April 22, 2015 – 5:50 pm

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Band In Boston [no label, 1CD]

The Warner Brothers Radio Show, 1979. Excellent soundboard.

Here’s a pretty rare and excellent Robert Palmer show… Before Addicted To Love (1986) and Simply Irresistible (1988) turned Palmer into a pop machine. Palmer died in a Paris hotel room from a heart attack in 2003 at the age of 54.

Thanks to FREE_Forever; TheCommish and propylaen for sharing the show at Dime.

FREE_Forever noted:

So, this is the famous (?) “BAND IN BOSTON” show, not “Banned in Boston” as it is often called. It is a radio show from Warner Brothers, a Promotional Item, that has never been on sale, or has never been commercially released, so if KBFH, BBC, Westwood One or Rockpalast shows are allowed on Dime there should be no reason to refuse this one.

All I know is that this is live in 1979 in Boston on the “Secrets” tour…

What’s the history behind this recording, the “fingerprints”?

I bought the official LP, not a bootleg copy, through the internet. Recorded to CD-R myself through; Thorens turntable TD 126 MK III Electronic with moving coil > Rotel RC-1090 Pre-amplifier > Pioneer PDR-04 Compact Disc Recorder > Dell Dimension 8300 > dbPowerAMP > Flac4 > CD-R > International mail > “The Commish”…

Quality of the recording? Well, it is from a vinyl source, so that is what you can hear as well, which does not bother me at all and I would not have changed it, even if I could, because I still like the sound of LPs. It sounds pretty good to me, 9 on a 10 scale. Because it is vinyl sourced, you can also hear the change/break from side 1 to side 2, between “In Walks Love Again” and “Kid”. I am sure this can be easily fixed by somebody, but again the question; Why? It is vinyl sourced, leave it as it is. Because I thought the track was finished I pushed the “new song” button on my recorder too early during “Bad Case Of Loving You” and that is why the track is split in two (# 12/13). If you only listen to the complete concert you will not even notice this, but if you want to jump from track to track (why would you do that during a live show?) this might become mildly irritating. So, is this perfect? No, but it is only my first effort anyway, so there is room for improvement. If anybody feels the urge to “glue” the two LP sides together, as well as track 12/13 and also wants to remove the “vinyl noises”, be my guest, but please have the courtesy of thanking “The Commish” and myself for the source…

BIG thanks to “The Commish” for uploading this for me (and for YOU actually). ENJOY!

TheCommish notes: The FLAC files I received from FREE_Forever had “Bad Case Of Loving You” split into 2 tracks, as mentioned above. For your convenience, I decided to join the two tracks into one track (#12) by decoding the original FLACs with FLAC Frontend, merging the 2 WAV files via Nero’s Wave Editor, and then encoding the combined WAV file back to a FLAC file via FLAC Frontend (level 6), aligning on sector boundaries.

+ + + + +

FREE_Forever’s end: Vinyl LP > Thorens turntable TD 126 MK III Electronic with moving coil > Rotel RC-1090 Pre-amplifier > Pioneer PDR-04 Compact Disc Recorder > Dell Dimension 8300 > dbPowerAMP > Flac4 > CD-R > TheCommish’s mailbox

TheCommish’s end: CD-R > FLAC Frontend > WAV > Nero (re-combining entire show) > CD Wave (re-tracking) > Nero (volume adjustments & slight edits/fades) > FLAC Frontend (aligned on sector boundaries) > FLAC

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Best Of Both Worlds 5:14 (8.8MB)
Track 02. Every Kinda People 3:46 (6.3MB)
Track 03. Too Good To Be True 2:54 (4.9MB)
Track 04. Some People Can Do What They Like 3:28 (5.8MB)
Track 05. What’s It Take 3:02 (5.1MB)
Track 06. Love Stop 3:00 (5.0MB)
Track 07. Can We Still Be Friends 3:06 (5.2MB)
Track 08. In Walks Love Again 2:39 (4.4MB)
Track 09. Kid 2:38 (4.4MB)
Track 10. Pressure Drop 4:09 (7.0MB)
Track 11. Sailing Shoes/Hey Julia/Sneakin’ Sally 8:39 (14.5MB)
Track 12. Bad Case Of Loving You 4:29 (7.5MB)
Track 13. Jealous 3:23 (5.7MB)
Track 14. You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming 5:12 (8.7MB)
56 mins

