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Hideaway [Akashic AKA18, 1CD]

Live at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Davenport, Iowa; July 27, 1974. Very good to excellent soundboard.

The [1974 US] tour was gruelling: 26 shows, from coast to coast, playing to huge audiences. I found it exhausting. For Eric, after three years of heroin addiction, it was shattering. He coped by drinking. Eric had moved from heroin to alcohol without blinking. He began in the morning and drank all day until four o’clock when Roger Forrester, his minder and later his manager, made him stop. He reckoned that if he could stop Eric drinking at four, he had enough time to sober him up before the show. Eric’s poison was Courvoisier and 7Up but after four, Roger would give him cold tea and 7Up and by that stage in the day he couldn’t tell the difference. The plan didn’t always work. There were times when Eric was so drunk on stage that he played lying flat on his back.
- Pattie Boyd

Eric Clapton’s Davenport, Iowa 1974 show was released in 1999 as Hideaway and was limited to 200 numbered copies. In 2013, Godfather Records released God Is A Guitar Player, featuring the six tracks from Davenport and, as a bonus, added three non-Davenport tracks.

Thanks to ECMM who shared Hideaway on the net in 2006.

Reviewing God Is A Guitar Player at, slowhander wrote:

An audience recording of the Clapton show in Davenport, IA in 1974 has never surfaced and the soundboard recording that exists is just a 50-minute segment. That is not too much, I know, but it’s enough to conclude that this might easily have been one of the better performances of a tour that is well known to have seen Clapton massively drunk in numerous occasions.

The show starts with a fantastic version of Badge, the song that Cream never played live until they reunited in 2005. It is hard to believe but apparently Clapton is in top form not seeming to be intoxicated at all. After the guitar pyrotechnics on the inspired Badge, Presence Of The Lord calms things down a bit. It is an extended rendition that clocks at nine minutes, starting with Clapton on vocals then Yvone Elliman and then both together before Clapton throws in a great solo.

At nearly 10 minutes, Tell The Truth is a piece de resistance which evolves into a true jam session with all band members joining in for what has to be a splendid rendition. A great albeit short blues medley follows now: Hideaway is segued into “Ramblin’ On My Mind” with the former including a fragment of the “Peter Gunn” theme!

Steady Rollin’ Man is the Robert Johnson tune that Clapton rearranged for his 461 Ocean Boulevard album. I always loved the album version so it’s easy to presume a live rendition can’t be nothing but a favourite! On top of this, the performance in Davenport is particularly excellent! Clapton says “Lovely!” as the band members tune up instruments for Blues Power which sees the chords to Badge being played for a few seconds during its intro!

Soundboard recording > cdr > EAC > Flac frontend 6

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Badge 7:02 (11.8MB)
Track 02. Presence Of The Lord 9:58 (16.7MB)
Track 03. Tell The Truth 9:55 (16.7MB)
Track 04. Hideaway/Ramblin’ On My Mind 4:57 (8.3MB)
Track 05. Steady Rollin’ Man 6:56 (11.6MB)
Track 06. Blues Power 11:28 (19.3MB)
51 mins

Eric Clapton - guitar, vocals
Jamie Oldaker - drums
Dick Sims - keyboards
Carl Radle - bass
George Terry - guitar
Yvonne Elliman - backing vocals

Clapton recorded practically every show from his 1974 world tour and all we got was E.C. Was Here and that was from 1974 and 1975. Click here to order E.C. Was Here.

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  1. 34 Responses to “ERIC CLAPTON - IOWA 1974”

  2. Hi
    Can you check the artwork links for this one. Not working at the moment

    By daij on Jan 30, 2014

  3. Hello daij

    Kindly refresh the page and try again. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on Jan 30, 2014

  4. Thanks

    By daij on Jan 30, 2014

  5. Thanks, bigO!. Never too much Clapton!

    By NAMoosedog on Jan 30, 2014

  6. 26 shows is NOT a gruelling tour.. it would be gruelling if it was 26 shows in 10 days, or something similar.. Eric was just a weak-willed, self-obsessed, dumb drug addict who liked to wallow in self-pity.

    By KeepItReal on Jan 30, 2014

  7. According to Where’s Eric, Clapton and band did 28 shows in 38 days- from June 28 - August 4 in the US, except for one show in July in Montreal.

