June 9, 2013 – 4:23 am

The pictures don’t lie. More pics here.

Taylor Swift performs with the Rolling Stones at the United Center
- Nuccio DiNuzzo, Chicago Tribune, June 3, 2013

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Chicago, Third Night - June 3, 2013 [Iron Chef, 2CD]

Live at the United Center, Chicago, Illinois; June 3, 2013. Recorded from section 221 (Ronnie’s side) facing the side PA stack. Excellent show, great production, and the sound quality to match. I had a pretty quiet crowd around me, so that was a bonus. Enjoy! - ironchef. Ex AUD stereo.

If there is a shortcoming for this show, don’t blame the excellent recording. Sometimes the band sound a little under rehearsed, even (dare we say it?) out of tune (hey they don’t use autotune, do they?). The backing singer sounds great though. At others, Mick sounds overenthusiastic. Like an overgrown teenager in love. Look at the picture. No-no.

In his later years, Elvis had a hard time singing (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear. ‘Nuff said.

As for the music, hardcore fans are waiting for the miserly amount of tracks Mick Taylor is allowed to play. He gets three tonight. What do fans think?

“Many thanks for sharing this show. Sounds great I’m listening to it now as I’m writing this. I’m looking forward to seeing their Glastonbury Show… Let’s hope, for all of those that are not going, that the BBC are able to broadcast the whole show from Glastonbury?? and not just the piddling four songs the R.S are quibbling about [click here]. Come on Mick and the rest of you, loosen up man. You have made more money than you can ever spend now. I doubt if the Rolling Stones demand the $40 /£26 they demanded at the last full show that was broadcast, it may fall on deaf ears here in the UK.” - judderman, June 4, 2013

“Thank you IronChef for this! And, to the Rolling Stones: SCREW YOU and your $622 ticket prices. This is what you think of your fans, who put you where you are. I will never, ever spend a dime on any CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, concert ticket for the Rolling Stones after their attitude towards  their fans.” - Trader Roy, June 5, 2013.

It would be interesting to see what fans think old rockers like The Stones should behave in their ’70s. Mick and Keef are 69, Charlie’s 72 and Ronnie’s the youngster at 66. What we are seeing is another major tour and this time with lots of younger superstar guests singing those old Stones chestnuts. The band have refused to do contemporary covers. The Stones rapping? To their credit, they did do a previous tour where bluesmen were invited to share the stage.

Wouldn’t it be great to see the Stones play smaller venues, charge less and play rhythm n blues? Fans won’t mind watching intimate shows which are streamed through the web. The internet has made it possible. Too bad there’s an ace accountant in the band. Want to bet, there’ll be a followup release with all their young superstar guests?

Huge thanks to taper ironchef who got in close, found the sweet spot and recorded quietly. One of the best we’ve heard with loud guitars and decent separation.
- Professor Red

Thanks also to ethiessen1 for the artwork.

Sound Professionals CMC-08s > SP-SB11(no bass roll-off) > Edirol R09HR > CoolEditPro > CD Wave > TLH

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Intro (8.6MB)
Track 102. Get Off of My Cloud (6.3MB)
Track 103. It’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll (But I Like It) (9.4MB)
Track 104. Paint It Black (9.4MB)
Track 105. Gimme Shelter (12.9MB)
Track 106. Sway (with Mick Taylor) (7.3MB)
Track 107. Live With Me (7.8MB)
Track 108. As Tears Go By (with Taylor Swift) (7.3MB)
Track 109. Emotional Rescue (12.0MB)
Track 110. Doom and Gloom (7.7MB)
Track 111. One More Shot (5.4MB)
Track 112. Honky Tonk Women * (7.7MB)
Track 113. Band introductions (4.6MB)

* The guitar part on ‘Honky Tonk Women’ stops at the 2:00m mark. Not a recording error. Keith’s guitar died and he had to get a new one.

Disc 2
Track 201. You Got the Silver (Keith on vox) (7.1MB)
Track 202. Before They Make Me Run (Keith on vox) (7.2MB)
Track 203. Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor) (21.6MB)
Track 204. Miss You (13.5MB)
Track 205. Start Me Up (7.5MB)
Track 206. Tumbling Dice (8.2MB)
Track 207. Brown Sugar (9.3MB)
Track 208. Sympathy for the Devil (12.4MB)
Track 209. encore break (4.2MB)
Track 210. You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with Roosevelt University Conservatory Chorus) (14.8MB)
Track 211. Jumpin’ Jack Flash (9.0MB)
Track 212. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (with Mick Taylor) (11.2MB)
Total time: 138:19 m

Mick Jagger - vocals, harmonica, guitar
Keith Richards - vocals, guitar
Ron Wood - vocals, guitar
Charlie Watts - drums
Darryl Jones - bass
Mick Taylor - guitar
Chuck Leavell - keyboards
Tim Ries - alto sax
Bobby Keys - tenor sax
Lisa Fisher and Bernard Fowler - vocals, percussion

The Stones are pushing their latest compilation GRRR!. It could well reflect the sentiments of their fan base. Buy it here.

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  1. 115 Responses to “DORIAN GRAY”



    By MIKE ROTCHERTZ on Jun 9, 2013

  3. Well said Mike, would love to see the stones but in the current climate cant afford it.

    By Brit Fan on Jun 9, 2013

  4. If Taylor Swift holding hands with Mick Jagger isn’t enough for you, how about Taylor Swift in an alternate universe dating a body-building George Harrison?,32698/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=standard-post:other:default

    By YogaforCynics on Jun 9, 2013

  5. The Rolling Stones 2013 tour is just a self-celebration of their 50 year career. Every performance has been, and will, be almost identical. There’s no intensity, nothing inspiring. They’re a cover band, covering their own songs. Taylor Swift’s performance is perfect, she celebrates being able to sing onstage with the Stones, she doesn’t bother to convey the emotions of the song. I doubt that she, Katy Perry, or Gwen Stefani know who Mick Taylor is. I’d love to see the reaction if their fans put on “Exile On Main Street”.

