January 24, 2014 – 4:25 am

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Too Much Alcohol [Whispering Souls Authentic Vinyl Records, No. 226/500, 2CD]

Live at the Bottom Line, New York, NYC; November December 11, 1978 (late show). Very good soundboard.

We just wanted to do a club tour without getting involved in a big mishmash of a concert tour with Aerosmith, which we had done previously by doing this theater and that theater. This time it was basic - let’s go back and play clubs for a tour and have fun. Especially now with a new lineup, this has been great. It is tough doing two shows a night, because I don’t do two 45-minute shows, I do two to three hours. It was great at the El Macambo in Toronto. There again we could have done a theater. We did the Bottom Line in New York for a couple of nights. We did this kind of thing throughout. It gets your feet back on the ground.
- Rory Gallagher, December 1978.

Thanks to weezerdude for sharing the tracks at Dime.

weezerdude noted: “Rory seemed to have a cold during this US tour so his vocals are a bit weak but his guitar playing is excellent, as always.”

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
Track 101. Introduction 0:43 (1.2MB)
Track 102. Shin Kicker 3:52 (6.5MB)
Track 103. Do You Read Me 9:33 (16.MB)
Track 104. Shadow Play 5:52 (9.9MB)
Track 105. I Wonder Who 7:58 (13.4MB)
Track 106. Secret Agent 6:58 (11.7MB)
Track 107. The Mississippi Sheiks 8:22 (14.1MB)
Track 108. Cloak & Dagger 8:39 (14.5MB)
Track 109. Out On The Western Plains 6:17 (10.5MB)
59 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Too Much Alcohol 5:20 (9.0MB)
Track 202. Moonchild 7:41 (12.9MB)
Track 203. A Million Miles Away 9:12 (15.5MB)
Track 204. Messin’ With The Kid 7:36 (12.8MB)
Track 205. Bullfrog Blues/Just A Little Bit 12:55 (21.7MB)
Track 206. Laundromat/The Last Of The Independents 10:25 (17.5MB)
Track 207. Who Do You Love/Hey Bo Diddley 8:50 (14.9MB)
62 mins

The original Track 206 has been arbitrarily split into two parts (206 and 207) for easier access.

Rory Gallagher – guitar, vocals, mandolin and harmonica
Gerry McAvoy – bass guitar
Ted McKenna – drums

Rory Gallagher was promoting Photo Finish during this tour. Click here to order Photo Finish.

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  1. 33 Responses to “RORY GALLAGHER - THE BOTTOM LINE, NY 1978”

  2. Hey BigO, Thanks for another Rory. But this show is from December 11, 1978 or from November 12, 1978 as it´s written on the cover? Thanks for your answer.

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Jan 24, 2014

  3. Hello Josef

    While the artwork says December 12, 1978, uploader weezerdude (thanks again) believes December 11 to be the correct date; and the show has been shared as such. As weezerdude said, any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

    By bigozine2 on Jan 24, 2014

  4. OK, BigO! Thanks!

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Jan 24, 2014

  5. But see this site:

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Jan 24, 2014

  6. Hello Josef

    Looks like November 11 could be the correct date. Thanks for the feedback.

    By bigozine2 on Jan 24, 2014

  7. It was great at the El Macambo in Toronto

    man I miss the good ol was such a great venue in its day.

    By sluggo on Jan 24, 2014

  8. This is a great one. Thanks BigO! I saw him at the Bottom Line in 1978 but I do not remember which night. I also saw him near there at the Joint in the Woods….in Parsippany, NJ. I can’t remember when that was exactly, a couple of years before this I think….I have been trying to look it up online. Does anyone remember the Joint in the Woods?

    By JB on Jan 24, 2014

  9. hey bigo, i’ll get this show tomorrow. i got every rory gallagher show you offered and a few few others elsewhere.

    the two agora ballroom shows on soundaboard are killer!!! i do have a rory bottom line show from 1976 that’s an fm broadcast. it’s a good one, and it’s also on soundaboard.

    looking at this tracklist it appears to be correct. from my searches, i think, it’s who do you love? and hey! bo diddley.

    i’m looking for thin lizzy-drammen, norway 2.5.81. as far as i know, it’s the only live performance i know of of sweetheart off of chinatown. be nice if you could offer it. i’ve done searches for it, and it pops up on some site called concert galore, but i don’t know how to get it.

    just so you know, i do have drammen 1982. i found it on guitar forum months ago.


