December 28, 2014 – 5:30 am

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Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea Outtakes [JEMS Transfer, 2CD]

Live at the Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK; December 16-19, 1979. Very good soundboard.

Thanks to JEMS; BK; and to mjk5510 for sharing the tracks at Dime.

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Uploader’s notes:

The Concerts for Kampuchea came out at that moment in my life bridging the classic rock artists I had initially fallen in love with in my early teens (e.g. The Who, Paul McCartney) and the new artists that had become my passion (e.g. The Clash, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders). Kampuchea offered great performances from both, on film and record.

The shows themselves took place over four nights at London’s Hammersmith Odeon in late 1979. A year later saw the release of a concert film from the event, which made its way to the US art house circuit where I first saw it (it later screened on TV as well).

In March of 1981, Atlantic Records released a double live album culled from the concerts which featured most of the performances seen in the film with a few variations. For instance, there are more McCartney songs in the movie than on the album, and one extra Who song on the album (”Baba O’Riley”) not seen in the original film.

Undoubtedly due to rights and clearance challenges and the charity aspect of behind the project, the two-LP Concerts for Kampuchea has never been released on CD and the film has never come out on DVD (at least officially). Bootleg videos of Kampuchea are out there, derived from the aforementioned TV broadcasts.

Earlier this year, JEMS obtained tapes from a former Atlantic Records executive. Included were three cassettes marked “Concerts for Cambodia.” One listen made it clear that the cassettes contained rough cuts of possible tracks for inclusion on the live album, undoubtedly transferred from mix-down reels to these cassettes for song-selection purposes.

To be clear, the tapes don’t contain the full artist sets; it is all the songs from the album and film, plus another 20 from the same artists that were under consideration for the double LP but didn’t make the final cut.

We believe this is the first time the material has ever circulated, though three of the cuts (”Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “Brass in Pocket,” “Three Time Loser”) were added to broadcasts of Kampuchea on US and later Japanese TV (the source of most bootleg DVDs and YouTube clips). Because they were not included in the original film, with the benevolent blessing of the Mods, they are included here.

Highlights include two leftovers from a spirited McCartney & Wings set, “I’ve Had Enough” and a cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Twenty Flight Rock.” Macca would later release a studio version of the latter on Choba B CCCP.

From the Clash we also gain a pair, a fine “Bankrobber” and an underwhelming “London Calling.” A rollicking “You Belong to Me” is the add from Costello, while The Pretenders offer a long “Private Life.”

We wrap up with expanded sets from The Specials and Ian Dury & The Blockheads, both in the prime of their careers, and British reggae band, Matumbi.

The quality of these unreleased performance is excellent and despite the age of the cassettes, they played back very well.

We thought this might make a welcome holiday gift from JEMS to the community if you loved the Kampuchea album like I did. We’d also like to point out that the highly rated charity Cambodian Children’s Fund could probably use your donation, if you are moved to give in the spirit of the original concerts.

Special thanks to mjk5510 for his incredible contributions to the JEMS cause in 2014 including wrapping this special Kampuchea project up in a bow.


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JEMS 2014 Transfer: Maxell XL-1 production cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth-adjusted) > Sound Devices UBSPre2 (24/96 Audacity 2.0 capture) > iZotope MBIT+ convert to 16/44.1 .wav > Peak Pro XT (pitch correction/subtle tweaks/edit/index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Disc 1
Track 101. Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love 5:18 (8.9MB)
Track 102. Wings - I’ve Had Enough 3:32 (5.9MB)
Track 103. Wings - Twenty Flight Rock 2:37 (4.4MB)
Track 104. Clash - Bankrobber 3:06 (5.2MB)
Track 105. Clash - London Calling 3:43 (6.2MB)
Track 106. Elvis Costello - You Belong To Me 4:03 (6.8MB)
Track 107. Pretenders - Brass In Pocket 3:17 (5.5MB)
Track 108. Pretenders - Private Life 6:44 (11.3MB)
Track 109. Rockpile - Three Time Loser 2:57 (4.9MB)
Track 110. The Specials - It Doesn’t Make It Alright 3:48 (6.4MB)
Track 111. The Specials - Stupid Marriage 4:03 (6.8MB)
Track 112. The Specials - Too Much, Too Young 2:19 (3.9MB)
46 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Ian Dury - Blackmail Man 3:12 (5.4MB)
Track 202. Ian Dury - Blockheads 5:31 (9.3MB)
Track 203. Ian Dury - Clever Trevor 7:56 (13.3MB)
Track 204. Ian Dury - My Ol Man 5:20 (8.9MB)
Track 205. Matumbi - Empire Road 4:26 (7.5MB)
Track 206. Matumbi - Come With Me 4:59 (8.4MB)
Track 207. Matumbi - After Tonight 5:40 (9.5MB)
Track 208. Matumbi - Point Of View 6:44 (11.3MB)
44 mins

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  2. Wow! Thank You! These shows were such a big deal when they happened… now they just seem forgotten.

