May 7, 2013 – 5:05 pm

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Oakland 2013 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Oracle Arena, Oakland, CA; May 5, 2013. Very good audience recording.

And the tour goes on…

Thanks to blg for taping the show and sharing it at Dime. blg noted:

All thanks should go to the taper of this show, who asked me to post this. Also thanks to Daspyknows for taping, I used his source for the intro and to patch the first 90 seconds of Get Off of My Cloud. [Intro and first 1.5 minutes of Get off of My Cloud patched with Daspyknows’ Schoeps MK4>Nbox>DR-2D source. Thanks to both tapers!]

Picture by killerwolf13 - Thanks!

Source: Schoeps > Tinybox > Sony PCM-M10
Lineage: wav 16/44 > edit > FLAC

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (192 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Intro (7.7MB)
Track 102. Get Off of My Cloud (5.2MB)
Track 103. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It) (7.6MB)
Track 104. Live with Me (7.2MB)
Track 105. Paint It Black (8.0MB)
Track 106. Gimme Shelter (11.2MB)
Track 107. Little Red Rooster (Willie Dixon cover) (with Tom Waits) (8.6MB)
Track 108. Dead Flowers (6.9MB)
Track 109. Emotional Rescue (8.5MB)
Track 110. All Down the Line (8.9MB)
Track 111. Doom and Gloom (6.5MB)
Track 112. One More Shot (5.0MB)
Track 113. Honky Tonk Women (6.3MB)
Track 114. Band intros (5.2MB)
Track 115. Before They Make Me Run (6.6MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Happy (6.5MB)
Track 202. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor) (17.7MB)
Track 203. Miss You (9.9MB)
Track 204. Start Me Up (7.0MB)
Track 205. Tumbling Dice (7.9MB)
Track 206. Brown Sugar (8.7MB)
Track 207. Sympathy for the Devil (10.3MB)
Track 208. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the San Jose State University Choraliers) (12.8MB)
Track 209. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (8.5MB)
Track 210. Satisfaction (12.4MB)

Total Time: 146:27

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  1. 82 Responses to “THE ROLLING STONES - OAKLAND 2013”

  2. Only 23 seconds longer than the L.A. show. The set list has two different songs. The guest star does a different song. Mick Taylor plays on the same ONE song. Sorry people, but I don’t think they really care all that much, and the ticket prices make it worse.

    By Dingus on May 7, 2013

  3. I`m with you dingus.
    time to call it a day.

    By sluggo on May 7, 2013

  4. Stones gotta start covering ‘Money (That’s What I Want) during these shows. “Whole lotta money, that’s what I want”. The Mick Taylor cameo is getting old, like them. Gonna go see Chris Duarte at the Rhythm Room for $15 instead.

    By Johnny Kinkdom on May 7, 2013

  5. Agreed… at least in LA we had the UCLA Marching Band doing a trumpets & tubas version of Satisfaction. Maybe Jagger’s strategy is, by the time they retire, everybody will applaud instead of clamoring for them to tour again.

    By lowendbill on May 7, 2013

  6. Nice recording! We were at this show and look forward to reliving it.

    For anyone considering recording other shows on this tour, here’s the security rundown. Everyone has to go through a metal detector plus be wanded with a hand held metal detector. There were small bins where you are instructed to place keys and cell phones. My wife’s purse however got only a cursory inspection feeling for contents from the outside only. Perhaps they are more interested in looking for weapons or booze bottles than recorders. At our show cameras were OK as long as the lens was less than 3 inches. Since cell phones are ubiquitous these days and no attempt is made to restrict them here is a little item that might be of interest to recordists.

    I would advise AGAINST using the limiter in a concert setting otherwise you end up with over compressed mush.

    By BBQBob on May 8, 2013

  7. Unlike the recording of the Los Angeles show this is really is a nice one! And yes the setlist is not spectacular. It’s a shame that Mick Taylor’s appearance is limited to one song. Tom Waits’ guest spot sounds great. But why we have to endure acts like Lady Gaga or Gwen Stephani in the context of a Stones show?