    I don’t know if it’s true, but I read that the Stones get $5 million guaranteed per show, so the promoters are the ones setting ticket prices, not them. But they can’t turn a profit on that $5 mil outlay if ticket prices are low. The tour is promoted as a circus-like atmosphere - bring the family and kids! Five seconds into the official promo video, there’s a scene of the merch tent, advising you that t-shirts are $40-50. Everyone’s grabbing for every last buck they can.

    The tour ends in July, that gives them ample time to produce a handsome multiple disc BlueRay DVD package that will be available for purchase by mid-November, just in time for holiday shopping.

    Thanks for sharing, bigo and ironchef. I’ll be happy listening to my LPs, CDs, and bootlegs. For me, there’s very little worth listening to after “Exile”, and “Some Girls” was their last admirable gasp.

    By Dingus on Jun 9, 2013

  6. Kind of sad. Who’s next Justin Bieber??

    By Ernie Clark on Jun 9, 2013

  7. No actually, it’s Paint It Black with Rebecca (”Friday”) Black. The performance with Taylor Swift is as embarrassing as I thought it would be. Who the hell is she to incite the crowd? Well, another night another paycheck for Mick & Co. Good sound though, and thanks for the show.

    By Tony on Jun 9, 2013

  8. At least Mick Taylor is on 3 songs.

    By 5yrsnojob on Jun 9, 2013

  9. revealed here 4 all 2 hear 1st time: FBI is direct tapped into servers to monitor every trucker nation-wide 24/7.

    By anomymouse on Jun 9, 2013

  10. Tony, if you think the audio’s bad, here’s the video:

    By Dingus on Jun 9, 2013

  11. this just in future special guests , bette midler,damne edna and celine dionne will replace keith ronnie and charlie.
    once upon a time the stones were rock and roll.
    now they are aged cheddar CHEESE .

    By snakebelly on Jun 9, 2013

  12. Irony of bootlegs: In the OH-MY-GOD days of discovering “White Wonder” and “LiveR than You’ll Ever Be” vinyl, scratchy bootleg records and 115th generation hissy tapes were the secret stash unto which we drooled over discovering hidden jewels, unreleased raw masterpiece performances, etc. But as the recent Molding Stones’ performances have demonstrated, they now are very much the Dorian Grays of live music, reflecting the pallid attempts to reignite the charred embers of past fires. Fascinating, isn’t it?

    By lowendbill on Jun 9, 2013

  13. This show was the loosest of the three Chicago shows. Of course, TSwift appearing with them was a painful abomination. IN addition to the souless performance, the girl cannot stay on key. Mick Taylor was great at all three shows! Would love to get my hands on the other two Chicago shows, though! Anyone….?

    By HawksWin on Jun 9, 2013

  14. The MICK TAYLOR Show!!! OMG! And I don’t mean the guy that used to play guitar for Teh Stones who plays on a few songs here, either!

    By THE Russian Assassin on Jun 10, 2013

  15. proof positive that girl cannot sing hope she is better in bed than she is on stage

    By mike on Jun 10, 2013

  16. mike i can attest that shes a demon in the sack!

    By barth on Jun 10, 2013

  17. What has Gwen Stefani or Taylor Swift got to do with Rock N Roll? The Stones do not even take their own music seriously anymore. Keith would be rolling in his grave. Oh wait, he was on stage!Why not bring on Marianne Faithfull to do Sister Morphine and As Tears Go By? That being said, this is the best sound of any of the shows yet and thanks for posting this one.

    By Mackster on Jun 10, 2013

  18. I think Marianne Faithfull voice has seen better days, cough cough. Not sure how As Tears Go By would sound. Oh, and Barth..start treating that girl better, maybe she’ll quit writing those songs about you.

    By nubious on Jun 10, 2013

  19. the lead singer for arcade fire will join the stones at the next show and they invited lady gaga adele and florence welch to join them at hyde park coming up soon. they say theres a 50/50 chance adele will say yes. personally id love to hear her on gimme shelter.
    if yall remember arcade fire was on sat nite live with mick jagger and one of the strokes on 5-19-12 and they did the last time.
    and florence sang with the stones on 11-29-12 at o2 arena offered on this site.
    keep in mind also that the glastonbury show is on the 29th of this month. it will be streamed live thru various avenues so very high quality recordings should be available.
    lastly this show here on this page has taylor doing 3 songs but remember he did 4 on the 20th of last month at the staples center in la ca. so far the only show without a guest.

    By darth on Jun 10, 2013

  20. This version of Sway is excellent; there’s a flicker of the old flame in there. The MR is good too. By the time they come back to NYC maybe Mick Taylor will do the whole show with them…he would have to for the Stones to get another $800 out of the fans, or even to get the comped to show up and fill seats.

    By Kevin on Jun 10, 2013

  21. Wowie zowie! The lead singer from Arcade Fire! Anyone know his name? Anyone really care? Lady Gagme and Florence Belch just add to the mediocrity, Adele should rest her vocal cords, or sing “Dear Doctor”, that would be fun.

    Maybe Ed Sheeran, with his cutely tousled hair and puppy dog demeanor, will show up wearing an official Stones tour hoodie to boost merch sales. He’s been in a Taylor Swift video, so he’s two degrees removed from the Stones.