    By Ed Saad on Jan 24, 2014

  10. Thank you Big O amigos. Will be whittling down the wine collection in Thompson this weekend after a chili-supper shoot. This will be a good soundtrack for the evening. Take care and stay warm.

    By James on Jan 24, 2014

  11. Can’t seem to find a live version of “I Fall Apart”. Great song. Thanks for this.

    By Josh on Jan 24, 2014

  12. Hi Josh,
    I Fall apart is on “Whiskey A Go Go” (1971-10-13),Allen Theatre ‘72 (with “Hoodoo man”)(1972-09-08),Also a version from 1971-07-19 is on the collections “The Freeman Archives”, “Listen To This Bono” & ” Black & Tan” - I have these in my collection.

    By Bazza on Jan 25, 2014

  13. Thanks Big-O…there is no such thing as “too much” Rory Gallagher. Fans should run out and get the just released biography, Rory Gallagher - His Life and Times by Marcus Connaughton.

    There is also a cool and very unususal box set out called Kickback City which collects Rory’s many crime-noir themed songs. The set includes live and studio offerings, then creates a book/audiobook that uses the song themes and makes a story out of them. Strange and even a little crazy but it works out pretty well and is cool to look at as the music plays.

    By RollingStoner on Jan 25, 2014

  14. just so there is no doubt in anyones mind -

    NOV 10 - 11, 1978
    All seats $7.00
    DEC 11 - 12, 1978

    By darth on Jan 25, 2014

  15. Just so there is no doubt in anyone elses mind -

    AUG 15, 1975
    All seats $5.00
    JULY 4, 1976
    All seats L5

    By barth on Jan 25, 2014

  16. ok i dont understand what thats all about. my posting was taken from the official listing of all the performances that ever happened at the bottom line. i pasted it directly as they have it in their archive listings. it was an fm brdcst btw. not a sbd. i dont know what that idiots postings have to do with rorys performance. mine was to show when the show happened and how it didnt happen on the alternate date. in case it wasnt obvious.

    By darth on Jan 25, 2014

  17. oh i thought that was plan c - a special message that only your bff could translate. no one else could.

    jes stirrin up da ol hornets nest buzz buzz a diddle it.

    By barth on Jan 25, 2014

  18. im pretty sure youre the only one who didnt understand it.

    By darth on Jan 25, 2014

  19. no one else cared. jes darth bein’ darth….

    By barth on Jan 25, 2014

  20. hey bigo, for the nit picky and or professionals out there, i made a few corrections to these tags. it’s actually cloak and dagger. that’s how it is on photo finish. also, it should be out on the west plain not plains. inside the tags shin kicker is one word and should be two. inside the tag it’s mississippi sheiks. add the. i think, that’s right and the corrections to the bo diddley tracks above.

    you know the pink floyd-manchester show still bugs me how dark side of the moon isn’t all on one disc, even if that’s how it is on the artwork and seeder prefers it. well there is a break after the wish you were here portion so i may go back and fix it and renumber it cause it does bug me. by splitting it there and renumber dark side of the moon and echoes should fit on two cd’s. it does on other floyd shows.

    i just fixed a boc show from penn’s peak, jim thorpe, pa 10.31.08 that’s bugged me since last feb. it’s good now.


    By Ed Saad on Jan 25, 2014

  21. out on the western plain. sorry.

    By Ed Saad on Jan 25, 2014

  22. Ted McKenna….Alex Harveys drummer I presume? Do you have any SAHB to share BigO?!?

    By Starrwatts on Jan 25, 2014

  23. TED McKENNA also played drums for an early 80’s incarnation of the MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG)… if I am not mistaken, I believe he was COZY POWELL’s replacement….not that COZY POWELL could EVER be replaced

    By THE Russian Assassin on Jan 25, 2014

  24. Rory’s Bottom Line shows were incredibly intense. I know its an overused word but the club was small and he simply rocked the joint. I remember being in a front table unable to get out since the crowd swarmed the stage area. I hadda puke under the table! that was a first. Santana’s 1978 Bottom Line show is one of the few that equaled it. Check er out.

    By rich on Jan 26, 2014

  25. Santana at the Bottom Line in ‘78? How did that happen - they were on one of their commercial upswings then. I can believe it would have been great to have been there.

