PINK FLOYD - LOS ANGELES 1975 (Mike Millard)

August 13, 2014 – 3:05 pm

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Echoes From The Past (Platinum Edition) [Digital Reproductions DR 42675-4, 2CD]

Live at the Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA; April 26, 1975. Very good to excellent audience recording.

Thanks to Mike Millard for the recording; and to the person who shared this at Dime.


This torrent captures the entire master tape source (including mic checks by taper Mike Millard).

There are many Pink Floyd Roios out there. Most of them are audience recordings and pretty difficult to listen to. This one, however, has to be the best audience recording of an old Floyd show ever. This rivals the Boston Garden show for quality, IMHO. If your a Floyd fan, don’t miss this one!

The Digital Dan Review:

An incredible audience show from the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California on April 26, 1975. This is the complete master tape source, so complete that you here the taper testing the mics as the show starts. The sound is nothing short of astounding. Incredibly clear and quite devoid of almost any fan noise. The bass is well captured, deep and powerful with no distortion whatsoever. The highs are also very crisp and not the least bit of harshness. In other words, the mix is just about perfect as if it were a soundboard. I think I have a good idea who taped this show and it explains a lot. There are a few things that make this recording truly unique. First, the pre-release versions of Sheep (Raving And Drooling) and Dogs (You Gotta Be Crazy). Raving And Drooling is much different instrumentally during the jam sections than is the album version, including some rhythm guitar that sounds like disco-funk! The lyrics to You Gotta Be Crazy are quite different from the album version of Dogs. Even Roger calls it a rather “mean” song. “Any Colour You Like” is the great jam version and this is the last tour with performances of “Echoes” in its entirety. All and all this recording is absolutely amazing for its age and one that you will  definitely want in your collection.

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  1. 30 Responses to “PINK FLOYD - LOS ANGELES 1975 (Mike Millard)”

  2. Hey super thanks!!!
    Fantastic recording by a truly great taper

    By benk on Aug 13, 2014

  3. Very impressive indeed,this cat knew what he was doing.This is indeed a keeper….

    By Couz on Aug 13, 2014

  4. Thank you!

    By Tom on Aug 13, 2014

  5. Wow - you guys are quick! getting ready to download this right now - can’t wait to hear it! Just a couple days ago I mentioned on your Bob Dylan post how I’d love to have a copy of this show and BOOM! - Here it is! I’ll get back to you. . .

    By Daniel Kershner on Aug 13, 2014

  6. I was there! This was the night Crazy Ed Davis, LA police chief, rounded up a bunch of the stoned hippies and they had to spend the night in jail. What a mean man Ed Davis was - and there was no point to it whatsoever. - S.

    By slot sleet on Aug 13, 2014

  7. Excellent recording - congrats to (the late) Mike Millard for a job well done! I saw them mid-June in Jersey City, NJ, still one of the best concert experiences of my life. The stories, oh the stories…… Thanks, BigO!

    By rick on Aug 14, 2014

  8. Thank you Big O Amigos. I think I have some sort of vinyl pressing of this. It will be very interesting to compare while taking in a Thompson moonrise. Thanks again and thankyou to Mr. Millard. Respectfully, James

    By James on Aug 14, 2014

  9. Thank you!

    By franco on Aug 14, 2014

  10. An amazing recording. Just….wow.

    A great addition to the collection.

    Thanks Mike, RIP.

    By Lion & Eagle on Aug 14, 2014

  11. hey bigo, i was wondering where breathe (reprise) is so it should be time / breathe (reprise). it just wasn’t split into a separate track.


    By Ed Saad on Aug 14, 2014

  12. Yes! Fantastic sound. That Nakamichi Cassette recorder must have cost an arm and a leg. Definitely rivals soundboard - maybe better in some ways. And since Floyd most likely did not tape this show themselves, this MORE than makes up for it. Forty years on, this man’s work is being enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you to everybody involved. I spent yesterday listening to it while driving and hiking in Big Sur, California. Perfection.

    By Daniel Kershner on Aug 14, 2014

  13. the cow palace in 75 was a sbd that the band taped. i think there are a few sbds from 75 but off the top of my head thats the first one that comes to mind. and even then its not complete. as i recall its most of a 90min tape. i had it before cd boots came on the scene. i remember when i saw it on cd and it claimed on the back cover to be from the sbd and figured it was from the same tape that mine was from. i think i had a 2nd or 3rd gen on that.
    if youre looking for another incredible 75 audience show jump on 6-18 boston.

