LOU REED - FIRENZE, ITALY 1980 (R.I.P. 1942-2013)

October 30, 2013 – 2:07 pm

Lou Reed, a massively influential songwriter and guitarist who helped shape nearly fifty years of rock music, died on October 27, 2013 on Long Island. He was 71. Reed had a liver transplant in May, and the wikipedia reported that Reed had died from liver disease. According to the Associated Press, Reed’s literary agent said he died of a “liver-related ailment”. Andrew Wylie said the musician died at his home in Long Island, New York, on Sunday morning and had not been well “for a few months”.

With the Velvet Underground in the late ’60s, Reed fused street-level urgency with elements of European avant-garde music, marrying beauty and noise, while bringing a whole new lyrical honesty to rock & roll poetry. As a restlessly inventive solo artist, from the ’70s into the 2010s, he was chameleonic, thorny and unpredictable, challenging his fans at every turn. Glam, punk and alternative rock are all unthinkable without his revelatory example. “One chord is fine,” he once said, alluding to his bare-bones guitar style. “Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz,” Rolling Stone reported.

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Firenze 1980 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Parco delle Cascine, Firenze (Florence), Italy; June 14, 1980. Very good TV or FM broadcast.

In 1980, Lou Reed released his 10th solo album, Growing Up In Public.

Reviewing the album in Rolling Stone, Mikal Gilmore wrote:

On its most immediate level, the new record is a polished package of bombastic rock & roll - indeed, probably Reed’s best commercial shot since his 1974 Top Ten anomaly, Sally Can’t Dance. In a way, that’s welcome news, yet it also signifies a sort of a musical retreat. On Street Hassle, Lou Reed revived the dissonant but graceful spirit of the Velvet Underground. On The Bells, he embellished this spirit with obsessed, protean saxophone and trumpet arrangements, prompting critic Lester Bangs to describe the final result as “the only true jazz-rock fusion anybody’s come up with since Miles Davis’ On the Corner period”…

Reed’s entire career - more accurately, his entire life - has been leading up to Growing Up in Public. It may or may not be his finest album, but it’s surely his hardest-fought victory: a record of the long road back from Berlin. There were foreshadowings of it in last year’s “All Through The Night” (”With a daytime of sin and a nighttime of hell/Everybody’s going to look for a bell to ring”). Now that Lou Reed has found his bell, it tolls for you and me, loud and clear, pealing a clarion call of hope that the glory of love - despite our daytimes of sin and nighttimes of hell - might see us all through yet.

Thanks to PurpleLips for sharing these tracks at Dime.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Standing on Ceremony 3:41 (6.2MB)
Track 02. How Do You Speak to an Angel 3:52 (6.5MB)
Track 03. Sweet Jane 3:57 (6.6MB)
Track 04. Real Good Time Together 3:05 (5.2MB)
Track 05. I’m Waiting For the Man 3:26 (5.8MB)
Track 06. Coney Island Baby 5:43 (9.6MB)
Track 07. Vicious 2:25 (4.1MB)
Track 08. Walk on the Wild Side 3:04 (5.2MB)
Track 09. Heroin 7:18 (12.3MB)
Track 10. The Kids 4:46 (8.0MB)
Track 11. Caroline Says II 4:30 (7.6MB)
Track 12. The Power of Positive Drinking 2:17 (3.8MB)
Track 13. So Alone (snippet) 0:18 (520k)
Track 14. My Old Man 3:37 (6.1MB)
Track 15. Keep Away 2:52 (4.8MB)
Track 16. Street Hassle 12:10 (20.4MB)
Track 17. Rock ‘n’ Roll 3:24 (5.7MB)
Track 18. You Keep Me Hanging On 4:47 (8.0MB)
76 mins

Lou Reed - vocals, guitar
Stuart Heinrich - guitar
Chuck Hammer - guitar
Ellard “Moose” Boles - bass
Michael Fonfara - keyboards
Michael Suchorsky - drums

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  1. 87 Responses to “LOU REED - FIRENZE, ITALY 1980 (R.I.P. 1942-2013)”

  2. Thanks, bigO!.

    By NAMoosedog on Oct 30, 2013

  3. Thanks Big O.
    More Lou is welcome and somehow it seems fitting that we should share more than just the one gig to mark his passing
    Could we not make more available from your previous postings?

