October 18, 2013 – 5:02 am

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All The Way Down To Italy [Templar TCD 20, 2CD]

All tracks from the 1989 Euro Tour; various dates and venues. Very good audience recordings.

From Bob’s Boots:

The only thing to complain about here is my pet peeve: There is no information in this package as to dates, venues, etc. That said, this is a great two-CD package! All tracks are audience tapes, but don’t let that scare you. They have been recorded from up front right off the mains, and sound as clean as most soundboards. The mix is full and powerful. The vocals are front and center. The tracks flow with an amazing continuity considering the various venues.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Tangled Up In Blue (A) (10.8MB)
Track 102. You’re A Big Girl Now (A) (9.1MB)
Track 103. Masters Of War (A) (8.2MB)
Track 104. Ballad Of A Thin Man (A) (8.6MB)
Track 105. Shelter From The Storm (A) (8.8MB)
Track 106. Highway 61 Revisited (A) (6.9MB)
Track 107. Tears Of Rage (B) (11.7MB)
Track 108. House Of Gold (C) (5.8MB)
Track 109. Most Likely You Go Your Way (D) (8.4MB)
Track 110. You Don’t Know Me (D) (6.3MB)
Track 111. Stuck Inside Of Mobile (D) (10.1MB)
Track 112. Simple Twist Of Fate (D) (11.9MB)
Track 113. I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight (D) (8.2MB)
Track 114. All Along The Watchtower (D) (6.3MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Subterranean Homesick Blues (E) (6.8MB)
Track 202. Ballad Of Hollis Brown (E) (8.7MB)
Track 203. Pancho And Lefty (E) (9.7MB)
Track 204. The Times (F) (7.7MB)
Track 205. Shot Of Love (F) (8.4MB)
Track 206. Seeing The Real You At Last (F) (7.0MB)
Track 207. I Want You (F) (9.0MB)
Track 208. The Man In Me (F) (6.3MB)
Track 209. Silvio (F) (5.8MB)
Track 210. I Shall Be Released (F) (6.5MB)
Track 211. In The Garden (A) (8.1MB)
Track 212. Like A Rolling Stone (F) (9.6MB)
Track 213. Knockin’ On Heaven Door (F) (8.9MB)
Track 214. Maggie’s Farm (F) (9.1MB)

All tracks from the 1989 Euro Tour
A - Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy - June 19
B - National Stadium, Patras, Greece - June 26
C - AEK Stadium, Athens, Greece - June 28
D - Gradinate, Rome, Italy - June 20
E - Stadio Lamberto, Cava de Tirreni, Italy -  June 21
F - Stadio Di Ardenza, Livorno, Italy - June 22

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  1. 40 Responses to “BOB DYLAN - ITALY 1989”

  2. if there is no information as to dates and venues what is that a thru f crap with those dates and venues all about? i dont understand.
    btw…rome 84 is amazing. find that and be happy. trust me. after that wembley 84.

    By darth on Oct 18, 2013

  3. Whoever wrote the note at Bob’s Boots probably did not have the details at first but eventually they surfaced.

    By bigozine2 on Oct 18, 2013

  4. This looks great! Thanks BigO!

    By Tom on Oct 18, 2013

  5. “trust me.”


    By barth on Oct 18, 2013

  6. no rock and roll mystery history today darthy boy?
    those A through F`s too tough for you to figure out?
    tsk tsk…

    By sluggo on Oct 18, 2013

  7. Ol’ Bob back again … an oldie and a goody … thanks for remembering it. Cheers.

    By Canute on Oct 18, 2013

  8. More of His Bobness from the late eighties can’t be bad. Can’t wait to check this out and don’t mind compilations of tour dates by country. So Bob’s Boots didn’t know the listings then? . . . give the Darthmeister a break for pity’s sake!!

    Thanks Big O
    . . . . and thanks Darthman for making the place livelier! (yes! I for one look forward to Darth’s postings and they always inform or make me smile! THERE! I’ve said it! Oh no! Out loud too!)

    By swappers on Oct 18, 2013

  9. you mean dis-inform…

    By sluggo on Oct 18, 2013

  10. “livlier”, eh? darth has also made this place more hostile, bellicose, egocentric, and mistake filled.

    By barth on Oct 19, 2013

  11. “give the Darthmeister a break for pity’s sake!!”

    Why? So he can write more angry swill like his first sentence above? No one else here would respond like that.

    Why? So he can make more mistakes using his inaccurate memory?

    Why? So he can satisfy his insatiable need from attention by arguing endlessly after a quick search shows that he’s wrong? A search that he could have easily done himself before commenting?

    That’s what you look forward to and smile about? Seriously??

    By Dingus on Oct 19, 2013

  12. darth tells it like it isn`t

    By pro suchafonk on Oct 19, 2013

  13. “livlier”, eh? darth has also made this place more hostile, bellicose, egocentric, and mistake filled’

    nope….that would be you….

