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Amsterdam 1969/New York 1970 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; January 18, 1969 (incomplete show). Very good FM broadcast. Live at A&R Studios, New York, NY; December 14, 1970. Very good WPLJ FM stereo.

A white kid growing up in Chicago in the early ’60s, Paul Butterfield audaciously stepped outside of the comfort of his middle class roots and walked right into a world heretofore only known by poor black musicians. These blues musicians were tough men and women, playing in the smokey basement bars along the streets of south side Chicago. They deserved to play the Blues because they lived the Blues. Muddy Waters. Howling Wolf. Little Walter Horton. No white kid in his right mind would walk into that world. But along came Butterfield. He blew life into a fading musical genre by introducing it to white audiences craving the real thing.

Paul Butterfield was the first of his kind. His music electrified and forever changed the landscape of The Blues and Rock & Roll. With his soulful voice and powerful sounds made with his Hohner harmonica (harp), Butterfield erupted upon the scene like a shooting star. Scratch that: he blasted onto the scene like a soulful alley cat that bellowed to the moon. Everyone stopped to listen.  Then, all too soon, Paul Butterfield was gone at 44. [He passed away in 1987.]

In 1965, Paul Butterfield released his debut album, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. This was followed by East-West; after which was the successful John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers With Paul Butterfield. In 1968, Butterfield released the more soulful In My Own Dream, a trend he continued in the horn-driven Keep On Moving (1969).

Thanks to Rob Berger for sharing the these shows at Lossless Legs; and to ousterj for keeping the New York show alive on the net.

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Paradiso, Amsterdam; January 18, 1969
source: FM dat clone (Jerry Moore’s copy)
FM (European rebroadcast) > dat > dat
master recorded by Rolf
sony pcm-r500 > hd-p2 > hd > cd wave > flac

A&R Studios, New York; December 14, 1970
WPLJ-FM Broadcast > Reel > PCM > Reel > M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit Edit > CD Wave Editor > FLAC
dBpowerAMP > Cool Edit Pro (Pitch Bender +55 cents) > TLH (FLAC, sigs)

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
Paradiso, Amsterdam; January 18, 1969
Track 101. tuning, intros 1:00 (1.7MB)
Track 102. Drown In My Own Tears 11:51 (19.9MB)
Track 103. Everything Gonna Be Alright 5:48 (9.7MB)
Track 104. Run Outta Time/Band Introduction 7:33 (12.7MB)
Track 105. In My Own Dream 6:18 (10.6MB)
Track 106. Trouble Been Here And Gone 5:53 (9.9MB)
Track 107. Get Out Of My Life Woman 9:43 (16.3MB)

A&R Studios, New York; December 14, 1970
Track 108. Born Under a Bad Sign 12:12 (20.5MB)
Track 109. Play On 9:29 (15.9MB)
70 mins

Disc 2
A&R Studios, New York; December 14, 1970 contd.
Track 201. Driftin’ And Driftin’ 14:51 (24.9MB)
Track 202. The Boxer 9:56 (16.7MB)
Track 203. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 8:05 (13.6MB)
Track 204. Stuck In The Countryside 6:04 (10.2MB)
Track 205. Love March 5:49 (9.8MB)
Track 206. Radio Announcer 1:38 (2.7MB)
Track 207. Get Together Again 5:31 (9.3MB)
Track 208. So Far So Good 10:16 (17.3MB)
63 mins

New York lineup:
Paul Butterfield - vocals, harmonica
Rod Hicks - bass
Trevor Lawrence - baritone saxophone
Steve Madaio - trumpet
David Sanborn - alto saxophone
Ralph Wash - guitar
Dennis Whitted - drums
Brother Gene Dinwiddie - vocals, tenor sax, flute

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  1. 6 Responses to “PAUL BUTTERFIELD - AMSTERDAM 1969/NEW YORK 1970”

  2. not my fave line up but still wonderful to have this stuff. im not a horn guy. anything earlier or later with less horns would have me moaning in ecstacy. but no.. im not complaining. this is wonderful. when things survive from the 60s and early 70s in wonderful quality of fabulous music.. who can complain?

    keep in mind yall that farm aid is on the 13th from raleigh nc.

    By darth on Aug 28, 2014

  3. Thanks for this, glad this line up has a lot of horns…the thought of darth “moaning in ecstacy” makes me puke a little in my mouth.

    By nutshell on Aug 28, 2014

  4. I saw this band three times at the U. of Windsor between 1968 and 1972. They were great live. The first time they were openers for Little Anthony and the Imperials. They were popular enough to be brought back as headliners twice more.

    By Keith Soltys on Aug 29, 2014

  5. Thanks for spreading a little more Butter around the world, no pun intended. Butter was The Man, albeit hated by many apparently. He must have been one tough SOB given the level of love in the community. Still you have to hand it to him. Butter and Blooms single handedly bought on the Blues revival by talking Bill Graham into having Muddy et al out to play in SF. Butter. Finally, the Pigboy Crabshaw lp is every bit as good as the first two lps if not even better. One More Heartache, Double Trouble, etc. It doesn’t get any better than that for any Bluesmen ever.

    By rich on Aug 29, 2014

  6. The Amsterdam show is from my favorite line-up with Buzzy Feiten, Philip Wilson and Dave Sanborn. I thought I had most of that show but here are some tracks that were unknown to me. I am very happy with this.

    By Jouke on Jun 20, 2015

  7. video of Butterfeld and Bloomfield reunion on youtube !!

    By sluggo on Sep 17, 2015

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