May 6, 2013 – 8:25 am

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Los Angeles 2013 [ZitRock Remaster, 2CD]

Kick-off ‘50 and Counting’ Tour, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA; May 3, 2013. Good to fairly good audience recording.

Thanks to werther2003 for sharing these tracks at Hungercity. Thanks also to ZitRock for the remaster. And a big thank you to FStop67 who initially shared the tracks at Dime and to the person who taped the show.

Original notes:

Unknown mic/recorder - forgot to ask

This is just something to hold yourself over until the real pros feel comfortable releasing theirs.

She dropped off the memory stick and picked up her kids who my wife was babysitting.

The lady who recorded this doesn’t wish to receive any credit. She didn’t do this for any personal glory. If you know or think you know the anonymous contributor, let’s respect her wishes and keep any suspicions to yourself. Remember, most people who went to this show have many turns at the will call window in coming weeks.

unknown mic/recorder > Dime (flac) > remastering w. Nero Wave Editor (just a little bit) > flac

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1 (72:45)
Track 101. Video (6.0MB)
Track 102. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (UCLA Marching Band) (3.8MB)
Track 103. Get Off My Cloud (5.2MB)
Track 104. The Last Time (6.2MB)
Track 105. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (7.9MB)
Track 106. Paint It Black (7.6MB)
Track 107. Gimme Shelter (10.2MB)
Track 108. Wild Horses (with Gwen Stefani) (7.8MB)
Track 109. Factory Girl (5.1MB)
Track 110. Emotional Rescue (9.1MB)
Track 111. Respectable (with Keith Urban) (6.7MB)
Track 112. Doom And Gloom (6.6MB)
Track 113. One More Shot (4.8MB)
Track 114. Honky Tonk Women (6.4MB)
Track 115. Band Introductions (5.8MB)
Track 116. Before They Make Me Run (5.7MB)

Disc 2 (73:19)
Track 201. Happy (6.4MB)
Track 202. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor) (16.9MB)
Track 203. Miss You (11.0MB)
Track 204. Start Me Up (7.3MB)
Track 205. Tumbling Dice (7.6MB)
Track 206. Brown Sugar (9.7MB)
Track 207. Sympathy For The Devil (12.8MB)
Track 208. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (CSULB choir) (12.9MB)
Track 209. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (7.6MB)
Track 210. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (13.6MB)

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  1. 55 Responses to “THE ROLLING STONES - LOS ANGELES 2013”


    Emotional Rescue???? Thank you, JESUS!!!

    By THE Russian Assassin on May 6, 2013

  3. Yup, we was there. Thanx to $85.00 rush seats. I love the Stones, and I’m very grateful to see ‘um and have this recording available - but I gotta say, it was a conservative song selection, same old warhorses played well. These guys are tight as… well, pick your own double-entendre. Still, have to rate the show a 3 of 5. Well-executed, but nothing really special-Special. Stefani was awful, she just buried Wild Horses. Yes, it’s the first time out for “Rescue”, but there are SO MANY better songs in that catalogue that deserve their place in the sun. Also, of the three-four postings I’ve seen across different sites, they all sound from the same source.

    By lowendbill on May 6, 2013

  4. darn. i was so hoping that this was gonna be the 14 song set from the echoplex from the 28th. im still hoping for the 2 paris gigs from last october. i know one of them is out there complete. the other i have a few songs from.
    i guess when they do love in vain and midnight rambler in the same show mick taylor will stay on stage for 2 songs.
    i wonder if any shows from this leg will be brdcst or recorded from the sbd and somehow leak out. id be willing to forego these audience recordings for one ex show later on.

    By darth on May 6, 2013

  5. Not having been there or been able to be there . . does this not strike anyone else as the near perfect track listing for a Stones show?! And I have several hundred . . . . juss saying

    By swappers on May 6, 2013

  6. Wouldn’t Time Waits for No One be the perfect way to end this 50 year tour. Especially with Mick Taylor playing that incredible guitar part. Never been played live.

