April 24, 2015 – 3:23 pm

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Zabriskie Point The Complete Sessions Vol One [Time And River Records TR 69/1, 1CD]

Recorded in Rome, November/December 1969. Very good vinyl rip.

Thanks to highhopes58 for sharing the tracks at Dime.

highhopes58 noted:

The sound quality of this vinyl is great, what is to be expected from studio takes. The sources seem consistent with the exception of tracks 2 and 6. From the frequency analysis of each track a gentle roll-off at 18kHz can be seen, which indicates a reel tape as a source. The generation of the sources are unknown. Tracks 2 and 6 show a sharp roll-off after 19kHz, almost like a CD, although those are normally cut-off around 21kHz. I do not believe the source is mp3 coded as the cut-off would have been around 16kHz instead. Anyway, the record is a gem to listen to!

Cartridge: Ortofon Rondo Red (MC)
Turntable: Thorens TD165 MkII (modified with home-made in-built symmetrical 20dB MC pre-preamplifier)
(RIAA) Amplifier: Denon PMA-1500R
Loudspeaker set 1: a pair Infinity Alpha 40 with a modified Mivoc subwoofer (take-over at 40Hz)
4-channel DI Amplifier: Behringen DI-4000
Mixer: Behringer Xenyx 1616FX
Amplifier 2: Phonic DMX 2501
Loudspeaker set 2: a pair Wharfedale EVP-S15
Headphones 1: Sennheiser HD 540 reference
Headphones 2: AKG K-501
Audio-interface: E-MU 1212m PCI
PC Hardware: Intel Core i7-920, 6GB RAM, 1x 640GB HDD (system), 1x 1TB HDD (data)
Operating System: Windows 7 - 64bit
Audio Editor: Adobe Audition 3.0.1 (24bits 96kHz wave)
FLAC convertor: FLAC frontend 1.7.1 [24bits 96kHz flac level 8]

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UPDATED: October 9, 2015

These tracks are no longer available for sharing.

We request that you immediately remove all infringing material, and cease any further posting of infringing material to your website.

One Fifteen
1 Globe House
Middle Lane Mews
London N8 8PN
United Kingdom

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  2. Excellent !!! Thank you BigO

    By Sarah Novak on Apr 24, 2015

  3. More pieces to the puzzle that is Pink Floyd…thx Big-O !!!!

    By Couz on Apr 24, 2015

  4. Thanks!

    By Tom on Apr 25, 2015

  5. im not one of those who has the patience but.. i know an official 3 cd set came out of the zp sessions a few years back and they included a massive amount of outtakes etc. is it really possible that not one of the items above is on those cds? im just curious.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  6. Since this is Volume One is it possible for you to post other volumes please?

    By Sarah Novak on Apr 25, 2015

  7. Hello Sarah

    Have yet to come across Vol Two.

    By bigozine2 on Apr 25, 2015

  8. Ok thanks…just wondering. Please keep the Floyd Roios coming !

    By Sarah Novak on Apr 25, 2015

  9. there were 15 tracks on the boot. here are 13 of them -
    of course there is some overlap with what is offered above but the entire thing was 64mins the copy above is 42mins so the link i am providing is 22mins longer minus 2 songs. the 2 songs are #s 12 & 15. love scene take 4 and unknown song take 1.
    Recorded Live at Technicolor Sound Services, Rome, Italy - December 07-12, 1969.
    01. Rain In The Country Take 1
    02. The Violence Sequence Take 1
    03. The Red Queen Theme Take 1
    04. Fingal’s Cave Take 1
    05. Theme Take 2
    06. Rain In The Country Take 2
    07. Love Scene Take 1
    08. Love Scene Take 2
    09. Blues Scene Take 1
    10. Fingal’s Cave Take 2
    11. Love Scene Take 3
    12 Love Scene Take Four *
    13. The Red Queen Theme Take 2
    14. Crumbling Land Take 1
    15 Unknown Song Take One *
    Notes: (*) Offending track removed. (Available in Zabriskie Point: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Original recording reissued) ··· This is an amazing album containing 15 outtakes from the famous sessions for the Antonioni cult classic. After recording for several days, only three songs ended up on the official soundtrack. Over the years several outtakes appeared on dubious and soundwise poor bootlegs. In 1997 a revised edition of Zabriskie Point was released, including four previously unreleased Floyd takes. But there was more, much more as this release proves. No less than fifteen outtakes you never heard before in this quality or in any quality!

