June 26, 2013 – 4:25 pm

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Holy Mother Of God [PRRPGS 016, 2CD]

Live at the Music Hall, Cleveland, OH; April 15, 1976. Excellent Pre-FM.

Thanks to the PRRP team and to floydart who shared the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

Uploader’s notes:

Move Into The Light: It was February 1976. To everyone’s amazement, Phil Collins had taken over the lead vocal duties in Genesis with a natural aplomb and the minimum of fuss. The band’s new album, ‘A Trick Of The Tail’, their first as a quartet, had received universally positive reactions from fans and the music press, and had reached unprecedented heights in the charts, proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that the band could survive the loss of their charismatic former lead singer, Peter Gabriel. Having replaced Gabriel and recorded a purposeful, classic new album, there was now one major hurdle remaining for the band: reconnecting with their fans on the live stage.

One of Peter Gabriel’s great strengths had always been his ability to create a unique bond between himself and his audience. Wisely, Phil decided not to imitate Peter’s style, choosing instead to present himself on stage as he was in real life - a witty, amiable chap, with an infinite capacity to entertain both with his easy humour and superb musical talent.

So, in the spring of 1976, reinforced by the addition of Bill Bruford on drums, the new Genesis lineup set out to continue their ongoing quest for global recognition. As with the legendary ‘Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ tour, this one kicked off in North America. But unlike the ‘Lamb’ tour, when the album had not been released in time for the early dates, this time the new album was released well ahead of the tour, giving fans ample opportunity to familiarise themselves with the new material before seeing the band live.

North American audiences responded warmly and immediately to Phil’s relaxed stage persona. Even the press, who had written Genesis off when the news of Peter Gabriel’s departure was revealed, had to admit that they had been hasty in their dismissal of the band. Genesis were still a major force to be reckoned with, and the new tour gained them wider acclaim with each passing day, something that no-one, not even the band members themselves, could surely have predicted.

The ‘Trick Of The Tail’ tour proved to be the band’s most successful North American crusade to date, so much so, in fact, that two renowned rock radio stations, in Pittsburgh and Cleveland, sought and received permission to broadcast a complete Genesis concert live. The first of the two concerts was broadcast from the Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh on April 13 1976. The second, which PRRP brings you now, was broadcast by WMMS, Cleveland, Ohio, two days later. Both broadcasts have provided, in whole or in part, the source material for many bootlegs over the years and, more recently, have been remastered by the likes of FADE, BURP and Eeklair.

So the question now is: Why release yet another remaster of this widely circulated show? The answer is very simple: the recording used to create this new remaster was presented to us as being from a pre-FM source, an irresistible start for any kind of remastering job. The result is pretty impressive to our ears and we now offer it to you, the discerning listener. With no claims to being the ultimate remaster of this show, here is PRRP’s version of this famed broadcast from April 15 1976.

As with all other sources, ‘Entangled’ and ‘Squonk’ are unfortunately missing from this recording. No-one has been able to explain the absence of these two songs from the broadcast so we guess the reason for this sad omission will forever remain a mystery to Genesis fans.

As for the rest of the show, everything is here in pristine quality, from the thunderous opening of ‘Dance On A Volcano’ (and the synthesizer hiccup at the end of it) to the resounding finale of ‘it’ and ‘Watcher Of The Skies’. Despite a few technical problems (and the now infamous ‘wrong tape’ incident in ‘Supper’s Ready’), this is a polished, confident performance from a band with something to prove.

The songs performed on this tour, including a stunning new arrangement of ‘White Mountain’ from the ‘Trespass’ album, make this particular set list one of the most varied and entertaining of the band’s entire career. Combine that with the players’ incredible musicianship and you have the ingredients of a fantastic live listening experience.

Notes from the Re-Master

We started with a CD Pre-FM source for this project. This version has a radio station intro and outro section which I have not heard on other versions of this recording. The quality is certainly Pre-FM and the transmission noise which is present on other versions is not present here. As with other versions, the show is complete with the exception of the two songs noted above.

