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European Tour 1992 [The Swingin’ Pig TSP-CD-117-2, 2CD]

Live at St Jacob Stadium, Basel, Switserland; June 28, 1992. Excellent FM(?) broadcast.

Thanks to Freddiefifou for sharing this at Dime.

There is another version of this show that’s circulating as Ticket To Heaven. While both are very good soundboards, The Swingin’ Pig version has a slight edge.

kingmike at Dime commented: “Definitely more crisp than Ticket To Heaven, but both boots can’t really be cranked REALLY loud due to oversaturation (mastered too low or something).”

On Every Bootleg Site: “Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg “European tour 1992″. This is the best sounding Basel recording there is. Perfect sound and a great performance. This concert was both recorded for a television and radio broadcast. Complete concert.”

Silver CD “European tour 1992″ > PC > EAC [Flac Level 8]

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Calling Elvis 11:50 (19.9MB)
Track 102. Walk Of Life 6:04 (10.2MB)
Track 103. Heavy Fuel 5:21 (9.0MB)
Track 104. Romeo And Juliet 10:14 (17.2MB)
Track 105. The Bug 5:34 (9.3MB)
Track 106. Private investigations 9:35 (16.1MB)
Track 107. Sultans Of Swing 14:02 (23.6MB)
63 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Your Latest Trick 5:49 (9.8MB)
Track 202. On Every Street 7:09 (12.0MB)
Track 203. Two Young Lovers 5:26 (9.1MB)
Track 204. Telegraph Road 13:02 (21.9MB)
Track 205. Money For Nothing 9:36 (16.1MB)
Track 206. Brothers In Arms 8:50 (14.8MB)
Track 207. Solid Rock 6:09 (10.3MB)
Track 208. Wild Theme 4:09 (7.0MB)
61 mins

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  1. 16 Responses to “DIRE STRAITS - BASEL 1992”

  2. i have picyures of mirk doppler and me stand in front of the stage.

    By marg uolo del crabbin on Oct 7, 2014

  3. this came from the audio of a tv brdcst. i know part of it was brdcst over radio but the cds were made from the audio of the tv brdcst. there was also an lp set. it may have been 2 or 3 lps. i believe that was made in italy or luxembourg. i am not positive but at least one copy of the cds i saw when this first came out was manufactured in one of those 2 countries.

    By darth on Oct 7, 2014

  4. Thank you BigO for another Dire Straits. More Straits and Knopfler here, please!

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Oct 7, 2014

  5. mirk doppler is always welcome in my head.

    By rick on Oct 7, 2014

  6. Did mirk doppler discover the Doppler effect??

    By Psi Man on Oct 7, 2014

  7. Did mirk doppler discover the Doppler effect ?

    of course you dingus. we worked together on it when I was 11 after walking from birmingham to illinois to get the parts.

    By marg uolo del crabbin on Oct 7, 2014

  8. Thank you Big O amigos, this will be great background music for a Thompson min-bonfire. “On Every Street,” and Brothers in Arms,” bring back some memories. Be well, James

    By James on Oct 7, 2014

  9. Mirk Doppler discovered the poopler effect… which is a scientific law that says that everyone else’s poop always smells worse than your own.. and that all men will often smell their own farts with a great sense of pride.

    By SillyString on Oct 8, 2014

  10. Does anyone know if the opening act’s set was recorded, and if so, was it ever released on bootleg? the opening act was Was (Not Was).

    By Was (Not Weiss) on Oct 8, 2014

  11. i have a picture of sillystring with mirk doppler and his drummer brother wackie noppler.
    sure do!

    By marg uolo del crabbin on Oct 8, 2014

  12. was (not was) wasnt brdcst from this show but there are some brdcsts of them out there including a show from the ritz in ny from the early or mid 80s and one from electric lady studios around mid to late 80s. the 2nd one was definitely wnew-fm (102.7). chances are the first one was too but im not sure.
    check sugarmeg for anything they have. i wouldnt be surprised if they have a few items. i also distinctly remember something with nile rodgers and don was from the late 80s that was brdcst but i cant remember what it was. it was a full length live performance that any fans of was (not was) would absolutely want tho.

    By darth on Oct 8, 2014

  13. @Darth - thanks for the info. Not much on Sugarmegs from the Was boys.

    I saw footage on their website once from the Ritz and wondered if they ever broadcast the audio. I have never seen the Ritz or the Electric Lady shows posted anywhere.

    i did also see a show from Japan 1988 or 1989 on someone’s “list of shows I own’ page, but have never seen it posted anywhere.

    By Was (Not Weiss) on Oct 9, 2014

  14. japan 89 was a tv brdcst that the person had the audio of.
    they had footage from the ritz because they filmed it in house as they often did with ritz shows. there were 2 ritz’s. one on 11th st near 3rd ave and when that closed studio 54 turned into the ritz up near 8th ave and of course 54th st. 5 blocks south of columbus circle. the first band to ever play there was living colour. they brdcst that too.
    they did brdcst the was (not was) ritz show tho cuz i recorded it when it happened. i dont have those tapes any longer tho.
    glad i could help a little. i know if i was a bigger fan i could help more.

    By darth on Oct 9, 2014

  15. There is a great Was (Not Was) performance from Montreux in 1992 on YouTube in 2 parts for what I guess is the whole show from MTV Unplugged. It kicks off with what many people feel is perhaps the best Papa Was A Rolling Stone version ever. Here’s part 1:


    By Mr. Jimmy on Oct 9, 2014

  16. @ Darth - thanks again for the Ritz info. And @ Mr Jimmy - thank you, too, for the Montreux mention.. that is a good show, sadly not the full show as played on the night, but is the full broadcast.

    By Was (Not Weiss) on Oct 12, 2014

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