April 11, 2009 – 4:24 am

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CMT Crossroads Complete [no label, 2CD]

Live in Nashville, TN. Recorded on April 2, 2002; broadcast May 26, 2002. From CMT Promo CDs, very good soundboard.

The show was billed as “The pop legend champions a young songwriter”. During the show, Elton John says of Oh My Sweet Carolina: “This next song was the song that inspired me to go back to basics and do the album I did last year [Songs From The West Coast]. When I heard Heartbreaker, I was so touched by the simplicity and beauty… and I felt I used to do stuff like this…”

Ryan Adams might have been one of the emerging alternative country musicians when he released Heartbreaker (2000) but Gold (2001) made him a popular act. The question then: how big a star was Ryan Adams to share the TV screen with Elton John? That question becomes moot when one listens to the assured performances and friendly banter between the two and the listener gets the impression that Adams was not at all overawed by Elton.

But Elton turned on the charm and won over the audience just before the first take of Answering Bell when he said: “I only learned it this afternoon so if I messed it up, we’ll do it again… hopefully I won’t mess it up.”

While the title of the CD might be “CMT Crossroads Complete”, it isn’t the show as was broadcast on TV. This is more like the making-of of the show and would appeal specially to those who want a look at the behind-the-scenes, as it were, of the show.

On the show, Adams got to perform Elton’s Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters. Maybe that’s where [Adams’ future wife] Mandy Moore first got the idea to include the song in her 2003 album, Coverage.

Thanks to Mudshark who shared these tracks on the Dime site. Mudshark had originally taken the tracks from ryanadamsarchive.com.

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.Disc 1
Intro (2.3MB)
Firecracker (4.3MB)
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Take 1) (12.2MB)
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Take 2) (7.2MB)
La Cienega Just Smiled (8.0MB)
Answering Bell (Take 1) (5.3MB)
Answering Bell (Take 2) (5.5MB)
Daniel (6.2MB)
Oh My Sweet Carolina (Take 1) (8.0MB)
Break w/ Ryan and Elton (9.1MB)
Q&A (20.1MB)

Disc 2
Tune-ups (2.8MB)
Saturday Night (5.0MB)
He’ll Have To Go (Take 1) (3.5MB)
He’ll Have To Go (Take 2) (4.9MB)
I Still Miss Someone (4.2MB)
Ooh Las Vegas (4.4MB)
Great Balls Of Fire (3.1MB)
Sin City (2.8MB)
Lovesick Blues (3.3MB)
He’ll Have To Go (Take 3) (5.9MB)
Tiny Dancer (13.3MB)
Rocket Man (Take 1) (2.0MB)
Rocket Man (Take 2) (9.1MB)
Show Intro (4.8MB)

Click here to order Ryan Adams’ Heartbreaker.

Click here to order Elton John’s Songs From The West Coast.


  2. Oh my God!!!! I’ve always wanted to hear this! Ever since I missed the actual airing. Thanks very very much! :)

    By PIIYM on Apr 11, 2009

  3. What a weird couple!…seems to work well though…the album Songs From The West by Elton John is surely the best album he recorded in years…here you understand how he came across doing that record, thanks to the” next to be big thing” Ryan Adams, who’s as always very intriguing…

    By Alex Corvini on Apr 13, 2009

  4. “Firecracker”!..That’s rock and roll right there!..great stuff

    By mike traynor on Apr 13, 2009

  5. Thanks so much for sharing this. I posted this show a few months back on my blog and it’s got a prettl low bitrate. This sounds a lot better than the version I’ve been sharing. Thanks again.

    By Honest Abe on Apr 19, 2009

  6. I have been searching for a way to share this performance with a friend for a long time & stumbled onto your site quite by accident. It is chocked full of goodies that have reminded me of so many great performances. Thanks for your help yesterday, and kudos for a beautifully managed site!

    By Lynda Loyd on Jan 31, 2010

  7. thanks and great posting :)

    By wet willie on Jul 23, 2011

  8. It is a match made in heaven. I am a big Elton fan and loved his early years. But hearing him hear with Ryan performing firecracker really made Elton come back strong. That is the type of music I am used to him doing. Sweet Carolina Wow. I see why Ryan let him do that one by himself Good job. It has become Eltons song to me now. But Ryan always rocks as well. Thanks for posting this.

    By Manuel Martinez on Jan 9, 2012

  9. I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan Adams’ for over ten years now and when he did this with Elton I was blown away. For the longest time I’ve only accessed what was on the DVD alone. All these extra takes they did that you have are so cool to hear and have. Thanks so much for sharing this with me.

    By Magick Dancer on Mar 18, 2012

  10. OK, now WHO can get hold of the FIRST performance of this show? Ryan had to call in sick (for whatever reason) and Elton graciously stuck around and performed all of Ryan’s songs AND his own so the assembled studio audience would not go home cheated. Had that disc but for some reason can’t find it now….

    By murgatroyd on Oct 7, 2012

  11. such a pleasure to hear. two talented musicians on one stage. thank you so much for publishing this.

    By Elad on May 7, 2015

  12. Any chance this has be reupped somewhere, some of the links are broken?

    By Brian on Jul 3, 2017

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