June 19, 2013 – 11:31 am

R.I.P. Big Man

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San Francisco 1989 [no label, 2CD]

Live at The Warfield, San Francisco, CA; December 2, 1989. Very good to excellent soundboard.

Here’s a show to remember the Big Man with. Not with The E Street Band but with the Jerry Garcia Band.

Thanks to 130269 for sharing the tracks at Dime. 130269 noted: “Clarence Clemons on saxophone for the entire show.”

Original picture (modified here) by Todd Darrow, posted at - Thanks!

Soundboard > ? > cassette > cassette, three tape sides, unknown generation
Transfer Lineage:
Trade cassettes, Dolby B > Harmon Kardon TD 302, Dolby B on,
Heads aligned to each tape side > Zoom H2 @16/44.1 > SDHC card > PC > tracked & edited with wavepad > flac level 8 & checksums with traderslittlehelper
Transfer by arfarf, December 9, 2011
Additional tape edits on the source recording are note
At the start of d02t03; and at 07:40 of d02t05

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1 (Set One)
Track 101. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) (12.2MB)
Track 102. They Love Each Other (14.9MB)
Track 103. Simple Twist Of Fate (22.5MB)
Track 104. Run For The Roses (10.6MB)
Track 105. Like A Road (14.2MB)
tape flip
Track 106. My Sisters And Brothers (7.3MB)
Track 107. Deal (11.8MB)

Disc 2 (Set Two)
Track 201. Harder They Come (21.4MB)
Track 202. I Shall Be Released (19.6MB)
Track 203. Someday Baby (11.8MB)
tape flip
Track 204. Waiting For A Miracle (11.3MB)
Track 205. And It Stoned Me (13.1MB)
Track 206. Don’t Let Go (28.5MB)
Track 207. Midnight Moonlight (12.0MB)

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  1. 59 Responses to “JERRY GARCIA BAND - SAN FRANCISCO 1989 (R.I.P. BIG MAN 1942-2011)”

  2. Thanks, bigO!

    By NAMoosedog on Jun 19, 2013

  3. Horrible honking noise ruining the songs….

    In my humble, personal, one-of-a-kind opinion, with very few exceptions (the Kingsmen for ex.)saxophones don’t belong in rock & roll.

    By shitkick large on Jun 19, 2013

  4. clarence with bruce, lee allen, junior walker, king curtis, “brown sugar” “cant you hear me knocking”, “money”, “bad to the bone” “urgent”, “baker street” “turn the page” “fun house” and “tequila” are a few of my personal exceptions. plus “dont need no job” and many others by the a-bones.

    By barth on Jun 19, 2013

  5. saxophones were part of the original rock and roll sound.
    lee allen`s sounds should be streamed into your house 24 /7.
    then follow that up with some junior walker .
    grow some ears bitty boy

    By earth to darth on Jun 19, 2013


    By earth to darth on Jun 19, 2013

  7. stanley turrentine for listeners with good ears.

    By earth to darth on Jun 19, 2013

  8. Willie Mitchell would be proud. Although overall sopund is warbly & digitally degenerated.
    Thanx, though! Still listenable ~

    By Timmy on Jun 19, 2013

  9. Melvin Seals: Organistical Keyboard.
    John Kahn: Bass.

    By Timmy on Jun 19, 2013

  10. The first ever rock & roll song is Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston and the saxophone clearly belongs to rock since that day in 1951. It would be boring to try to list every tune including a saxophone, just need to mention “Money” !

    By Chocoreve on Jun 20, 2013

  11. The first ever rock & roll song is Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston

    that isn`t entirely true, while it is acknowledged by a few so called music historians there are many other rock and roll songs which predate it.
    Regardless , that`s not the point, and you are correct the point is the sax was a REAL ROCK AND ROLL INSTRUMENT EARLY ON !

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 20, 2013

  12. The first ever rock & roll song is Rocket 88 by Jackie Brenston

    Yeah I remember hearing that-good point. And Ike Turner was part of that band as recall too

    By nutshell on Jun 20, 2013

  13. Horrible honking noise ruining the songs….

    In my humble, personal, one-of-a-kind opinion, with very few exceptions (the Kingsmen for ex.)saxophones don’t belong in rock & roll.