    By Tony on May 8, 2013

  8. Tom Waits’ guest spot sounds great.

    if having a bullet mic up your arse and singing through your colon is your idea of great…

    By sluggo on May 8, 2013

  9. i bought everything toms released but hes become more difficult to listen to than dylan. bad performance here.

    here’s tom backstage at a dylan show:

    By barth on May 8, 2013

  10. Barth, GREAT youtube clip! (–and especially, from someone’s who’s a too-much Tom & Bob listener)

    By lowendbill on May 9, 2013

  11. even though I refuse to pay these ticket prices i`d smile like a damn marsh hen sneakin` up on a cranberry if they had Mick Taylor join them in Can`t you Hear Me Knocking “…

    By sluggo on May 9, 2013

  12. This is a great blog! For sure!
    But: Can you,please,change the bitrate from very low to higher?
    192kbit/s? Aah,must be possible to raise…
    Would make the Thing still much better…

    Greetings from Europe,
    Little Wing

    By Little Wing on May 10, 2013



    miss you and beast of burdon with katy perry from vegas. sound is very nice on both.

    By darth on May 13, 2013

  14. since no one else is posting any information about subsequent shows -
    The Rolling Stones - 2013-05-08 - San Jose, CA
    HP Pavilion
    01 Intro
    02 Get Off of My Cloud
    03 It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It)
    04 Paint It Black
    05 It’s All Over Now (The Valentinos cover) (with John Fogerty) <<woohoo
    06 Gimme Shelter
    07 No Expectations
    08 Let It Bleed (with Bonnie Raitt) <<woohoo
    09 Emotional Rescue
    10 Bitch
    11 One More Shot
    12 Honky Tonk Women
    13 -band intros-
    14 Before They Make Me Run
    15 Happy
    16 Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor)
    17 Miss You
    18 Start Me Up
    19 Tumbling Dice
    20 Brown Sugar
    21 Sympathy for the Devil
    22 You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the San Jose State University Choraliers and Matt Clifford on french horn)
    23 Jumpin’ Jack Flash
    24 Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor) <<woohoo

    Total Time: 140:21


    By darth on May 13, 2013

  15. On a subsequent show, The Stones had Katy Perry join them on Beast of Burden. I dont know how it went. I have unreleased concert video of Perry from 1999. I have cameraman credit on the video that resulted in her first recording contract (Nashville), plus 5 more songs on video. As a performer then, Katy was a class act professional on stage and a cut-up off of it. What many people don’t realize is that Katy was a very young girl when her older sister got some minor success as a singer. Her sister got all the attention, and Katy yearned for even more attention. She put the hard work in and knew her craft and wrote her own songs even then. Once her heavily Nashville-controlled album bombed, she was all set and ready to go once her super multi-hit loaded album was released.

    By 5yrsnojob on May 13, 2013

  16. since no one else is posting any information about subsequent shows -

    because no one else cares about another version of brown sugar perhaps?

    By charlies good tonite on May 13, 2013

  17. youtube of Katy Perry with Stones from MGM May 11 2013 doing Beast of Burden. Be sure to use the 720p HD setting. This video has the best sound and video. There’s another video that only offers 240p AND 144p! Who has ever seen 144p on youtube before? What a joke on quality!

    By 5yrsnojob on May 13, 2013

  18. i posted the links from youtube of 2 songs from vegas but they havent been approved yet. theyre way up there still awaiting moderation. the same guy who did the katy perry one did miss u. but way way up front. its fantastic. if u click on his id on the katy perry clip u will see the other clip he filmed then u can click on that one. sound is beautiful. hope my posting here will show up then u will see what i mean.