Speed correction was the first order of business. This was the major problem with this recording. The error varied a bit but was otherwise consistent and easy to correct. Once that was fixed, the tonality was adjusted using both static and dynamic filters. This helped to smooth the harshness present in dialogue sections. The dynamics were very compressed and needed extensive re-working.

Hardcore Metal bands drive at a single intensity but Genesis music is varied, dramatic and uses the full dynamic range. So, this was repaired as much as possible. Critics of this recording appropriately note that despite this being a stereo recording, there is very little stereo separation. This was also corrected as much as possible. Clicks, pops and other sources of noise were reduced as much as possible. Small patches were used where needed and the show was tracked using standard convention.

PRRP Staff

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Radio Introduction 0:48 (1.3MB)
Track 102. Dance On A Volcano 7:11 (12.1MB)
Track 103. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway 4:36 (7.7MB)
Track 104. Fly On A Windshield 3:07 (5.2MB)
Track 105. Carpet Crawlers 6:40 (11.2MB)
Track 106. Cinema Show 12:06 (20.3MB)
Track 107. Robbery, Assault & Battery 6:57 (11.7MB)
Track 108. White Mountain 7:47 (13.1MB)
Track 109. Firth Of Fifth 8:39 (14.5MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Supper’s Ready 25:13 (42.4MB)
Track 202. I Know What I Like 6:09 (10.3MB)
Track 203. Los Endos 8:37 (14.5MB)
Track 204. it 3:24 (5.7MB)
Track 205. Watcher Of The Skies 2:57 (5.0MB)
Track 206. Radio Announcement 1:06 (1.9MB)

Tony Banks - keyboards, 12 String and backing vocals
Phil Collins - lead vocals, drums and percussion
Steve Hackett - lead guitars and effects
Mike Rutherford - bass guitars, guitars and backing vocals
with special guest
Bill Bruford - drums and percussion

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  1. 15 Responses to “GENESIS - CLEVELAND 1976”

  2. Thanks, bigO!.

    By NAMoosedog on Jun 26, 2013

  3. I’m not sure what “pre-FM” is other than possibly AM radio, however, here is what I do know. WMMS radio was a pioneering FM radio station in Cleveland. It ushered in the playing of extended tracks played without any disk jockey interruptions, few commercials and played songs that were clearly other than mainstream. “Underground radio” is what we called it. Early FM radio stations were under continual attack from the corporate entities that controlled radio because of the threat to their absolute control of what was being played. WMMS was to lose it’s rock format and it’s identity. I believe this concert was broadcast on MMS, an early FM station that continues to this day, Buzzard Radio, so-called in honor to the local buzzards’ roost in the Cleveland Metro Parks.

    By Douglas on Jun 26, 2013

  4. As I understand it, pre-FM is the recording used for a Radio Broadcast before it has been edited. This usually indicates a full recorded concert, rather than fit into broadcast time and without interruptions and higher quality that something recorded from the broadcast.

    By jdallenx on Jun 26, 2013

  5. I found this online, Douglas - “Usually, pre-FM can mean one of 2 things; 1) It’s the SBD feed before it reaches the FM engineers mixer (in other words, exactly the same as a SBD), or 2) It’s the SBD feed after it passes the engineer but BEFORE the broadcast equipment.

    This is why you find some pre-FM’s that sound different…’s due to the mix being adjusted by the broadcast engineer before they compress it for the airwaves…..this is why some pre-FM’s have more crowd, and slightly different instument levels/presence compared to others.”

    By Dingus on Jun 27, 2013

  6. This is not a pre-FM, but clearly an FM broadcast by WMMS radio station.

    By Normand Cousineau on Jun 27, 2013

  7. Many THANKS BigO!!!!!!!!!! More live Genesis please!!!!!!!!!

    By JEFF on Jun 27, 2013

  8. sometimes a pre-fm only means it came from the transcription disc itself that was used at a radio station for brdcst. other than compression most ppl wont hear a difference. then again youre hearing this in mp3 format which pushes that compression back into the files themselves and chops off a massive amount of the sonic spectrum.
    there are approx 6 or 8 different kinds of compression and when music is made for fm radio they squash it. now if u listen to college radio or npr u wont hear as much compression as u will with commercial radio. when u hear the extreme lows like acoustic guitars and parts of a concert where the musicians are whispering to an intimate audience on a commercial radio station as loud or nearly as loud as u hear their full blown maximum assault with their instruments on 11 (lol) and u dont have to turn your vol controls up or down.. then thats compression. thats what americans are used to. thats the difference between a real sbd recording and an fm. european releases from the 60s and 70s sound different than american ones because the engineers and producers realize that the listeners expect different things.