    I concur.Maybe for Lou Reed but they don’t fit in well with good rock

    By bootlick sarge on Jun 20, 2013

  14. but then again what do i know I can`t even come up with an original name.

    By bootlick sarge on Jun 20, 2013

  15. yeah listen to sarge about the first rock n roll record.. he knows.. after all he has bootlegs from the 1800’s on wax cylinders. lol. god i gotta stop laughing so hard im gonna pull a muscle.

    By darth on Jun 20, 2013

  16. Here’s a conversation from another blog-

    me: maybe someone NEW may read this request, could someone post a pdf of the new Syd Barrett book ((in ___ list)) ?

    [email protected]—everyone saw your message the first time. When ___ has it, he will post it…just an FYI ;)

    me: well i do hope its not the same people in here EVERY day ALL day

    me: hope springs eternal too

    [email protected] buying something is also a viable alternative when one can’t get something for free

    me: pot meet kettle

    This guy “me” uses the same taglines as someone who posts here. Pushing & insulting to get something for free. Too bad. The other site has some very kind people.

    By Unknown on Jun 20, 2013

  17. yeah thats funny. he wants something for free on that other site but if i suggest trying to get something w/o buying it.. then all hell breaks loose. he/they jump down my throat that i should buy it. hypocrites. cant shoot em cant get away from em. even on other blogs when they stalk ya. tsk tsk. good looking out.

    By darth on Jun 20, 2013

  18. The Big Man is and always will be a LEGENDARY figure in Rock ‘n Roll history. His accomplishments are what they are, regardless of any poster’s opinion of the saxophone.

    Thanks, BigO - you never cease to amaze me…

    By TDC on Jun 20, 2013

  19. hey bigo, thanks! this is the first show i’ve downloaded from you, since james brown maybe. i’ve just not seen much i’m interested in. i’ve been getting lots of zeppelin, boc and ufo shows elsewhere.

    one of the best shows i found was an old vhs i taped off mtv in 10th grade. it’s ac/dc-joe louis arena, detroit, mi nov. 17-18, 1983. it’s the best brian johnson show ever, and flick of the switch is the best and most underrated brian johnson ac/dc album.

    i’m still looking for boc-chameleon club, lancaster pa 6.5.09, if that’s one you can offer. it’s out there, but the links are all dead. i got a great boc show yesterday from the cabaret, san jose, ca 3.26.88. i counted, and i have 77 boc shows. i’m trying to get to 80.

    i can use zappa-stockholm 9.4.84 also.

    i checked all these songs titles on jerry garcia band, and they appear correct except for it’s “the harder they come”. it’s a jimmy cliff song.


    By Ed Saad on Jun 20, 2013

  20. correction on zappa. stockholm 9.14.84. it’s on zappateers, but i don’t know how to use that site. i think, all their shows are flac and torrent links. mp3’s are easier for me. i used to have this show on a cd-r, but it was missing two songs so i gave it away to somebody less picky than i am.

    thanks again.


    By Ed Saad on Jun 20, 2013

  21. omg. lol.

    By darth on Jun 20, 2013

  22. looks like sarge got owned.

    By c.darrow's asst. on Jun 20, 2013

  23. if theres a box score then ur tied for the lead with darth for most time wasted online.

    By c.darrows gofer on Jun 20, 2013

  24. Great Thanks for these Downloads! You are the Best!

    By dead-head-udo on Jun 20, 2013

  25. well darth it looks as though you had quite the time last night portraying three or four people here. The trouble is your personality leaps out of each poster that you pretend not to be. darth clarence darrow + bootlick sarge .you aren`t even close to funny, you actually are better off just being yourself because that`s when we get the biggest laughs.