    By ghbeatle on May 6, 2013

  7. the cobwebs are barely holding this band together.
    time to wrap it up boys basically this setlist could have come from the 70`s
    what a yawner

    By father times time machine needs oil on May 6, 2013

  8. gh… man, “Time Waits…” would’ve been beautiful to hear! If those lazy old farts had consulted me, I’d have told them to ditch nearly everything and create a set list from virtually unheard-on-stage material. So many of those songs are just a numbing blur of familiarity… they’re so ubiquitously there, they’re not there at all. Oh well, at least glad to see Keith has a little flab on the abs.

    By lowendbill on May 6, 2013

  9. Here’s the set list for the May 5 show at Oakland’s Oracle Arena. Tom Waits sung “Little Red Rooster”.

    By Dingus on May 6, 2013

  10. Tom Waits sung “Little Red Rooster”.

    yeah, i can hear it now
    ..ahmmma lladddoo-gradddddddooostahhhahack ack soutter cought wheeze

    By father times time machine needs oil on May 6, 2013

  11. I doubt I will ever see the Stones again unless it is a small venue but if I do I can only hope they would do Prodigal Son.
    Man I love their version of that song.

    By sluggo on May 6, 2013

  12. So ~ Mick Taylor only did ONE song with the band? Is that correct???

    By Timmy on May 6, 2013

  13. My ideal Stones set-list would probably read something like: Paint It, Black/Under My Thumb/Sister Morphine/Prodigal Sun/Bitch/Emotional Rescue/Slave/Happy/Stray Cat Blues/Rocks Off/My Obsession/2000 Light Years from Home/We Love You/Shattered/I Am Waiting/Dead Flowers/Torn and Frayed/You Can’t Always Get What You Want/She Said Yeah/Memory Motel/Before they Make Me Run/’Til the Last Time We Say Goodbye/Time Waits for No One/Let It Loose/Soul Survivor/Starfucker/Street Fighting Man

    By YogaforCynics on May 6, 2013

  14. Looks that way, Timmy. father times, you nailed it:

    By Dingus on May 6, 2013

  15. Did I read through the comments too fast? What was that about “Tom Waits For No One”?

    By sking on May 7, 2013

  16. Yo, Yoga! …check it out:
    … and Mick, my complimentary setlist consultation:

    Memphis (step on it) - Pain of Love - Dirty Work - Goin Home
    Around & Around - Driving Too fast - Love Is Strong - Claudine - Parachute Woman - I Don’t Know Why - Jiving Sister Fanny - (Richards’ Set: Locked Away, Apt. #9, Sleep Tonight) - Comin Down Again - You Win Again - Down In the Hole - Time Waits For No One - Slave - Highwire - Cocksucker Blues

    Tom Waits duet with Jagger & Richards on Waits’ “Satisfied”

    … I know… dreamin’…

    By lowendbill on May 7, 2013


    By darth on May 7, 2013

  18. That video looks familiar… :-)

    By Dingus on May 7, 2013

  19. I guess it’s too much to ask the celebutard guests to actually learn the words to the songs they’ll be singing, eh Gwen? Spandex leggings, check. 70s headband, check. Lyrics…

    By kingpossum on May 7, 2013

  20. Staples Center is a money machine, not a concert venue. Millionaires playing to other millionaires. Also, Keith Urban? Really boys? Stefani is bad enough! Must be trying to get a slot on the CMA’s. What’s next? American Idol? The Voice? Bieber?

    By Johnny Kinkdom on May 7, 2013

  21. Stop complaining about the set list. If they played well, you got to see a great show. If they didn’t, it doesn’t matter. How about a real review? Was the show good or not?

    By Todd Shuffler on May 7, 2013

  22. the thing is Todd great show or not this setlist is ancient…for the money they want for tickets this is a sham .Some of this music they have been playing for almost 50 years…
    I honestly can believe there is anyone who would still want to go and pay these prices…If you didn`t see the stones in the early 70`s you missed it.plain and simple.

