September 6, 2014 – 5:11 am

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Long Beach 1970 [Flying M Productions, 2CD]

Live at The Arena, Long Beach, CA; April 19, 1970. Fairly good audience recording.

Here’s one for the collectors, especially those who bought the “My God” vinyl way back when. The tracks My God and Sossity, You’re A Woman were previously released on “My GOD” (ATHAP ASCAN Records MG 1-A).

As music fan kneesfudd said: “Back then, when we didn’t have millions of titles to choose from in our genre of choice, boot vinyl was the lifeblood which supplemented the regular collection. Really looked forward to those catalogs in the mail.”

Thanks to flyingM for sharing the tracks at Lossless Legs.

Original notes:

Classic TMoQ mono audience recording. This recording has a low noise floor with some light distortion in the loudest segments. Many small dropouts and loud claps were meticulously repaired or removed with Audacity wave editor. I left the clapping in the final minutes of applause and the post show comments as it was on the tape.

Recorded from the Orchestra, Section A, Row 20, Seats # 6 & 7.
1 Sennheiser 805 shotgun microphone > Uher 4000 1/2 track R2R Recorder @ 7 1/2 ips on 5″ 3M Scotch tapes
My Copy (1980’s):
1/2 track 5″ diameter Masters played back on Tandberg 9000X > Teac An-180 (Dolby) > Revox B-77
Transfer to DAT (1996):
Revox B-77 > Teac AN-60 (Dolby) > Phase Linear 1000 (auto-correlator)> Sony DTC-690 @ LP
Transfer to Hard Drive (2012):
Otari DTR-8S > Korg MR-2000s > Audiogate > Audacity > CD Wav > Flac (Level  > Stamp ID3 tag editor
Transfer notes:
The master tapes had to be flipped every 22-23 minutes.
Reduced bandwidth from DAT tape at Long Play speed (32 KHz sample rate has a max. freq. of 16 KHz).

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Introduction and “sit down in front” requests from the crowd 1:06 (1.8MB)
Track 102. Nothing Is Easy 7:28 (12.5MB)
Track 103. My God 11:56 (20.1MB)
Track 104. To Cry You A Song (tape flip-spliced) 5:12 (8.7MB)
Track 105. With You There To Help Me 13:09 (22.1MB)
Track 106. Sossity, You’re A Woman/Reasons For Waiting/Sossity You’re A Woman (tape flip) 7:09 (12.0MB)
46 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Dharma For One 7:57 (13.4MB)
Track 202. Drums 6:52 (11.6MB)
Track 203. Dharma For One (reprise) 1:54 (3.2MB)
encore: (tape flip)
Track 204. We Used To Know 3:19 (5.6MB)
Track 205. Guitar Solo 11:52 (19.9MB)
Track 206. For A Thousand Mothers 4:27 (7.5MB)
Track 207. the crowd and goodnight 1:09 (1.9MB)
38 mins

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  1. 15 Responses to “JETHRO TULL - LONG BEACH 1970”

  2. RIP original Tull bassist Glenn Cornick, who passed away last week. I thought Glenn’s bass playing was a highlight of the Stand Up and Benefit albums, as well as a big chunk of Living In The Past. Why they “invited him to leave” in 1970, replacing him with Jeffery Hammond-Hammond, who was nowhere near as good of a musician, I’m still trying to make sense of. I read somewhere that on the road Glenn liked to party and socialize, while the rest of the band were keep-to-themselves types. They stopped short of describing Glenn as a heavy drinker or druggie, which I really doubt was the case given the quality of his musicianship. Ian Anderson has never been quoted to my knowledge as saying he had any serious personality clash with Glenn. So why kick him out? Whatever the real reason was, how ironic to get dismissed from a rock band for being too into enjoying yourself.

    By Jim K. on Sep 6, 2014

  3. ok theres a tape flip at the 46min point of the original first side of a 90min tape recording and then again at the end of the 2nd side of a 60min tape? huh? why?
    if this was recorded by one person who used a 90min tape.. then ok he flipped his tape at 46mins and continued with the 2nd side and thats perfect.
    but putting in the words ‘tape flip’ at the start of the encore? which just happens to be at the end of what would be a full 60min tape. 60min tapes would be around 62mins. 90min tapes are 92mins.
    what is likely at that encore break is that the recorder is turned off and back on so 5-10mins of applause wasnt captured and tape wasnt wasted.
    while i would have been 9 years old at this show had i been there (and 10 just a month later) when i did taping just a few yrs later thats how i did it so i didnt waste tape.
    i sure wish there were more real early tull shows like this of high end quality. ie-sbd tv fm.
    whos in the line up on this?