    I suspect Mick Taylor isn’t used more often because the Stones don’t have enough songs like “Sway” where he can do an extended solo; Keith and Ronnie are fine for most of their songs.

    By Dingus on Jun 10, 2013

  22. have the stones and mick taylor done “Can`t you Hear Me Knocking” yet on this cash grab tour ?
    That s a great one to let Mick stretch out on .

    By sluggo on Jun 10, 2013

  23. sluggo, May 20, LA, that’s it. Taylor could easily do a few more songs with extended solos each night, but they’d probably have to drop a few of the hits and the guest star.

    By Dingus on Jun 10, 2013

  24. thanks dingus, i`ll look for that.

    By sluggo on Jun 10, 2013


    By darth on Jun 11, 2013

  26. btw.. sabbath wont be on fallon tonite. bad co will be on leno however. there is no explanation on why the fallon appearance was canceled. but there is a live webcast tomorrow nite -
    3 of em will be in nyc and iommi will be in birgmingham eng. as u can read above.

    if u missed the bad co rockline appearance last week and would like to hear it u can click here -

    By darth on Jun 11, 2013

  27. I listened to this show and few others… Overall this show is no Brussels affair. More like still life without a flashpoint. No pun intended.

    By James on Jun 12, 2013

  28. give me liver than…brussels affair…welcome to new york or all meat music anyday.

    By tall ships on Jun 12, 2013

  29. cant really compare this show here to liver or brussels since those 2 shows are full sets with taylor. the brussels is an fm / sbd quality recording and considered one of if not the best example of the 73 europe tour - his final tour with the boys. the liver being one of if not the best example of the first tour he did with the boys. it isnt a fair comparison. here he does 3 songs 40 years later than brussels and 44 yrs later than liver and hes sharing the stage now with ron who he didnt have to back in the day and all those extra musicians and back up singers and musicians.

    By darth on Jun 12, 2013

  30. I can compare all I want. Who are u to tell me any different ? U tee off on anyone who suggests anything to u.
    the comparisons actually are right in front of your face if u are a stones fan.
    The titles I mention are the stones are being honest with their fans and loyal to the music. This tour they are only in it for a pay day.
    keep your suggestions to yourself I don`t need them .

    By tall ships on Jun 12, 2013

  31. for sheer unbridled energy, lousy sound brilliant attitude. take a close look mick jagger this is rock and roll!

    By tall ships on Jun 12, 2013

  32. Compare this:
    with the above show. Even “Dancing With Mr. D”, starting at 0:17:30, is more intense than anything from the 2013 tour. “all those extra musicians and back up singers and musicians” and guest stars are what make the 2013 Stones tour a poor imitation of a vital rock ‘n roll show. I doubt that Mick Taylor playing the entire show with would change anything. The glory years are over, it was fun while it lasted. I’m going to see the Deadstring Brothers tomorrow night, it ain’t what it used to be, but it’ll do.

    By Dingus on Jun 13, 2013

  33. btw for anyone who isnt aware brussels affair is officially released now.
    of course u can compare but to do so isnt a fair comparison and i explained why. it makes no sense to do it. the reasons were in my lengthy paragraph. i guess u didnt understand what i said. im not surprised. its ok.
    im not saying that i think theyre better now or anything like that. im saying that its not a fair comparison to put a show today 40 yrs later where taylor does 3 songs up against a show where he does the entire set and hes 40 years younger. hes sharing a stage with keith and ron here and many other people now where back then he was the new spotlight guy. youre comparing an audience recording.. albeit a very nice sounding one.. to an fm/sbd recording. again not fair. sure.. do all the comparing u want and tell me how youll do what u want. im just saying its not a fair comparison. these guys are late 60s early 70s now and its not a fair comparison. yes theyre doing it for a payday. altho most of them dont really need it. most of the shows theyre getting $3-4million it seems.
    i think that what theyre likely to do is put out a dvd set of this tour. at least a bunch of performances with the guests and a dvd of a best of the regular show performances. it just stands to reason.
    again when it comes down to it.. i too listen to shows from 69-73 myself. its my fave period. my point is that its just not fair to compare this tour to those. even if youll do what u want.

    By darth on Jun 13, 2013

  34. darth it wouldn`t matter what anyone says you` say different.I `ve been reading your letters here for quite some time and you go out of your way to ridicule anyone who disagrees with you , even so far as calling them obscene names and telling them to do some anatomically impossible feature. When someone makes a valid counterpoint that exposes your ignorance, like a little school yard girl you run and never admit your mistake. what a waste time you are.

    By tall ships on Jun 13, 2013

  35. I was comparing a performance not a recording technique . there is no comparison, todays shows lack any vitality that the classic tours of the stones had.
    I doubt you can understand that though darth as it seems you have hamster ears and are more interested in quantity than quality.

    By tall ships on Jun 13, 2013

  36. “yes theyre doing it for a payday.”

    At long last, an intelligent comment from darth! That’s exactly the reason why the 2013 shows need to be compared with their earlier shows, to show how there’s no intensity whatsoever in their performances. It wouldn’t matter if Mick Taylor did the entire show. You don’t need a soundboard recording to hear that they’re just going through the motions. Their ages don’t place them above criticism.

    Even taken at face value, their performances are lackluster, a first-rate cover band could deliver a more inspired performance. Jagger’s just a cheerleader, most of the guest stars didn’t make a difference, and half of them have no idea why the Stones were great.

    By Dingus on Jun 13, 2013

  37. dingus gets it.