    i can tell u why there are 2 songs missing. this is a rebrdcst source. it still may be from the transcription discs. those 2 songs were omitted due to added commercial time allotted in the time since the original airing of the concert. i listened to this concert when it happened originally. i taped it when it was brdcst again in 1980 and again in 83 and again in 86. this is absolutely from a rebrdcst of the show and not from the original brdcst. the original airing didnt come from any discs since it was live as it happened. it was recorded by superstar concert series and re-aired periodically. in fact in 92 they took pieces of several shows including this one and made a genesis retrospective.

    By darth on Jun 27, 2013

  9. Thanks for the memories, BigO! I saw this tour a few nights later in Milwaukee. Always felt like this was the best live Genesis shows I saw besides The “Lamb” shows with Gabriel I caught in Chicago. Much punchier performance than during the Gabriel days with the addition of Bruford. However, no one tops Gabriel as a front man for an art rock band. BTW: WMMS will always be my favorite radio station. I won tix from them to see their 10th anniversary show - Bruce & the E Street Band in August, 1978. Quite possibly the greatest rock show ever! If readers don’t have a copy, they should get one right now.

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Jun 27, 2013

  10. Thanks for sharing. The trick tour (1976) was my first Genesis show in Berkeley, Ca. Truly awesome..

    By DanC on Jun 28, 2013

  11. I’ve got a couple of shows with Bruford but not this one.. thanks!

    By Tom on Jun 28, 2013

  12. just 11 months earlier was peters last shows with genesis. that was the real band worth seeing. but if i had to pick an era of that period that was my fave id go 72-73. that rainbow london eng i think it was 10-20-73 if memory serves correctly is such an incredible show that i asked peter to sign my copy of it back in the early 80s. it was a 2 lp set that came out separately and i had him sign both covers. he had no problem with that. musta been around 83.

    on the genesis post gabriel subject however.. there was something interesting i got once from 76. they were about to go on tour and did some rehearsals in dallas. the tape i got said showco dallas rehearsals 1976. the guy i got it from explained to me that he got it from the guy who worked their lighting and it was a run thru of a full concert to get the lighting correct. it was a sbd tape. i no longer have this item and i have never seen it anywhere. i think i had only let it out 2-3x myself but i remember it being something pretty worthwhile even tho it had phil on vocals. im a huge hackett fan and i like rutherford. when bruford is allowed to shine i like him too but if i cant tell that hes there (and i often cant) he wont matter to me. when he is an integral part of the band im happier. ive seen many shows where he does soar. i didnt seem to feel he shone that brightly at the 76 genesis gigs but thats just my opinion.

    By darth on Jun 28, 2013

  13. Listened to this today.. other than a very hard splice in Suppers Ready.. it’s very nice..

    By Tom on Jun 29, 2013

  14. it’s fortunate that Bruford moved on to other other musical avenues and the band opted to bring in Chester Thompson. Chester was much more rhythmically solid and disciplined when it came to giving equal note duration to every measure of music, especially when coming out of the complex fills - his overall feel was more suitable to matching the style and groove that Collins brought to Genesis.

    By erskine bowles on Jun 29, 2013

  15. Please more cool bootlegs from this tour!!!
    Difficult to find roios from Genesis trick of tail tour!
    Thanks bigo!

    By Rochacrimson on Jun 29, 2013

  16. I have heard a version of this particular show called “Cleveland Upgrade”, which is better sounding to my ears. It is quite clear, and a clearer high end. It might be worth checking out if you like this show. Bruford seems to have been having fun- even if his parts needed to be more precise than he was used to, after a few years with King Crimson.

    By Peter Grainger on Jul 1, 2013

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