February 2, 2014 – 5:21 am

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San Francisco 1996 [no label, 2CD]

Live at Slim’s, San Francisco, CA; February 16, 1996. Very good to excellent soundboard. A ‘teddy ballgame’ DAT soundboard master.

Many pop fans in 1970 probably first heard of Desmond Dekker because of his hit song, You Can Get It If You Really Want. While it was written by Jimmy Cliff, those who first heard it then would likely forever associate the song with Dekker. A Jamaican ska, rocksteady and reggae singer-songwriter and musician, Dekker had other hits which included Israelites, 007 (Shanty Town) and It Mek. In the ’80s, Dekker was signed to Stiff Records, a British label that specialised in punk and new wave; and in 1984, Dekker was declared a bankrupt. Dekker died of a heart attack at his home in London in 2006. He was 64.

Thanks to ellaguru for sharing the tracks at Dime.

Thanks also to commando_hg for the tracklist.

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This is especially for fans of the BBC crime series, Death In Paradise, with its reggae soundtrack.

recording info:
soundboard > DAT master @ 16bit/48kHz
DAT Master > tascam da45-hr > waveterminal > adobe audition > cdwav > tlh flac 8

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Intro [recording glitch around 0:03] 3:26 (5.8MB)
Track 102. Cherry Oh Baby 3:04 (5.1MB)
Track 103. Honour Your Mother And Father 3:08 (5.3MB)
Track 104. Live And Learn (The More You Live) 3:56 (6.6MB)
Track 105. Young Generation 5:05 (8.5MB)
Track 106. It Mek 5:40 (9.5MB)
Track 107. Unity 3:11 (5.3MB)
Track 108. King Of Ska 3:34 (6.0MB)
Track 109. Untitled 4:26 (7.4MB)
Track 110. Untitled 4:26 (7.5MB)

Disc 2
Track 201. Problems 7:51 (13.2MB)
Track 202. 007 (Shanty Town) Medley [Version] 18:51 (31.7MB)
(Includes Blue Moon; Stir It Up; Cupid; All I Have To Do Is Dream; The Lion Sleeps Tonight; Pass The Kouchie; Kaya/Get Up Edina; Take Me Back To Africa; Carry Go Bring Come; Sugar, I Want To Fuck You By The Riverside; Bring Your Love To Me; Jamaica Ska; Simmer Down)
Track 203. You Can Get It If You Really Want 8:39 (14.5MB)
Track 204. instrumental 1:59 (3.3MB)
Track 205. Israelites 10:03 (16.9MB)
Track 206. outro 0:36 (997k)
1 hour 28 mins

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  1. 51 Responses to “DESMOND DEKKER - SAN FRANCISCO 1996”

  2. check this out -
    sat nite live nbc 1129pm eastern time imagine dragons very likely 2 songs
    austin city limits pbs sarah jarosz and milk carton kids. sarah does songs from build me up from bones and the 2nd band is sort of folk.
    sun studio session also on pbs with jimbo mathus does a sort of delta influenced sound. this is worth hearing.
    live from the artists den on pbs has kid rock and its from graceland from a year ago.

    in other news -
    on monday bonnie raitt will be on leno on monday the 3rd. sting will be on letterman on tues the 4th. lenny kravitz on letterman on the 5th. flaming lips on letterman on the 6th. the billy gibbons at daryls house is finally on tv on palladia channel that same nite. paul and ringo should be on letterman on the 7th. u2 will be on fallons new tonite show on the 17th.

    By darth on Feb 2, 2014

  3. Post your TV listings somewhere else, darth. For god’s sake this isn’t your blog.

    By Everybody on Feb 2, 2014

  4. its not yours to complain either. thats not stopping u tho is it?
    try to understand that i am posting messages about music appearances of live performances by people that some who read these comments might and have said they appreciate. u may not but some may. u cant speak for all here. u shouldnt think nor believe that u can speak for anyone much less everyone on here who reads my postings. after all.. how could u? if i wasnt me.. and i was a reader of these postings i would be glad for them. it might alert me to performances i might not otherwise know about.

    without someone like me bringing such things to my attention i wouldnt have known about the 3 songs barry gibb did the other nite on jimmy fallon’s show. well 2 songs and while sitting at the desk with jimmy he sang 3 everly brothers songs with jimmy and played acoustic guitar. it was fabulous. one of the 2 songs that barry did without jimmy wasnt aired.
    then there were 2 david crosby songs from a couple of days later. one wasnt aired. also fabulous.
    u might not care about it but motley crue did their last ever tv appearance on kimmel and did 2 songs. one aired one didnt.

    i collect these things. i make mp3s of them all. u dont have to. but guess what. i dont post my comments for u. if u dont like my postings.. i have a solution for u. stop reading them.