    By Dingus on Jan 30, 2014

  8. Thanks for this Big O - this period fascinates me as there are many recordings where there are flashes of genius amongst the drunk and who else wrestled such demons in public this way? A 12 step fellowship legend too, given to show support showing up at meetings at certain London locations so maybe not quite so dumb now huh?
    Heroin and alcohol take no prisoners and there are too many long gone from the effects of both.They weren’t dumb they were sick
    Call him a survivor

    Thanks again for this never have enough good Clapton

    By swappers on Jan 30, 2014

  9. I was unfortunate enough to see Clapton during this period.
    Never went back.

    By sluggo on Jan 30, 2014

  10. The more I think about this the more i feel perfectly validated to make that statement.
    At that time[of the clapton concert] i was working pretty hard to make a very small wage and my entertainment dollars didn`t go very far.
    To take in a concert like this only to find the main star so drunk/stoned he could barely perform was so heartbreaking…yet it seems he didn`t even care.
    At the same time, if any one of us was to show up for our jobs in that condition , bang..end of job…I have grown older and perhaps a little more jaded and i`m sorry but I don`t feel all this compassion for someone who quite willingly gave fuck all of a performance except a major fuck you to the paying fans.

    By sluggo on Jan 30, 2014

  11. Amen to that sluggo. I saw him this same month at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, it was a disaster. But credit must go to him for his recovery.

    By JB on Jan 30, 2014

  12. But credit must go to him for his recovery.

    sure thing. i have no problem about that.
    but the memories can linger with those that get hurt, disappointed, betrayed, let down and I`m not just talking about clapton right now but all of those who have suffered at the hands of an addict because these people get no credit.

    By sluggo on Jan 30, 2014

  13. A real pleasure!!thank you BigO :)
    but what i see on the back sleeve is strange:
    sleeve design:olaf clapton? maybe a swedish
    cousin of eric?

    By easy on Jan 31, 2014

  14. olaf is a name that is used in legends as a name to be feared or the champion of…
    it is used in the league of legends etc. in all likelihood a huge fan of eric’s either who happens to have the name and is german or who adopted the name and it isnt really his actual name and just feels that he is the biggest fan of the legendary clapton who is the legend himself.. created the artwork and gave himself the credit on the cover and gave himself the last name of his idol.
    kinda like darth clapton. hehe.

    By darth on Jan 31, 2014

  15. I rank this recording of EC at the Mississippi Fairgrounds in Davenport among the top tier of the recordings from the “EC Was Here” ‘74 “Comeback” tour.

    The ‘74 Tour is one of my favorites because of the unpredictability of the setlist, the way songs were played differently from night to night, and the degree to which Eric was drunk and unreserved on numerous occasions. Later Clapton tours sound almost rote to me, one great recording is all you need to sum up the whole tour. Not so on the ‘74 jaunt.

    Here’s the shows I consider to be top tier:

    1. Long Beach - the gold standard - great sound and performance (now almost entirely released on the new “Give Me Strength” cd).
    2. Jersey City - nice sound with a bass emphasis that gives it a bit of a heavy tone. Eric sounds loose and sings almost every song behind the beat, but it works.The two songs with Freddie King are awesome - some of the best dual lead guitar playing I’ve ever heard..
    3. Providence - FM quality and a show with attitude (thanks to the bottle throwing incident) - Yvonne tells the crowd off in “Get Ready” and Eric adds “you tell ‘em!”.
    4, St. Louis - the poorest quality of these “top tier” shows (but still good) with a hair raising solo in “Get Ready” (Eric sounds like Jimmy Page on it) and a cover of “You Dont Love Me” with plenty of Duane Allman style slide make make this a show to seek out.

    And to this list I now add Mississippi Fairgrounds show called “Hideaway” - and by the way this version posted by BigO is the superior recording.

    BTW - The Nassau & Capitol Center shows are a consideration for this list, and the Hammersmith shows in London are good too, but I feel lack some of the looseness and fireworks of the other shows.

    By Scott on Jan 31, 2014

  16. scott, that is a great and helpful review. thanks.

    By sluggo on Jan 31, 2014

  17. Scott….I was at Jersey City. It was a bad scene. Like sluggo I was so mad I said I will never go see him again. I have seen him recently. The good guitar playing at Jersey City was George Terry, and Freddie King of course.

    By JB on Jan 31, 2014

  18. I can sympathise with several points here and not least sluggo’s frustration at EC’s legendary unprofessionalism in this period but it is put into focus for me by Scott emphasizing what a great set this is to have (thanks Big O brothers.)
    It does raise some more questions tho’. Never going back is your loss sluggo. 6 years later than this and I saw Eric and a pared down ‘blues’ evening from the ‘Just One Night’ album set that stands as one of the best concerts here in Oxford I have EVER seen! That and I am really not the biggest EC fan!?

