January 18, 2014 – 1:49 pm

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Winnipeg 2014 [no label, 2CD]

Honour The Treaties Benefit. Live at the Centennial Concert Hall, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. January 16, 2014. Good to very good audience recording.

Neil Young’s North American Tour 2014 continues…

In December 2013, Neil Young announced that he would perform four benefit shows in his native Canada to raise money for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (ACFN) Legal Defense Fund.

The ACFN refer to themselves as K’ai Taile Dene, meaning “people of the land of the willow.” A Legal Defense fund was set up to support the ACFN’s legal challenges against oil companies and government that are obstructing their traditional lands and rights. As people of the land the ACFN have used and occupied their traditional lands in the Athabasca region for thousands of years, hunting, trapping, fishing and gathering to sustain themselves and continue spiritual cultural rights passed down through generations. The ACFN’s legal challenges will ensure the protection of their traditional lands, eco-systems and unique rights guaranteed by Treaty 8, the last and largest of the nineteenth century land agreements made between First Nations and the Government of Canada, are upheld for the benefit of future generations.

At a press conference at the Concert Hall earlier in the day, [Neil Young] reiterated the tour’s message: Canada must honour its treaty commitments -”Canada signed a contract” - and we must prioritize the environment over the bottom line. “In 30 years, we’re going to thank the First Nations if they’re able to stop this,” he said, adding that Alberta is going to “look like the moon” if oilsands development continues. As for the criticism that he’s ill-informed on the subject, Young was the first to admit that he’s no authority on the effects of Alberta’s oil production, but pointed out that “your profession doesn’t limit your freedom of speech,” adding “it’s OK if you want to dismiss me because I hit a power chord.”

Thanks to dan896 who recorded and shared the show at Dime.

dan896 noted:

Neil talked a lot, but not too much and not about the blatant violation of Treaty No. 8. He let the music do the talking. He changed the last verse(s) of Pocahontas. [There’s a dig at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.] The recording turned out well. There’re some parts where the talking didn’t come out clearly, due to too low recording levels. Batted down the applause somewhat… Diana Krall opened… She was very good. Never seen her live before. She was funny as well.

Source: CA-14(cards) > CA9100 > Zoom H4n 24/48
Transfer: SD > iZotopeRx (gain, ozone 4, resample, dither 16/44) > CDWave (tracks) > Frontend [FLAC level 8] > TLH (ffp)

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Disc 1
Track 101. From Hank To Hendrix 6:07 (10.3MB)
Track 102. talk 1:09 (1.9MB)
Track 103. On The Way Home 3:43 (6.2MB)
Track 104. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 3:25 (5.7MB)
Track 105. Love In Mind 3:08 (5.3MB)
Track 106. talk 1:05 (1.8MB)
Track 107. Mellow My Mind 3:17 (5.5MB)
Track 108. talk 1:31 (2.5MB)
Track 109. Are You Ready For The Country? 4:20 (7.3MB)
Track 110. Someday 6:20 (10.6MB)
Track 111. talk - Phil Ochs 2:05 (3.5MB)
Track 112. Changes 4:55 (8.3MB)
Track 113. talk 1:21 (2.3MB)
Track 114. Harvest 3:12 (5.4MB)
Track 115. Old Man 4:29 (7.5MB)
50 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. A Man Needs A Maid 4:25 (7.4MB)
Track 202. talk 2:52 (4.8MB)
Track 203. Ohio 3:37 (6.1MB)
Track 204. talk 0:47 (1.3MB)
Track 205. Southern Man 5:34 (9.3MB)
Track 206. Mr Soul 5:08 (8.6MB)
Track 207. Pocahontas 4:55 (8.3MB)
Track 208. Helpless 4:58 (8.3MB)
Track 209. talk 2:00 (3.4MB)
Track 210. Heart Of Gold 3:40 (6.2MB)
Track 211. encore break 2:58 (5.0MB)
Track 212. Comes A Time 3:44 (6.3MB)
Track 213. Long May You Run 4:14 (7.1MB)
49 mins

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  1. 41 Responses to “NEIL YOUNG - WINNIPEG 2014”

  2. Wonderful stuff, Big O, thanks for this! The guy’s is a global treasure, enigma and wonderment. Active politically and creatively still more than most of his peers
    and informed too, didn’t know about Athabascan K’ai Taile Dene - keep sticking it to the Man Neil while you sing you heart out, power chords or nay!
    Cool as it comes . . . .