    By darth on May 13, 2013

  19. btw.. they / we may not care about brown sugar but thats one song of 22 songs. they should care about fogerty and raitt sitting in. i certainly do. they should care that taylor joins in for a 2nd song and one he hasnt joined in on at all in 40 yrs!! at this point its not much but ill take what i can get.

    By darth on May 13, 2013

  20. It’s obvious by now how the rest of the Stones tour will go: an inappropriate female guest singer who barely knows the Stones history or catalog, chosen in a sad attempt to woo a younger demographic with a ton of disposable income (and no clue how great the band truly was) will do one song that she probably never thought about singing.

    There will be two different songs in each show.

    A rock or blues musician who actually knows the Stones are will be trotted out for one song.

    Mick Taylor’s talents will be sadly underutilized.

    The irredemably obsessed will obsess over set lists, rather than the quality of the performances.

    The multiple disc BlueRay DVD package will be available for purchase by mid-November, just in time for holiday shopping.

    By Dingus on May 13, 2013

  21. truly was’ key words in your comment dingus and never more true than right now….

    By matt the cat on May 13, 2013

  22. this is with bonnie raitt -

    and if u look on the right side u will find the song with fogerty. keep looking around on that same list possibly by the same youtuber and u will find satisfaction with mick taylor. i would post the link here but i dont want it to take a bunch of hours for this to show up again.

    By darth on May 13, 2013


    ok this is satisfaction.

    By darth on May 13, 2013

  24. Thanks to BS. Here is San Jose.

    By sking on May 13, 2013

  25. Thanks BigO for the download and Darth and sking for the video links. I think after 50 years they still rock. Mick, who will be 70 in a couple of months has more energy than most performers these days.

    By nubious on May 13, 2013

  26. i dl’d the show from the 8th from tube. what id like is the vegas show now. i havent seen that one in complete form yet.
    btw.. it seems keith urban did play guitar as well as sing when he joined them last week. i found a video clip on the stones area of youtube thats under 2 mins long. its fantastic quality of course and it shows keith on guitar.

    By darth on May 13, 2013

  27. Maybe Randy Jackson can play bass for one song, and Mariah and Nicki can each do a song they’ve never cared about. Might as well bring in all the American Idol lame-o’s. That would mean Steven Tyler would be inflcted on the Boston crowd.

    By Dingus on May 13, 2013

  28. tonites featured guests.

    wild horses…sarah jessica parker
    beast of burden…rosie o`donell
    prodigal son….charlie sheen
    factory girl…sally fields
    feel free to add to the guest list .

    By sluggo on May 13, 2013

  29. “beast of burden…rosie o`donell” lmfao!!

    more special guests:

    start me up….danica patrick
    honky tonk women….pamela des barres
    brown sugar….gordon ramsey
    hip shake….beyonce
    stupid girl….kim kardashian
    star star….donald trump
    salt of the earth….mitt romney

    By barth on May 13, 2013

  30. stupid girl….kim kardashian

    wait I heard snooki and lindsay lohan will be singing backup..

    By sluggo on May 14, 2013

  31. Dingus, sluggo, barth: it’s getting worse than that! Guess who is the new superstar amongst the tween-preteen-teen crowd? So far he has tens of thousands of adoring little gurl fans - they want to marry him and set him free - The surviving Boston terrorist!! It is NOT a joke!! But it shows how sick the girls are!

    By 5yrsnojob on May 14, 2013

  32. Monkey Man….Justin Bieber (he’ll join them in Germany)

    Turd on the Run….The surviving Boston terrorist

    By sking on May 14, 2013

  33. paint it black…Pink
    Wild Horses…Psy

    By sluggo on May 14, 2013

  34. bitch….margaret thatcher
    bitch….hillary clinton
    sweet virginia….taylor swift
    parachute woman….pamela anderson
    midnight rambler….vanilla ice

    By barth on May 14, 2013

  35. live with me….borat

    By barth on May 14, 2013

  36. For the first time, the Stones do a cover of the Doors’ Light My Fire…Janet Reno

    What I’d like to see…Willie Nelson and Wesley Snipes auditing the IRS!!

