forget where i saved it for later dl’ing. haha. and the newest set they did last sat in la 90mins. 2 songs with taylor!! as yall know wyman wont be at any of the usa shows. no word yet on if he will show up at glastonbury. btw.. that show will be streamed which means it will be available as a sbd recording.

    By darth on May 2, 2013

  15. “i thought more ppl would notice and read the comment there than anywhere else.”

    That’s what self-absorption is all about, darthyboy. What you should be ashamed of is your ethnic slur: “he went thru bouts of depression and he drank. cmon hes irish haha.”

    How much respect did this get u?

    By Erin on May 2, 2013

  16. Simply amazing!!!!!!!!!

    By Rochacrimson on May 2, 2013

  17. Erin - how self absorbed are you still dragging this shit through the gutter with the Usual Suspects - Dropkick Sarge, Barth , DanC ETC - This is no “ETHNIC SLUR” there was no slur intended - there were no Irish people Offended - You ever go to Ireland - Its famous for its Drink - its got a history of Drink - Its got a History of famous Drunks - Some Irish people will tell you they Luv The Drink - Some wont - Rory partook in the Bevy (Slang for Bevarage -Alcohol) - Its well known over here - so for fuck sake put your teeth away and leave Darth alone - yes know fuck all

    By Hang 'Em High on May 2, 2013

  18. Most slurs aren’t “intended”, but they’re still slurs, Hang ‘Em. If you’d stop nibbling on darth’s dingleberries you’d see he’s just a tramp head who’s as useful as a back pocket on a shirt. You sicken my pish, eighty four three hundred big face.

    By Erin on May 2, 2013

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    By Hang 'Em High on May 2, 2013

  20. By the way Erin Old Bean No slurs intended apologies for the sickening of the Pish - yeez Know Fuck ‘all

    By Hang 'Em High on May 2, 2013

  21. Ye’d be worth a poke if ye din’t uv a head on ye like a box of harp and worship the bealin’ darth, you’re both thick as champs. Ya seem ta be sharp as a beach ball, away and pull yer wire, man.

    By Erin on May 2, 2013


    By nubious dubious on May 2, 2013

  23. nubious that was beautiful / it would bring a tear to a glass eye.

    By paddy-o lantern on May 2, 2013

  24. As an Irish pop star from the 80’s, I’m a mighty wee bit o’ fended at the ethnick slurs against the irish and their love of the drink… the only slurs should be in my speech after many a good glass of the good lord’s nectar.

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    By Fecal O' Sharkey on May 4, 2013

  25. Hi Bigo!
    I’m looking for the audio concert from the dvd-audio rip from Godbluff’75 recorded in Belgium.
    Any chance to post this fantastic bootleg concert?
    Thank you!

    By Rochacrimson on May 4, 2013

  26. rochacrimson - if u dl the video in the form of avi or any other format as a single file u can use various programs to convert it to an audio file. i do this all the time.

    however in the case of the particular item u are talking about.. it is Live from the Carleroi Palais des Expos from Sept. 27, 1975, capturing the band live from their 1975 French tour. there are also 2 songs from dutch tv in 71 on there. the entire thing is only an hour. sugarmegs has a bunch of shows from 75 but not that particular series of shows that this would come from.
    it might take some work if u cant find the item online to dl. but if u are willing to go thru the effort u can rip the dvd assuming u have it to the computer. then convert the end product to audio. i can do this very easily in less than a minute in perfect sounding quality as good as the original. i do this all the time.

    now.. i did more looking around and found on youtube someone who posted a live in belgium live 75 godbluff performance in 4 video clips. if u want u can dl the audio tracks from there and put them onto cd. in fact i would do this if i were u. it saves a shitload of time and work.
    i found undercover man scorched earth arrow and sleepwalkers. i dont know how much in time that adds up to. but the first one is just over 10 mins. it says 4/8 videos but 4 of them have been deleted. u can always contact the guy who put those up.
    here is the link -

    By darth on May 5, 2013

  27. ok i took a minute and dl’d them from youtube and its 37mins for the 4 clips which makes me think that the 4 deleted clips would be the remaining 23mins. cykusz1 has some other vdgg clips as well. i wrote to him for u btw so if he is willing to repost the missing clips we’ll know soon. i asked him to get in touch with me. youre welcome.

    By darth on May 5, 2013

  28. “youre welcome”.

    that was snide.

    By there is no darth on May 5, 2013

  29. update - the 5th and final vdgg track from that dvd a plague of lighthouse keepers is 15mins long. it will be posted soon. the guy said when he posted the other 4 he was unable to post anything as long as 15mins so he didnt. now he can so he will have it up soon. i assume that the missing 8mins is the 2 dutch tv 71 songs that round out the 60mins. he wrote back to me at 5pm yesterday. so im passing on the info. so the total will now be 52mins.

    By darth on May 5, 2013

  30. he posted the final 5th track which is 24mins. the full accurate info is at the following site -
    the last track is not from dutch tv 71 its belgian tv 3-21-72. the entire dvd was released in 03. the info on the amazon site where the item is being offered for sale had some incorrect info but i believe the above link has more accurate info. and once the audio is dl’d from the 5 tracks with the above link one can easily put the songs into the correct order on their cd. its nice to have an audio counterpart to the dvd when none was made available in 38 years.
    sometimes the best source for audio is officially released videos / dvds. many of them have gone out of print and will never be reissued and the audio of them is lost forever since none was never issued. and then there are all the tv brdcsts and private professionally filmed visual documents of live performances that leak out and exist in traders circles that have to get extracted audios from people like us. thanks to youtube and the youtube audio extractors and the people who post things to youtube these things are possible for us collectors.

    By darth on May 5, 2013

  31. Many thanks darth for the information!

    By Rochacrimson on May 6, 2013

  32. :-D

    By darth on May 6, 2013

  33. Stop bitching like children.

    Just shut up and listen to Van Der Graaf.

    By William Hooper on May 7, 2013

  34. who’s bitching William?

    By nubious O'dubious on May 7, 2013

  35. Since I first heard VdGG, later PH or VdG - they are my favourites!
    Thank you very much BigO for the presentation.

    By Waas on May 8, 2013

  36. check out this vdgg show -!

    Van der Graaf Generator - 1975-05-24 - Grenoble, FR (AUD/FLAC)

    By darth on Aug 23, 2013

  37. no. dont tell us what to do.

    By darth no's on Aug 24, 2013

  38. once again, the sarge speaks the truth.

    if only that were true….

    By speedboy on Nov 15, 2013

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