    By darth on Feb 2, 2014

  5. hey Darth lets take a vote/poll to see if your comments here have your peer approval or dislike & appreciation ok?

    so far…


    PS at the least did you even say thanks to all involved for posting the kind Desmond…?

    thanks all for the Dekker…

    next in line keep the tally going please…

    By Jerry's Finger on Feb 2, 2014

  6. I vote Dislike.

    WTF have those TV listings got to do with Desmond Dekker?

    Thanks for the music BigO.

    By Bruce Skywater on Feb 2, 2014

  7. Another vote against you, darth.
    Simple solution - “Everybody” mentioned that this isn’t your blog - so why not get one of your own. Then you can post all the information you want, and post a link here. You’ll be able to see how many hits you get - that will tell you how much people want your information, and whether it’s worth your while. Of course, you won’t do that because;
    a)you haven’t got the brains.
    b)You’d rather be here, being that last little annoying turd sticking to everyone else’s ass-hairs.

    By Tom N. Jerry on Feb 2, 2014

  8. dislike

    By barth on Feb 2, 2014

  9. Drop the TV listings. My PBS station doesn’t carry Sun Sessions or Artist’s Den, and ACL is a recent addition. I don’t have Palladia either.

    By Everyone Else On bigO on Feb 2, 2014

  10. Dislike. I dislike anything darth does just on principle.

    By Dingus on Feb 2, 2014

  11. I love the Israelites what a crazy happy infectious song.I remeber when it first came out and all I could wonder was why is he singing about israel and bonnie and clyde! LOL
    love it…
    ps. shove your tv listings darthwad.

    By dropkick sarge on Feb 2, 2014

  12. hey darth here`s a headsup for you before you write out next weeks tv listings.
    not everyone sits in front of the tv all nite friday and saturday like you do.. Its called the weekend man .

    By dropkick sarge on Feb 2, 2014

  13. without someone like me bringing such things to my attention i wouldnt have known about the 3 songs barry gibb did the other nite

    how many of you are there? this is just fucked.

    By dropkick sarge on Feb 2, 2014

  14. Hey sarge, calm down, bro… I agree that TV is usually the best waste of a mind, but a heads-up now and then does no harm… it’s each person’s mind to waste or not. Anyway, re: “Israelites”: I wasn’t open enough to appreciate it on first release, but seeing it’s unexpected inclusion in the film “Drugstore Cowboy” (over closing credits, I think) really opened my ears. Great song in a great movie!

    By lowendbill on Feb 2, 2014

  15. so far Darth the count/ratio is running about 8 to 2 dislikes pertaining to your tv listings posted earlier…

    so not “everyone” appreciates your mindless pastes’ & total inane comments here that have not one fucking
    correlation with Desmond Dekker at all…!!!

    but go ahead keep watching that boob tube sir…

    next in line keep the tally please…

    By Jerry's Finger on Feb 2, 2014

  16. Dislike

    By dwk on Feb 3, 2014

  17. no brainer.
    huge dislike.

    By sluggo on Feb 3, 2014

  18. dislike here. i wish he would leave me alone!

    thats 11-2 against.

    By darths keyboard on Feb 3, 2014

  19. not everyone has to like the postings. tv itself isnt always for everyone either. the postings i made were for music appreciators. it isnt about whether or not one person happens to have those particular shows or not. it isnt about one or two people per se. what about the other people who do have those programs? if u dont have a program no one else should know about it coming up? seriously? some people have austin city limits on a friday nite and others have it earlier in the evening on sat nites and dont even know it. i personally dont believe that anyones pbs totally doesnt carry any of the programming i mentioned. but thats not the point. there are even some shows that mine doesnt carry but i didnt mention those shows because if im not aware of them and what performances are on them that nite or week i cant announce them.
    if people who come to this site happen to like a particular artist and didnt know that that particular artist was on a show if not for my posting it.. dont u think that theyd be grateful that i did so? ive seen a few thank you’s to me for bringing it to peoples attention when i did. some people voting that they dont like it isnt going to stop me from doing it. whats better? me saying that something was on and yall missed it or announcing that it is coming up and to keep your eyes open for it so if u happen to like these people u can catch it? i think the latter. i thought crosbys 2 songs were great. i also happened to enjoy barry gibbs songs the other nite. i also dl’d paul mccartneys song with ringo from the grammys and ringo’s song as well with frampton etc. and i went for a couple of other songs that nite.