    Any more gigs gratefully received!

    By swappers on Oct 30, 2013

  4. there are 17 lou items on tube7 and 133 items from 1970 thru aug 2012 on sugarmeg. not including vu items. certainly no shortage for fans needing more.

    By darth on Oct 30, 2013

  5. it must be nice to disappear
    to have a vanishing act..

    By marionoise on Oct 30, 2013

  6. wow…. great sound… weird to hear coney island through a keyboard, rather than the saxophone versions before… but great to hear how heavy the guitars are
    thanks :-)

    By g on Oct 30, 2013

  7. A majorMAJOR loss… at least Lou had enough brains to not die a stupid self-inflicted death, but one related to human biological issues. So, I don’t feel tragedy or anger at his passing, more sad inevitability.

    For those like myself who feel a pang of guilt DLing free music on the event of his death, I’d like to recommend a couple of his late-period live releases which seem somewhat overlooked: “A Perfect Night in London” and “Animal Serenade”.

    By lowendbill on Oct 30, 2013

  8. If you want to listen to the show in (apparently) the correct order, here’s the setlist I found:

    Standing on Ceremony
    Sweet Jane
    Real Good Time Together
    I’m Waiting for the Man
    Coney Island Baby
    Walk on the Wild Side
    The Kids
    How Do You Speak to an Angel
    Caroline Says II
    The Power of Positive Drinking
    My Old Man
    Keep Away
    Street Hassle
    Rock & Roll

    By Brian on Oct 30, 2013

  9. there .
    thought id pull a darth and hog the bored.

    its not as fun as it looks.
    lou , i`m playing your perfect day for a week. all the time. thanks bro.

    By gee ho shes phat on Oct 30, 2013

  10. lottsalou

    By gee ho shes phat on Oct 30, 2013

  11. Thank you very very much for all this LOU, Big O… it is very generous and considerate of you.

    Been listening to the LIVE GHOST you offered up between LOU REED offerings. Thank you so much again, and if you ever find any more LIVE GHOST, it would be very, very much appreciated!

    Yours in allegiance,


    By THE Russian Assassin on Oct 31, 2013

  12. well sadly i hate to disagree lowendbill but had he not abused his liver which is a self repairing organ til it is so badly abused it just cant handle it anymore and it just dies.. he wouldnt have needed a replacement back in may. that replacement liver is what caused his problems and his recent death. complications from that liver and the issues that arose since he received it wouldnt stop and eventually they took their toll.
    gregg allman abused his liver and got a replacement and lasted much longer since his operation. we never know what these men are doing or what diseases or conditions are striking them post surgery or what condition their bodies are in or how well they will adapt to the new liver theyre given but evidently lou didnt adapt to it as well as gregg did. gregg did get very sick afterwards and we nearly lost him last year i believe but he survived.
    however in regards to what u said about lou.. i disagree. it is self inflicted. he took his walk on the wild side.. a little too close to sister ray.

    By darth on Oct 31, 2013

  13. well sadly i hate to disagree

    that`ll be the day dr.darth

    By gee ho shes phat on Oct 31, 2013

  14. Shut the fuck up, darth.

    By The Real Constructive Criticism and Friendly Advice on Oct 31, 2013

  15. “his liver which is a self repairing organ til it is so badly abused it just cant handle it anymore and it just dies..”

    moe larry the cheese!

    By dr howard dr fine dr darth on Oct 31, 2013

  16. > there are 17 lou items on tube7

    what is ‘tube7′?


    By I-) on Oct 31, 2013

  17. another bootleg site where darth bores everyone.


    By dr howard dr fine dr darth on Oct 31, 2013

  18. thanks for the link to ‘tune7′!


    By I-) on Oct 31, 2013

  19. darth, this is just sad.

    From the ultimate bootleg experience site:

    30 Oct 13, 10:05 PM
    darth: Im getting my ass beat on bigo. sigh.

    By Innocent Bystander on Oct 31, 2013

  20. Darth, since so many jokers so self-righteously disagree with your right to disagree, I don’t disagree or really even care. You’ve got your thoughts and are more than welcome to disagree with me or anyone anytime. I promise not to lose any sleep over it.
    Really, far more important to the point, when I read that Lou’s parents inflicted 24 or more sessions of convulsive electroshock therapy on him as a teen to “cure” him of homosexual tendencies… well, Lou, whatever you need you’ve earned.

