June 18, 2014 – 3:11 pm

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First Time In Japan [The Godfatherecords, GR 933/934/935, 3CD]

Live at the Open Air Festival, Hakone Aphrodite, Hakone, Japan, August 6, 1971; Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan; August 9, 1971. Very good audience recordings.

We had previously shared the August 6, 1971 show here. This offers an audio upgrade of the August 6 show and also includes the August 9 show in Osaka.

relayer67 wrote at (November 2013):

This recent release from Godfather contains both shows documenting Pink Floyd’s first trip to Japan, a short tour consisting of just three dates. Such was the success of this tour that the band would return to the Land of the Rising Sun for a proper tour the following year. What makes this release interesting, for me, is the fact that I have needed upgrades of these shows for some time and finally someone decided to put the shows together in one release.

For the first two dates of the tour, Pink Floyd would play the Hakone Aphrodite ’71 Festival and were the headliners for both days. Three incomplete sources exist for the first date and have circulated in trading circles and eventually found there way to bootleggers. Previous releases for the Hakone recording(s), Echoes Of Japanese Meddle (Shout To The Top STTP 153) contains what is considered source 3, Aphrodite (Sirene 160) contains both source 1 and 2 and also included a full size replica of the festival program as well as a higher price and most recently Memories Of The East (Sigma 24)…

Overall a well done take on the first Hakone show, other than the small part in Careful With That Axe that could have been handled a little better this is, for me, as good as it gets. Due to the fragmentary nature of the three sources I prefer a composite to give the best presentation as opposed to have all three sources separate, Godfathers have given us just that…

For the last night of the tour the band would play the Festival Hall in Osaka, a far more intimate setting as opposed to the previous two concerts performed in an open air atmosphere. This would also allow the band to play a full concert and not the truncated festival set.

There is only a single tape source for the Osaka date and the recording has been released before, first being Live In Osaka (Zeus Z20102701/2), and most recently in upgraded sound quality on Osaka 1971 (Sigma 67), the sound quality is near excellent, a bit thin sounding with some upper end distortion and perhaps the drums are slightly in the background compared to the other instruments. The audience is extremely quiet and respectful and this recording is certainly the best sonic document of the first Japanese tour. Unfortunately the taper paused the tape machine between songs but other than that the recording is complete.

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Thanks to thumbsplus for sharing the tracks on the net.

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UPDATED: October 9, 2015

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

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  4. Anything from my favorite period(from 68 thru to just before DSOTM)is always a welcome addition.Considering how important these recordings are to me of my favorite bands`early material presented in the live setting,even a slight upgrade is cause for celebration for me.Thx Big-O !!!

    By Couz on Jun 18, 2014

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    “Atom Heart Mother” twice, splendid ! It’s my favorite piece of Pink Floyd.

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