November 5, 2013 – 4:41 am

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A Star For Every Stage [no label, 1CD]

20th Anniversary Tribute to the Byrds; live at the Three T’s, Evansville, IN; May 15, 1985. Very good soundboard. (In some cases, Evansville has been wrongly identified as Evanston, IN.)


A Star For Every Stage is a bootleg with former Byrds member Gene Clark and friends, recorded live May 16 [sic], 1985 at 3-T’s, Evansville, IN. The “friends” include The Band’s Rick Danko and Richard Manuel, ex-Beach Boy Blondie Chaplin, and others. Danko and Chaplin toured for a while with Clark on his Byrds/Burritto Bros. “reunion” concerts in the ’80s. Danko and Manuel sing lead on “Honest I Do” (mistitled “Stop Driving Me Crazy” in the CD tracklist) and on the two Band songs “The Rumor” and “The Shape I’m In.”

Thanks to gregor for sharing the tracks at Dime.

Thanks to Simmdale for the artwork.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue 4:48 (8.1MB)
Track 02. Just an Arrow (mistitled as Old Paint) 3:45 (6.3MB)
Track 03. Honest I Do (mistitled as Stop Driving Me Crazy) 5:18 (8.9MB)
Track 04. The Rumour 5:51 (9.8MB)
Track 05. The Shape I’m In 4:11 (7.0MB)
Track 06. Shake Your Ass - Blondie Chaplin, vocals 6:09 (10.3MB)
Track 07. Why Did You Leave Me Today 4:28 (7.5MB)
Track 08. Silver Raven 7:32 (12.7MB)
Track 09. Feel A Whole Lot Better 2:54 (4.9MB)
Track 10. Chimes Of Freedom 4:55 (8.3MB)
Track 11. Sail On Sailor 4:12 (7.1MB)
Track 12. So You Want To Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star 2:48 (4.7MB)
Track 13. Eight Miles High 9:24 (15.8MB)
Track 14. Turn! Turn! Turn! 3:38 (6.1MB)
70 mins

Gene Clark - guitar, vocals
Michael Clarke - drums
Richard Manuel - piano, vocals
Rick Danko - bass, vocals
Blondie Chaplin - guitar, vocals

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  1. 30 Responses to “GENE CLARK & FRIENDS - EVANSVILLE 1985”

  2. Thanks Bigo always glad to hear anything with
    Rick Danko and Richard Manuel !

    By sluggo on Nov 5, 2013

  3. Sounds great! I saw the Byrds tribute portion of this tour, without Richard Manuel but with Rick Roberts (Firefall).

    By BillfromPgh on Nov 5, 2013

  4. Blondie Chaplin was working with Danko and Manuel as part of the post-Robbie Robertson revival of The Band at the time, which is probably how he came to be involved with this tour. Interesting guy who worked with several fading ’60’s icons - along with the Beach Boys and The Band, he was on Paul Butterfield’s last album.

    By drkrick on Nov 5, 2013

  5. I`ve heard a few different shows where Blondie has sung Sail on Sailor and I really enjoy his take on it.

    By sluggo on Nov 5, 2013

  6. There is a place called Evanston, IN, but it’s just a wide spot in the road, no place to have a concert.

    By Mr Bippo on Nov 5, 2013

  7. thank you bio o you rock

    By the duke on Nov 5, 2013

  8. a great show, thanks bigO! blondie chaplin has also toured with bonnie raitt.

    By barth on Nov 5, 2013

  9. The Byrds Band i never heard of… thank you!

    By Kint on Nov 5, 2013

  10. Thanks, bigO!

    By NAMoosedog on Nov 5, 2013

  11. other than a small mistake in the article.. some sad news -

    By darth on Nov 5, 2013

  12. blondie chaplin is also on the wilson / beck tour with al jardine and david marks etc.

    By darth on Nov 5, 2013

  13. i didnt see anyone mention this.. i may have missed it tho -

    By darth on Nov 5, 2013

  14. whats this,

    from the “for those who can`t read files” from darth ???why didn`t you just put this on the download page of wilson /beck dummy ?

    blondie chaplin is also on the wilson / beck tour with al jardine and david marks etc.