    By drkrick on Jan 26, 2014

  26. It’s a WNEW-FM NYC broadcast. Really hot version of She’s Not There into Open Invitation. Maybe the longest single Bottom Line single band set ever at 110 minutes. Bill Graham does introduction and sound is perfect.
    It’s a Top 10 Carlos gig for sure.

    By rich on Jan 26, 2014

  27. santana at the bl in 78 was a showcase event. thats why he did it. 30% of the audience were invited and vips. some were contest winners. both sets were unbelievable. there were 100s and 100s of people all over the street that nite.
    very often huge names played the bottom line when they didnt have to for showcase gigs or promotional reasons. the place held 450 ppl but 11 blocks north was the palladium and it held just over 3k. when bands or artists got too big for the palladium they went to radio city then carnegie hall.
    but there were other small clubs around town that very large names played like the mudd club and cbgbs and the lone star cafe and later on the roadhouse uptown across from roseland and even roseland itself. then studio 54 then it became the ritz. altho of course on 11th st there was the ritz. course going back a bit there was another theater on 47th and bway called the ritz which later became a movie theater.
    there was the uk club also and a club called downtown a couple of blocks south of tower records. there was wetlands down near canal st. the beacon theater on 75th was about the same size as the palladium. thats the mid 70s thru mid 80s. going back to the mid to late 60s there were many other clubs like the bitter end the scene and cafe wha? and village gate which continued thru early 90s. there was also a venue under the gate. there was the rnr cafe where badfinger played til the early 90s. place couldnt hold more than 100 if packed in like sardines. there were lots more all around that area of the west village.
    the famous bette midler barry manilow was from the bath house right on st marks place but there were other acts that played there as well just not that most would know of. there was also the electric circus across the street and the anderson theater around the corner and a few blocks south of the fillmore. the anderson th had traffic and jimi and yardbirds playing there. the garrick wasnt far away either. back up the block in the 80s across from where that bath house was and on 3rd ave was a small store front club the name of which escapes me right now. right next to the pizza place. around the corner on 9th and 10th but still east of 3rd were 2 more clubs.
    at the club downstairs 2 blocks south of tower recs i saw edgar winter and leon russel in 89 i guess it was. couldnt have been more than 25 ppl there that day. they sold so few tickets that they combined 2 sets into one and played 3 hours.
    oh yeah.. the ukranian national home up a couple of blocks on 2nd ave. saw new orders 2nd usa show there in 81. they did 2 sets. filmed them and in collectors hands u can find a 45min semi pro shot video. im in the front row. its all standing. im the only one taking pics and bopping along. i was so upset that ian curtis killed himself on the day before my birthday a year prior. oh there was tramps uptown a little on 21st st. and peppermint lounge and the limelight in the early 80s. the limelight was a church converted into a club. u wouldnt believe who played there. especially on sunday nites when they had something they called their legends series. they had ronnie laine of the faces and sam moore of sam n dave and otis rush and buddy guy and mamas n papas and la guns and there were probably 150 or so big names that played there in 2-5 years.
    oh i forgot irving plaza back near the palladium. it was just down the block and around the corner. giant names played there. u2. johnny cash. robert plant. clapton. johnny thunders. danny gatton was supposed to play there a few days after he died but nevermind that. that venue is small but the names there were massive. pier 84 was a killer venue. the wolman skating rink in central park. omg i could go on forever.
    anyway.. there are so many venues long gone in nyc. and many so small with huge names that played them.

    By darth on Jan 27, 2014

  28. santana at bottom line -

    By darth on Jan 27, 2014

  29. yaaawn. wake me when its over will u?

    By barth on Jan 27, 2014

  30. no reason to wake u. youre much more intelligent when youre sleeping.

    By darth on Jan 27, 2014

  31. Thanks for the info Bazza!

    By Josh on Jan 27, 2014

  32. Rory Gallagher beat club sessions!

    By sluggo on Jun 14, 2015

  33. 20 years gone,
    Miss you Rory.

    By GMAL on Jun 15, 2015

  34. I was at one of the shows at the BL and it was awesome as Rory always was. What is also intense is that I am scanning photos I took of that concert while I’m listening to the tracks. Awesome and THANKS!!

    By Hue & Eye on Aug 10, 2015

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