    there are lots of postings on here that are a waste of time. u can ignore mine if u dont like reading them. u dont have to read any of the comments. complaining about them is a waste of time too. no one really wants to read that shit either. is that stopping u? look at the last 15 comments on here. are u kidding me?

    By darth on Feb 3, 2014

  20. oww!! ow! ouch!! leave me alone i need a break!!

    By darths keyboard on Feb 3, 2014

  21. unbelievable.its like talking to your foot.

    By sluggo on Feb 3, 2014

  22. there are lots of postings on here that are a waste of time.


    By darth school for trolls on Feb 3, 2014

  23. Lois, Chris, Stewie, Meg, Joe, Bonnie, Quagmire and I all vote against.
    So that’s 19-2.

    By Peter Griffin on Feb 3, 2014

  24. lily, grandpa, eddie , marilyn and I all vote against as well. Darth never mentions our show.

    By herman munster on Feb 3, 2014

  25. I been puttin’ out a few feelers in TV land, just waitin’ to hear from The Addams family…and the Cartwrights on the Ponderosa…Big John and the gang on the High Chaparral…word is you better give up now, darth.

    By Peter Griffin on Feb 3, 2014

  26. if the munsters were on currently and it was 1965 and i thought fans of the standells were interested i would announce it. they did 2 songs. i personally am a huge collector of the old 50s and 60s films with rock and rock n rocll and surf and blues music in them. i used to collect the videos themselves. i had 100s of them. i have a book that lists a lot of them. some of those films were just compilations of performances or excuses for a bunch of bands to perform for the majority of the film like a benefit to keep the beach house open or something. other times it was just part of the film like the yardbirds in blow up where jimmy and jeff were both in the band at once. the only video footage there exists of that era.
    when bands are on tv or in films.. its something i care about. if its something where theyre going to perform especially thats something i am especially interested in. there are others who agree. u dont have to. i dont care. even if there is a vote that ends up being 1000 to 2. if u dont like my postings my only suggestion is to not read them. it isnt rocket science here. btw.. using 2-5 id’s to voice your opinion isnt reliable.

    By darth on Feb 3, 2014

  27. you keep posting Darth, because if I ever came here and didn’t see one of your narcissistic dick post I would think I’m in the wrong place.

    By yep on Feb 3, 2014

  28. and if i didnt see one of your stupid comments in response to my postings id figure my biggest fan died.

    By darth on Feb 3, 2014

  29. the kangaroo captain, mr greenjeans, the banana man, and me,bunny rabbit all want darth to stop posting rubbish.

    By bunnyrabbit on Feb 3, 2014

  30. BIG dislike!
    And Thanks for the Dekker!!!

    By Blueberry56 on Feb 3, 2014

  31. still not a simple thank you from windbag Darth on the appreciation of this fine Desmond Dekker recording…

    how old are you may i ask…?

    what is your intelligence quotient…?

    just curious i have that right since you have the right to spew utter crap here…

    take a hint asshole we dont want to hear a damn thing you say here…

    take it somewhere else unless it pertains something directly involved with that/this current upload….

    can you comprehend that…?

    By Jerry's Finger on Feb 3, 2014

  32. still not a simple thank you from windbag Darth on the appreciation of this fine Desmond Dekker recording…
    he never says thanks, he`s above that you know.
    he wants you to thank him and tell him how “proud ” you are of him though. its part of his

    By pablopeephole on Feb 3, 2014

  33. I vote no darth tv posts.

    By robert blastiche on Feb 3, 2014

  34. “there are lots of postings on here that are a waste of time.”

    once again its all about u.

