September 12, 2014 – 3:04 pm

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Copenhagen 1967 [Marbal’s Tape, 1CD]

Live at The Star Club, Copenhagen, Denmark; September 13, 1967. Good to fairly good audience recording. Speed-corrected version.

This show has circulated in the past and Marbal’s tape is considered by fans to have the better sound. This is the speed-corrected version. Given the “rough” sound, this is one for the hardcore fans.

Thanks Marbal, Neonknight, Littlepieces, and to the person who shared this at Dime.

Thanks also to Moonwall for the artwork.

Neonknight’s Notes

Grolsch kindly assisted us with the background to this recording. Copenhagen ‘67 was taped by a local musician called Carsten V. Michael K borrowed his master and made a copy. Marbal’s cassette is likely in turn to have been copied from a 7.5 ips open reel transfer of Michael K’s reel. There are no digital clones from the master or first gen Michael K reel but both still exist and remain in the hands of the owners. Perhaps we can look forward to one or both of them surfacing one day.

A 3rd gen reel from the collection of the late Bernard White is often considered to be the best source for this concert. A friend has Bernard’s reel and a 2001 transfer was sent to Eskimospy in August 2005 for the ‘What Syd Wants’ release. The lineage for Bernard’s reel went something like Carsten V > Michael K > UK collector > Bernard in the mid 1970s.

Marbal’s 3rd gen cassette has been transferred before by other collectors and they were not able to bring out the best in the recording. Marbal’s copy, like his Rotterdam tape, is much cleaner with a tighter top end, and a fuller, more natural sound when compared to Bernard’s.

Listen carefully to Littlepieces’ re-master and you you can distinguish each instrument and follow it if you care to. You will also hear subtle details such as the clink of a glass at 11.39 and Reaction in G being counted in, that you probably will have not noticed before. I believe it’s also possible to appreciate the ambience of the venue.

There is no getting away from the fact that the quality of this recording varies. However, Littlepieces has done an excellent job smoothing the imperfections out on the LPP version, particularly the many distortions that often contribute to burying the sound.

This is a strong, loud performance by the band which was sometimes too much for Carsten V’s recorder to cope with. Listen out for Matilda Mother, which reminds me of the Underground Scene Special UFO version, and a lively Scream Thy Last Scream. Thank you Marbal for entrusting me with your tape!

Littlepieces’ Mastering Notes for - Marbal’s Copenhagen ‘67 Tape - Speed Corrected Only version

To accompany the ‘Speed Corrected Only’ version I have produced a LPP version in an attempt to provide a copy with less interference from artifacts, more detail, and more overall SQ continuity.

After testing each channel by itself and with the channels manually aligned, I decided to use only the left channel for approximately the 1st minute and then retain both channels and manually align through Arnold Layne, and use only the left channel from that point until the end of the recording. Using only the left channel should provide a bit more detail as the recording quality lessens after AL by including more high end and improved phasing.

The most time consuming part of this project was definitely the manual spectral cleaning. I removed many of the usual tics, pops, bumps, etc, but more importantly I was able to remove most of the distortions that interfered with the recording.

I utilized and varied moderate noise reduction settings working mostly above 8kHz-10khZ and only slightly lower on some audience sections while being diligent not to encroach on the harmonics. I could have worked the entire spectrum and squeezed most of the hiss out, but I generally don’t like what this does to the nature of the sound. As with Marbal’s Rotterdam recording, I think more aggressive NR, among other things, would have eliminated a sense of the acoustics of the small venue they are playing in.

As with Rotterdam, the EQ increases I used were applied to only the upper half which as the recording progresses and weakens is even more buried than Rotterdam. The quality of this source and transfer allowed me to use an increasingly aggressive EQ profile and lessen the degree of difference between the best and worst parts of the recording. The EQ curve was adjusted at times throughout the recording but mostly did not exceed ~8kHz. In addition I used a multiband enhancer to increase the bass output by reducing the base width (mono) in the lower portion of the low end and increasing the gain when it was left channel only.