    By swappers on Jan 18, 2014

  3. I don`t mind hearing a political slant in a song during a concert. I do mind paying for musical entertainment and getting a political point of view from an entertainer.
    Neil , ranting about the oilsands is just annoying . Everyone seems to want to be “green” but there are levels of green to which you can only apply yourself if the have the kind of “GREEN” that someone like deep-pockets Young would have.
    I wonder Neil, did your tons of stage equpment arrive by sleight of hand , or fuel powered diesel engined trucks, did you use a magic carpet to move the entire show around the continent ,or did you use a somewhat similar footprint leaving aircraft that al gore uses more than anyone else. Your refernece to Hiroshima was obscene and misguided. Do you know, that in Canada, all of these mined out areas legally have to be replanted ? You never mentioned that. Leave the vote getting political rants to the idiot politicans neail , just as I don`t want to see bill clinton play sax, or stephen harper play piano, I also don`t want my musical heroes to suddenly turn politician during a concert where tickets are in the hundreds of dollars. Alice Cooper said it best when he stated anyone who looks to rock stars for political guidance is a fool.sign me a disappointed Canadian.

    By sluggo on Jan 18, 2014

  4. sluggo’s emissions are a scream - neil young’s been doing this for forty years so the the empty gasbagging is solely on your end.

    You did, by the way, turn to Alice Cooper for sage political adivce.

    All the little sluggos of the world champion moron rules.

    By uh oh sluggo a nutso on Jan 18, 2014

  5. so tell me “uh oh” spend three hundred bucks for a pair and then the “star” goes into a twenty minute political rant and you don`t mind ?..he did this in toronto…
    also, read again, that wasn`t political advice from alice cooper , that was just plain rhetoric.

    By sluggo on Jan 18, 2014

  6. The general consensus from the crowd that saw neil at massey hall according to the blogs and news reports was they didn`t really give a shit what he thought about the alberta oilsands. He is a millionaire living in california who can afford to be “greener” than most everyone. He slammed our prime minister , our country, our economuy and our people, and many other stead institutions that he has left long ago..perhaps he should return his coveted Order of Canada award if he is so disappointed by his birth country.

    By sluggo on Jan 18, 2014

  7. I love the album art to this. Thank you for sharing this.

    By Kenny on Jan 18, 2014

  8. Get over yourself sluggo. Perhaps there were people at the show who DIDN’T know about any or some of the issues you thought Neil was ranting about. I think it’s great if he could enlighten just one person about these issues. You don’t have to agree with Neil…he’s entitled to his opinion just like we all are. That said, count yourself lucky for getting to see one of the greatest musicians and song writers ever. He’s not coming to my city to play. Thanks Big O for sharing these shows!

    By pissed american on Jan 19, 2014

  9. Great show. I don’t think anyone who paid $300 for a pair of Neil Young tickets should be surprised that the guy who wrote “Ohio,” “Let’s Impeach the President,” and a slew of other political songs used the concert as a chance to speak his mind, especially after the press conference he held at the beginning of the tour. Given Neil Young’s extensive (25 years, plus) interest in alternative fuels and electric cars, I think he’s aware of how his tour bus & trucks operate. In 2009, he wrote an editorial urging GM to use the bailout money to change the way they make cars, and he’s spoken (and written) extensively about the environment, fossil fuels, and the political/economic problem of oil, industry, and consumerism. It’s true that he’s a California millionaire, but that doesn’t make him wrong about the consequences of high impact oil extraction.

    By Eric on Jan 19, 2014

  10. great music, but the text rant above is all crazy horse shit.

    By niroopa on Jan 19, 2014

  11. That said, count yourself lucky for getting to see one of the greatest musicians and song writers ever.

    I use to see him in yorkville as a mynah bird.
    I have followed his career a long time but didn`t expect to get a lecture in a concert setting. Let him write a song about it.

    By sluggo on Jan 19, 2014

  12. its funny how the same idiot who says he does mind ‘paying for musical entertainment and getting a political point of view from an entertainer.’
    attacked me for complaining about the roger waters bruce springsteen beacon theater veterans benefit thing a little over a year ago where less than an hour of it was music and 2 hours of it was junk that 90% of the audience wasnt really there to hear/see. ask anyone why they paid for their tickets and i am willing to bet that they really paid to see/hear either one or both of those two musicians. they put up with the rest of course but what choice did they have?
    irony hypocrical behavior and contradiction abound eh sluggo??? tsk tsk. goose gander and all that. pot kettle.. ok thats enough pointing and laughing at u. i think everyone gets it. well.. cept u that is.