    By lowendbill on Oct 31, 2013

  21. We don’t disagree with darth’s right to disagree, we disagree mainly with his mistakes, his lies, and his bullshit spin doctoring and disagreeing after he’s been proven wrong. darth should just shut the fuck up more often.

    By dr howard dr fine dr darth on Oct 31, 2013

  22. Innocent Bystander: my posts are uninformed and nobody likes them….darn!

    By Innocent Bystander on Oct 31, 2013

  23. innocent - the people who are frequenters of the tube site and the guy who runs it knows that i am not the one who is posting that crap under my name. just like when people here post under false names. first small bit of proof that it wasnt me who said that line is the capital ‘i’ in the line. i would never announce that im getting my ass beat on bigo in the first place. 2ndly i wouldnt use a capital i. and lastly why would i announce over there that such a thing is happening at all over here? what sense does that make? so yes i agree.. its very sad that there are idiots on here that have nothing better to do.

    lowendbill - while lous parents sure enough had problems with his brain and treated him terribly and did horrible things to him in the 50s in an effort to change him.. i dont think those events directly affected his liver per se. they sure would have affected his brain and nervous system in general. he was bipolar and im not sure how many ppl know this. i experienced it once or twice in the 80s and early 90s myself. but in so far as his liver goes.. it was his own doing that caused him to have problems with it. it takes time for this abuse to totally destroy the liver. it is the most incredible organ in the body. it was the 2nd liver and the complications with it and the surgery that ultimately killed him. this wouldnt have happened if not for the actions he took upon himself for whatever reason. yes he had his reasons i dont deny that. but it surely wasnt purely biological without human input or self infliction. we deal with what our parents did to us in various ways. the morons on this site deal with it by harassing strangers on websites.. lol.
    thankfully i dont lose any sleep over this shit either. i come here to find music share info sometimes learn info. i have u know. there are some who dont appreciate the info i have offered. i dont care. thats their right. but it isnt their right to do what they do. i cant stop them and apparently neither can the moderator. he has threatened to. he has begged them to stop. they wont. theyve promised to stop. theyve lied. uve seen it yourself. they put an exorbitant amount of energy into what they do. its baffling. i do think its funny tho that since i have friends like u theyve chosen to attempt to harass and mock u as well.

    By darth on Oct 31, 2013

  24. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVCtkzIXYzQ

    By darth k-tel on Oct 31, 2013

  25. Lou Reed may have been a brilliant songwriter whose best works (Transformer, Coney Island Baby, VU & Nico, Loaded, Rock & Roll Animal, Street Hassle, Ecstasy) brought me hours and hours of sheer pleasure but I guess that the same person was a neurotic asshole who treated others badly.

    By Tony Lauber on Oct 31, 2013

  26. ask dr darth he knows all about being a neurotic asshole. and being a compulsive liar too. and liver disease, and temporary bipolar disorder, and music, and electric guitars being acoustic, and blaming others for his mistakes, and lou reed working at k-tel, and billy joels live album with a faked audience, and whos on ellen and kelly next week, and insulting strangers on youtube, and wondering why hes insulted here when hes so wonderful.

    By dr howard dr fine dr darth on Oct 31, 2013

  27. darth*****please just go away**** your pathetic posts for attention have hit an all time low.

    By the assembled multitude on Nov 1, 2013

  28. and electric guitars being acoustic, and blaming others for his mistakes, and lou reed working at k-tel, and billy joels live album with a faked audience,

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  29. and the hits just keep on coming!

    By barth on Nov 1, 2013

  30. i`m still waiting for his rock and roll encyclopaedia to be published. that will be a thing of BEAUTY!

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  31. and the hits just keep on coming!

    how did i forget the last beauty,darths retelling of the STEVE HOWE and CHUCK BERRY gig that resulted in an album but according to darth they gave credit to steve miller for some reason.