    By manny`s acting agency on Jun 20, 2013

  26. well manny it looks like darth really rattled you-enough to post even,What’s really sad is your post is even worth reading. That’s when we all laugh at the time you wasted writing it,lol

    By funny joe from bigo on Jun 21, 2013

  27. That’s when we all laugh at the time you wasted writing it,lol

    and yet another time waster from darth and his aka`s….

    By manny`s acting agency on Jun 21, 2013

  28. The sax IS a Rock n’ Roll instrument! Or, should I say, it can be in the proper hands.
    As for Darth, ignore him. He will never go away (we wish!). Don’t give him fuel.He will only respond to it ad nauseum.

    By Starrwatts on Jun 21, 2013

  29. here is a list of considerations for the first rock and roll song..there are five..rocket 88 comes in 5th…

    who got owned ?

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 21, 2013

  30. and they all lose. rocket 88 wins. bam! kick that up a notch. stick some gahlick in it.

    btw.. i dont post on other names than my own. ever!!

    By darth on Jun 21, 2013

  31. good piece sarge, they make a great case for rocket 88 not being the first. rock this joint kicked ass two years earlier, and the rest are worthy contenders.

    By barth on Jun 21, 2013

  32. Thanx !

    From the Boss to Captain Trip … why not ?

    By Claude Nine on Jun 21, 2013

  33. … and also Ringo Starr !

    By Claude Nine on Jun 21, 2013

  34. btw.. i dont post on other names than my own. ever!!

    you are awesome darth, the truth just isn`t your thing. you told us only last week you made up this darth name after the chambers brothers fiasco. can you say you only post with your name when you made this one up ?

    By my name is not on Jun 21, 2013

  35. and they all lose. rocket 88 wins. bam! kick that up a notch. stick some gahlick in it.

    yeah , I guess you can`t read, oh wait if this had been a wikipedia article you`d believe it.

    By my name is not on Jun 21, 2013

  36. rocket 88 was lifted from this earlier jimmy liggins song.

    By my name is not on Jun 21, 2013

  37. That’s a good list Dropkick, I still think the neanderthals played the first rock.

    By Oblivious to reality on Jun 22, 2013

  38. thanks oblivious i just like to put the truth out there instead of rumor ,innuendo ,and wiki-p.

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 22, 2013

  39. you`ll notice also whenever someone gets “outed” they never respond to that thread again.

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 22, 2013

  40. and yet another time waster from darth and his aka`s….

    nope.not even.but your was-enjoyed reading it-even if it was out to lunch.

    By funny joe from bigo on Jun 22, 2013

  41. funny how someones buddies are all illiterate and humourless. funny sad. funny not.

    By barth on Jun 22, 2013

  42. funny how someone makes up a name and makes it rhyme with someone else on here.

    By garth on Jun 22, 2013

  43. my name - that posting didnt make any sense at all. the postings i make here have nothing to do with the chambers bros event. that happened in 98. there was no fiasco. this site didnt exist back then. i have been posting here for less than 9 yrs. i created the online name that i use ‘darth’ in aug of 98. on this site i have never posted using anyone elses name. why is what i said so difficult to understand? there are people on this site in the comments section where u are posting your messages that said that i am posting using other names than darth. i dont do that. i only post on here using the name ‘darth’. do u think u can understand this now? i am not responsible for any other postings.

    By darth on Jun 22, 2013

  44. In the Spirit of Jerry & Clarence…Can’t we all get along….

    Enjoy the music…..

    By hearth on Jun 22, 2013

  45. In the Spirit of Jerry & Clarence…Can’t we all get along.

    you know we could, we can, we do basically, all except darth.
    he comes here with a chip on his shoulder telling everyone what he knows and denying everything anyone else says.
    He has such an overinflated opinion of himself that it gets in the way of discussion, or a free exchange of ideas ,because you cannot argue with, discuss with, or tell someone anything, someone who already thinks they know more than anyone else on the planet earth.
    It doesn`t surprise me one single bit to see him ostracized all over the internet because his behavior is that of one who simply has never learned a social grace , never learned the simple phrases like, I didn`t know that, or thank you , or I`m sorry I didn`t really meant to unleash every curse word I know at you.
    see how easy it could be and is for most people here but darth relishes the bitter vitriol that he harvests. it is quite fankly as simple as that. get rid of darth get rid of all the nastiness.