    By 5yrsnojob on May 14, 2013

  37. I Wanna Be Your Man…Elton John
    Walking The Dog (Rufus Thomas,covered before live 02/03/64 on the Saturday Club BBC)… Michael Vick
    Don’t Lie to Me…Barak Obama
    The Spider and the Fly (Jagger & Richards) by the UN recommending that the world eat insects
    Crackin Up (Ellas McDaniel song done live on Top Gear 07/17/64 BBC)…the “diabetic” nutsy woman kicked off the flight singing Whitney Houston songs nonstop.

    By 5yrsnojob on May 14, 2013

  38. At this point, I think sluggo is on top with Rosie O’Donell … Beast of Burden!

    (eww-yooo - on top with Rosie? sorry sluggo)

    By 5yrsnojob on May 14, 2013

  39. (eww-yooo - on top with Rosie? sorry sluggo)

    thanks bro…the visual…

    By sluggo on May 14, 2013

  40. have you seen your mother baby..the kardashian trio

    2000 light years from home..gary busey

    By sluggo on May 14, 2013

  41. Mother’s Little Helper … Lisa Minelli
    I Wanna Be Your Man … Ru Paul
    Stray Cat Blues … La Lohan
    Yesterday’s Papers … Justin Timberlake
    Play With Fire … Hannah Storm (Look it up)
    Let’s Spend The Night Together … Gen. David Petreaus & Paula Broadwell

    By Johnny Kinkdom on May 15, 2013

  42. Let’s Spend The Night Together … Gen. David Petreaus & Paula Broadwell

    some of these have been very clever..

    By sluggo on May 15, 2013

  43. Here is Las Vegas 5-11-13

    Thanks Brooklyn Steve

    By sking on May 16, 2013

  44. Looks like John Mayer was the guest last night on Muddy Water’s “Champagne and Reefer”.

    By Dingus on May 16, 2013

  45. Set list for the Stones May 15 Anaheim show:
    One new song “Waiting For A Friend”, John Mayer, Mick Taylor on the same two songs.

    By Dingus on May 17, 2013

  46. If the stones really want to let mick taylor have a run at a song they should either do Love in vain or can`t you heart me knocking , or both. Mick shines on these two.

    By sluggo on May 17, 2013

  47. here is a link to some classic stones material

    By sluggo on May 17, 2013

  48. I agree sluggo, and two songs just aren’t enough. They could ditch the guest stars and give Taylor more to do, but it looks like the set list, and especially the time limit, aren’t very flexible.

    By Dingus on May 17, 2013

  49. a better copy of the mayer with stones and a tad more complete is at -!

    By darth on May 17, 2013

  50. Dave Grohl on Bitch, could be the best performance of the tour. A shame he only did one song. Front row video is actually good quality:

    Stones set list, two new songs, May 18 Anaheim.

    By Dingus on May 20, 2013

  51. the audio for this one -

    is better but the video isnt. there are portions of this one where the video is better but overall id have to say front row has a better video but the sound is saturated by being too close. one of the two clips uploaders has a midnight rambler up thats 12mins long from the same show. its very nice. taylor also did satisfaction at saturday nites show - the 2nd of 2 at honda center in anaheim.

    btw.. prince did his thing on abc’s billboard awards at exactly the same time as john fogerty came out on cbs’ tim mcgraw’s concert from mgm’s grand garden arena las vegas nv from april 8th. the last song of both events. he did born on the bayou with several other guests joining in. i found a clip on youtube that was a camera aimed at the tv set. its very good but not perfect. there were 2 copies of the prince track. one 9.5 min clip with the 3.5 complete intro and one 6 min one of just the song lets go crazy & the bits he added to it. course the 3 hour rock n roll hall of fame was on hbo on sat. gary clark jr did 2 songs. born under a bad sign and crosscut saw. i dont have hbo but im sure yall know about this. grohl joined rush.
    for ppl who live in calif.. fogerty has a live tv performance on his birthday the 28th at 830pm on a station that evidently is in calif and not very many other places. hope i get to see this on youtube or elsewhere. perhaps in audio form. hopefully with guests.