    By Innocent Bystander on Nov 5, 2013

  15. because blondie chaplin is being discussed here and hes on this item on this page. are u slow?

    By darth on Nov 5, 2013

  16. because blondie chaplin is being discussed here and hes on this item on this page. are u slow?

    no slower than someone who starts a sentence with “because”

    By Innocent Bystander on Nov 5, 2013

  17. there is another recording 2-CD boot from a 1985 concert at the Steamboat Club in Austin, TX, featuring Gene Clark, Michael Clarke and John York, with Rick Danko, Richard Manuel and Blondie Chaplin as guests. Love to Hear This one In 1988, the following line-up toured Australia as “The Band”:

    Rick Danko, bass/ guitar/ vocals
    Garth Hudson, keyboards/ sax/ accordion
    Blondie Chaplin, vocals/ guitar
    Terry Cagle, vocals/ drums
    Sredni Vollmer, vocals/ harp
    Buddy Cage, pedal steel/ guitars

    Terry Cagle took Levon’s role as a singing drummer, while Chaplin would do Richard Manuel’s vocal parts.

    By the duke on Nov 6, 2013

  18. its over on sugarmegs duke

    By sluggo on Nov 6, 2013

  19. thanks sluggo thanks for the info nice to post something and get not get insulted regards

    By the duke on Nov 6, 2013

  20. had a look at Steamboat Club show at sugar megs not sure how to go about getting file im not very good at this computer stuff regards the duke

    By the duke on Nov 6, 2013

  21. Blondie sang on the Beach Boys’ original Sail On Sailor I believe.
    There is another lead guitarist on this gig, Danko introduces him at one point but I didn’t get his name, John something.

    By BillfromPgh on Nov 6, 2013

  22. duke, I`m not a computer whiz either so what works for me might not work for you. , however , at Sugarmegs , I only have to right click where it says mp3 in front of the file name and save it to my need to leave your browser open until its done loading. Then you can play it back in this form or use a program to convert these mp3 files to whatever format you prefer to burn or listen.

    By sluggo on Nov 6, 2013

  23. duke.. did you go to the sugarmegs home page ?

    then scroll down till you see where it says “FEATURING a fully searchable
    database interface.”
    click on “database interface”.
    now you`ll see a page with all the alphabet letters.
    Click on “G” for Gene Clark …scroll down this page until you see the gene clark show you want..
    right click on “download” your computer will prompt you to save this and there you go!

    By sluggo on Nov 6, 2013

  24. thanks again sluggo yep it worked,this is a great show also’ its great when you get some postive feedbach and real help cheers the duke

    By the duke on Nov 6, 2013

  25. Duke , this can be a good place, your welcome.

    By sluggo on Nov 6, 2013

  26. i are all the megs stuff just one big track or file that means a lot of people go to a lot of trouble to seperate tracks and make covers how lucky we are to get all this great music thanks again

    By the duke on Nov 6, 2013

  27. no slower than someone who starts a sentence with “because”

    arent u starting a sentence with ‘no slower than’?? how is that better?

    By darth on Nov 11, 2013

  28. arent u starting a sentence with ‘no slower than’?? how is that better?

    darth , bedtime, tomorrow is a school day.

    By darth school for trolls on Nov 11, 2013

  29. Thanks BigO! I’m always thrilled to see anything with Rick Danko pop up!

    By LongBlackVeil on Nov 11, 2013

  30. A couple of corrections/annotations:

    The bass player for this show isn’t Rick Danko, it’s John York (the ex-Byrd). That’s him singing lead on the first two songs, “It’s all Over Now, Baby Blue” (a staple through all the “Friends/Byrds 20th Anniversary Tribute” shows he did with Gene Clark) and “Just An Arrow”, a self-penned song he published on an album a couple of years later.

    By byrdman on Aug 8, 2016

  31. Scanning the artwork, John York *is* listed on the back cover, but not separately on the site. Both he and Danko are listed as providing bass and guitar, I imagine he played lead guitar on his solo spots and then possibly bass on the rest of the show (as he would for almost all of these tours) or to back up Danko on his song.

    By byrdman on Aug 8, 2016

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