VARIOUS - WALL TO WALL MILES DAVIS 2001 (Disc 3 and 4 of 8)

March 2, 2014 – 5:18 am

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Wall to Wall Miles Davis 2001 [no label, Disc 3 and 4 of 8]

Live at the Symphony Space, New York, NY; March 24, 2001. Excellent FM broadcast.

Thanks to GUITARS for sharing this at Dime; and to lilioriverio and abbcccus for keeping the show alive since 2007.

Bill Milkowski posted the following at in 2001:

One of the great gifts that New York music lovers cherish each year is the gala Wall to Wall marathon that takes place at Symphony Space, the Upper West Side bastion of innovative programming. A free event that has been going strong since 1978, Wall to Wall focuses on presenting the music of a single artist for a span of 12 consecutive hours-noon until midnight-in the acoustically impeccable 800-seat theater.

This year, Symphony Space co-founder and artistic director Isaiah Sheffer along with curator Bill Bragin chose Miles Davis as their Wall to Wall honoree. Few other figures in jazz history, with the exception of Ellington and Charles Mingus, have produced such a remarkably varied body of work as Davis. And for this 12-hour Miles marathon, the full scope of his chameleonic career-bebop, cool, modal, orchestral, fusion, funk, hip-hop-was well represented by a rotating cast of jazz all-stars.

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Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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The rest of the show will be shared in the coming weeks.

Disc 3
Urban Tap/Aura
Tamango - tap dancer
Fabio Morgera - trumpet
Track 301. Intro 0:26 (739k)
Track 302. Music inspired by the album Aura [1985, P Mikkelborg] 2:11 (3.7MB)
Track 303. Music inspired by the album Aura [1985, P Mikkelborg] 3: 51 (6.5MB)

Gemini: Double Image
Burnt Sugar/The Arkestra Chamber
Track 304. Mtume/Directions 16:04 (27.0MB)
[Get Up With It, 1974; Black Beauty, 1970 - J Zawinul]
Track 305. Little Church 8:46 (14.7MB)
[Live/Evil, 1970 - H Pascoal]

Directions In New Music
Dave Douglas New Quintet
Dave Douglas - trumpet
Antonio Hart - alto saxophone
Uri Caine - electric piano
James Genus - bass
Clarence Penn - drums
Track 306. Boplicity/Sanctuary/Kix 12:38 (21.2MB)
[The Birth of the Cool, 1949 - C Henry; Bitches Brew, 1969 - W Shorter; We Want Miles, 1981]

Loose Change from the Plugged Nickel
Ingrid Jensen Group
Ingrid Jensen - trumpet
Gary Thomas - tenor saxophone
Orrin Evans - keys
Ed Howard - bass
Jeff “Tain” Watts - drums
Track 307. I Fall In Love Too Easily 3:04 (5.2MB)
[Live at the Plugged Nickel - S Cahn/J Styne]
Track 308. If I Were A Bell/Walkin’ 19:26 (32.6MB)
[Live at the Plugged Nickel, 1965 - F Loesser; R Carpenter]

67 mins

Disc 4 (Set 2)
Pop Songs
Russell Gunn Group
Russell Gunn - trumpet
Carl Burnett - guitar
Marc Cary - piano
Taurus Mateen - bass
Terreon Gully - drums
Track 401. Love For Sale/Stella By Starlight 8:37 (14.5MB)
[Somethin’ Else, 1958 - C Port; Live at the Plugged Nickel, 1965 - N Washington/V Young]

Track 402. Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper) 6:33 (11.0MB)

He Loved Him Madly
Frank London & Invocations
Frank London - trumpet
Anthony Coleman - organ
Ken Filiano - double bass
Track 403. He Loved Him Madly 12:28 (20.9MB)
[Miles Davis memorial for Duke Ellington]

When Miles Split!
Ntozake Shange - poetry
Track 404. When Miles Split! 8:36 (14.5MB)
[Read by Amiri Baraka at Miles’ memorial service, St Peters Church, NYC]

The Birth Of The Cool
Graham Haynes Nonet
Graham Haynes - trumpet
Gary Valente - trombone
Vincent Chancey - french horn
Bob Stewart - tuba
Avram Fefer - alto saxophone
Alex Harding - baritone saxophone
Uri Caine - piano
Clarence Penn - drums
Track 405. Jeru (G Mulligan) 6:11 (10.4MB)
Track 406. Moon Dreams (C MacGregor/J Mercer) 3:57 (6.6MB)
Track 407. Venus de Milo (G Mulligan; transcribed by Joe Muccioli) 3:56 (6.6MB)
Track 408. Deception 4:16 (7.2MB)
Track 409. Rouge 5:35 (9.4MB)
[The Birth of the Cool (1949-1950), J Lewis]

Sketches Of Spain outtakes (never before heard)
Track 410. Sketches Of Spain outtakes 2:56 (4.9MB)

George Avakian (producer of Miles Ahead)
Track 411. Reminiscences 14:26 (24.3MB)
78 mins

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