October 1, 2014 – 12:14 pm

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with Lucas Nelson and Promise Of The Real
Harvest The Hope Concert Against The Keystone XL Pipeline 2014 [no label, 2CD]

Live at The Art & Helen Tanderup Farm, Neligh, NE; September 27, 2014. Very good audience recording.

Two music legends - Neil Young and Willie Nelson - will perform a benefit concert on September 27 on a farm near Neligh, Nebraska that is on the route of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline and also crosses the historic Ponca Tribe “Trail of Tears.” Proceeds from the “Harvest the Hope” concert will go to Bold Nebraska, the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Cowboy & Indian Alliance, to fund the ongoing fight against the Keystone XL pipeline, as well as a number of small, community-based clean energy projects on farms and tribal land. The afternoon concert will take place in a field on a farm owned by a family who are part of a strong collective of Nebraska landowners refusing to sell their land to TransCanada for the Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline, and a sacred tribal ceremony will be included in the day’s events.

Meanwhile, Neil Young’s online sharing of three versions of his activism anthem, Who’s Gonna Stand Up?, has generated a good amount of positive buzz and he presses the song into service again at this show.

Thanks to Mike L for taping the show; and to mdlauv for sharing the tracks at Dime.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

CA-11’s on hand held stand @ 6′ ROC > Sony PCM-M10 48/24 Bit
Edits & Dither to 16 Bit w/ Cool Edit Pro 2.0
Flac’d & Checksums w/TLH
Tracked w/ CD Wave

Disc 1 (Set 1)
Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real
(with special guest Micah and Willie Nelson)

Track 101. How Long? 3:55 (6.6MB)
Track 102. Lift You Up 4:20 (7.3MB)
Track 103. Find Yourself 6:23 (10.7MB)
Track 104. Diamonds On The Souls Of Her Shoes 6:56 (11.7MB)
Track 105. Bloody Mary Morning 5:06 (8.6MB)
Track 106. Start To Go 6:40 (11.2MB)
Track 107. Whiskey River (Willie starts) 2:29 (4.2MB)
Track 108. Still Is Still Moving To Me 3:37 (6.1MB)
Track 109. Beer For My Horses 2:56 (4.9MB)
Track 110. Good Hearted Woman 3:29 (5.9MB)
Track 111. Floodin Down In Texas 5:59 (10.1MB)
Track 112. Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys 3:17 (5.5MB)
Track 113. Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground 4:37 (7.7MB)
Track 114. On The Road Again 2:22 (4.0MB)
Track 115. Always On My Mind 4:01 (6.8MB)
Track 116. Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die 3:05 (5.2MB)
Track 117. This Land Is Your Land (with Neil Young on electric guitar) 4:59 (8.4MB)
75 mins

Disc 2 (Set 2)
Neil Young solo and with Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real
Track 201. Comes A Time (acoustic guitar) 4:48 (8.1MB)
Track 202. talk 1:43 (2.9MB)
Track 203. Mother Earth (pump organ) 5:21 (9.0MB)
Track 204. talk 3:23 (5.7MB)
Track 205. Heart Of Gold (acoustic guitar) 4:40 (7.8MB)
Track 206. Pocahontas (acoustic guitar) 4:30 (7.6MB)
Track 207. Country Home (electric guitar) 10:44 (18.0MB)
accompanied by Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real for rest of show

Track 208. Mansion On The Hill 9:02 (15.2MB)
Track 209. Homegrown 7:08 (12.0MB)
Track 210. Down By The River 20:35 (34.6MB)
Track 211. Who’s Gonna Stand Up 9:42 (16.3MB)
Track 212. They Call Me The Breeze 4:17 (7.2MB)
(Lukas Nelson and Promise Of The Real without Neil Young)

86 mins

On burning out two CDs - add Track 201 to CD1; and overburn CD2.

Neil Young - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pump organ, harmonica,
Lukas Nelson - electric guitar
Anthony LoGerfo - drums, vocals
Tato Melgar - percussion
Corey McCormick - bass
Micah Nelson - electric guitar

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  2. Thanks, Big O! Good question - Who Is Going To Stand Up? Sure looks like we’re on a downslope to me. Anyway, thanks as always for setting the music free….

    By Adam Dean on Oct 1, 2014

  3. Tato Melgar (percussion) was not at this show.

    By R on Oct 1, 2014

  4. love the music but the politics leaves me cold.
    I don`t go to politicians to hear music and vice versa.
    Besides Neil,when you are rich its easy to employ alternative methods of everything.
    America needs jobs, that pipeline would help a helluva lot of people.

    By sluggo on Oct 1, 2014

  5. Dropping bombs on people also creates jobs. That doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

    By Pnotunr on Oct 2, 2014

  6. agreed sluggo..

    the likes of Neil Bono Bruce have always left me with a bad feeling at their shows when upon listening to their political positioning…I don’t go to your show wanting to hear your political social beliefs…great art cuts across that political spectrum…

    By Jerry's Finger on Oct 2, 2014

  7. that`s some comeback there piano tuner.
    no one was talking about bombs.