    now i do have a 32 track version from a totally different boot.
    this one is available from -

    this one is one i have had for many years that i was hesitant to share because.. well yall are assholes and most of yall dont deserve shit but i figure eventually one or two of u would have stumbled upon it anyway and its not like i own this stuff. i just have a bad taste in my mouth after that idiot earlier today asked for my help and then says thanks for nothing after i spent an hour going to the trouble. anyway.. enjoy the above. since floyd is my fave band im happy that there are other floydaholics out there.

    By darth on Apr 25, 2015

  10. darth making more friends?

    By psychic earl on Apr 25, 2015

  11. u dont think its friendly to offer links to dl more music for the items that people want?? why not? there are what.. 32 tracks on the total zabriskie pov item. it appears to be all there is to own with regards to that series of sessions. while not buying friends and i couldnt care less who is my friend based on what they can get from me.. id rather have them because they get me and appreciate my worth and quality as a human being etc.. it surely cant hurt to have people like me for what i offered them here can it?? so im not sure what u mean by what u said. perhaps u dont know either.

    By darth on Apr 26, 2015

  12. oh glen you are so sweet as a pumpkin & so humble…

    that’s why no one here can stand you…

    what a great virtue you have…

    what an asshole you are just like an earlier posted has stated…

    fuck off loser…

    By Jerry's Finger on Apr 26, 2015

  13. darth/jerry`s finger okay i looked at the picture you put the link up for but its two guys isn`t it , so which one is dingleberry ?

    By psychic earl on Apr 26, 2015

  14. the 1st pic on right…the crack head contorted pic & the last one…

    goes by ohiom54…darth…darthcardz…

    or simply glen frohman real legal name…

    either way the con boy clown liar attention seeking whore is a person everyone needs to be weary of…!

    By Jerry's Finger on Apr 27, 2015

  15. darth looks like tom cruise your just jeallis!RLMAOFL!

    By Thard on Apr 27, 2015

  16. ok…sure…Tom Cruise…lol…

    By Jerry's Finger on Apr 27, 2015

  17. is there Pink Floyd - Zabriskie Point The Complete Sessions Vol TWO ?
    would be nice :) ……

    By Thomas Wiegandt on Apr 27, 2015

  18. After downloading this I went back and checked what I already had in my Pink Floyd folder and low and behold I guess I already had this as well as the one Darth mentioned above.. Then I checked my Tree Full of Secrets download because I seem to remember there were a few extra cuts that weren’t on the official 2 disc release from some years ago.. Sure enough there are several versions of Crumbling Land.. 2 versions of Come in 51 your number is up.. There’s a track listed as Love scene 4, 2 versions of Heart Beat Pig Meat, and finally a track listed as Oenone.. Mind you it’s been a while since I’ve run through Tree full of Secrets so cannot comment on some of these alternate versions vs. official release etc. But if you can get your hands on Trees Full of Secrets there are some nice gems on that multiple CD release..

    By Tom on Apr 27, 2015

  19. as i said above. the 32 track version is every single song recorded for the zp sessions. there are various tracks that appear on various boots scattered here and there but if u want 100% of every single recording done all in one place specifically for this particular session that particular set will fit on 2 cds and its called a total zabriskie point of view the complete collection. it has lots of art and notes and loads of tech info etc. i gave the link above. looking for a 2nd cd to accompany the cd on this page will not give u very much. the cd here has 8 tracks. the 2 cds that i offered is 32 tracks. even the original of the cd offered here is 15 tracks and when the 2 offending tracks were removed it becomes 13 tracks. not 8. i offered u the option of obtaining the 13 track version. then i offered the option to dl the entire sessions double cd set with all 32 tracks for the session from 69/70. and people are still asking for cd2. i dont get it. shrug.

    By darth on Apr 28, 2015

  20. Thanks BigO - and thanks Darth for the other link. I love pre-DSOTM Floyd

    By bing bongong on Apr 28, 2015

  21. Thank you BigO, and thanks darth for the other links,all very much appreciated

    By aybsee on May 2, 2015

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