    These were the shows everyone was confident the Beatles would reform for. All 4 were actually in London at this time…. which was very rare for John Lennon at this time of his life

    By The Russian Assassin on Dec 28, 2014

  3. as i often like to do.. i prefer to fill up cds and then say if an item is 90mins long put the last 10 mins of it on a 2nd cd as filler. this item can be done in a similar way. the order of this can be altered in fact.
    if the queen and wings songs or both pretenders songs are left off the entire rest of the package will fit on a single cd. this will also work if u leave off queen and costello or all 3 specials songs. any group of tracks that adds up to approximately 9-10mins. course u dont want to break up an artists batch of material here.
    many of the artists who played this benefit have had their sets appear complete as sbd recordings both in audio and video.

    By darth on Dec 28, 2014

  4. McCartney’s “I’ve Had Enough” was from the “London Town” album released in 1978.
    Great to have a live version. Thanks big O!

    By Ernie Clark on Dec 28, 2014

  5. Thanks for this Big -O
    Breathtaking quality!
    The sets from Ian Dury and The Specials plus the tracks from Chrissie and the boys are really worth having and checking out. Macca meanwhile . . his voice is shot and talk about resting on your laurels, here he is throwing this stuff away whereas the musicianship from everyone else is stunning
    Check out The Specials’ ‘Much Too Young’ or Ian Dury’s ‘My Old Msn’ for first class music from the era.
    We miss you Guvnor!

    But as he would ‘ave said anyway

    By swappers on Dec 28, 2014

  6. just listened to the pretenders brass in pocket and now I know why it was an outtake. Vocal is out of tune most of the time.

    By glynn jones on Dec 31, 2014

  7. I was surprised to learn that John Lennon was in London in 1979–but I poked around and sure enough, he was. Any idea what he was doing there?

    I admire Paul McCartney, but sometimes I think he ran out of ideas in 1969. this is his “Concert for Bangladesh” in the same way that “McCartney II” and The Fireman albums are his versions of records like “Wonderwall Music” or “Life With the Lions.” “My Love” is his version of “Something,” and “Pipes of Peace” (which thoroughly sucks) is his “War is Over”. Sort of. If it weren’t for his best work, which was mostly with The Beatles, I would hate him for inflicting “Wonderful Christmastime” on the world. When I have a time machine, I will kill the woman who wrote “The Little Drummer Boy” first, then Hitler, then I will prevent “Wonderful Christmastime”.

    And “Brass in Pocket” is not Chrissie Hynde’s best effort, although it’s almost Yoko-like in its out-of-keyness.

    By Eric (the other Eric) on Jan 4, 2015

  8. i cant imagine hating little drummer boy that much. i normally dislike most xmas songs but if i had to pick a few of them out and say ok these are exceptions that one is one of them.
    the story of the song is an interesting one as it reads on wikipedia -

    i like in particular the bing crosby / bowie version from bings 77 xmas special. where they incorporated peace on earth in it as well.
    in the late 70s early 80s i got a copy of the yobs christmas album. yobs was boys backwards i presume to avoid affiliation. it was released on vinyl originally and when i look it up i dont find the original release date anywhere but i find the later cd release date. i still have a copy on vinyl and a copy on cd. i think only 3 songs on it if that were playable on the radio. i strongly recommend the cd. it is fantastic.

    By darth on Jan 4, 2015

  9. For some reason, that song makes me feel awful, and although I try not to be close minded or judgmental about music, I loathe that particular song, even the campy Bing/Bowie version. I like all sorts of music that other people don’t (I drove my friends crazy by playing Kraftwerk’s “Radioactivity” over and over again when it first came out) but that song upsets my bowels.

    By Eric (the other Eric) on Jan 5, 2015

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    By relevant web site on Dec 11, 2015

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