    By sluggo on May 8, 2013

  23. I’ve seen a few shows at Staples Center and really enjoyed them.
    Just sayin….

    By DanC on May 8, 2013

  24. What constitutes “good” reflects what you expect. Got into an argument with a buddy, whose belief was: “I paid a lot of money for these tickets, I wanna hear what I know, what they do best, not some unknown, horrible crap.” I countered with: “I can hear what I know at home. For my money & effort, I want something new and unexperienced, that I haven’t heard before”. He said I was weird, I said he was a Neanderthal. Arguably, we were both right.

    By lowendbill on May 8, 2013

  25. im not a fan of keith urban doing his stuff but ive seen the guy play guitar and he is a hell of a musician. it also takes a set of balls to come from the other side of the planet and sing a music style indigenous to a country 12000 or so miles away and to do it as well as he has and to become successful at it? dayum! ive watched him play. the man knows what hes doing. and trust me.. i dont do country with barely any exceptions. i havent seen a video of him doing this performance so i dont know if he only sings or if he plays on respectable too. im mainly interested in these shows for the slight differences that there might be in midnight rambler and just in case he does love in vain. the off chance that someone worthwhile joins them of course. the chance that they may break out an obscure song or extend a song differently than usual. something different.
    i agree that their best shows are 69-73 personally. but their 2nd series of best shows still existed up thru the early 80s. i dont think that everyone who missed them in the early 70s but caught them slightly later on totally missed out. i feel they still had it in the 80s. while not as wonderful as in the 70s it didnt totally fade away til recently. yes now it is ridiculous. those $85 tickets are reasonable compared to the $500-650 ones. even i would go see them for that much. im not happy about the one song with taylor tho. and im absolutely not happy that wyman didnt come over to do any shows. there is speculation that he will join them at glastonbury. btw.. glastonbury will be available in sbd quality if anyone cares.

    By darth on May 8, 2013

  26. yeah, so maybe they could do “Sweet Neo Con”, “Streets of Love”,”Rough Justice” and do “Miracle Worker” as an encore [with guests Joss Stone and Dave Stewart] “This Place is Empty’ maybe . . they’re the Rolling Stones! . . they need to play set lists like the above to try to please EVERYONE and of course end up pleasing no-one. For me that’s an ideal setlist all bar ‘Star Star’ which is a favourite and missing here but dedicated to all of us wafflers here!

    By swappers on May 8, 2013

  27. hey darth, agreed - especially about what is fobbed off as “country” these days. But Urban (whose music I don’t know at all) really added some extra horsepower (kangaroo power?) to that song! Seemed beside himself to have the chance to be on that stage. At the concert, I thought ‘Respectable’ was a highlight that completely kicked ass!

    By lowendbill on May 8, 2013

  28. The tour just reeks of being one last obscene money grab. The cheap seats are $167 in my burg, $641 for a good seat on the floor, t-shirts are $40-50, $40 for a baseball hat, 50 years of photos book, to be followed by a multiple BlueRay DVD set…

    Of course it’s “good”, they’re pros who could sleepwalk through this set and fool some of the people all of the time. When a guest comes in for one song, and it’s a highlight, what does that say for the rest of the show? And who the hell wants to see a show that’s “good” anyway??

    A great show to me is not a band running through their greatest hits with a few lame guest stars to please a new clueless demographic. A great show is when a band plays it like they mean it and rub your face in it and take chances and push it as far and hard as they can until you know you’ll never see anything like it again and they’re drained and don’t do interviews with soulless assholes like Ryan Seacrest after the show and it’s not a goddamn party you go to with your mom & dad and send messages to Facebook and Twitter during the show and take shitty cell phone videos so you can be the first to upload your crap to YouTube.

    That’s why the Rolling Stones 2013 tour sucks.

    By Dingus on May 8, 2013

  29. When the Stones played Foxboro, a local critic proclaimed it the “GRUMPY OLD MEN TOUR”.

    That was in 1989…

    By TDC on May 8, 2013

  30. couldn’t have said it better dingus

    saw them in 81 on an add on date (wasn’t even printed on the tour shirts) and it was like going to see the circus.Their best days were the 70’s

    By matt the cat on May 8, 2013

  31. Dingus - excellent comments. Couldn’t have said it any better.

    By jack bond on May 8, 2013

  32. dingus…reviewer of the month !