    By darth on Jan 19, 2014

  13. hilarious, i knew my post would bring out the darth troll who claims to never go back and read posts. I don`t care what shit you post asswipe it always a lie anyway.
    plan b remember, stir the pot.
    now be a good little darth and go back to your tv guide where you belong.

    By sluggo on Jan 19, 2014

  14. I wish someone would share “Having Fun With Elvis On Stage” (Box Car Records, 1974). It’s all banter and no songs. And no politics! Give the little lady a scarf, Charlie.

    By Eric on Jan 19, 2014

  15. Uhh, wasn’t the show supporting the treaties a clue it would be political?

    By Brett on Jan 19, 2014

  16. You two girls are funny! If you go to a Neil Young show expecting just hits, you will be thoroughly disappointed. If you know his catalog and his views, then you will have a great time. Enough from you two hens, geez! You can always get up and grab a beer when the artists (i.e. Bono, Eddie Vedder, Springsteen) go into their political raps.

    By heybulldog1965 on Jan 19, 2014

  17. As usual, darth, your memory doesn’t serve you very well. For reference, here’s the concert you’re referring to:

    No one was harsh with you then until you made this remark: “no benefits taking place now are doing any good in so far as protecting or celebrating our freedom. stop falling for the bullshit just because its so easy.”

    And then you showed us all what a despicable, self-absorbed piece of garbage you are with this: “a soldier saying that he was fighting for ‘our freedom’ doesnt mean it is accurate. theyre not known for their brains. they do what they do because of their fighting skills and because they are drones. its a numbers game.”

    Then you proved beyong all doubt that you’re a sociopathic wretch with these remarks about sluggo’s cousin, who died in battle: “in all likelihood.. your cousin flunked out of high school and couldnt get a job. he had no skills of any marketable value and had no means of support. no one was interested in hiring the stupid fuck and he had no real worthwhile purpose or much of a realistic set of goals on the horizon. perhaps his parents suggested that the military would make a man out of him. maybe someone suggested theyd teach him a trade and said hed have some money when he got out. or he was threatened with no other options or choices if he didnt do it. maybe he was running away from something. who knows? certainly u arent going to tell us the entire truth. and frankly i dont care. most of us dont. the point is.. your cousins a loser like his cousin (u) is.”

    Then of course, you tried to weasel out of it. When does Plan C start?

    By Dingus on Jan 19, 2014

  18. I was being sarcastic about Havin’ Fun (see my earlier post about Neil)and I will shut up for a good long while.

    By Eric on Jan 19, 2014

  19. Eric, I’ll take your sarcasm over darth’s histrionic personality disorder and sociopathic behavior any day.

    I had that Elvis album, it was a strange one. I paid 99 cents for it, sold it years later for $1- not a bad deal at all!

    By Dingus on Jan 19, 2014

  20. so let me get this straight,Neil Young,born in Canada lives in California , tours in Canada and decries their involvement in the oil sands projects basically saying it is environmentally un -sound all the while admitting he doesn`t really know what he thinks he does.
    Neil, brings his whole entourage from the #2 worst culprit country in the world [U.S.A.]for carbon emissions to one of the cleanest countries in the world to lecture us about the environment. Are you aware ,that in Canada, all of these mined out areas legally have to be replanted ? This is not the case in the U.S.A. take a look around the ruins of pennsylvania west virginia etc where years of mining have left the countryside raped without renewal.
    you know what they say about glass houses Neil.
    ps dingus thanks for your post but don`t drag yourself into this whether you are in agreement or not , others will just piss on you without even reading the posts.

    By sluggo on Jan 19, 2014

  21. Sluggo- it hasn’t happened yet, maybe they’re all in church lol. If I’m lucky, Plan C is ignoring me. Stirring the hornet’s nest and Plan B seem to have failed.

    By Dingus on Jan 19, 2014

  22. Neil never established American citizenship because he feels he will always be a Canadian. I don’t see where it is written that talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and others like him are qualified to have opinions and elaborate on them at length over their clear channel franchises, while Neil is supposed to just shut up and play? Come on now…Neil’s been rattling peoples cages going on 5 decades now! Get over it.

    By eastsidecellardwellar on Jan 20, 2014

  23. Dingus- Now you’re trying to “nail” Darth by reading his quotes back to him? You do know he doesn’t hold any position of authority around here, don’t you? Right?

