JIM HALL (R.I.P. 1930-2013)

December 17, 2013 – 4:57 am

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Tokyo 1997 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Blue Note, Tokyo, Japan; July 3, 1997. Very good to excellent FM broadcast.

Jazz guitarist Jim Hall passed away in his sleep in Manhattan, New York on December 10, 2013. He was 83.

John Fordham wrote in The Guardian:

The jazz guitarist Jim Hall, who has died aged 83, was a modest maestro with immense influence. Hall played an electric instrument often prone to hyperbole with an irresistibly quiet delicacy, and his improvisations were as shapely as fine songs. He was still performing and initiating new projects in his 80s. When he played at the London Jazz festival in November 2012, he won the audience over before he had even played a note by declaring with characteristic understatement: “It’s great to be… any place, actually”…

Hall spent half a century collaborating with some of jazz’s greatest originals. He toured Europe with Ella Fitzgerald in 1960; played improvised duets with the pianist Bill Evans; imaginatively shadowed the thundering saxophone lines of Rollins in the trio that recorded Rollins’s landmark post-sabbatical album The Bridge (1962); worked with the composer and saxophonist Paul Desmond (1959-65); and, in his later years, put his classical training to use in mixed-genre compositions for jazz groups and string quartets, and orchestral works including the guitar concerto Peace Movement…

In 1991, Hall and [Pat] Metheny played four duo concerts and later co-led a quartet with the saxophonist Joe Lovano. Hall also began to give unaccompanied shows, aided by electronics that allowed him to play contrapuntally, but without ever blurring the motivic logic and discreet pungency of phrasing that always shaped his signature.

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Track 01. Something Special 11:57 (20.1MB)
Track 02. Big Blues 11:44 (19.7MB)
Track 03. Down From Antigua 14:57 (25.1MB)
Track 04. Water Lily 11:50 (19.9MB)
Track 05. Skylark 7:32 (12.7MB)
Track 06. Furnished Flats 9:42 (16.3MB)
Track 07. My Funny Valentine 8:33 (14.4MB)
77 mins

Jim Hall - guitar
Kenny Barron - piano
Scott Colley - bass
Terry Clarke - drums

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  1. 6 Responses to “JIM HALL (R.I.P. 1930-2013)”

  2. Excellent show and great recording from a true master

    By Bernestalker on Dec 17, 2013

  3. Thanks, bigO.

    By NAMoosedog on Dec 17, 2013

  4. This is exceptional. Thanks.

    By Formosa Coweater on Dec 17, 2013

  5. Thanks Big O! I was lucky enough to see Mr. Hall live a few times, and met him once. A great guitarist and a gentleman.

    By raoul duke on Dec 17, 2013

  6. Thanks, BigO. Kenny Barron is a master who’s still with us, too, so a double treat!

    By drkrick on Dec 17, 2013

  7. Sad to hear about Jim. My favorite jazz guitarist, along with Wes Montgomery. He will be missed.

    By micummings on Dec 17, 2013

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