    By tall ships on Jun 13, 2013

  38. gary clark jr. joined the stones first nite in boston. read here -

    both of u totally missed all the points i made. im not surprised tho. im not defending these performances as being amazing. im just saying u cant compare them to those from 40 yrs ago. and u shouldnt try to compare them to recordings that arent similar in quality. u shouldnt compare an entire show that doesnt feature their best musician to one that does. it isnt a fair comparison. the best things about the 2 shows that u are comparing this one to is taylor is on them from start to finish. the 2nd best thing is that theyre superb quality recordings. its a lot easier to enjoy a performance when its easy on the ears. that aside for a minute.. i dont think it matters how much money theyre making for the show(s) for them to be good shows performance wise. when they do hyde park or glastonbury theyll be making peanuts and im betting the shows will be the same quality again performance wise as all the others. if they or just jagger is turning in lackluster performances i dont know why but i am willing to admit that it could be easily attributed to his age. maybe they should have given it up in their early to mid 60s. who am i to say? there are 20000 or so people who seem to feel that theyre having a fun time and that the band is turning in good perfs. course u know way way more than they do. what could they know?

    as for the people they have joining them on stage.. i dont know if its a fair assumption to say they dont know why the stones were great. i think youre a snob. like u have some privileged knowledge or higher awareness that no one else has. youre not even a professional musician. they are. u have john mayer and taj mahal and john fogerty and gary clark jr singing with these guys. yes u also have much younger people like gaga and these pop girls and country people and so on joining them too but thats to appeal to the younger crowd too. its just one song per show. its not as if theyre joining the band for an entire set. i dont know what youre complaining about here or why u are constantly bitching so much.

    no tall.. he doesnt get it. neither of u do.

    By darth on Jun 13, 2013

  39. darth, I didn’t miss your point, you’re just an arrogant SOB who can’t believe that everyone doesn’t recognize your brilliance and agree with you. You’re also an obsessed fanboy who’s in denial about the Rolling Stones 2013 tour. You probably also think that Brian Wilson can still sing, that it’s great that Roger Waters is doing yet another Wall tour, and that The Who is as vital as ever.

    “youre not even a professional musician.”
    You have NO idea what I do. NONE. I don’t need to sell platinum records to be able to express an opinion on music. Shouldn’t your statement also mean that YOUR opinions here are also less valid?

    “when they do hyde park or glastonbury theyll be making peanuts…”
    Total bullshit! Standing room tickets for Bon Jovi are $156, “King’s View Hospitality” seats for Elton John/Ray Davies/Elvis Costello are $774! Stones tickets are sold out, they won’t play for less! My pricing info is from Barclaycard, the official ticket seller. Where did you get your information?

    “…and im betting the shows will be the same quality again performance wise as all the others.”
    That’s exactly the problem!! You just don’t get it. You don’t WANT to get it.

    “thats to appeal to the younger crowd too.”
    Screw them. It’s a cynical marketing demographic scheme to help sell the BlueRay DVD box set when it goes on sale in time for holiday shopping. The guest stars weren’t announced in advance, so they had no effect on ticket sales, which aren’t great.

    “i think youre a snob. like u have some privileged knowledge or higher awareness that no one else has.”
    Pot calls kettle black. I disagree with you about the Rolling Stones 2013 tour, that’s all.

    “youre not even a professional musician. they are.”
    That’s why I expect, and demand, a lot more from a band with their legacy. As I said before: “A great show to me is not a band running through their greatest hits with a few lame guest stars to please a new clueless demographic. A great show is when a band plays it like they mean it and they rub your face in it and take chances and push it as far and hard as they can until you know you’ll never see anything like it again and they’re drained and don’t do interviews with soulless assholes like Ryan Seacrest after the show and it’s not a goddamn party you go to with your mom & dad and send messages to Facebook and Twitter during the show and take shitty cell phone videos so you can be the first to upload your crap to YouTube.”

    “i dont know what youre complaining about here or why u are constantly bitching so much.”
    Then you have no reading comprehension whatsoever. I’ve expressed myself very clearly on the Rolling Stones 2013 tour. I haven’t insulted anyone who disagreed with me until now, and it’s a response to YOUR insults.

    darth, if you don’t like what I write, then don’t read it. Sound familiar?

    By Dingus on Jun 13, 2013

  40. dingus wins at least his argument is sound and logical unlike the little bitch that whines and cries because after he call someone names and insults them he doesn`t understand why they think he is such a boring tool.
    Actually , that insults tools they at least have a purpose.
    darthy -boys purpose seems to be only to acquire through any nefarious means possible every recorded performance known to man.
    this stones tour blows , the special guests blow harder and the boys are just mailing it in.all you have to do is listen.

    By tall ships on Jun 13, 2013

  41. tall - youre just jumping on a bandwagon. his argument isnt sound and logical. and all u keep doing is repeating the same things over and over again without anything to back up the stupid comments u make. ive dealt with all the stuff u keep saying. theyre all wrong. i dont download everything. i dont even download a tenth of everything that comes along. im very picky on what i bother with. why do i need to keep repeating this? why dont u listen the first time i say it?
    if u dont like what theyre doing.. dont listen. simple as that. fact is.. u do like it thats why u keep listening and downloading all the shows posted. u couldnt download and listen to the entire tour and make a judgement call on it unless u had done this. its more than half way thru the 18 show tour. surely u wouldnt make that determination about the tour without listening to at least half of what theyve done thus far.. now would u? 5 or 6 shows? or are u just deciding it blows without hearing more than one or two? are u like a lot of idiots out there who judge an album or concert without hearing it at all? some people decide a movie sucks w/o seeing it or a food doesnt taste good w/o ever eating it. i cant tell u how many ppl hate sushi that have never had it. i bet u are one of those ppl.