    By bigger than big on Jun 22, 2013

  46. Perhaps we can ignore him.

    By Everyone Else At bigO on Jun 23, 2013

  47. Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph…These comments by Folks Like You. ;-)

    By Senor Old on Jun 23, 2013

  48. Thanks, for a wonderful concert, that I didn’t have. Have a very nice day. jimg

    By jimg on Jun 23, 2013

  49. Ed Saad- can you please post some links for BOC shows?

    By tunafan on Jun 23, 2013

  50. sure tunafan. is there a specific show you are looking for. this blog has a ton. i’ve been getting boc shows from here for two years. it’s one of the best blogs out there if not the best. i got a ton of ufo shows here too. tell rocket thrasher sent you.


    By Ed Saad on Jun 23, 2013

  51. how about since we’re on the subject - a source for non torrented tuna shows without having to join a newsgroup and hope that a flashdrive makes it thru the mail. looking for anything since jorma’s birthday shows at the beacon th.

    By darth on Jun 24, 2013

  52. Jesus Fucking Christ, leave the poor bastard alone.

    By Rick on Jun 25, 2013

  53. which one of us poor bastards are you refurring too?

    By garth on Jun 25, 2013

  54. Garth,
    Good God, man, it could be any one of us….. :)

    By Rick on Jun 25, 2013

  55. Ed Saad -looking for BOC shows from 1977-1984 but any year will do. I was at the 40th anniversary show at the Best Buy theater in NYC and saw the rehearsal too. BOC shows were a huge part of my youth and Don Roeser(Buck Dharma) Can play w/ the best of them.

    By tunafan on Jun 26, 2013

  56. The only Hot Tuna shows I would be interested in are the ones with Greg Douglass on 2nd guitar from the spring and summer of 1975. Jorma lost his love of the electic guitar a long time ago and the “killer instinct” he had. Douglass brought out the best in Jorma and vice versa. Those were epic guitar driven shows. I got a few off sugarmegs but it seems like the rest have been lost in time.

    By tunafan on Jun 26, 2013

  57. hey tunafan, i have two from 1984: hammersmith odeon, london, england 2.14.84 and grugahalle, essen, germany 1.28.84. now hammersmith i’d have to look around to see if i can find it for you, but essen is on hrc. check out that blog i posted above. they have lots of different years posted.

    i was jamming ufo-milwaukee auditorium, milwaukee, wi 5.6.79. it’s a good one. unfortunately, electric phase fades in and boogie for george isn’t on it. i am guessing the taper ran out of tape. i have other ufo shows like that.


    By Ed Saad on Jun 26, 2013

  58. hey tunafan, i have boc-bbc rock hour, cobo hall, detroit, mi 12.30.77 too. it’s on hrc, but i don’t know if the link is good or not. if not, it is on guitar forum. if you have trouble finding it, let me know. i’ll post the link here.

    i did look for hammersmith, and i saw flac’s posted. however, the links are dead. i found the mp3’s in 2011.


    By Ed Saad on Jun 26, 2013

  59. Much of what became rock and roll guitar via Chuck Berry, T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian was first played on tenor saxophone by Lester Young. As many posters have noted, sax players dominated early r&b/rock & roll recordings, tenor sax especially. It took years of technological development before guitars could match the tenor sax for volume and distortion capacities. And if modern rock bands “sound better” without sax in the mix, often that is because such bands don’t have competent players and arrangers–they are just playing simple folk music (albeit louder and sometimes faster) or their knowledge of music is limited to the guitar itself. Any rocker with a taste for blues and r&b sounds knows a good sax (or horn section) can add huge strength to a band’s impact. And a big honking thanks to Bigozine for all the tunes in all the genres!

    By Gary on Jul 3, 2013

  60. A Funky Jerry Garcia Rarity

    By darth on Dec 19, 2013

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