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  1. 43 Responses to “ROBERT PALMER - BOSTON 1979”

  2. thanks for this great show any one know who the band is,they say robert palmer was asked to become the singer in little feat after lowell passed away ,also is their a concert of lowell george tribute show from 1979 kickin around

    By the duke on Apr 22, 2015

  3. Thanks for this find. Robert Palmer left us way too soon. He tapped the mine of rock and soul, even though Van Morrison and Boz Scaggs took it deeper. Secrets is an overlooked gem.

    By Tony on Apr 22, 2015

  4. Who is in the band on this date? Anybody know?

    By David Binder on Apr 22, 2015

  5. OK lets see

    the date is 9/29/1979 the show took place at the Orpheum Theater in Boston

    While it might have been great fun - i don’t think there is any truth to the rumor that Robert Palmer was asked to Join Little Feat after Lowell died. Lowell was a big fan and supporter of Robert but I have never heard anything but fans who thought this might have happened. but once had the opportunity to talk to Paul Barrerre about it and he said that at the time Little Feat really stopped performing as Little Feat - there was no thought for many years of the Feat playing together again as Little Feat.
    In fact they didn’t record or tour again as Little Feat for almost 8 years.

    Finding information on Palmers band member s is tough — but if you listen to the music - he introduces the band at the end of Sneakin’ Sally

    its essentially the band that played on the Secrets album
    Leo Nocentelli of the meters on guitar
    Pierre Brock – Bass
    Robert palmer vocals
    Jack Waldman – Keyboards
    Arron maxfield - Keyboards
    Dony winn drums

    Loved Robert Palmer - got to see him three or four times - the first time in a small club in DC to promote the sneaking sally album and then several times with Little Feat promoting Pressure drop.
    There was one sort of weird pairing - I don’t remember who opened for who but it was Robert Palmer and Southside Johnny - both were really big in DC at the time

    By dwight on Apr 22, 2015

  6. nice guys. the only time i saw palmer was this tour, at the old agora ballroom in west hartford, ct, within a few days of this offering. the band was tight, and leon’s controlled licks were particularly tasty. big-O has given me more than a few trips down memory lane of late, as always i appreciate…

    By billy jack on Apr 23, 2015

  7. Wow, what a set!!! Bill Payne mentioned to me during the Let It Roll tour that Palmer was, in fact, discussed as a member, but it didn’t go far….

    By Don on Apr 23, 2015

  8. Thank you to all involved. I can now toss my off-air home cassette copy, which has been played to death over the years and copied by everyone who ever heard it. RIP: Robert!

    By Johnny Kinkdom on Apr 24, 2015

  9. its orpheum theater boston ma 9-29-79.

    By darth on Apr 24, 2015

  10. oops sorry someone already posted that info.

    By darth on Apr 24, 2015

  11. I read a interview with bonnie raitt and she did state she was asked to join little feat and she did say Robert palmer turned down the job it may have been in the days of cream mag maybe darth knows let the debate start thanks don thanks Dwight

    By bronze medal on Apr 24, 2015

  12. i think more likely the feat boys were drunk and they werent 100% serious when they might have suggested that she join. she did a jam session or two with the boys. one was aired and is a popular and common download that may have even been offered here once. first time i ever met her was in 85 or maybe 84. not sure but she wasnt particularly nice and said where were u when i was nobody. i was 12 when she kinda started in 72. she wasnt always in that bad of a mood and i dont know why she was that day. she had just come downstairs from the letterman show i believe at nbc. i had gotten there late and the only shots i was able to get of her were in the lobby of the building as she was waiting for her limo. there were a couple of other times she was nicer. i think as the 80s went on and early 90s she lightened up. i never got to shoot pics of lowell but i met palmer a few times. i never heard that he was asked to join feat but i know theyre on his first two albums. he used the musicians in feat various times over the years. in the mid 80s thru mid 90s i saw various members of the feat do solo shows and various perfs with 1-3 members at a time. i do collect all lowell recordings and i think i have all the ones i have ever heard exist. i think theres less actual truth to the story that either of them were asked to join the band than the myth would suggest after so many years have passed.