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  32. that was a classic! darth got his information 30 years ago from two stoned deadheads! then he said they werent stoned! well then how can they be deadheads?? and then he blamed his mick taylor mistake on his keyboard!! ha ha ha ha ha!! and now he says he was bipolar once or twice! sorry dr. darth heredity doesn’t work that way.

    By barth on Nov 1, 2013

  33. great post darth.we appreciate the info…and the more you put these lame pseudo cognoscenti in their places the more we love it.Keep ‘em comin’!

    By joe colostrum on Nov 1, 2013

  34. “Colostrum is the first milk your breasts produce during pregnancy” according to babycenter.com. youre a class act joe. u must be donkey breaths inbred twin.

    By barth on Nov 1, 2013

  35. oh.well you are what you eat/drink.Thankx.And you must be that urp that a floor tech/janitor has to come and get up,floor signs all around.

    You must be that turd no one pays any attention.Go away kid,ya bother us,ha ha.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 1, 2013

  36. us? u mean darths fan club that holds meetings in a telephone booth?

    By barth on Nov 1, 2013

  37. great post darth…..Keep ‘em comin’!

    By joe colostrum on Nov 1, 2013

    really darth, you`ve sunk to patting yourself on the back now ?

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  38. nope. sorry both you idiots.it’s me joe and better than either of you.get used to it.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 1, 2013

  39. no spacebar again eh? its donkey breaths inbred twin alright.
    step 1 to being better: learn to use the spacebar. get used to it.

    By barth on Nov 1, 2013

  40. No brains? It’s Bob And Neal-or is that what they do,lol?No surprise there-another brainless post by yourselves.

    step 1 for adulthood: stop being the 5 year old inside that you are and letting everyone here witness it.Grow a brain get used to it.

    Case closed.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 1, 2013

  41. are u familiar with the story about the pot that called the kettle black?

    By barth on Nov 1, 2013

  42. nope.sorry…that doesn’t work either.the case is closed

    By joe colostrum on Nov 1, 2013

  43. so darth has a friend who is also a nutjob.what a surprise.

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  44. who would have thunk it?

    By barth on Nov 1, 2013

  45. well the only nutjobs here are you two.No surprise there either,lol.Then again,you and thinking don’t go together at all.Case closed.Next?

    By joe colostrum on Nov 1, 2013

  46. darth’s “friends” whether using the idiotic names they make up or the ones they steal (yes, I know, there are going to be a series of moronic posts using my handle following this…yawn), do succeed in showing that there’s somebody out there more pathetic than darth, himself.

    By Innocent Bystander on Nov 1, 2013

  47. Uh-oh….somebody’s has their feelings hurt.Forgive my special needs bastard son.He truly is the pathetic one.

    By Innocent Bystander's Dad on Nov 1, 2013

  48. i didnt say that he was bipolar once or twice i said that i had experienced his bipolar problems once or twice. i wasnt with him that often. but of the bunch of times that i had encountered reed he was normal most of them cept on a couple of them. how could u have not understood this?

    i didnt blame anything on my keyboard. the mick taylor fiasco as u call it was a copy and paste and i linked u to the original article. i didnt make any mistakes. the info was all accurate. and i never said anything about my keyboard.

    when i chose to use caps for a few lines and not my entire posting it was for a reason. i dont type my entire postings in all caps. that would be insane and ignorant. i dont shout or yell everything i type. someone who does is stupid. if i use all caps for a few lines it is for emphasis. this is obvious to most people. i dont know why it isnt for some of u.

    the bootleg called woke up and found myself dead has long been assumed to be johnny winter with jim morrison and jimi hendrix. it isnt. rick derringer played with johnny winter and had a very similar style to him and a lot of his musicianship sounded a lot like winters. johnny had been asked about whether or not he had ever jammed with jimi at that event several times and he had said no. it never took place. rick was questioned about it and he has said yes it is him. bootlegs often have erroneous info on them and this is one such example. there are 100s if not 1000s of similar examples but this one is a huge mistake. it has never been corrected and many ppl just want to believe that it is johnny because he has such a huge name. johnny was in town that week and in fact he and rick were doing some studio work somewhere. but it was rick who happened to go to the club and join jim and jimi on stage which if anyone had ever been there wasnt much of a stage if they remember. had he sang a note u would recognize his voice but he didnt so the mystery remains for 45 or so years. no i cant prove it to u without rick or johnny contributing to this site. in one interview johnny said he had never jammed with jimi at all whatsoever. but in another he said there was at least one time that they had making ppl believe that this event could have been that one time. but i assure u that this particular bootleg isnt johnny. its rick. ive given u the info. whether or not u wish to accept it isnt my problem. it is absolute fact tho.