    as for the schmuck above u.. most of the stupid crap he says isnt worth responding to. he knows this. he just says stupid shit to get responses.
    u dont have to agree with me to be brilliant. in fact i prefer that u dont agree with me and present a reasonable argument in your disagreement. but merely disagreeing with me isnt a valid argument. the problem here is that i didnt express an opinion about this current tour. u both seem to believe i did. all i said was that u cant compare the old shows from 40 yrs ago to this one. it isnt a fair comparison. thats all i said. taylor is on 3 songs. on some shows hes only on 2 songs. the old shows u were referring to he did the entire sets and hes a kid. hes not even old enough to drink when he played on the liver show in 69. that is unless the drinking age back then was 18. he was just 20 that january. but i digress. he was hot. i said earlier that if i was to see them now it would be to see him. i know there are others out there that agree with me. ive made it a point to see him live when i could. when jack bruce toured about 20 yrs ago he did a couple of sets at the bottom line in nyc and i heard that taylor would join him for a set and that clapton would join him for a set. needless to say i made sure i got there for both sets. they were amazing. even tho im a clapton fanatic i have to say micks set with jack was better.

    as for what i know about u being a professinoal musician.. i actually do know. youre not a professional musician. period.
    all those probablies u wrote on top.. have no meaning btw. if roger waters wants to keep doing the wall.. fine. let him. i never thought brian wilson could sing. ever.
    the who is as vital as ever. but what is going on now isnt the who regardless what they call themselves. but none of this has anything to do with the topic at hand.
    as for the money that the stones will be making for the hyde park show for example.. u can look this info up. its not that difficult. u are the king of trying to prove me wrong on things with links so do it now. i read that theyre paying the stones scale like everyone else and theyre not making the extraordinary pay that theyre making at all the other shows but the same pay as the other acts. the budget doesnt allow for a lot of money. im betting if u look for it.. youll find this info. it has nothing whatsoever to do with the other acts u mentioned. this is a special gig.
    as for being a snob.. its not pot / kettle here since im not one. i pointed out how u were one. i didnt express what i thought of this tour or show here. u did. u also seem to think i said something along the lines of how wonderful these shows are. while i dont think theyre abysmal i didnt say they were amazing either. i do enjoy the songs taylor is on and i enjoy some of the guest appearances like taj mahal and fogerty etc. i would have liked a little more input by gary clark jr and keith urban on guitar. perhaps when the pro shot versions appear ill hear the sound separation. i bet u are first online to buy your copy. ha!
    from the things u are saying here u seem to be a cynic and everything bothers u. u have a problem with their interviews after the show and how many people are recording the show using their phones and how soon they post the songs on youtube. like any of this has anything to do with the quality of the performances themselves. youre so caught up on other things that are so totally unrelated to the important details here that u are losing track of the facts here. the times they are a changin man!! the audience is different too. they are not playing for the same crowd they did in the early 70s. theyre not the same age they were back then either. everything is different and u want things to be the same because u have this memory of how they were and u want to go back. and u cant! u need to kwitcherbitchin.
    the problem here is.. the reverse of what u say to me.. if u dont like what im saying.. stop reading it. it isnt about me not liking what youre saying. its the other way around. youre not making valid arguments just because youre taking each part of my posting apart and responding to it piecemeal.
    the attempt was there tho. granted. u failed but u did try. a for effort. d for for success on the achievement overall. sorry bout yer luck.
    and no.. i wont keep going around and around on this. please stop wasting your time.

    By darth on Jun 14, 2013

  42. darth you hobknocker, I only skimmed your rambling drivel and you still can’t comprehend what I’ve clearly written. I expressed my opinion about the Rolling Stones 2013 tour, and you didn’t like it because it was negative. That means you disagree, whether you say it or not. I’m not a cheerleader for tired old rich men. I have the same freedom of speech here that you do. You’re the only one who decided to criticize me for expressing my opinions. You were rude and insulting, no surprise there. Do you never tire of being an imbecile?

    “i read that theyre paying the stones scale like everyone else”
    Where’s your link for this information? Prove it, liarholic.

    65,000 tickets were sold in 3 minutes for the Stones Hyde Park show, prices were about $140 - $500 American. Scale pay?? Not when the singer went to the London School Of Economics!

    Who the hell WANTS you to go around on this?? NO ONE!! You blathered away like a useless fanboy because you haven’t been getting any attention here lately. Feel better now? Stop coming here to shiterbate.

    By Dingus on Jun 14, 2013

  43. never wrong, pure thats me.

    always wrong,mostly dickheads , that`s you.
    rest of world.

    By pure on Jun 14, 2013

  44. what`s a darth anyhow ?
    I looked up the word darth in the dick-tionary and it says, darth, noun. argumentative, doubtful and needy.

    By dink dalton on Jun 14, 2013

  45. tall - youre just jumping on a bandwagon. his argument isnt sound and logical.tall - youre just jumping on a bandwagon. his argument isnt sound and logical.tall - youre just jumping on a bandwagon. his argument isnt sound and logical. and all u keep doing is repeating the same things over and over again

    By pure drivel on Jun 14, 2013

  46. using darth logic, no one is allowed to express an opinion here unless theyre a professional musician. that means u too darth shiterbator. the silence will be deafening.

    By barth on Jun 14, 2013

  47. using darth logic, no one is allowed to express an opinion here unless theyre a professional musician.

    I play the radio best of anyone in the family does that count?

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 14, 2013

  48. i would say yes but who am i to express an opinion?

    By barth on Jun 14, 2013

  49. great thanks, now I can play music critic like our resident genius.