    By darth on Apr 24, 2015

  13. darth, you really never will get a clue, will you?

    By Willis on Apr 24, 2015

  14. where were u when i was nobody,. Bonnie was never a nobody, yet again you know nothing you made up your inaccurate answer bonnie had a long history with little feat more than just a couple of shows she was once quoted as saying she misses little feat more than being 12 years old and she sang back up on their early albums and Lowell showed her the secret of the socket

    By bronze medal on Apr 24, 2015

  15. the bullshit never ends..darth and bonnie raitt now…

    By psychic earl on Apr 24, 2015

  16. she said that to me. i didnt say it to her. she said ‘where were u when i was a nobody?’ i said i was 12. she didnt realize that i was around 24 or 25 at the time i was snapping those pics of her i guess. there of course was a time when she was nobody. she wasnt always as big as she became later on. by 87 or so she got huge. around nick of time she became a household name. but prior to that she started to get a very big name among music fans of course. but im sorry to inform u that in the early to mid 70s she wasnt that big. u totally misunderstood what i typed. u will not find much material by her prior to 72. i sure never did. what the hell do u have earlier than that??
    who she misses (ie - little feat - even tho theyre still around without lowell) doesnt matter here. the point was that there was that radio station appearance with freebo john hammond etc.. ultrasonic studios hempstead li ny 10-17-72. i checked my collection. in fact if u wanna hear it..
    theres 85mins of it here -

    next time try not to misunderstand what i am saying so much. if u do ask me what i meant rather than trying to attack me.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  17. Fuck off, darthy. I really should have aborted you.

    My apologies to everyone who’s had to tolerate my biggest mistake & greatest regret.

    By darth's mum on Apr 25, 2015

  18. hey i never called you on the nobody comment all i replied that bonnie was never a nobody,and the comment about missing little feat was made during the break they had for eight years,and you talk about misunderstanding, what do i have before 1972,In the fall of 1970, she was playing with Mississippi Fred McDowell at the Gaslight Cafe in New York, and released her first album in 1971,and if you know so much where can i get a copy of lowell,s tribute show

    By bronze medal on Apr 25, 2015

  19. yes u did. i didnt claim she was a nobody. shes the one who said this. and in fact shes correct. everyone who started out small without anyone knowing who they are.. is a nobody til they become somebody. sure i know that u could quote french stewart in the tv show 3rd rock.. where he says just because im nobody doesnt mean im not somebody.. but still youre nitpicking here. and i really dont know why.
    u didnt specify why or when she said she missed little feat. as u posted that line it didnt make any sense. how could i understand what u were thinking? u are the one not clear here. its not my fault here. however when u dont understand what i said the fault isnt mine. i wasnt unclear in my paragraph. youre the one who left out a major detail. dont u see? i didnt leave anything out in what i typed. so where u say ‘and you talk about a misunderstanding’ doesnt apply to me. sorry.
    assuming i had the interest in helping u obtain something.. which normally i do.. as u would know if u have been here for a while.. the lowell tribute show from what venue / date?? gimme something to work with please.
    do u mean this -

    i guess the rock n roll doctor tribute with 14 tracks isnt live from that tribute huh? it came out in 97.
    i also found a youtube link collection of 13 clips each one it seems is one song. the first one i found was clip 2 of 13. so it wouldnt be too difficult to find the rest. it was 4mins. however going by that.. it wouldnt add up to much more than an hour would it? that is much shorter than the full length of the tribute that im sure youre looking for. btw.. the date on the video link above says 8-8-79. as u know its really 8-4-79.
    in another search i did.. heres some clips to watch -

    altho this may turn out to be identical to the single video above but in small single song clips. im sure u know how to convert youtube clips to audio. 47mins is better than nothing. another idea is to check sugarmeg. did u do that?