    By John OBrien on Jan 20, 2014

  24. John- did you not know that darth’s position here is the baron of boredom?

    By Dingus on Jan 20, 2014

  25. the quotes of mine have nothing to do with the subject at hand. theyre totally unrelated to this topic.
    i didnt go back to anything previous. what i recounted to that piece of shit about what he said previously was by memory. nothing more. and what i said then was concerning that he chastized me at that time for having a problem with the amount of music vs the amount of non-music offered at the time to people who had paid to attend the event. it was the first of 2 events and if i recall correctly.. the music portion was approx 1/3rd of the time of the entire event. not even an hour. what people paid to see was bruce and roger. they surely didnt pay to hear all the crap that wasnt bruce and roger singing and playing etc.
    now fast fwd to this performance here. an honour the treaties benefit. keyword - benefit. nothing wrong with the performer taking the time before and after various songs during the show to talk to this audience. i believe that performance slightly over a year ago was also a benefit if im not mistaken. something done to raise money not for himself mind u.. but for a purpose where the money raised by selling tickets is given to others. he (the idiot im sort of responding to here) did seem to have a problem last time when i brought up the barrage of non music portion of the event where i had to work my ass off in order to just obtain the part(s) i wanted. but suddenly he has a problem now when there is too much chit chat for his tastes. sigh. funny how its ok when he doesnt like it and not ok when i dont. irony abound.

    in so far as all that other morons attempts to quote me.. as i said.. not one single portion of that has any semblence of a connection to the subject at hand. someone who wants to know where i stand with regards to war and our involvement and soldiers and so on.. can talk to me about it. taking what i said out of context wont do anyone any good.
    i stand by what i said in that previous posting however. soldiers are drones. they do what theyre told. they do not make decisions. their senior officers are the ones who tell them what to do. they carry out orders and follow instructions. period. no ifs ands or buts. thats how it works. this isnt up to debate and i dont care how u wanna interpret what i said. i meant what i said.
    i also said that this countrys freedom was never at stake. u can believe otherwise but i suggest u do some reading and studying up. i cant give u a history lesson here. people spend years going to school and learning about this and studying this stuff. im not about to educate u in a few text boxes on a music area of this site about how hitler had no intention of coming to the usa. im sorry but the problem in viet nam wasnt our fight. it wasnt even a damned war. we were minding business that we had no business in. i have very strong opinions about that period of our history. i am not interested in going back and forth with u or anyone else about this. i dont care if sluggish or u or anyone had relatives who fought there. u dont know me or who i knew or anything. i dont need to impress u or convince u etc. i am not embarrassed about anything i said on that site. i do thank u for linking everyone to it tho. i wouldnt have known its location without that. new ppl can read it now. hopefully people who realize that its acceptable to have differing opinions than theirs.

    remember.. i may not agree with what u have to say. but i will defend to the death your right to say it.
    dont these words mean anything to u???

    By darth on Jan 20, 2014

  26. btw.. one more thing. neils wife and kids are all american citizens and he has lived in the usa since his late teens. not sure if yall knew this. now u do.

    By darth on Jan 20, 2014

  27. once again the resident jerk off known as darth hijacks another post.
    this place should be called BIG DARTH

    on another note did you know that the sands in this much discussed oil sands project, benefit from having the oil removed and the land is able to return to being fruitful. Hear that Neil over your hydro-electric powered amplifiers ?

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 20, 2014

  28. folks do yourselves a big favour and just avoid this thread, Iappreciate the support but you are just giving darth more fuel for something he just decided to chime in on. Its his game , he loves it pathetic as it is.Must be a sorry lonely existence waiting in the shadows to agitate.
    pity him ?..perhaps.
    I love Neil youngs music period.
    The uneducated sciences he thinks he knows I can do without.
    Forsaking everything else, Jobs alone make this oil sands project a welcome endeavour and heaven knows we need jobs because we don`t all have a millionaire rock and rollers bank account.
    If science says this is not dirty oil, that`s good enough for me. Neil doesn`t if it is or not.If science says extracting oil from the sands cleans the soil, that is also good enough for me. We need the oil until we have alternatives and right now the world runs on oil.
    As for treaties , in Canada we regard Indian affairs very seriously. Everything will be dealt with properly .
    So darth, do everyone a favour and stick to posting the tv guide, that is what you do well, well..that and purposely piss people excel at that.

    By sluggo on Jan 20, 2014

  29. remember.. i may not agree with what u have to say. but i will defend to the death your right to say it.
    dont these words mean anything to u???

    yeah it means we are deep doo doo if we have to count on you to fight for us.