    It also fascinates me the points about drinking on the job too.I worked for a company where the culture was drunken for about 12 years. You were mistrusted if you didn’t drink! So that’s not always true about being dismissed for being drunk!
    Also and more pertinent, if folks didn’t like what they saw and heard why did they stay and listen? You can ask for your money back you know but no-one seemed to. Spectre at the train wreck? Maybe but if alcohol impaired the performance THAT much I trust the crowd all stormed out in disgust and demanded refunds?
    juss sayin’ . . . .

    enjoyed the thread here,thanks Big O, a lively debate and no abuse (yet!) is most welcome

    and er, keep on rockin’people

    What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?

    By swappers on Jan 31, 2014

  19. It does raise some more questions tho’. Never going back is your loss sluggo.

    possibly but i can watch a dvd or buy a cd that won`t be marred by his demons.
    i go to a restaurant and get a sick from my meal, i don`t go back..i buy a vehicle from a dealer turns out to be a lemon i don`t go back, I attend a concert by a drunk I don`t go back.

    By sluggo on Jan 31, 2014

  20. with cars bought from dealers there is protection. theres something called the lemon law. if u buy it privately thats called as-is. and theres no protection. if the private seller sells more than a certain minimum amount of a cars in a period of time.. usually a year.. then he becomes a dealer whether he likes it or not and is then governed by the lemon law.
    when it comes to a live performance or a movie or a haircut (believe it or not) or a meal.. the buyer does have the right to request or even demand a refund if the service isnt up to his/her satisfaction. it may not be that easy to receive their money back but legally they are entitled to it. finishing said meal ruins the contract slightly but a case can still be made depending on the situation. i would guess if one got ill for example.
    i once went to a performance where rod stewart was supposed to be there and it was a look alike. he was one portion of the act and the other half was a rocky horror act. it was god awful. so bad in fact that i demanded the refund for the audience and they wouldnt comply. u wouldnt believe the excuses i got but i ultimately did get my money back. i dont know now how many others got theirs but this is over 33 yrs ago now. i know i was furious.

    i spent several years studying law and learned that u are entitled to ask for a refund even up til nearly the end of a show. u can not pay for a haircut if u dont like it. i dont think its right to not pay if u just want to get out of paying if u really do like it.

    eric wasnt drunk in 76 or 77 or 78 or 80/81 or 83 or 85/86 etc. so totally giving up on him forever because of one show 40 years ago is ridiculous. he still drank for many years but he didnt let it control him and he didnt let it affect his playing on stage after that first solo tour. he did attempt to do a comeback a tad too early yes.
    that rainbow gig in 73 and the first tour was a bit premature but those tickets werent $20-400. the shows werent that bad. one can listen to the recordings and hear the quality of the performances. yes hes drunk at most of them but the band jams and they cover for him where he falls short. and when he soars man oh man does he ever.
    i saw 4 shows on that 74 tour. i saw a few more on the 76 and then 78 tours. i dont remember seeing more than one in 81 i think it was cuz he ended it short due to some stomach ulcer. i saw the 83 tour a couple of times. i didnt like that tour that much. the 84 tour with roger i saw 6 or 7x. then in 85 and 86 and 87 i saw him as many times. that was one of my fave tours. he finally came to terms with cream songs he wouldnt do til then.
    when he did the last show at the garden in nyc on 4-27-87 i was front row center and boy was i in heaven. the jams with robert cray were stupendous. he recorded the show for a possible release. thankfully it made it out into collectors circles. those ritz shows the previous nov including the one with keith richards is also a killer set.
    im glad that there are so many fm’s and sbd’s and tv brdcsts that make it out of eric live. it makes me happy that im a huge fan of his.
    im not as much of a fan of every period as every other period and after 95 i didnt get to see him again. but i have seen him all told about 22x in my life. i never saw him with mayall or cream or blind faith or the dominos. but i did see him with carl perkins and jack bruce and roomful of blues and others that i never expected would happen. i saw the arms shows in 83. i saw him get on stage with lionel richie and lots of people in little clubs that i had no idea hed ever show up with. the 5 hour jam with him and roomful of blues the nite he filmed the michelob commercial was a dream.
    thats something i have never seen any tapes of.

    By darth on Feb 1, 2014

  21. oh fer fucks sake now he`s matlock.
    darth , you have no idea how hilarious you are.

    By dropkick sarge on Feb 1, 2014

  22. i didnt say i was a defense atty. i took a couple of years of law while i went to school. didnt u go to school? i mean did u even graduate high school? if u did.. did u go any further? its rhetorical. its pretty obvious u didnt. u know whats funny? u claim u dont read what i post. yet in order to have mocked me u would have had to read every single word. ironic that u sit on the edge of your seat waiting for my postings yet always claim that my postings are worthless and hilarious. have u ever offered anything substantial or worth reading on this site ever?? dont rush to respond. that was another rhetorical question. we all know the answer.