    not all deadheads smoke or get high.
    bipolarism isnt always inherited.
    i dont post under other names. i have told u this many many times. please try to understand this. joe did 3-4 things in his posting i would never have done. after seeing 100s if not 1000s of my postings by now u have to be able to tell that its not me. cmon now.
    btw.. thank u joe.

    i cant believe u idiots. bigo posts a few items in honor of lou reed due to his passing to help yall remember him and once again and again and again.. u turn this place into a bashing zone against me. what on earth is wrong with u people? cant u just enjoy the music and comment about it? if u have something to add to the subject without it being about me do it. but why does it have to have anything to do with me? why cant u just leave that part out of your postings? cant u just control yourselves? if u have info about the topic or other sources for music about this man or other similar music etc.. then share it. if u have views opinions or something to add about this etc.. but not about me feel free to add it. get off the subject of me!! i am not the topic here. u idiots need to find another purpose. for years now u have made this blog about me. enough is enough already. rehashing this crap isnt helping anyone and u are ruining things for everyone here. no one is finding this enjoyable and im not going anywhere. u can keep pointing blame at me.. and saying its my fault etc. etc. but it wont fix anything to do that. if u dont keep attacking and harassing me i will have nothing to respond to. it isnt my responses that are the problem because even when i dont respond u have comments to make. i have a right to post here. u do not have the right to keep harassing me for my postings. and every time u do it that starts more problems.
    u can keep saying that i started something on a particular page where nothing was said to me but i didnt. i mentioned no ones name and someone did accuse me of saying something i didnt ever say if u recall. i didnt make this up. so repeating it several times about how i attacked him fresh etc.. isnt accurate. u have to be referring to something that must have happened previously. stop playing semantics. u know exactly what youre doing. no one finds u or any of these other idiots amusing. least of all me or the moderator and the other users of this site dont either.
    this site needs people to contribute to keep it going. if u were someone who came here fresh and new and never saw this site before and found it full of this shit would u want to help the moderator out by contributing??? i know if i was able to offer money to help a site carry on and i saw this crap going on i sure as hell wouldnt want to give my hard earned money if they allowed it.
    id ask them why allow these people to continue this shit?? id look at the big picture and say sure i like the music but that horrible comment section and extreme harassment has to go. free speech is one thing but not when it affects the life liberty and pursuit of happiness of others. again i have the right to be here and post my comments. i dont initiate anything towards u people. u need to stop making offensive postings towards me. and taking your problems to other chat boxes on other blogs and posting under my name is ridiculous. stop it already.

    By darth on Nov 1, 2013

  49. “btw.. thank u joe.”

    That’s the one line that stood out. It says it all.

    By Dingus on Nov 1, 2013

  50. Honestly, is darth really warped enough that he thinks anybody’s going to take the time to read his bullshit dissertation up there?

    By Innocent Bystander on Nov 1, 2013

  51. Most depressing Lou Reed news stories recently seen (paraphrasing from links, since I refuse to read or propagate them): “Lou Reed’s album sales surge after his death”

    I know it always happens, but still…
    On the other hand, perfect subject matter for a good Lou Reed song!

    By lowendbill on Nov 1, 2013

  52. I don’t find that news so depressing, lowend. Sure, it would have been better if he’d had a nice surge of appreciation while he was still alive, but, his death has reminded a lot of people of his work, and gotten them talking about it, so it’s only natural that it would cause some of them to buy some of it. Personally, I’ve had a lot of conversations about Lou Reed this week, which have included people telling me that his mid-80’s albums are better than I might think. So, now, I’m thinking maybe I should pick some of them up.