    By darth on May 20, 2013

  52. The audio on the video I posted is cleaner and the guitar solos have a lot more bite and presence. Clean out your ears, listen again, and stop trying to childishly one-up everyone here.

    Both people who posted these videos uploaded additional videos from this show, just click on their YouTube pseudonyms to view them.

    By Dingus on May 20, 2013

  53. Clean out your ears, listen again, and stop trying to childishly one-up everyone here.

    he never fails to piss someone off once a week.

    By father times time machine needs oil on May 21, 2013

  54. the audio is better on the other one. not the front row center one. the video is better on the front row center one for most of it altho there are portions of the other one where their video is amazing. if one is only interested in the audio conversion i suggest doing both so as to not allow the video to interfere and then listen to both one at a time. when u do this.. u will realize that it was the other one that had the best sound between the 2 and not the front row one. as i said the audio on the front row is a tad saturated by being too close. the instruments are not well separated. its pretty obvious to me. its not about one upping. im just offering people a heads up. facts b facts ma’am. thems the fax. deal with it.

    By darth on May 21, 2013

  55. It’s ALWAYS about one-upping with you. Play each side by side for 20-30 seconds at a time and you’ll see I’m right. You were probably listening with your “heads up” your ass. :-)

    father times- I’m not pissed off, it’s just one of the circumstances of commenting here.

    By Dingus on May 21, 2013

  56. Mick Taylor’s up to four songs, he’s on Sway and Can’t You Hear Me Knocking. Have the Stones have been listening? Here’s the set list for last night:

    By Dingus on May 21, 2013

  57. I `m basically not concerned about audio versus video , in fact what makes me drool is when the stones realize I`m at the show and all collectively come to my side of the stage and pose for pictures even though I`ve told them i am no longer their official photographer. Man , you`d think they get it by now, i just go to the show to sift through their dressing room garbage because my real love is now collecting emptied ,used rock star , energy drink bottles.

    By thrad on May 21, 2013

  58. the 4 songs mick taylor did are here -

    By darth on May 22, 2013

  59. Rolling Stones set list for May 25:

    Mick Taylor’s cut back to the same two songs, and the special guest is……… Carrie Underwood……… on…. ……….”It’s Only Rock ‘N Roll”

    By Dingus on May 26, 2013

  60. Rolling Stones set list for May 29 Chicago :

    Taj Mahal was the guest, he did Dave Dudley’s “Six Days On The Road”. Audio’s not horrible on this video, something from down front will probably surface soon.

    By Dingus on May 30, 2013

  61. you`d think if they were going to have a guest they would at at least learn the chord progression for the song they would feature.
    This one, Six days, is a country song not a
    I IV V blues but instead the intro goes I IV I V..someone [and it ain`t TAJ] is clearly playing a V when the song goes to the I in the intro…
    all the same , I have always loved Taj`s verrsion of this and it sounds fun even tho` it is out of Micks range.

    By sluggo on May 30, 2013

  62. thanks for posting that dingus, i do love that song especially the country bends that were originally jesse ed davis ` work .

    By sluggo on May 30, 2013

  63. sluggo, i always liked Taj’s early albums, especially for electric blues. He’s always been one of the best roots musicians around, and his band members were great players.

    By Dingus on May 31, 2013

  64. dingus, there is a cd out there of taj and the new rising sons recorded prior to or around the same time as the tracks recorded for the first one, which by the way isn`t this one with 6 days on the road like mick says in his intro for taj.
    That lp was about the 3rd one in i believe.