    By darth on Aug 14, 2014

  14. Got the Boston show too Darth. Yes, it’s a great recording as well.

    By Daniel Kershner on Aug 15, 2014

  15. Any source patching here or is it 100 per cent millard, noticed that a 75 stones show indicated partial millard partial soundboard thanks

    By william edwards on Aug 16, 2014

  16. After listening to this show, how could you not feel that this it, the best Pink Floyd live recording ever (and there are MANY candidates)? I feel that the real difference and what separates this from the Dan Lampinski Boston Garden show, and not to any way knock, because the Boston show really is fabulous, is that Dan captured a lot of irritating crowd noise, such as obnoxious people talking throughout several numbers. Mike captured this show perfectly in every way possible. I saw a YouTube interview (some time ago, so I can’t state what actual broadcast it was clipped from) during the course of which Roger Waters discussed his acknowledgement of and complete distaste with bootlegging, for obvious reasons. And while not mentioning Mike Millard by name, he did mention this 1975 LA performance specifically and acknowledged how the taper captured the show in absolute perfection, smiling all the while.

    By Mr. Jimmy on Aug 16, 2014

  17. I agree that this is the best Pink Floyd boot ever, just wanted to know if it was 100per cent millard and not mixed with other sources soundboard or otherwise like was indicated in the stones 7 11 75 show, if someone could shed light on that I would appreciate it

    By william edwards on Aug 16, 2014

  18. william edwards, this is all Mike Millard, start to finish, no soundboard, filler, edits, or splices. There are any number of variants out there in internet land, one of the better known ones circulates under the “Cruel But Fair” title.

    By Mr. Jimmy on Aug 16, 2014

  19. While the Dan Lampinski recording of Boston Gardens is a fantastic recording on its own, the definitive version of Boston Gardens ‘75 is the matrix version which combines Lampinski’s recording with a second source to create a fuller sound and also fill in splices to make it more complete

    By Stanks on Aug 16, 2014

  20. Im sure it sounds great but being a puriest iwould like to hear the Lampinski version unaltered Is that version available?

    By corey m on Aug 18, 2014

  21. um.. what?

    By darth on Oct 31, 2014

  22. confused darth?

    By Jaw Hunger on Oct 31, 2014

  23. perhaps youre able to read the comment immediately above my last one?

    By darth on Oct 31, 2014

  24. I can read it, it says “Im sure it sounds great but being a puriest iwould like to hear the Lampinski version unaltered Is that version available?” What’s the problem darth?

    By dubious on Oct 31, 2014

  25. zactlee -still confused darth- use your rosetta stone to unscramble the scramble next time.

    By Jaw Hunger on Oct 31, 2014

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    By Carson Retek on Nov 8, 2014

  27. i guess if u act like u dont see something it isnt there. thats fine. there was a posting immediately above my ‘um.. what?’ posting that was totally unreadable that consisted of nothing but boxes and a couple of symbols. it was there for several days but im figuring that bigo removed it.

    since im here on a floyd page.. have any of yall heard the endless river cd? i have the 21 track version which i guess is 3 tracks longer than the regular version. i dont have the 7 videos but those arent as important to me. i guess theres only one true song in the bunch. the cd comes out officially on monday. ive had it since last week but i havent had many ppl to share it with. amazingly a lot of ppl arent that interested. oddly enough. what is more of interest to me that i havent gotten yet is the 2 cd versions of the new neil young album. guess ill go looking for that now.
    hope yall got that dylan 6 cd set and the rory 7 cd set that i mentioned a few days ago.

    By darth on Nov 8, 2014

  28. hope yall got that dylan 6 cd set and the rory 7 cd set that i mentioned a few days ago.

    you mean I hope you downloaded it and didn`t pay for it don`t you darth? the offerings from bigo are okay to grab no one is losing any money as they are not officially released but when parasite like you steal the official movies, books, recordings etc. the money for future projects dreis up.

    By miss manners on Nov 8, 2014

  29. it was made available to dl. so yes.. i hope ppl dl’d it. like i did. i would also like to tell people to jump on a nice 331 min tangerine dream item but i dont know if theyd be that interested. and i dont know if i should offer a link. its the 77-83 virgin years encore from 2011. i guess i can if ppl are interested they can jump on it.
    ill post it on the td page.

    By darth on Jan 29, 2015

  30. meant to say encore is the first of the 5 cds included but youll find that out.. it has 2 bonus tracks on that cd and also includes logos and hyperborea and white eagle and tangram and exit and force majeure. well youll see. its a killer dl. i have another one for ya’s too if u want it -

    … [link deleted]

    this one is the essential. its nothing new but… it is killer stuff.

    Ed: Readers can order Tangerine Dream - The Virgin Years here.

    By darth on Jan 29, 2015

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