    By sluggo on Jan 20, 2014

  30. “the quotes of mine have nothing to do with the subject at hand. theyre totally unrelated to this topic.”

    darthyboy- I was just replying to the comment you made above. If my comment was unrelated, then yours was too. If you don’t like what I write, don’t read it.

    “dont these words mean anything to u???”

    Nothing you write means anything to me. I just correct the mistakes.

    By Dingus on Jan 20, 2014


    By sluggo on Jan 20, 2014

  32. slug wants u to avoid this thread because i pointed out the hypocrisy of his statements. hello?!?!? duh.
    dungheap - my comment cant be unrelated to my own comment.. so that doesnt make sense. u cant say mine was too. im the one who made the 2ndary statement. the first one was from slug. he commented that he didnt like the in between song chatter. i dont know why youre not getting this but he just wanted the music by neil. he didnt appreciate that it was a benefit to raise money. nevermind what it was for.. thats not his business. he didnt pay for the show but again even if he did.. its a fucking benefit. soooo if it was ok for all that crap during the benefit in 2012 at the beacon theater when roger and bruce played when i had something to say and he jumped my shit… why isnt it the same now? youre defending his behavior by saying if your comment was unrelated then mine was too. how??????? mine was right on topic. yours wasnt!!!! what youre saying doesnt make any sense. and your best responses are to call me names and try to correct things i say by saying theyre mistakes??? sorry there were no mistakes. just because u say that things i type in here are mistakes doesnt mean they are. im not saying i dont make them. i have made a couple. but way less than u would have ppl on here believe.

    i didnt create the line i quoted up there. Evelyn Beatrice Hall said it. i just quoted her. but her words should mean something. she was expressing Voltaire’s attitude towards free speech. and u most certainly do care what i have to say or u wouldnt sit on the edge of your seat waiting to pounce on every fucking word i type on this forum even when doing so proves u to be an idiot. u may have a few fans in your corner and god knows why. but i have a few ppl who feel that im right on most things i say and some who think i should just ignore u. which i usually do. why? cuz youre a fucking idiot. i think even u know this.

    and lastly… if i had to fight for this country depending on the war and situation.. i would likely be a conscientious objector. had i been just a year or two or 3 older or even 10 back in the 60s early 70s i would have either ran to slug’s territory or risked jail time or found another alternative to avoid fighting. i didnt believe in that war. another war that i might have believed in might have been different. we havent been involved in any since ive been alive that i believe in tho.
    but if i had fought for my country for any reason at anytime.. this country would be proud of me.
    and btw no.. thats not what the words i quoted mean. im not surprised u totally dont understand them. u of all people should but omg.. i guess nothing out of u should shock.

    By darth on Jan 21, 2014

  33. meds time darth

    By sluggo on Jan 21, 2014

  34. A therapist would be better.

    Histrionic personality disorder is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. Someone with histrionic personality disorder wants to be the center of attention in any group of people, and feel uncomfortable when they are not.

    By Dingus on Jan 21, 2014

  35. if its meds time.. then make sure u take them.
    if u need a therapist then hop to it. pointing the finger at others when the description is more accurately about yourself is only deflecting. its pushing your own reality on others. if this problem wasnt yours u wouldnt be constantly up my ass. proof is in the pudding. i dont comment on your postings unless theyre about me. all your postings are about me. see the difference? i post about things on the site. i post about music. i post about people and subject matter at hand. u comment about me and my postings. wake up. i dont wait til u post and comment on things u say. see? that means u are obsessed with me.

    By darth on Jan 21, 2014

  36. Wrong again, darth.
    “all your postings are about me.”

    I recently posted the set list of songs & singers on the WFUV concert.

    Looks like darth’s back to Plan A for ASSinine. darth, I hope you got enough attention to last a few days.

    By Dingus on Jan 21, 2014

  37. Great post, BigO!!!

    By DanC on Jan 21, 2014

  38. since the 2 manassas items dont have a comments section and there are no stills items on bigo. i figured let me just post this here. people may care about this -

    By darth on Jan 22, 2014

  39. Neil ends tour in weird ass way while leaving 5 diesel tour buses idling during the entire concert…

    By sluggo on Jan 22, 2014

  40. thanks sluggo, that’s very strange. neil young’s for sale to the highest bidder, as long as he slightly agrees with their cause. “I’m a musician”… please stick to music on your next tour.

    By barth on Jan 22, 2014

  41. Neil Young’s New Album ‘A Letter Home’ Due in March

    By darth on Jan 23, 2014

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