    By nubious on Oct 19, 2013

  14. Forgive me please.I know my posts aren’t anything great…

    I do smile a lot though…maybe it’s gas I dunno

    By Dingus on Oct 19, 2013

  15. Maybe it’s because I don’t hide behind someone else’s name.

    By Dingus on Oct 19, 2013

  16. but then again maybe it’s because I do

    By Dingus on Oct 19, 2013

  17. HILARIOUS! BRILLIANT LOVE IT! What on earth makes you think that Darth’s first comment is “angry”? How can you tell his feelings? He actually says ‘I don’t understand’ then we explain. . . . BTW the word is ‘LIVELIER’
    yours as ever
    Spellin’ B

    By swappers on Oct 19, 2013

  18. “what is that a thru f crap”

    You thought that was a compliment?? BTW… nice punctuation, Mavis Beacon.

    By Dingus on Oct 19, 2013

  19. You thought that was a compliment?? BTW… nice punctuation, Mavis Beacon.

    inane post,Joe Smegma,lol

    By Innocent Bystander on Oct 19, 2013

  20. I think the lineup is Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), G. E. Smith (guitar), Kenny Aaronson (bass), Christopher Parker (drums)

    By JB on Oct 20, 2013

  21. Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), G. E. Smith (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Christopher Parker (drums)

    By JB on Oct 20, 2013

  22. Dear BigO: Please screen all obnoxious posts from all the Darth tormenters above. They are trolls in the purest sense. Surely you can determine their posting URLs and keep them off your page. Their hostilities are ruining your forum. Thanks. Walter (my real name)

    By Walter on Oct 20, 2013

  23. i didnt post that. however yes thank u walter.

    By darth on Oct 20, 2013

  24. I would guess that the A thru F venues are those played on the tour, but there is no info about which tracks were from which venue.

    By Ray on Oct 21, 2013

  25. Ray, next to each track there is a letter A-F. I guess the track goes to the venue.

    By blue moon on Oct 21, 2013

  26. There really seems to be a rocket scientist convention going on around here.

    By Innocent Bystander on Oct 21, 2013

  27. Ummm, has anyone listened to this comp.? One of my many favorite time periods as far as live performances go, although it was still hit or miss my first show was 1988 w/ G.E. Smith, stand up Bass and drums @ the Gorge in George, WA. Brilliant show! I downloaded it regardless but it would have been cool if there was some comments on the overall quality. I’m really not sure what all blah blah blah above is about or why its even there? Cheers~

    By Revolutionarybum on Oct 21, 2013

  28. neil young about to release a 1970 concert cd from the cellar door in wash dc -

    By darth on Oct 22, 2013


    By darth on Oct 24, 2013

  30. Dylan fans, here we have a new fan blog for Dylan music. Check it out as it contains some great stuff. Give the guy some support.

    By Creatist on Nov 3, 2013

  31. thanks Creatist.

    By sluggo on Nov 3, 2013

  32. is this a first?

    By darth on Nov 5, 2013

  33. if you mean a dylan song in a commercial , no.

    By sluggo on Nov 5, 2013

  34. darth, if you were anything like the music expert you claim to be, you’d know Dylan’s been selling his music to commercials for years, now, including that famous Victoria’s Secret ad that he appeared in.Now I can hardly wait for you to claim that you knew that.

    By InnocentBystander on Nov 5, 2013

  35. Another chink in the darth “music expert” armor. These days, it’s more like tattered rags. There was also a Pepsi commercial with a rapper, and he’s let his songs be used for ads in England and Canada before that, if I remember correctly.

    darth, why don’t you spend some time and do a search and give us all the pertinent information? Or were you just tossing this out there to see if someone else would take the bait and do all the work? Hmmm?

    By Dingus on Nov 5, 2013

  36. why no darth its not the first jeep cherokee. its just all-new for the 2014 model year.

    By barth on Nov 5, 2013

  37. bob dylan “the complete album collection volume 1″ is now available in two versions- a cd box set, or a harmonica shaped usb stick. $179.98 or $248.49 at amazon. 41 official albums, including 14 newly remastered titles, a 2 cd compilation of songs not included on the original albums, all the original artwork reproduced, and a hardcover booklet with extensive liner notes and rare photos. heres the scoop, betty boop:

    By barth on Nov 5, 2013

  38. you know I honestly can`t imagine this collection,[dylans complete album collection vol 1] selling that well.
    I`m pretty sure anyone who is a dylan fan , especially my age has already bought 33`s, 45`s eight tracks, cassettes and cds of their favourite lps.
    Curious to see the numbers of how this sells. It seems like overkill to me.

    By sluggo on Nov 6, 2013

  39. its available now for holiday gift giving. its 47 cds so thats just under $4 per disc not a bad deal per se. the harmonica box looks way cool but its a bit pricey. i wonder when volume 2 will be released? bob and columbia must be very optimistic.

    By barth on Nov 6, 2013

  40. bob and columbia must be very optimistic.

    LOL..understatement of the year!

    By sluggo on Nov 6, 2013

  41. I got much of my CD collection by waiting for stuff like that. I’d read that all the 60’s Stones albums had been re-released and headed right out to my local used CD store, and there was the whole catalog.

    By InnocentBystander on Nov 6, 2013

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