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  20. thanks for nothing, you are one crazy person and you just proved you are not very smart,and looks like you dont know much at all cheers

    By bronze medal on Apr 25, 2015

  21. ok i did a little more looking for u.. i found it is on sugarmeg. the link to the info is -

    they have only 12 of the 13 songs that were brdcst. which makes me think that the youtube clip is as complete as youre going to find it. here is a link to the page -

    scroll all the way down to the bottom.. then scroll back up about one inch. when i say one inch.. im talking about the the little box on the right side in the scroll bar. im just making sure u understand what im talking about here.
    if u look at the last item that says lowell george.. its the 6th one up from there. the only advantage to dl’ing it from here and it isnt that much better is that it is slightly better than the audio from a youtube video. the bit rate from sugarmeg isnt wonderful but its god awful from youtube. both are going to end up being a single file. i didnt check the video but there is a possibility that the youtube video has the missing song. the sugarmeg item doesnt. so thats one advantage of the youtube clip if u extract the audio from there. personally i would go for both if i was u but then im not interested in this item. i had it already because i obtained the entire sugarmeg collection about 7 yrs ago when there were 35000 items on the site. course theres a lot more on there now.. i think its over 70000 items now. i got what i got from the guy who runs the site all on one single drive. cost me the price of a drive and $10 shipping. he was extremely kind. id do it again to get the new site on a 2 terabyte drive but i cant get ahold of him anymore.
    anyway.. i hope i helped.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  22. thanks for nothing?? are u kidding me? wtf!?!?!? wow!!!! one of these days i will stop putting in any effort to helping people. u have some set of balls on u. holy crap!! thats a solid hour that i just put into helping u. and u have the audacity to say thanks for nothing?? unbefuckinglievable!!!!

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  23. btw i should point out several things that u may not realize. first of all mississippi fred mcdowell did not play the gaslight til nov 71 where he recorded a live album that was released on oblivion records. bonnie is not on that recording and was never on any of his live performances at all ever. he did coach her but they did not play together. u have no recordings of them together. u most certainly dont have any of her from 1970 (unless u have the 3 songs i mention below) nor do u have any of fred from the gaslight in 70. she didnt play the gaslight in 70 or 71 or 72. she did play sigma sound studios in 72 and that is now released. she did play syracuse in 71 also.. march 27th to be exact. the sigma studios is 2-22-72. the syracuse show was at a place called the jabberwocky club. she did the troubador in la ca 2-15-72. yale univ new haven ct 12-2-72. but the earliest material i have seen of her is the phila folk fest schwenksville pa 8-29-70 3 songs & 8-28-71 9 songs & 8-25-72 6 songs all on one tape.
    course theres more from 73 and 74 and much more material available as u go further on up the years. i have about 40 items i guess. and im not even that big of a fan. imagine if i was.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  24. In the fall of 1970, while opening for Mississippi Fred McDowell at the Gaslight Cafe in New York, she was seen by a reporter from Newsweek Magazine, who began to spread word of her performance. from the bonnie raitt Wikipedia home page, stop making up your crap as you go along i never said i had any early recordings, but i do have bonnies self titled record and cd released in 1971 but thanks i do have a big set of balls

    By bronze medal on Apr 25, 2015

  25. theres something wrong with u. i dont know what it is but im going to assume youre drunk stoned or stupid or a combo of 2 of those. u specifically said things that u deny saying in response to things i asked that are right on this damned page. i think youre either doing it intentionally or u have mental issues. in any event im done with u. evidently nothing i am saying to u is getting thru and u arent appreciating anything i am doing for u. i wish i realized that u were a waste of my time before i started. youre a fucking idiot.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  26. wow darth you sure dont like the truth ive never seen a person dig his own grave as quick as you and you called the other guy a fucking idiot

    By the duke on Apr 25, 2015

  27. he is one. read the comments in order and pay attention to what they say. use your head here. not your ass to think with.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  28. how do you know bronze medal is a he are you psychic , where you troubled by his big balls comment’and he/she did point some facts about dates etc i think yet again you are out of order bronze never used bad language or insulted you and my ass is smater than your mouth

    By the duke on Apr 25, 2015

  29. “i could’ve been somebody. i could’ve been a contender.”

    instead i’m a disrespectful liar asshole.

    By Marlon darth Brando on Apr 25, 2015

  30. how to make friends for dummies by darth

    By psychic earl on Apr 25, 2015

  31. bronze medal , you see now how he twists yours and others statements around,and everyone immediately becomes a complete jerk after their first post.
    you are such a fair and decent man darth[said no one ever]

    By psychic earl on Apr 25, 2015

  32. darth, why don’t you “stop putting in any effort to helping people” right now? Stop leaving your “helpful” comments on this site. That’ll really teach us all a lesson.