    By sluggo on Oct 2, 2014

  8. anti war and anti nukes and anti this and anti that brought about a lot of important music in the 50s and 60s and 70s. some of our most important and greatest music has been inspired by these events and crisis and turmoils that we live thru. politics is a part of life. music reaches everyone thru language religion race and so on. it doesnt matter where u are from or how old u are or what color u are or what language u speak music is universal and crosses all boundaries. like math its a truth u cant deny or escape from. to try and bury your head in the sand and say i dont wanna know or if its about this or that i am not interested is to wish to wish to be like the proverbial ostrich.
    when these musicians wish to express their feelings about a subject who are we to complain? its their choice to want to spread knowledge and awareness and try to get help for those in need or research or whatever it is theyre trying to do.
    farm aid was a political event. live aid is a political event. live8 as a follow up is also one. all benefits are in a manner of speaking political events. no nukes was one. in the last 50 odd years there have been 100s and 100s of benefits and political rallys and so on with a point and with music performed at them to bring people together for one reason or another. u dont have to agree with the point being made.
    some music is about love. what if u dont believe in love? should they stop singing songs about love? not all songs can be about love. u cant determine the subject matter of the artists music any more than u can tell them why they should perform their concerts or for whose benefit or at what functions or to what end or gain.
    i think u should realize that the point here is that regardless of why these people did this performance and what they were doing it for.. they did it and it allowed u a live performance to dl and own and listen to and enjoy and have where u didnt have previously.

    having said that.. thanks for the lukas performance.. if only u could get the audio of the farm aid set he did please. or any sbd quality shows of his. thanks.

    By darth on Oct 2, 2014

  9. glenn just shut up punk…all youre good for is a good laugh every now & then…

    I don’t want to hear what you have to say politically or your social commentary how music is born out of these Glenny….

    get back to the hospital…

    By Jerry's Finger on Oct 2, 2014

  10. ive never been in any hospital. and what u want to read/hear isnt important but if u dont want to read it.. dont. im not forcing u to. what i write here is for those with a clue. certainly not u.

    By darth on Oct 2, 2014

  11. hey Circus Boy get lost. this conversation is way over your head.

    By maximum yasgur on Oct 2, 2014

  12. glen you’re’ right I don’t read what you write/say you’re inconsequential it ISNT IMPORTANT….just LIKE YOU CON MAN…!!!

    you’ve been in a hospital con boy…mr nurse ratched…!

    By Jerry's Finger on Oct 2, 2014

  13. here here.

    By darth on Oct 2, 2014

  14. u dont read what i say but u comment on every posting. right. i dont know anyone who has ever been con’d by me. not one person. nor do u. if what i say isnt important nor consequential then why are u up my ass?
    and no i have never been in any hospital. and i dont know what that reference is.

    By darth on Oct 2, 2014

  15. I have loved Neil and his “heart on his sleeve” music since I was seven (that’s 40 years ago), and I especially enjoy him live. This being said, I have to admit that much of Neil’s more recent politically-centered music is far too jingoistic, simplistic, and tedious for me to enjoy. In the past, it seems to me that Neil was sometimes able to come up with brilliant songs that were poetic, yet contained political themes. I’m thinking of songs like “Soldier”, “Ohio”, “Vampire Blues”, “Campaigner”, “Hawks and Doves”, and “Rockin’ In The Free World”. It should be noted that, with his political songs, Neil has at least taken both conservatives and liberals to task: Witness the implicit anti-unionism in “Union Man” and the stinging indictment of welfare dependence on “Welfare Mothers”. Neil writes about much more than mere politics. He has successfully conquered multiple genres and endless lyrical themes. He has a back catalogue that is rivaled in quality by only The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and perhaps Captain Beefheart or Led Zeppelin, in the area of pop and rock. It would be nice if Neil Young, in the LPs that he has yet to record, would ease up a bit on the political bumper-sticker songs.

    By Lightnin' Popkins on Oct 2, 2014

  16. Hello R
    Thanks for the feedback.

    By bigozine2 on Oct 2, 2014

  17. Can’t you boys all just get along? what you need is a nice shared plate of hot sausages, to bring you all together.

    By Sausages on Oct 2, 2014

  18. Why does Neil perform the same small pool of songs at Farm Aid / Bridge / other benefits, for the past 10 to 15 years?

    C’mon Neil, only so many times we can hear the same set each year.

    By Neil Old on Oct 2, 2014

  19. @Darth - by hospital, I think they mean ‘get back to the mental ward at the hospital” or something like that.

    By Hairy Mopkins on Oct 2, 2014

  20. If you think Neil plays the same stuff every year just listen to John Mellencamp’s set. Every year the exact same songs, at least Neil throws in some different tunes.