    By sluggo on May 31, 2013

  65. while it may not be complete.. to see what a sbd semi pro shot video would be like of the taj mahal appearance click here -

    By darth on May 31, 2013

  66. I have that cd sluggo, it’s a good one, with Ry Cooder on guitar. YouTube has a lot of Taj Mahal videos, here’s two with Jesse Ed Davis from Playboy After Dark. Hef says it all- Groovy!

    By Dingus on May 31, 2013

  67. I have that cd slug go, it’s a good one, with Ry Cooder on guitar. Here’s a video of Taj with Jesse Ed Davis in 1968 on the Playboy After Dark show:

    By Dingus on May 31, 2013

  68. dingus, that first video is taj`s version of the sleepy john estes song [also covered by Eric clapton] Everybody Ought to Change sometime..
    funny thing is this version complete with the Hubert Sumlin “killing floor” riff sounds like the Fleetwood Mac in chicago version of “Ooh Baby”..blues is funny..stealin` from everyone..great send buddy, thanks!

    By sluggo on May 31, 2013

  69. Thanks sluggo, I didn’t know that was a Sleepy John Estes song. That “Killing Floor” riff is everywhere. It was even used in the closing credits for the late great Ren & Stimpy show!

    By Dingus on May 31, 2013

  70. Rolling Stones set list for May 31 Chicago:

    Sheryl Crow guests on “All Down The Line”.

    By Dingus on Jun 2, 2013


    By darth on Jun 3, 2013

  72. OH GOD NOOO!! Taylor Swift with the Rolling Stones….
    The Stones have reached their absolute nadir. A truly horrible rendition of “As Tears Go By”, Marianne Faithfull should kick her ass. The only good thing is that it’s a professional video, no doubt a preview of the multi-disc BlueRay DVD set you can pre-order as soon as the tour ends.

    By Dingus on Jun 5, 2013

  73. that was horrible.
    and she even goes as far as to make it all about her claiming the stones work ethicc on satge is what motivates her professionally. yeah right. gawd, Mick, Keef, charlie..pull the plug guys before it gets any uglier.

    By sluggo on Jun 5, 2013

  74. Taj Mahal’s 3rd lp (a double album Giant Step/De Ole Folks at Home) had his cover of Dave Dudley’s classic Six Days on the Road, backed by Jesse Ed Davis, Gary Gilmore and Chuck Blackwell. Ry Cooder only played on Taj’s first lp, and is only credited for rhythm guitar; Taj must be playing slide on Statesboro Blues if that is the case. Six Days is a 3 chord song. The song after a pickup on the I chord goes V/I/V/I/IV/V/I/IV/I/V/I. Taj’s version is good, not great, but his “good” is better than anything the Stones have ever done in this genre despite their occasional hits doing crappy fake country songs. They have more in common with Taylor Swift than most people want to admit.

    By Gary on Jun 5, 2013

  75. Gary, I’ll have to disagree on one point, the Stones have written some great country songs over the years, mainly after Keith met Gram Parsons. “Dead Flowers” is possibly the best from that brief period. Steve Earle has called them England’s best country band.

    By Dingus on Jun 6, 2013

  76. crappy fake country songs ?
    lemme see here..

    what about down home girl from rolling Stones now..or Dear Doctor from Beggar`s Banquet, or their killer live version of the hank snow chestnut “I`m Movin` Ob” from Cedember`s Children..or Wild Horses…
    not too shabby for a rock and roll band…

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 6, 2013

  77. Rolling Stones set list for June 6…….. ahhhh who cares? It’s the same almost every night, why bother, I care less than they do

    By Dingus on Jun 7, 2013

  78. The Rolling Stones will release a DVD and Blu-ray of their July 6 and July 13 concerts at London’s Hyde Park. The set, ‘The Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live,’ will come out on Nov. 11.