    By darth on Sep 6, 2014

  4. There have been 25 players in Tull.

    By nobsartist on Sep 6, 2014

  5. Darth:

    Jethro Tull-1970 Edition-

    Ian Anderson,Flute,Guitar,Vocals
    Martin Barre,Guitar
    John Evan,Keyboards
    Glenn Cornick,bass
    Clive Bunker,drums

    By Dave on Sep 6, 2014

  6. re the firings..
    read mick abrahams book and you`ll understand what a knob ian anderson was .
    as far as I`m concerned the first lp with mick abrahams on guitar [before he too was canned] is the best tull . After aqualung I could not have cared less about the bands output.

    By dropkick sarge on Sep 6, 2014

  7. Thank you so very much bigO for posting this show!!!

    By benk on Sep 6, 2014

  8. Yes, MY GOD was the first TULL bootleg. It’s a great pleasure to, finally, hear more today from that 1970 concert. 1970… I was starting my career of musical reviewer. In 1982, in Paris, I made my second interview of Ian ANDERSON (first was in 1977 or 1978, for the release of HEAVY HORSES) and asked to sign on the cover of the sleeve of MY GOD. If somebody is interested in a copy, mail to [email protected]

    By Daniel LESUEUR on Sep 6, 2014

  9. dave - ty. i am particularly fond of the ‘this was’ era mainly. it surfaced again for a ‘reunion’ for a dvd recording in what.. 98? and a few rare recordings have surfaced from that 68-69 era. not nearly enough if u ask me. but for me theres nothing close to that. thanks to someone on here i think i got some more of that. i dont have the audio of the video i just mentioned. i dont know if there is an officially released audio counterpart to that. im not really that interested in the video itself but i am interested in the audio portion of it.
    i know that mick did his own performances of the ‘this was’ music. some of my cherished downloads. im not sure if i have the details for it. but better to have it without the info than not have it at all. there was a time i wouldnt have wanted it if i didnt have the info. im glad im over that.

    By darth on Sep 6, 2014

  10. @ darth, this was recorded on a reel-to-reel recorder (not cassette). Think about how difficult it must have been to sneak a large reel-to-reel machine in to record these shows! Just one of many reasons why these TMoQ (Trade Mark of Quality) recordings are so legendary!!
    Flying M’s notes above are quite clear about this:

    “Source: 1 Sennheiser 805 shotgun microphone > Uher 4000 1/2 track R2R Recorder @ 7 1/2 ips on 5″ 3M Scotch tapes”

    “The master tapes had to be flipped every 22-23 minutes.”
    Ian Anderson: “We saw the car park ‘full’ sign out front; it’s nice to know we at least sold out the car park.”

    By dandor on Sep 7, 2014

  11. i know in 66-69 and presumably it seems in 70-72 there were a number of shows still being recorded with r2r machines. i didnt know that they only recorded 22-23 mins per reel. i know that when i got one or had access to them in the 70s they were much longer. i had a tiny little one that had its own speed and couldnt play on any other machine. the length of the reels couldnt have been more than 10-12 or 15mins. they were those tiny 3inch reels.
    u couldnt quite carry the machine in a pocket but maybe in today cargo shorts. i wouldnt wanna try to record a bruce 3 hour show with one.. haha.
    im guessing with a 45min lp a 22-23min reel2reel recording per side would work fine for boots from the old days. i had quite a few of those old boots. takrl too. all told i might guess i had 3-500 of em. i used to get them very cheap and sell them in my store in the village too.
    when i started doing conventions there was a guy who had them marked at $75-400 each!!! i dont think he sold more than 1-2 or so per day but if he did he had a great day. i bet he still has most of his inventory.

    By darth on Sep 7, 2014

  12. part of my above comment was swallowed up. i meant to thank u dandor.

    By darth on Sep 7, 2014

  13. The Benefit album is my favorite or tull album could anyone please tell me if they ever did Nothing to say or Inside live, have several boots from that time period and have never heard those two songs , thanks

    By corey m on Sep 12, 2014

  14. Awesome, thanks for posting. . . I was at this concert, first date with my first girlfriend. Audience was standing for the entire show, many standing on their chairs.

    By Fred on Mar 25, 2015

  15. I was there the night of this concert and was blown away by their performance. Granted I was a newbie to big live concerts but the break they pulled in the middle was fantastic. They all left the stage, then either the drummer or the lead guitar player, can’t remember which came first, came on stage and did a solo that ended up blending into the other’s. Some heavy hot licks. They had the audience fired up and I was left dumbfounded!!! Great Performance!

    By Sacto on Jun 17, 2015

  16. These same tracks are available elsewhere as the Devonshire Downs/Northridge show on 5/3/70. The set list was the same and all the crowd noise and Ian Anderson banter is the same word for word on that recording. Very confusing..

    By Mr T on Jan 4, 2016

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