    By Willis on Apr 25, 2015

  33. great idea willis, we need to be punished like this. think about it darth you could really teach us a good one you doofus.

    By psychic earl on Apr 26, 2015

  34. duke - it doesnt matter if hes a he or not altho its obvious that he is. thats seriously not important. of all the serious details going on here why do u feel thats the important point to make?
    when he said thanks for nothing.. i said he has some set of balls on him. surely u have heard that expression no? it has nothing to do with his sex. the phrase can apply to a woman too. but again it isnt about literal balls. are u trying to impress everyone as yet another idiot?
    he didnt come across with facts about dates.. i did. in fact.. while posting 2 comments on here last nite / this morning.. i got errored out and had gotten pretty seriously into lengthy paragraphs and then had to restart and lost it all before being able to submit. when i returned i just didnt wanna start all over so i gave up. but the details in the paragraphs i had specific dates and so on with regards to the shows from 70 thru 72 that were out there that bonnie had done. there are less than 5. only one of 3 songs from 70 from phila folk fest. the point is.. he lied and i wasnt interested in going on and on with him since it became clear that he was just playing some game or if he wasnt.. he is just stupid and i dont have that kind of patience anymore.
    u claim he didnt insult me.. perhaps u need to scroll up and read the comments on this page again in order. u evidently missed several things.
    your ass may be smaller than my mouth but its not too small that your head doesnt fit into it.

    as for being a disrespectful liar asshole.. um. im not.
    i respect ppl who give it to me. i lied about nothing. and if u think im an asshole.. consider how u treat me first. what u exude comes back atcha tenfold.

    i didnt twist anyones words or statements around.

    willis - i dont live by your rules. worry about your own life and rules. u dont govern how other people live their lives. youve been trying to tell me how to do things and how to live my life for years now. im 55 years old. what the fuck is wrong with u??? what do u think youre doing?? who the hell do u think u are??? stop telling me what to do. this isnt your site to dictate who does what. if u dont like what u read by me or anyone.. dont read it. that will surely teach me a lesson. thatll show me.

    By darth on Apr 26, 2015

  35. Just trying to be helpful, darth. You don’t have to be an asshole about it.

    By Willis on Apr 26, 2015

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    By Thard on Apr 26, 2015

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    By bronze medal on Apr 26, 2015

  39. willis - in all these years that u have been pulling that crap have i ever expressed that i wanted your help or appreciated what u were doing? or asked for u to continue playing that game with me? u know what youre doing. does it appear that i enjoy it? from the responses u keep receiving does it seem to u that u should keep doing the same thing over and over again?? seriously? and then act all innocent and incredulous at my response as if its all new to u and u had no idea. wtf?!?!?!

    By darth on Apr 26, 2015

  40. bronze - if u have seen me type on here before its unlikely u are sorry for starting this up. i also dont believe u showed anything on here to any psychiatrist. its a saturday first of all and not likely u are working today.. u could be but not likely. and its less likely that a psych would have said the things u are quoting them as having said. no one worth their merit would do that. u asked for my help. i offered it. then u said thanks for nothing. u have some fucking nerve. u have never seen me lie about anything. nor would your psych have any clue if i did or not. so thats another lie. theres no way that your psych friend could come up with that batch of diagnosis.

    By darth on Apr 26, 2015

  41. darth, your really are an entertaining little bugger.

    By Willis on Apr 26, 2015

  42. Willis…that’s all glen is good for is a good laugh nothing else…he’s also like a cockroach he won’t ever go away…

    By Jerry's Finger on Apr 26, 2015

  43. I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I think you should take this post down and replace it, because I have just posted a 2015 Update / Upgrade over at TTD.

    So ….. if you can spare the HD space I suggest you download that version …..

    By Free_Forever on Apr 26, 2015

  44. Hey Dwight, we probably passed through the night in DC back in the mid-70’s as I was at a few of those show’s too….big WHFS listener and Feat/Palmer fan. Cerphe was the best, wonder what he’s doing these days….

    By Lwood on May 6, 2015

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