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 14, 2013

  50. Country star Brad Paisley will take the stage with the Rolling Stones on June 18th for the first of their two shows at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

    By darth on Jun 14, 2013

  51. darth sock puppet, are the Stones getting paid scale in Philly too?

    By Dingus on Jun 14, 2013

  52. Thanks, BigO! (for the Taylor Swift photo that will look great after I cut out the guy from “Tales Of The Crypt”)…

    By TDC on Jun 14, 2013

  53. Thanks, BigO! (for the Taylor Swift photo that will look great after I cut out the guy from “Tales Of The Crypt”)…

    point taken..another newbie wonders why taylor swift has the stones play with her.
    must suck to be a teen.

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 14, 2013


    the clip of gary clark jr with the stones first nite boston doing goin down.

    By darth on Jun 14, 2013

  55. take a look at the youtube link darth put here. His comments are under the name darthkards and he is as obnoxious there toward everyone as he is here. must be a very lonely life knowing everything and hating everyone

    By tall ships on Jun 14, 2013

  56. a sample of the kinder remarks from darth on youtube..
    same thing that will happen to u when u hit 71. jackass.
    . u sniveling piece of crap

    By tall ships on Jun 14, 2013

  57. and more

    open your damned ears. god i hate stupid people.

    yeah that says it all. sigh. fn idiot.

    its your ignorance that u show when u talk like that.
    u dont know what youre talking about.. it makes u look stupid u know
    what is wrong with all these idiots????

    By tall ships on Jun 15, 2013

  58. nice avatar darthkards! lmfao!! thx tall ships this is incredible! clicking on “darthkards” brings up pages of rude nasty comments going back 6 years! take note that people very rarely respond to him.

    a textbook sociopath.

    By barth on Jun 15, 2013

  59. it goes to show u that ignorance and stupidity isnt limited to just bigo. it permeates the internet and is all around us. even on youtube. i find it here and i find it there and i find it in between. my comments towards what i find there reflect my opinion of those i encounter. whats the problem?

    By darth on Jun 15, 2013

  60. btw.. the avatar in any other locale is a moving one. its calvin of calvin & hobbes dancing. it has a 5 or 6 image stop motion frame change. it is the 2nd version of it i had found. the previous one had the words - the kids they dance they shake their bones. a line from a grateful dead song. i have different avatars on different sites and some move some dont. my avatar on dime is a batch of psych mushrooms that glow and have an otherwordly light that seems to come from within them in a moving manner. some sites dont allow movement in their avatars.

    By darth on Jun 15, 2013

  61. “whats the problem?”

    wow. i hope youre being facetious…. actually i don’t really care. sociopath.

    By barth on Jun 15, 2013

  62. forgive me all for being a sociopath misself.It happens to me occasionally when i’m between health professionals

    By barth on Jun 15, 2013

  63. “yeah u could play better.. u sniveling piece of crap. check out the solo he does on the john mayer track by this same uploader. u damned idiot. check out most of what he has done with the faces or rod / beck or seriously anything since taylor left the stones. open your damned ears. god i hate stupid people”.


    By oblivious to reality on Jun 15, 2013

  64. “forgive me all for being a sociopath misself.It happens to me occasionally when i’m between health professionals”

    yes thats true. sometimes it affects my spelling and punctuation. the health care professionals im currently between are drs. kate upton and brooklyn decker. i am lucid enough to recognize my problem and get treatment. others arent as fortunate.

    By barth on Jun 15, 2013

  65. Rolling Stones set list for June 14 Boston. Same thing, no guest.

    darthkards, I see that six years ago you were searching for “hugetits” on YouTube. Found any good ones lately?

    By Dingus on Jun 15, 2013

  66. It’s no fun to turn 70. If anybody’d told me 4 decades ago that in the year 2013 I would listen to the old rusty Stones, I wouldn’t have believe it. This one from Chicago is the best show I’ve heard from the tour. And yes – Mick Taylor is on three tracks. But he hardly reminds me of the guy from the seventies. His playing on Sway brings tears to my eyes – it’s so bad.

    By Tony on Jun 15, 2013

  67. Good Charlie Watts interview here:
    He doesn’t want to play Glastonbury- “It’s not what I’d like to do for a weekend, I can tell you.”

    Be careful Tony, our resident arsehole gets upset when a negative opinion is expressed about the Stones tour. He hasn’t shown us yet that the Stones are “making peanuts” when they play Hyde Park.

    By Dingus on Jun 16, 2013

  68. i couldnt care less what u say about the tour. that isnt what i said and i dont care about other peoples opinions when they differ from mine. thats absolutely never the case and its a blatant lie. i didnt claim the tour or the shows were wonderful either. i didnt defend the tour either. u wont find any posting i have made along those lines anywhere.

    By darth on Jun 17, 2013

  69. “i couldnt care less what u say about the tour.”

    Another lie. Your comments about what I wrote prove it.

    By Dingus on Jun 17, 2013

  70. “i couldnt care less what u say about the tour.”

    actually that means you do care.
    You probably meant “i could care less” but knowing you , you will argue that you are correct anyhow.

    By c.darrow'sasst. on Jun 17, 2013

  71. i didnt comment about what u wrote about the tour. i really dont care what u think of the tour or the shows individually. i have no reason to lie about this. my comments were only about the comparing shows from 40 yrs ago to these shows. ive explained this already. i too like the 73 shows but with what we have now here and what u are comparing there its not a fair comparison. this is not that hard to understand. i dont care what u said about these shows. i didnt express my opinion of them at the point u are claiming i did and i didnt even care what u had to say about them at that point or any point. the only detail i have brought up and commented on was the comparison. please try to read slower and more carefully. all this knee-jerk reacting is making this boring and time consuming for no reason.