    By Innocent Bystander on Nov 1, 2013

  53. more darthisms…johnny was in town that week and in fact he and rick were doing some studio work somewhere.

    that`s funny, according to my sources Johnny was in Texas that week.
    Rick Derringer might sound like Johnny winter to the uninitiated or , a deluded rock critic[darth]but not to any real Johnny Winter fsn. No one sounds like Johnny Winter, that`s what makes the great so special. I don`t know who the 2nd guitarist is , or if there even is a 2nd guitar as I only ever listened to that particular bootleg once, and that was so long ago I can`t even recall how it sounds.That bootleg is pretty hard on the head thanks to Morrisons drunken ramblings , I know I`ll never spin it again.

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  54. I think it’s good that people are rediscovering Lou Reed’s music. Velvet Underground & Nico and Transformer are the two biggest sellers; I’d bet a lot of those sales are to people unfamiliar with his work who want to start with the most important/successful albums. I didn’t buy anything after The Bells, but some of his work after that looks very interesting.

    The big surprise for me was reading about what a nice guy Lou Reed actually was. I was under the impression that he was a nasty asshole, but it looks like he didn’t have any patience for interviews or critics, and I formed my opinion with the interviews. He didn’t seem to work well with other musicians for extended periods, and the Velvets reunion tour didn’t last long. I suppose you could blame that on artistic temperament or creative conflicts.

    By Dingus on Nov 1, 2013

  55. The big surprise for me was reading about what a nice guy Lou Reed actually was

    this would come as a surprise to a friend of mine who is quite a celebrated drummer. He was in a club sitting at a table with Lou [back in the 70`s] in New York and he noticed his foot felt like it was getting wet, looked under the table and lou was pissing on his foot.
    nice guy ! LOL
    r.i.p. Lou.

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  56. but of the bunch of times that i had encountered reed he was normal most of them cept on a couple of them. how could u have not understood this?

    yeah cmon you dummies this is a clear as mud.

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  57. Wow! Now that I think about it, the nice guy stories are after he cut back on booze and drugs in the ’80s.

    By Dingus on Nov 1, 2013

  58. its cool dingus, we`ve all felt like pissng on someones foot at times.! Just that this drummer i mentioned is one of the nicest guys ever..LOL

    By sluggo on Nov 1, 2013

  59. 10 less-than-cool Lou Reed songs, as chosen by The AV Club:

    “The Original Wrapper” might be worse than Dee Dee Ramone/King’s rap videos. Wonder if Lou had a relapse before making this one?

    By Dingus on Nov 1, 2013

  60. I actually like one or two the songs on that list, and would have replaced them with a couple tracks from the “Rock and Roll Heart” album. Overall though, it testifies to the fact that when Lou Reed was bad, he was truly awful. Honestly, I don’t know if I can think of another artists whose best work is so amazingly good, and whose worst work is so abysmally bad.

    By YogaforCynics on Nov 1, 2013

  61. it’s all good,darth.you just have to try and ignore the above idiots and bring the posts worth reading.Yours are the only ones that make any sense-you have to give equal time to the kids

    By joe colostrum on Nov 2, 2013

  62. i’m a complete pathetic waste.my mother should have had an abortion.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 2, 2013

  63. metal machine music was like darth, genius.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 2, 2013

  64. lowendbill darth and i are one and the same i just cant live with the lie any longer

    By joe colostrum on Nov 2, 2013

  65. lou reed transformer was my halloween costume.i haven’t taken off the makeup yet and i still have the cucumber in my pants,lol. darth i have a man crush on you.Case closed.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 2, 2013

  66. the lou reed’s berlin concert from 03 at st. ann’s warehouse in bklyn ny is on vh1classics right now. its 2 hours with commercials. they essentially play the full berlin album from 1973 from start to finish plus a little more.

    By darth on Nov 2, 2013

  67. this is great darth,not like the crap the kids post,lol.unfortunately it’s friday night and we’re the only losers home to watch it.Case closed.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 2, 2013

  68. Yeah, darth, you can also get it on netflix without commercials.And at least parts of it are on youtube.idiot.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 2, 2013

  69. oh theyre all home too. trust me. its not like they have anything else to do.

    i was looking today for the 3rd song that steve perry did with journey at the bill graham tribute in golden gate park sf ca 11-3-91. the only reunion of sorts that he ever did with them.. 4 years after they parted ways. i have 2 songs faithfully and lights but there was a 3rd song and i had a slightly hard time finding it. i normally dont bother with perry journey recordings but i thought it would be nice to have all 3 of these. even sugarmeg had like 266mins of this event on an audience recording but with only 2 of those journey songs. youtube has 2 songs. one seemingly pro shot the other audience. they actually have another copy with both of them together thats nearly 10mins but again missing the song i was looking for. the entire thing was fm’d when it happened. i remember the event.

    has anyone gotten the rides cd? im missing the 3 bonus tracks.

