X - NEW YORK, AUGUST 24, 2014 (Final Night)

September 3, 2014 – 11:27 am

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New York 2014 [no label, 2CD]
More Fun In The New World - complete album

Live at the City Winery NYC, New York, NY; August 24, 2014. Very good audience recording.

All X original members: Exene Cervenka, John Doe, Billy Zoom & DJ Bonebrake will be performing!
4 albums. 4 nights.

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? X will be performing a couple new tricks this year. With our 4 album plays in LA, NYC, Chicago and Cleveland the band will be performing their first four records in their entirety with guest musicians helping the band to recreate live the recorded versions of their songs. Some of the songs have never been performed live by the original lineup. - xtheband.com

Still whole, still strong, X are playing, deep in their fourth decade, like a band in renewal - and poised, if they choose to write again at this level, for renaissance.
– David Fricke, Rolling Stone 7/15/14

Three decades after the inception of X, one thing is clear: X was not only one of the most influential bands to crash out of the punk movement of the late ‘70s, but the band’s music continues to be sonically groundbreaking today. Songs written during the group’s inception are as relevant and inventive today as they were in 1977.

The fact is, no one sounds like X and no one ever will.

Thanks to larryrulz for recording and sharing the show at Dime.

larryrulz noted: “One of my favorite albums of all time from start to finish… amazing! This is a very intimate venue with good acoustics. The band was loud as hell but there was minimal distortion. The vocals were often too low in the mix. There is a single live level adjustment at the beginning of track 01. Overall, this is an excellent recording.”

CA-14 (cardioid) > Sony M10 (24/44) > Audacity > TLH > FLAC 6 > foobar2000 (FLAC tags)
Source: master audience recording
Location: elevated section left floor

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1 (First set)
More Fun In The New World - complete album
Track 101. The New World 3:04 (5.1MB)
Track 102. We’re Having Much More Fun 3:11 (5.4MB)
Track 103. True Love 3:08 (5.3MB)
Track 104. Poor Girl 3:07 (5.2MB)
Track 105. Make The Music Go Bang 3:30 (5.9MB)
Track 106. Breathless 3:35 (6.0MB)
Track 107. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts 5:04 (8.5MB)
Track 108. Devil Doll 3:18 (5.5MB)
Track 109. Painting The Town Blue 3:55 (6.6MB)
Track 110. Hot House 3:39 (6.1MB)
Track 111. Drunk In My Past 3:31 (5.9MB)
Track 112. I See Red 3:03 (5.1MB)
Track 113. True Love Pt 2 4:26 (7.5MB)
47 mins

Disc 2 (Second set)
Track 201. intro to second set 1:20 (2.3MB)
Track 202. false start 0:35 (973k)
Track 203. Your Phone’s Off The Hook, But You’re Not 2:41 (4.5MB)
Track 204. Sex And Dying In High Society 2:20 (3.9MB)
Track 205. The Once Over Twice 2:47 (4.7MB)
Track 206. When Our Love Passed Out On The Couch 2:15 (3.8MB)
Track 207. false start 0:06 (174k)
Track 208. How I (Learned My Lesson) 4:00 (6.7MB)
Track 209. Los Angeles 2:27 (4.1MB)
Track 210. The World’s A Mess, It’s In My Kiss 3:25 (5.7MB)
Track 211. We’re Desperate 2:09 (3.6MB)
Track 212. Johnny Hit And Run Paulene 3:03 (5.1MB)
Track 213. Soul Kitchen 3:01 (5.1MB)
Track 214. applause 3:30 (5.9MB)
Track 215. I’m Coming Over (snippet) 0:18 (510k)
Track 216. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes 3:46 (6.3MB)
Track 217. Adult Books 4:15 (7.2MB)
Track 218. Because I Do 2:24 (4.0MB)
Track 219. Motel Room In My Bed 2:40 (4.5MB)
Track 220. Sugarlight 3:32 (5.9MB)
51 mins

Exene Cervenka - vocals
John Doe - vocals, bass
Billy Zoom - guitar
DJ Bonebrake - drums
Michael Gilpatrick - guitar, percussion

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  2. What a fine gift to give to their fans, and a wonderful way of introduction to others. And BigO extends their gift. I’m not saying that it’s not been done before, but what a nice gesture all around.

    By Job Hunter on Sep 3, 2014

  3. Thanks!

    By tajackson on Sep 3, 2014


    I can not wait to grab this and blast it loud.

    And if you can get the first 3 nights, please know it would be very much appreciated! You there at BIG O are so awesome!

    By THE Russian Assassin on Sep 3, 2014

  5. No Kate Bush yet then?

    By Ray on Sep 3, 2014

  6. try tube for the kate bush firt show since 79. they posted it last week.

    By darth on Sep 4, 2014

  7. er first*

    By darth on Sep 4, 2014

  8. Coolsville!

    By Elvislives on Sep 4, 2014

  9. ThanX, Big O! Wonderful show and sound!

    By golgo hakase on Sep 4, 2014

  10. Kate - Thanks Darth, but can’t find a complete concert vid there.

    By Ray on Sep 4, 2014

  11. Ray, its over on sugarmegs right now.
    Kate Bush
    Before the Dawn
    Eventim Apollo
    26 August 2014

    At933/ES933C [cards] with 4.7k mod > Naiant Tinyhead [00:15 o’clock] > PCM-M10 line-in 16 bit, 44.1 kHz, Limiter ON, [lvl 6-7] > WAV > CEP 2.1 trimmings > Wave Repair 4.9.3 indexing > Flac level 8.

    01. House PA Eberhard Weber playback > House announcement
    02. Lily
    03. Hounds of Love
    04. Joanni
    05. Top of the City
    06. Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)
    07. King of the Mountain

    The Ninth Wave

    08. Video: phoning the coastguards
    09. Video: And Dream of Sheep
    10. Under Ice
    11. Waking the Witch
    12. Skit: Father and son
    13. Watching You Without Me
    14. Jig of Life
    15. Hello Earth
    16. The Morning Fog


    A Sky of Honey

    17. Prelude
    18. Prologue
    19. An Architect’s Dream
    20. The Painter’s Link
    21. Sunset
    22. Aerial Tal
    23. Somewhere in Between
    24. Tawny Moon
    25. Nocturn
    26. Aerial


    27. Among Angels
    28. Cloudbusting

    First live show since 14 May 1979.
    “Tawny Moon” is sung by Kate’s son, Albert “Bertie” McIntosh.
    “Among Angels” is Kate solo on piano.

    By dropkick sarge on Sep 5, 2014

  12. Thanks sarge

    By Ray on Sep 5, 2014

  13. ray - i meant tube7 not youtube. sorry for the confusion. but bigo has now posted it here for u.

    By darth on Sep 5, 2014

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