    Astute fans will note that an album culled from the shows was briefly released on iTunes shortly after the Stones played two weekend concerts at the famous outdoor venue — the same place where they performed their first show with guitarist Mick Taylor in 1969.

    The July digital-only album, ‘Hyde Park Live,’ was released just a week after the second of the band’s two concerts. But it was available for only a month or so — apparently to make room for this new physical release. The new set will come out in a number of formats, including a two-CD/DVD package, a three-LP/DVD package and a ‘Deluxe Edition’ featuring a 60-page book, DVD, Blu-ray and two CDs.

    The CDs include the same 19-song set that was compiled on the earlier iTunes album. The DVD and Blu-ray track listing can be found below.

    In addition to a set list filled with Stones classics, the Hyde Park gigs included an appearance by Taylor, who joined his old bandmates on ‘Midnight Rambler’ and the concert-closing ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction.’

    ‘The Rolling Stones Sweet Summer Sun – Hyde Park Live’ DVD and Blu-ray Track List

    ‘Start Me Up’
    ‘It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll’
    ‘Street Fighting Man’
    ‘Ruby Tuesday’
    ‘Doom and Gloom’
    ‘Honky Tonk Women’
    ‘You Got the Silver’
    ‘Miss You’
    ‘Midnight Rambler’
    ‘Gimme Shelter’
    ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’
    ‘Sympathy for the Devil’
    ‘Brown Sugar’
    ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’
    ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction’

    By darth on Sep 6, 2013

  79. That much-hyped Freddie Mercury biopic may be over before it’s even begun. Now that actor Sacha Baron Cohen has bailed on the project, the film’s screenwriter hears its death knell.

    The ‘Borat’ star had been attached to the movie almost since its inception, and production was set to begin later this year with Robert De Niro serving as a producer. But back in July, Deadline reported Cohen had quit the project because he’s “just not seeing eye to eye with the remaining members of Queen who have script and director approval.”

    Apparently, the band “wanted to make more of a PG movie” while Cohen wanted more of a “gritty R-rated tell-all.” They also weren’t on board with Cohen’s pick for director — Tom Hooper, who worked with the actor on ‘Les Miserables.’ Regardless of Cohen’s reasons for leaving, screenwriter Peter Morgan told the BBC he thinks the project is “probably not going to happen” now.

    That said, other sources report the project is “still very much alive” — assuming, of course, another actor who can properly channel Mercury can be found.

    By beat ya to it, darth on Sep 6, 2013

  80. A new documentary about Jimi Hendrix will be released in November as the final part of a yearlong celebration of the late guitarist’s 70th birthday. A CD featuring previously unreleased concert performances will come out on the same day.

    The two-hour documentary, titled ‘Hear My Train A Comin’,’ will also be shown on PBS as part of the ‘American Masters’ program on the same day of the DVD release, Nov. 5., according to The New York Times. The CD compiles two shows from the Miami Pop Festival on May 18, 1968, by the Jimi Hendrix Experience and includes faves like ‘Foxy Lady’ and ‘Fire’ as well as early performances of ‘Hear My Train a Comin’ and ‘Tax Free.’

    Footage from the concert appears in the documentary, which features interviews with Hendrix collaborators, concert performances and a profile of the artist. Director Bob Smeaton, who’s worked on other Hendrix films in the past, told The New York Times that ’Hear My Train A Comin’ also reveals just how experimental Hendrix was with his music.

    “You try to get to the real musicality of the guy, rather than just, ‘Here we go again, another guitar solo,’” he said. “You hear about Hendrix playing the guitar with his teeth or behind his head. But he knew what he was doing. And that sometimes gets overshadowed by the crazy hair and the other stuff.”

    The documentary and CD wrap up Experience Hendrix’s 12-month celebration of what would have been the music legend’s 70th birthday on Nov. 27, 2012. A new collection of studio outtakes, ‘People, Hell & Angels,’ was released earlier this year as part of the program.

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