    By sluggo on May 8, 2013

  33. right on, dingus. Shoulda been called the “$500 million and counting” tour. Even billion-$-baby Alice Cooper had the honesty to admit his addiction to the filthy lucre.

    By lowendbill on May 8, 2013

  34. @lowendbill and Dingus:

    Agree with you both. I used to be the biggest Stones fan–collected all the boots, outtakes, etc. Couldn’t care less now. For me the end was the B2B tour: they had a new album out featuring contemporary production touches, they toured that record with the gusto of their earlier selves, and the setlist mixed things up. And they played ferociously.

    They’ve just been playing the nostalgia card ever since.

    By kingpossum on May 8, 2013

  35. same as you kingpossum.i had almost all of the tmoq and tsp stones boots on vinyl..sold them all a while ago. the stones haven`t excited me since the mick taylor days.

    By sluggo on May 8, 2013

  36. and i`ll be damned if the “urban” cowboy at a stones show is gonna make any difference.
    He should stick to sitting between mariah and that dingbat with the blonde wigs.
    I`m surprised simon cowell hasn`t shown up to play tambourine.

    By sluggo on May 8, 2013

  37. how about something relevant for us older crowd that still likes rock maybe the “drive by truckers” or the “north mississippi allstars”, something a little younger and fresher than the rolling stones centennial tour.

    By sluggo on May 8, 2013

  38. BTW, I second sluggo’s nomination of Dingus for Reviewer of the Month. Well said, mate.

    By kingpossum on May 8, 2013

  39. now yer talkin’ sluggo! “steve mcqueen” woooo!! i wouldnt mind some bottle rockets, the waco brothers, the yahoos, super suckers, scott h. biram, barrence whitfield & the savages, delbert mcclinton and others of their ilk. thx bigo!

    By barth on May 8, 2013

  40. @sluggo:

    Yeah man, those colored vinyl TMOQs and first edition TAKRLs of Stones stuff were my life. Prized them over anything. I sold or gave em all away ages ago.

    I recently saw Iceage at the Echo here in LA for $13, and that’s a million times better than seeing the Stones tonight front row for free, in my book. I’ll take a hot, sweaty basement club and a bunch of 19-year olds slamming out their youthful music like their life depended on it over a contrived, insanely priced, merch-centric and celebutard-infested nostalgia cabaret any time.

    Granted the Stones can’t go back to being hungry 19-year olds. But they could do a hell of a lot better than trot around as some ghastly permutation of Classic Rock magazine and Dancing with the Stars.

    By kingpossum on May 9, 2013

  41. Granted the Stones can’t go back to being hungry 19-year olds. But they could do a hell of a lot better than trot around as some ghastly permutation of Classic Rock magazine and Dancing with the Stars.

    exactly, they could still matter if they wanted to.

    By sluggo on May 9, 2013

  42. I saw kim simmonds and edgar winter last saturday night ..both were good, their bands were young and on fire and they were both still doing new tunes..

    By sluggo on May 9, 2013

  43. “If they want to” is the critical point. And where they want to. On stage, playing live is musically meaningless at this point. It’s just to push the product. They’ve probably been an “albums only” band for at least the last 20 years. And the fact that recent tours have been to sell recycled “GREATEST HITS” albums is ironic (and stomach-turning) beyond belief. If you want to hear the band for whatever it is or isn’t, wants to or can be, you’ll find it in the studio. I personally thought 2/3rds of “…Bang” was and is still pretty hot, but heard live… yawwwnnn…. “just another night”
    –On the other hand, playing my own devil’s advocate, after FIFTY damn years of this… maybe they’ve earned the right to coast to the finish line. Just keep making records, guys.

    By lowendbill on May 9, 2013

  44. I suppose they’ve earned the right to do whatever they want, and the albums aren’t bad. But what kills me are the ticket prices. It’s $641 at my local arena for ONE good seat on the floor. I don’t know anyone who would pay that. A similar seat for Paul McCartney, in a different arena, is $280! There’s no way to justify that as anything but a money grab. The fans here on bigO are more concerned about the Stones legacy than they are.