    By darth on Nov 2, 2013

  70. Innocent By… (which is hard to be around here, ain’t it?)… agreed, I just object to equating his death with the news of the loss being somehow redeemed by the “It’s OK, he’s $elling lot$ more unitS now” rationale. Hendrix said: “Nothing makes you like death”
    But yes, I realize it is a way to say good-bye for long-term listeners and a slap in the head to those who never got around to listening in the first place. If more people do actually LISTEN to “Magic & Loss” or “New York” or “Songs for Drella” they might be better people and realize what has left us.
    Or maybe I’m just dreeeeeammmminnnn…

    By lowendbill on Nov 2, 2013

  71. Yeah, darth, you can also get it on netflix without commercials.And at least parts of it are on youtube.idiot.’

    we already know this you dolt….this is what happens when you don’t wipe your ass.Mom is not very happy

    By joec colostrum's human brother on Nov 5, 2013

  72. oh yeah….Case closed

    By joec colostrum's human brother on Nov 5, 2013

  73. yeah darth i have that steve perry track.was just masturbating to it.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 5, 2013

  74. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFaTN9V833o

    this is the 2nd day tribute to lou at the bridge school benefit. i dont think anyone posted this link previously.

    By darth on Nov 12, 2013

  75. thanks darth, that’s another video you posted that I can beat off to,lol

    By joe colostrum on Nov 12, 2013

  76. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/lou-reed-memorial-set-for-thursday-in-new-york-20131113?utm_source=dailynewsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter

    By darth on Nov 14, 2013

  77. darth obviously you think none of us know how to web surf. dummy.

    By stundo on Nov 14, 2013

  78. u cant surf for something u didnt know about. this was news just in when i posted the info. rather than harassing me about it u should be thanking me for sharing it. it an announcement of a memorial set coming up tomorrow (or now today) in nyc. u didnt know about it. u shouldnt have anything to say here.

    By darth on Nov 14, 2013

  79. this is what happened with a set list -


    By darth on Nov 15, 2013

  80. yeah darth i have that steve perry track.was just masturbating to it.’

    tell the truth-you were jerking it to dsarth’s posts,lol

    By dwight on Nov 15, 2013

  81. Are your fingers too fat to type properly, dwight? You must have more time on your hands than darth if you’re replying to a 10-day old comment.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 15, 2013

  82. No one was talking to you dimwit-didn’t think about that didja? Now stick your head back up your crease where it it fits…and belongs,lmao

    By dwight on Nov 15, 2013

  83. Thanks for putting me in my place-I needed it.I was wrong.

    By joe colostrum on Nov 15, 2013

  84. You’re welcome. I hope mommy bought me some huggies, i’ve been wearing this one for three days now.butt crease crack fat fingers hee hee hee.Case closed,lol

    By widdle dwight on Nov 15, 2013

  85. One chord is fine,” he once said, alluding to his bare-bones guitar style. “Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz,” Rolling Stone reported.

    I take it he never tried to play any steely dan tunes.

    By darth on Nov 16, 2013

  86. You’re welcome. I hope mommy bought me some huggies, i’ve been wearing this one for three days now.butt crease crack fat fingers hee hee hee.Case closed,lol’

    oh forgot-I been eating it too when you weren’t looking. Case closed,lol

    By widdle dwight on Nov 16, 2013

  87. lou reed and luciano pavarotti. its not a misprint. lou and lu. heres the video to prove it.

    im thinking luciano could do a good “satellite of love”.

    By barth on Nov 21, 2013

  88. lou reeds 1979 guest dj appearance at wpix-fm in nyc. its downloadable i havent listened to it yet but it should be interesting. i always enjoy hearing what the stars are listening to.

    By barth on Nov 23, 2013

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