    By Greg LaPointe on Oct 2, 2014

  21. i can`t play a drum.
    neither can Darth our very own circus boy.

    By maximum yasgur on Oct 2, 2014

  22. hairy - what ever they mean by it.. my response remains the same. i have never been to any hospital. theres nothing wrong with me mentally.

    no i dont play drums. i have attempted to play a few instruments. im not very good. i can play a decent jaw harp or jews harp and i came in 2nd at a fiddlers convention back in the early 70s upstate ny. but thats about it. my dad and his dad had the musical talent. and my dad had the artistic talent. i inherited some of that too. but not nearly as much. my talent was in photography.

    By darth on Oct 3, 2014

  23. ^glennny wtf…?


    By Jerry's Finger on Oct 3, 2014

  24. sigh

    By darth on Oct 3, 2014

  25. Fiddler’s convention? that’s nothing.. I used to win the Pocket Pool contest at my high school, ever year.

    By Jerry's Middle Finger on Oct 3, 2014

  26. don’t say “jew’s harp” - that’s considered antisemenic or something.

    By Jerry's Middle Finger on Oct 3, 2014

  27. did you walk from woodstock to the fiddlin` contest?

    By maximum yasgur on Oct 3, 2014

  28. great max…lol…

    can’t wait to hear this 5,000 word chapter 74 of Glen’s opus: “on the back roads of Woodstock music festival to Reinbeck a fiddling hoedown tale of a 7 yr olds journey.”

    By Jerry's Finger on Oct 3, 2014

  29. as usual, most miss the point.
    I’m GLAD Neil & Willie are millionaires from music. That lets them do stuff like this. I doubt any of you have ever been to Neligh or a similar town in NE. I have. It ain’t an easy life. Now the big $$$ boys want to run a pipeline through the Ogallala Aquifer to move their dirty petro from Canada to the gulf to ship it overseas. Ah…. NO.

    By John F on Oct 3, 2014

  30. why john f ,why , if we need oil, and we do to live the lifestyle we are used to, why then would you prefer to buy oil from some radical eastern country instead of our peaceful neighbour to the north , oh and don`t drink the kool ade just yet.that dirty petro you mention has been called that by those who stand to loose $$$ from foreign sales if the pipeline goes through.

    By dr, 10w30 on Oct 3, 2014

  31. the sooner we get our collective heads out of our arses and realize we need oil and not from the east the better.

    By dropkick sarge on Oct 4, 2014

  32. we produce more oil than any other country on earth. we dont need any oil that we buy. we export the oil we produce and refine to other countries for profit. we make more money on our oil and refined oil than we spend on the oil that we import from the other countries we get it from. thats why we do it. until we have no other choice we will likely keep doing it this way. we havent built a new refinery on our own shores since 76.

    btw.. i was 9 at woodstock not 7.
    the fiddlers convention was in 72 i believe.
    the instrument is/was called a jews harp. i didnt name it. it isnt antisemetic. it is also called a jaw harp. if someone uses the phrase ‘jew him down’ thats antisemetic. the twisted name of the instrument has nothing whatsoever to do with the religion or nationality and it isnt insulting to anyone. buy a clue.

    By darth on Oct 4, 2014

  33. We need sausages, not oil… oil causes wars, sausages bring people together in peace and harmony.

    By Sausages on Oct 4, 2014

  34. circus boy the oil king has been on wiki again.

    By maximum yasgur on Oct 4, 2014

  35. we dont need any oil that we buy

    you are out of your mind .
    We need more oil than we have.

    By oldmen country on Oct 4, 2014

  36. we dont use most of the oil we produce tho. we use some of it of course. but the vast majority of what we use is what we get from other countries. the oil we produce we sell for a profit. what we get we use for our needs. and we use it for far more things of course than gasoline. 1000s of products incorporate oil in their production including plastic etc. and no i havent been on wiki. im just telling u stuff i know. if i was using wiki for anything id quote it by pasting a link or copying and pasting portions.

    By darth on Oct 5, 2014

  37. darth why not just stick to talking about what you know.putting stickers on cd s.

    By dropkick sarge on Oct 5, 2014

  38. its not good to put a sticker on a cd unless it covers the entire cd. i dont print cd labels so i never have done this. if u put a small sticker on a cd it would cause the cd to spin unevenly. better to write on the cd if u need to label it. and not in a pen that might go thru the surface.
    u shouldnt assume what i know and what i dont. u have no clue.

    By darth on Oct 6, 2014

  39. Thank you very much. Couldn’t make the trip and see the show. Hearing Willie and sons and Neil play is the next best thing… I appreciate it! My bus ride to work is much more enjoyable listening to the latest Neil Young, etc. I believe in what they are protesting, too.

    By Alan on Oct 6, 2014

  40. “We” don’t buy or sell oil. The oil companies do; they are not nationalized in the USA.

    By NAMoosedog on Oct 12, 2014

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