    By darth on Jun 17, 2013

  72. c.d - not to hurt my case but its the other way around.
    if i say i couldnt care less it means i dont care. if i say i could care less it means i do care and theres even a batch of caring even less than i currently care. see?
    so what im saying in my posting is that i couldnt care less. and i stand by that. i couldnt. which means i dont care at all.

    By darth on Jun 17, 2013

  73. darth drivel continues ..BORING !

    By c.darrow'sasst. on Jun 17, 2013

  74. yes thats true. sometimes it affects my spelling and punctuation. the health care professionals im currently between are drs. kate upton and brooklyn decker. i am lucid enough to recognize my problem and get treatment. others arent as fortunate.

    -this is a step in the right direction.maybe if it takes this time we in the future can be spared your moronic posts…

    By c. darrow's asst. on Jun 17, 2013

  75. c., my witticisms were in response to a post by someone who misappropriated my good name.

    i fail to see how you insulting someone is “a step in the right direction.”

    u also seemed to have missed the joke. a common foible amongst darth’s enablers seems to be the lack of a healthy sense of humour. cheerio, lad!

    By barth on Jun 17, 2013

  76. part of darths social awkwardness does not allow him to realize the error of his ways.
    He is under the false impression that he is persecuted and is a victim always.
    Obviously a blog post will not alter his behaviour and I tend to agree with others its best to ignore him , he loves the controversy.

    By tall ships on Jun 17, 2013

  77. I’m with you, tall ships, I’ve had enough of his insults, ego, lies, and blathering. Ignoring him takes a lot of willpower, but it can be done. He loves being the center of attention, some of his remarks seem to be made to draw people into an argument. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of his posts ARE ignored, that might be what sets him off. Let’s hope he decides to ignore our comments, as he recently said he will, but I doubt it.

    By Dingus on Jun 18, 2013

  78. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of his posts ARE ignored, that might be what sets him off.

    absolutely…okay I`m in . ignore ignore ignore.

    By tall ships on Jun 18, 2013

  79. if u dont attack harass provoke instigate incite etc etc.. then i have nothing to respond to accordingly. when i post on here its usually about the music on here or music in general. sometimes its in response to something someone said. if its a mistake someone made or a follow up on something said i will comment. that is how i do things. normally the way u do things is an attempt to attack me in one way or another. u look for trouble. i dont do that. u call me names and label me with all sorts of psychological terminology as if u are a psychiatrist or something. ridiculous. like u can form diagnosis and assessments on people about their mental conditions. omg. thats not why we are here and its certainly none of your business what anyones situation is. if i happen to bring up my history or life experieces in regard to something at hand on this site be it lennon dylan jagger chambers bros etc.. since i was very involved in various ways in the business for many years thats my right. i dont need to prove anything to anyone. including and especially u. if the situation was reversed id say kewl tell us about it and fill it in id love to know more. its not your place to call anyone a liar unless u know for a fact which u dont that they are. just keep your traps shut and do that ignore ignore ignore thing. we’ll all be better off for it. i promise.
    when no one is commenting about me or trying to fuck with me.. i dont make any comments or responses about or to anyone else. leave me alone.. and u will notice i have nothing to say to u. i may comment on something u say but it wont have anything to do with u personally. just the subject matter being discussed. i dont take it personal. thats the huge difference between us. u guys always go after me personally. i never do that. im always into the subject matter and u always attack and harass me personally.
    so lets see how long this ignore works. and how many do it.

    By darth on Jun 18, 2013

  80. one time at band camp the lead singer for the troggs and i started to pretend we were really in the standells and sang dirty water at the top of our lungs so loud and long that two members from the illinois speed press and b w stevenson started to sing my maria to try and drown us out. the next year peter noone [who we would secretly call peter no one] taught us the dirty lyrics to I`m henry the 8th, we asked if he would sing it at the last night talent show with us and he said he had a tour to go to, we drew straws and I was picked and got to go and sing with him on tour but the tour bus driven by donald fagen`s cousin got a flat tire and a bad oil change so we missed the opening show. hope you like this , more to come if you do.

    By willy billy on Jun 18, 2013

  81. Pathetic.

    By Everyone Else On bigO on Jun 18, 2013

  82. I meant darth.

    By Everyone Else On bigO on Jun 18, 2013

  83. Great story willy, I met Donald Fagen’s cousin once..well not really, I found a candy wrapper in his garbage can. I took pictures of it if you want to see it, it was a snickers. It even had a couple of nuts in the wrapper still. I sold the nuts on ebay, listed them as 2 nuts from Donald Fagens cousin.

    By nubious on Jun 18, 2013

  84. really?? a candy bar wrapper ? are you sure ? I heard he was allergic to chocolate. do tell !
    what an interesting story. I can`t wait to hear how it ends.

    By willy billy on Jun 18, 2013

  85. Selling those two nuts is more than darth ever sold.

    By Everyone Else On bigO on Jun 18, 2013

  86. darth: “since i was very involved in various ways in the business for many years..”

    darth , selling vhs tapes of bootlegged concerts for $20-$25 isn`t really being in the business, just sayin`.

    By mr showbiz on Jun 18, 2013

  87. True, mr showbiz, but picking thru Mick Jagger’s trash cans is.

    By Everyone Else On bigO on Jun 18, 2013

  88. Rolling Stones set list for June 18 Philadelphia:

    Same old, same old, two songs for Mick Taylor, Brad Paisley on “Dead Flowers”. Nice solo by Mr. Paisley.

    By Dingus on Jun 19, 2013

  89. brad paisley would be the best guitar player on stage surprised the ever conceited jagger would allow a greater talent up there.
    was carrie underwear busy?