    By darth on Feb 1, 2014

  23. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    By u on Feb 1, 2014

  24. “with cars bought from dealers there is protection.”

    its a shame that your father didnt use better protection 55 years ago…..

    By barth on Feb 1, 2014

  25. even your retorts are getting funnier all the time darth. you have no sense of irony or humor or someone just taking the piss out of you and you rail and whine like a little girl its hilarious.
    The matlock reference was funny and you start screaming like a bitch! LOLOLOL
    and I have never claimed not to read all your posts, I wouldn`t miss one of your comedic gems. the best part is you don`t know how silly they are!

    By dropkick sarge on Feb 1, 2014

  26. it seems like his hpd kicks in every three days or so.

    can u imagine being the doorman when mr. “i studied law” starts bawling for a refund? they probably threw money at him just to get rid of him.

    “the other half was a rocky horror act”
    well duh they were drag queens!! u would have to be as dumb as a fence post to go a drag show expecting to see the “real” rod stewart!!

    By barth on Feb 1, 2014

  27. I make art out of deer parts.
    no refunds.

    By Hoof Arted on Feb 1, 2014

  28. the posters and ads specified that rod would be making an appearance. the rocky portion wasnt a drag show. and if u knew anything whatsoever about rocky horror u would know that it isnt about that. theres only one character that is in drag as u refer to it. it wasnt a drag show. the management admitted they screwed up. a lot of ppl felt gyped. they all were there to see rod. it was at the ulster county performing arts center in kingston ny. there were no doormen involved. i didnt bawl. and yes they gave me my money to get rid of me. thats the point. they also gave it to others for the same reason. we were unhappy with the event and being misled and so on.
    the matlock reference wasnt funny at all btw. it made no sense but im not surprised u thought it did. i didnt scream like a bitch. i just figured id have to explain things to a simple minded idiot like u again like i usually do. its getting old. and yes u always claim to not read my posts. u just forget that u do that when u later get caught reading them. as silly as u think my postings are u cant even see yours for what they are. thats hysterical. its a sad pity but it is hysterical.

    By darth on Feb 2, 2014

  29. “gyped” ???

    what is “gyped”

    oh don`t mean that rascist term ‘gypped ‘
    do you darth ?
    That`s not very nice of you to say something so derogatory.
    Is it even legal?

    By dropkick sarge on Feb 2, 2014

  30. well duh they were drag queens!! u would have to be as dumb as a fence post to go a drag show expecting to see the “real” rod stewart!!


    By dropkick sarge on Feb 2, 2014

  31. “i didnt bawl.”
    u whined like a wounded boar hog.

    “i didnt scream like a bitch.”
    u hollered like a harridan.

    “they gave me money to get rid of me.”
    u probably make a good living that way. its cash money too.

    By barth on Feb 2, 2014

  32. rock candy funk party is on conan tonite. tbs channel. thats joe bonamassa’s band. the show repeats at 1230am which means theyll be on at 125am or so. but its on right now on the east coast. theyll be on at 1155pm im figuring. i didnt realize they were on til he announced it. i never watch conan and i just happened to leave the station on when big bang theory ended and i said wow. i dont know if anyone has heard their cd but i love it. other people i have turned onto it havent enjoyed it as much. i dont get it. i think its fabulous.

    keep in mind u2 is on fallons new tonite show on monday.

    By darth on Feb 11, 2014

  33. thank u sir or madam. i appreciate your compliments.

    By barth on Jun 12, 2014

  34. I went to the West Palm Speedway show,which was the last show of the “first leg.” Rained at the speedway and was a total mudfest.Joe Walsh opened the show.You know,the Rocky Mountain Way routine. Amazingly,Clapton seemed fine and played well.Was shocked to hear him bellowing to the fans at other shows on youtube. I do remember Keith Moon running around the stage with a tambourine.I guess they were getting ready for the “break” party after this show.Enjoyed your website.

    By Richard on Feb 15, 2015

  35. I was at the Davenport show in 1974. It was fantastic. Mostly because I’d been waiting for four years (ever since I picked up “Eric Clapton at my college bookstore in the fall of 1970.) It was the only time I “wedged” my way up to the front of the stage. Yvonne Elliman was a real treat. Eric didn’t have much of a stage presence, but he and Terry played well off one another, as I recall. And he played my favorite song, “Badge.” I’ve been to several of E.C.’s concerts since: onetime I remember he was totally upstaged his warm up band headed by Carlos Santana, who kindly came out and played with Eric–really helped Eric to end the show. It’s always dangerous to make people into Gods, yet we do it anyway.

    By Neil on Aug 21, 2015

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