April 1, 2014 – 5:16 am

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Glenside 2014 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Keswick Theater, Glenside, PA; March 29, 2014. Good to very good audience recording.

Singer-songwriters Shawn Colvin and Steve Earle announce a special run of tour dates together this March: “Songs and Stories, Together Onstage,” in which they share the stage for a night of song swapping, duets, storytelling, and guitar playing. These two longtime friends and mutual admirers will share music from their extensive catalogues as well as some of their favorite songs by other classic songwriters. The tour kicks off at Carnegie Library Music Hall of Homestead outside Pittsburgh on March 18, followed by stops in Bethlehem, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Durham, Nashville, Richmond, Troy, Boston, and Philadelphia.

At, John J Moser reviewed the duo’s March 19 gig at Bethlehem, PA:

The best thing was that it seemed the two singers made each other better throughout the 18-song, hour-and-45-minute show. It was evident from the opening song, a cover of The Everly Brothers’ Wake Up Little Susie, which they attacked with enthusiasm, despite the relaxed atmosphere - the two alone on the stage with acoustic guitars, Earle in a flannel shirt and jeans, Colvin in a flowing, flowered dress. For most of the night, they alternated songs, occasionally joining with the other, but more often simply watching with the audience…

Perhaps the best of the night was when they joined for Earle’s The Galway Girl, with him on mandolin and Colvin on guitar. Earle explained they had spent St Patrick’s Day in an airport, and “We want a do-over.” It was a perfect segway into the Celtic-flavored stomp (which Earle literally did), which Earle sang full-voiced, with Colvin seemingly spurring him on. Having Colvin with him “significantly dilutes the ugly on stage,” he said…

[They] closed with the expected performance of Earle’s hit Copperhead Road. “We got to play this ‘cause we want to get the f— out of here alive,” Earle jokingly said. But it was a full and wonderful performance of a great song, the artists clearly spurring each other on.

Thanks to edtyre for taping the show and sharing the tracks at Dime.

Picture by Brian Hineline/Special to The Morning Call; posted at - Thanks!

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Disc 1
Track 101. Wake Up Little Susie 6:28 (10.9MB)
Track 102. The Devils Right Hand 7:17 (12.2MB)
Track 103. Another Long One 5:42 (9.6MB)
Track 104. Goodbye 9:25 (15.8MB)
Track 105. A Matter Of Minutes 5:14 (8.8MB)
Track 106. Crazy 5:25 (9.1MB)
Track 107. Pancho and Lefty 6:56 (11.7MB)
Track 108. Trouble 9:49 (16.5MB)
Track 109. Someday 4:23 (7.4MB)
61 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Fearless Heart 4:03 (6.8MB)
Track 202. Diamond In The Rough 10:37 (17.8MB)
Track 203. City Of Immigrants 5:15 (8.8MB)
Track 204. Burnin It Down 4:17 (7.2MB)
Track 205. Sunny Came Home 5:51 (9.8MB)
Track 206. Galway Girl 5:29 (9.2MB)
Track 207. Your’e Still Standing There 6:09 (10.3MB)
Track 208. Baby’s In Black 4:47 (8.0MB)
Track 209. Copperhead Road 5:01 (8.4MB)
52 mins

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  1. 5 Responses to “SHAWN COLVIN AND STEVE EARLE - GLENSIDE 2014”

  2. Fantastic Big O, Thank you!
    Can always do with more Steve Earle and this with Shawn Colvin is a bogof twofer and no mistake!

    By swappers on Apr 1, 2014

  3. Almost too good to be true, but as a matter of fact no April Fool’s Joke. Thank you very much!

    By Waterboy on Apr 1, 2014

  4. I was at this show on Saturday. The storytelling was great as well as the music. They both seemed so comfortable with each other, whether playing together, or just watching. Great idea on their part to do this.

    By Mikey on Apr 2, 2014

  5. The Keswick Theater is such a gem of a venue in the Philly area. I’ve enjoyed many shows there and always love getting a new recording from there. Thanks for sharing.

    By David Coulson on Apr 4, 2014

  6. am i the only one that just doesnt like Shawn Colvin?
    I admit i havent listened to this yet - I do love Steve - so Ill give it a go - but I have just never really liked her material - Ive seen her live and listened to her cd’s - and she just doesn’t do much for me.

    By dwight on Apr 7, 2014

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