    By barth on Feb 3, 2014

  35. Dislike. Though it is a bit funny…

    By jackfan on Feb 4, 2014

  36. i didnt dl the dekker item. why say ty for it. i dont see u saying ty for anything ever. i do often thank bigo for the items he posts. u just dont notice. thats selective sight.
    why is it when i say that postings here are a waste of time its about me but when others like u say it it isnt all about u?
    if u dont want to hear / read things i say u have the option not to. ive told u how.
    i will not be taking it anywhere else. feel free to go elsewhere. i didnt ask u what u wanted to read. i dont care.

    By darth on Feb 4, 2014

  37. i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i

    By i darth on Feb 4, 2014

  38. me me me me me me me me me

    By me darth on Feb 4, 2014

  39. LOL…pretty much sums it up…”i dont care…”

    “i didnt DL the Dekker so theres no need to say Ty”…then why say/post anything at all you fucking idiot…?

    what a fucking troglodyte douchebag…!!!

    yep its all about him in his own sad little mind…

    By Jerry's Finger on Feb 4, 2014

  40. just like u dont care what i want to read that u post… i dont care what u want to read. thats exactly right. i dont care.

    the purpose of posting things in general has nothing to do with whether or not i dl’d the dekker item. your logic is convoluted. im not the fucking idiot here. one has nothing to do with the other. your question had to do with the dl at hand. u asked why i didnt say ty for it. i explained why. then u question why i post anything at all. wtf?

    By darth on Feb 4, 2014

  41. Very interesting about by stupid comments to your responses considering this is the first time i posted one. yep very narcissitic.

    By yep on Feb 4, 2014

  42. you’re ADD arent you Darth…?

    talk about being convoluted eh…?

    i suggest you contact your physician to obtain a higher dose of your adderall…!!!

    have a good day…

    see my user name Darth…?

    its aimed right for you….!!!!


    By Jerry's Finger on Feb 4, 2014

  43. no im not add. the convoluted referred to your logic. read it again. i dont take adderall. i will have a good day ty. yes i see your name i thought it referred to what u were sitting on and rotating.
    its kinda funny that u let me get to u. i dont even know u and i have never attempted to upset u. i have no reason to. clearly my postings bother u. so do yourself a favor. just ignore them. it would behoove u.

    as for idiots who claim they have never posted before.. well maybe thats true and maybe it isnt. it doesnt matter. if u have never posted before the fact that u have formed an opinion so quickly and based on so little evidence kinda says it all. but when i said ‘one of your stupid comments’ i didnt mean u in particular. i meant u as in all my fans. u just became one of the many when u posted a stupid comment. dont blame me. i didnt twist your arm into doing it. u did it of your own free will. im not narcissistic. i can see why u might think i am. but without knowing me or actually talking to me.. u couldnt know if i am or not. after all this is just a comment section of a music blog. u cant ASSume such a thing here.

    By darth on Feb 4, 2014

  44. It looks more like HPD- Histrionic Personality Disorder.

    By Dingus on Feb 4, 2014

  45. Darth, you are very sad!!
    All it takes is one or two lines from anybody else, for you to produce paragraphs of nonsense. I realize that your intention is to annoy everyone else, like a defiant little boy, but you have turned it back on yourself - you’re such an easy target for everyone, and you have made it that way. We don’t twist your arm to make you write either.
    It’s like baiting and catching a particularly stupid fish.

    By Tom N. Jerry on Feb 4, 2014

  46. …”i meant u as in all my fans”…

    because as you can plainly see I have an ENORMOUS EGO.

    By a particularly stupid fish called darth on Feb 4, 2014

  47. Lol…i just hope he is seeking continuous professional help…electrical shock treatment is making a comeback…..if not at least laymens help…ie the bottle, pills, or a needle…

    By Jerry's Finger on Feb 5, 2014

  48. jerry`s digit, as per usual,he`ll crawl back into his hole now, ignore every post he has fired up as if they never happened ,and be back in a day or two for round 3,006 and more listings as well.

    By pablopeephole on Feb 5, 2014

  49. gotcha….

    so it goes…

    wonder if bigO has thought about changing the site name to Darth’s…?

    By Jerry's Finger on Feb 5, 2014

  50. I was at this show! Desmond was great … the last half of the show he kept teasing the women (and, well, maybe some of the men - this was San Francisco) by slyly removing part of his leather jacket while he sang.

    By Roger Hand on Feb 10, 2014

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    By Don Paul on Feb 18, 2014

  52. Thank you for the Key Lime Pie, Big M.

    By E on Feb 18, 2014

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