    By earth to darth on Jun 19, 2013

  90. taj mahal keith urban and john fogerty notwithstanding.

    By darth on Jun 20, 2013

  91. First time was 1967, I’m quiting now with these ticketsprizes. Good to see they have to sell the expensive tickets at $85,00 not to be confronted with many many empty seats.

    By Gerard on Jun 20, 2013

  92. paisley can play circles around these guys darth, you have no ears anyway you think kiss is good.I didn`t say they weren`t good but paisley is amazing.

    By earth to darth on Jun 21, 2013

  93. a sample of brad paisley goofin` during a rehearsal with a 6 year old drummer. watch this darth..neither taj, fogerty or urban can play these licks.
    grow someears boy , you`ll get more respect. leave kiss alone they were okay for 11 year olds .

    By earth to darth on Jun 21, 2013

  94. steve earle and sheryl crow…time has come today.

    By earth to darth on Jun 21, 2013

  95. You’re right willy billy, Donald Fagen’s cousin is allergic to chocolate. It was a payday wrapper, not a snickers. I get confused sometimes, I got the snicker wrapper out of Walter Becker’s nephews trash…sorry about the mix up.

    By nubious on Jun 21, 2013

  96. where Kiss belongs …working at walmart.

    By darth and gene on Jun 21, 2013

  97. Saw some of the Kiss show today on Axs from Zurich and wasn’t impressed. Paul Stanley’s voice is awful and the whole band seems overated to me.

    By Oblivious to reality on Jun 21, 2013

  98. Same as it ever was. They had a lucrative career with one or two good songs. Here’s 45 minutes of inanity from Paul Stanley:

    By Everyone Else On bigO on Jun 21, 2013

  99. The Rolling Stones will be joined by special guest Aaron Neville to night in Philadelphia, the second of two shows in the city this week. Keith Richards co-produced and played guitar on Aaron’s album, “My True Story,” released earlier this year.
    The concert marks the 17th stop on the Stones 18-date “50 & Counting” arena tour, which has seen the band play with a variety of guests, including John Fogerty, Tom Waits, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood and John Mayer.

    The Stones will wrap up the North American tour in Washington on Monday; the band will play the Glastonbury festival on June 29, followed by two shows in London’s Hyde Park next month.

    By darth on Jun 22, 2013


    By darth on Jun 22, 2013

  101. Ever get the feeling someone here works for AEG, or an affiliate??

    By Everyone Else On bigO on Jun 22, 2013

  102. Rolling Stones set list for June 21:

    No changes, Mick Taylor gets three songs including “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”. Aaron Neville was the guest, he sung “Under The Boardwalk” from his latest album, co-produced by Keith. I would have preferred to hear him him on “Emotional Rescue” or “Fool To Cry”, but this tour’s all about pushing product.

    Pretty good audio here:

    Only one more US show, in DC, then it’s back to England, where they’ll be “working for peanuts”.

    By Dingus on Jun 22, 2013

  103. this clip is more enjoyable to watch for the aaron neville appearance.

    By darth on Jun 25, 2013

  104. Rolling Stones set list for June 24:

    Mick Taylor’s on three songs including “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking”.

    Special guest Newt Gingrich sung “Get Off My Cloud”.

    The Rolling Stones are selling 9 different doggie outfits on their site for $80-90.

    Which of the above statements is not true?

    By Dingus on Jun 25, 2013


    By darth on Jun 26, 2013

  106. Celebrities at the Stones DC show were Lenny Kravitz and One Direction, who got to meet Ronnie Wood after the show.

    One Direction is an English/Irish boy band that signed with Simon Cowell’s record label after finishing third on Simon Cowell’s X Factor singing competition TV show in 2010. They have a fragrance named after them. Unlike the Rolling Stones, they do not yet sell doggie outfits.

    By Dingus on Jun 26, 2013


    By darth on Dec 5, 2013

  108. sad news -

    By darth on Dec 3, 2014


    By darth on May 22, 2015

  110. more hit and run from the attention seeking goofball.
    Stirs up shit and then leaves that post to go onto another same old same old behaviour we have witnessed here time after time.
    Grow up Darth.

    By dropkick sarge on May 22, 2015

  111. its not hit n run. its a link to a stones article where they did a secret show last nite with the set list etc. perhaps we will be lucky enough to get a copy of the show here. i already have it but im figuring others here might now and maybe there will be more than one copy. an upgrade wouldnt hurt.

    By darth on May 22, 2015

  112. our resident asshole already pandering for an upgrade…the show is not 24 hrs old yet he claims he has it but wants an upgrade…

    good grief glen you are suck…

    lol…sick & suck…!

    By Jerry's Finger on May 22, 2015

  113. Hey BigO, this one doesn’t seem to be working, any way we could get this updated? I’d love to have the full show! thanks

    By jazz on Jan 13, 2020

  114. jazz-It was posted by bigo a while back that they are not reposting old shows. I’m not sure why- there are some previous ones I’d love to hear.

    By Mark on Jan 13, 2020

  115. Mark- thanks for the reply! I appreciate the info, I was checking around but hadn’t come across that. kind of a bummer! BigO has great quality

    By jazz on Feb 2, 2020

  116. Mark - it’s about the bandwidth demanded by keeping everything he’s ever posted available would cost way more than mere donations could provide. The alternative is to knock some off. He used to do it for about two weeks but some slip through. The Stones set looks like he could make it available again if you ask nicely. (Try the email as I’m pretty sure he doesn’t bother reading the comments section. Why would you it’s mostly drivel!?)

    By swappers on Feb 2, 2020

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