There were many micro drop outs/downs, mostly ~20ms, and I either removed a short piece of damage or was able to use the other channel to repair the damaged segment. A few minor ones still remain as does some very short pieces of tape damage.

I selectively reduced some low frequency hums during the audience/tuning segments and near the end of AD. These seem to be present and prominent in all unprocessed sources.

3rd Gen Cassette (Maxell XLII90)(Dolby On) > *Technics RS-B965-M (Dolby Off) > Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 > Audacity 1.3 > Wav (24bit/96kHz) > DAW (32bit float/96kHz) > Wav (16bit/44kHz) > CDWave (1.98) > FLAC (16bit/44kHz)
*The Technics RS-B965-M is a deck modified by expert tapehead A.N.T. - for details see the forum.

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UPDATED: October 9, 2015

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

We request that you immediately remove all infringing material, and cease any further posting of infringing material to your website.

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  1. 9 Responses to “PINK FLOYD - COPENHAGEN 1967”

  2. theres a rotterdam and amsterdam set both approx 40-45mins that fit on a 90min tape. course they suck in quality but with so few shows from 67 out there.. and none in excellent quality we take what we can get. wouldnt it be nice if some never seen before sbds showed up out of nowhere like they seem to with zep? sigh. i cant even remember the last time that happened with floyd 67-77. probably the closest was that partial 77 show but thats years ago already. i know many others count them but i dont care about anything after 81. and with the wall show from earls court 8-9-80 already out since 88 even tho not very widely available i dont include that one. i had that on pro shot vhs and made my audio from that. it was perfect sbd audio.

    By darth on Sep 12, 2014

  3. It`s always nice to hear a little of the live Floyd with Syd at the controls and for a 3rd generation tape this sounds pretty good.Our friend did a very good job cleaning it up…thankx BigO !!!

    By Couz on Sep 12, 2014

  4. Thanks bigO!!!
    Syd will shine on for ever and ever!!!

    By benk on Sep 12, 2014

  5. I had a friend who had a vinyl boot copy of this show in the early ’90’s, and it sounded REALLY BAD. Naturally I made a copy of it anyway - and it didn’t include ASTRONOMY DOMINE. This version does sound considerably better. So THANKS AGAIN! Too bad Mike Millard wasn’t there in ‘67!

    By Daniel Kershner on Sep 12, 2014

  6. I am a huge fan of Syd Barrett, both in the Floyd and the aftermath. Partly the mystique of it all and partly because an awful lot of his stuff just sounds good. This is a treasure, and thanks very very much for posting it up!

    By Mr. Jimmy on Sep 13, 2014

  7. Does anyone have a good copy of the Rotterdam show?
    Or could BigO please post it?

    By Sarah Novak on Sep 13, 2014

  8. Amazing how Syd’s Pink Floyd managed to be proto-punk and proto-prog at the same time. Who knows what all Syd might’ve done if he could’ve held it together.

    Thanks so much, BIGO.

    By YogaforCynics on Sep 13, 2014

  9. Thanks!

    By Tom on Sep 13, 2014

  10. i like to imagine that syd woulda gone towards a robyn hitchcock direction. even tho robyn has shown his syd influences in very obvious ways i cant help but imagine that he woulda headed somehow along that path.

    i often try to consider what might have been with musicians that left us prematurely. i think jimi woulda hooked up with prince at some point and some very interesting positive stuff would have resulted. i also think he would have put out some crap that people would have screamed ’sell out’ at him at some point.

    today is the 45th anniv of lennons first ever solo live performance. i cant even imagine where lennon would have gone in the last 30 odd years. but i bet hed have done a lot of stuff with others.

    speaking of lennon.. paul has a new song called hope on the video game called destiny. its a very nice song. look for it.

    By darth on Sep 14, 2014

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