    By Dingus on May 9, 2013

  45. Now that I can type with my left hand too…I agree with the vibe on here. What would be fun would be a whole concert of 60’s stuff they haven’t done live since the lawsuit in the 70’s. I know a big part of the reason given is that Brian Jones died, but.. can’t they try anyway? It would be interesting to hear anyway.

    Then follow that with a 70’s concert of stuff not played live since 1980 or so. They would get many fans buying both tickets, and glad to do so.

    Then blow everyones minds with a new concert of all brand new stuff, cut short, lean and mean, like the old days.

    By 5yrsnojob on May 9, 2013

  46. Oh, and no stinkin guests, unless it’s mick taylor… at least have him for the 70’s concert tour and especially the all new short and bitchin songs concert.

    By 5yrsnojob on May 9, 2013

  47. How about:
    Memo from Turner
    Time Waits For No One
    Honest I Do
    Goin’ Home
    Love Is Strong
    You Got the Silver
    Ride On Baby
    Hot Stuff
    Monkey Man
    2000 Man
    She’s the Boss
    Sittin’ on a Fence

    By Just Bill on May 9, 2013

  48. Some of you old farts really need to get a new hobby!

    By MB on May 11, 2013

  49. such as… making stupid comments on music blogs?

    By barth on May 12, 2013

  50. hey barth , and lowend and just bill and 5 years and all you other wonderful old farts like me, you know whats great about being an old fart?
    yup..we saw ALL THE GOOD BANDS !

    By sluggo on May 12, 2013

  51. Hey sluggo (and a right-on to barth), whether we is or isn’t ancient and stinky, being an old fart definitely beats the alternative. Growing old ain’t for wusses.

    By lowendbill on May 12, 2013

  52. At least we’ve got a stockpile of memories. All you’ve got is that blooming e-book. and you, scrapping your nose against it’s screen. The huge hideous snoot of it. And the poor little head shaking from the weight of it! “e-books are good!” Parading’s better! “Parading?”
    Aye! Have they even robbed you of that, Richard Starkey??

    By 5yrsnojob on May 12, 2013

  53. the 81/82 tour was pretty magnificent. granted there were a handful of average shows and one or two shows that werent very good at all. but the vast majority of them were way over excellent. mind u this is not comparing these shows to anything 69-73. or 75-78. or 64-68. but on its own merit and compared to anything since 82 it was a fabulous tour and their exuberance tightness strength cohesiveness and general enjoyability was wonderful. i dont know many ppl who can watch the live document of the tour - lets spend the night together - and not come away from that feeling like they had a good time. now granted its no ladies and gentelmen the rolling stones filmed at the garden in nyc in 72.. which is their finest filmed full length live performance. no one who really knows the stones disagrees on this.
    the marquee club 71 is a close 2nd. hyde park is a reasonable 3rd. but i digress.
    if im not mistaken and im not looking this up im going by memory.. lets spend is from meadowlands and sun devil in tempe i believe. i saw the meadowlands show and i think 2 other shows on that tour. course they also did a mini set at a tiny bar in nyc when they filmed the video for waitin on a friend on the steps of my apt building. there is a bar down on the corner and the video was also shot in there. later on they stayed and did a mini show for a bunch of us. couldnt have been more than 12 songs. keith lived only a few blocks away actually where tower records was on 3rd st. hes no longer there which is why i can mention this of course. and mick is no longer on 81st and riverside.
    btw.. for ppl who think the stones didnt have it in the 80s. check out their toads place performance in 89 i think it was. while not a regular concert it still kicked ass.
    and i know this tour is barely past 2 shows out of what.. 20? but that secret gig on the 28th of last month with 2 songs with taylor - love in vain and midnite rambler would be a nice item to have. hint hint. 600 people in the audience has to be nicer than 25-90000.

    By darth on May 12, 2013

  54. true dat, dudes! we saw the great bands when they were still great and we only paid $10 for a good seat up front and we bought vinyl before it was hip!

    By barth on May 12, 2013


    By dropkick sarge on May 12, 2013

  56. ah yes the good times. i havent seen an arena show in many years. dont regret it either. i see katy perry sung with the stones last night………

    By barth on May 12, 2013

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