April 29, 2015 – 3:05 pm

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Soundstage 1975 [no label, 1CD]

Live at WTTW, Chicago, IL; summer 1975. Very good to excellent audio, ripped from DVD (TV broadcast).

In 1975, the Bee Gees released their 13th album (11th worldwide), Main Course, and by 1977, Saturday Night Fever was ruling the world. Here on Soundstage, the brothers Gibb were so affable and chatty even. Just bear in mind that soundboard Bee Gees live (albeit from a TV broadcast) are hard to come by.

Bruce Eder,

In 1975, in the midst of their second major period of stardom - but before Saturday Night Fever would drive them to their greatest popularity - the Bee Gees appeared on the Chicago-based series Soundstage, performing a large selection of their repertoire from the late ’60s through the mid-’70s, up through “Jive Talkin’.” The result is sort of the video equivalent of Here At Last, their mid-’70s live double album. The anonymous bootleggers who have put this out used a video master that was a generation or two off from what it ideally would be, resulting in a slightly fuzzy image at times, but the sound is impeccable, and in recognition of this, they’ve made it a combined DVD-R/CD-R package, with a CD-R of the audio portion of the show accompanying the bootleg DVD. It’s all essential viewing for serious fans of the Bee Gees, capturing them in superb voice throughout and doing more than all right on their instruments as well. Yvonne Elliman is the featured guest, but she never really has a chance to shine amidst the voices of the three Gibb brothers. All of this is so enjoyable, however, that the legalities should be worked out and it should be retrieved legitimately and reissued by authorized parties.

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Thanks to propylaen for sharing the DVD at Dime.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Intro - Barry, Robin and Maurice 0:35 (992k)
Track 02. I’ve Gotta Get A Message To You 4:46 (8.0MB)
Track 03. Edge Of The Universe 5:27 (9.2MB)
Track 04. New York Mining Disaster 1941 2:37 (4.4MB)
Track 05. Run To Me/World 2:13 (3.7MB)
Track 06. Holiday/I Can’t See Nobody 2:33 (4.3MB)
Track 07. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart 2:45 (4.6MB)
Track 08. Q & A with the audience 2:02 (3.4MB)
Track 09. Lollipop/Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen/Bye Bye Love 4:18 (7.2MB)
Track 10. Nights On Broadway 4:36 (7.7MB)
Track 11. To Love Somebody (with Yvonne Elliman) 5:06 (8.6MB)
Track 12. Steady as You Go (with Yvonne Elliman) 4:14 (7.1MB)
Track 13. Can’t Find My Way Home (with Yvonne Elliman) 5:08 (8.6MB)
Track 14. Road To Alaska 3:49 (6.4MB)
Track 15. Lonely Days 3:58 (6.7MB)
Track 16. Jive Talkin’ 4:51 (8.2MB)
59 mins

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  1. 43 Responses to “BEE GEES - SOUNDSTAGE 1975”

  2. Bee-Gees and Yvonne Elliman. Thanks Big-O! Must’ve been between her Clapton gigs that year. Nice sound too. Cheers!

    By je n'regret rien on Apr 29, 2015

  3. This looks great.. just before they went full blown disco..

    By Tom on Apr 29, 2015

  4. Excellent! Many thanx………….

    By Timmy on Apr 29, 2015


    By darth on Apr 30, 2015

  6. in the 2nd half of july eric took a break on that 75 tour and in fact all of sept as well there were no shows. if this bgs item was done around july 5th it could have included yvonne then as well since they were in chicago then as well. i didnt do any research to find out when this recording actually happened but due to the first posting here i came to be curious myself so i figured offering erics itinerary helps. he was touring april june july aug oct and nov.

    By darth on Apr 30, 2015

  7. July 11, 1975…

    By darth the google village idiot on Apr 30, 2015

  8. Robert Stigwood an Australian music entrepreneur and impresario, best known for managing Cream and the Bee Gees and Yvonne Elliman
    darth thats why she was performing with tbe bg’s not because eric gave her a day off and you think you know everything,what do you mean it could have included yvonne its there in black and white

    By bronze medal on Apr 30, 2015

  9. Thank you very much!

    By Formosa Coweater on Apr 30, 2015

  10. Big-O a great post, loved hearing the BGs doing their early, pre-disco, material…………great voices, great harmonies, great sound……..You da man………………T

    By ToeKneeF on Apr 30, 2015

  11. Thank you Big-O. Perfect time to capture a Bee-Gees show - before the big heads, disco balls and Sgt Pepper ridiculousness. How could Robert Stigwood be responsible for managing Cream on the one hand and that horrible movie 10 years later.

    By California Jim on Apr 30, 2015

  12. on july 11th 75.. eric was at the kiel aud in st louis mo. and yvonne elliman was absolutely at the show with him. sure she could have done the bgs set in chicago in the afternoon and taken a plane to missouri for that nites show with eric. the two cities are close enough that if the bgs did their thing even as late as 2 or 3pm or even 4 or 5pm.. she could have gotten to the gig in time to perform with eric at 8pm. in fact.. i recall there being an opening set by different artists for many of the shows. i didnt see the missouri show of course but i did see mad sq garden and nassau col in june that year. in fact at the missouri show.. santana opened up and he joined eric for the final song eyesight to the blind. which means that eric didnt get on stage til at least 930 or so. so yvonne had a lot of time to get from chicago to missouri if she did the recording with the bgs on that date.
    wttw studios normally did their center stage recordings in the afternoons. certainly not later than 6pm. most late nite talk shows do their recordings at 530pm but that might not be the case here. after all its not a late nite talk show.

    on another note. i never claimed i knew everything. i dont know where u got that crap. i certainly know a hell of a lot more than u do. if i forgot 90% of what i know or ever knew i would still know 1000s upon 1000s of things that u dont know. i dont believe theres anything at all whatsoever that u know that i dont. seriously. nothing at all whatsoever. sure u can look things up and ask me something that u didnt know yourself til u found it as if to quiz me. but seriously.. u dont know very much at all and u act like u know things that i dont. u talk about me as if i claim to know everything.. i dont. i never did. when i do know something or several things and i feel i can offer what i know or share info / knowledge i do it. if what i say in this forum bothers u.. u have options.. either keep on reading and learn something.. move past it and shut the fuck up or fade away into obscurity and sulk because u dont know anything at all about anything and u really are as fucking stupid as u prove day in and day out with your stupid drivel in this forum. i dont know what the hell is wrong with u. i dont know why day in and day out u cant leave me the fuck alone and why u feel the need to constantly bash and harass me like u have nothing else to do with your time. youre making a damned fool of yourself. u arent offering anything here of any importance. clearly i am. u may not appreciate everything i type here but then u dont have to. it isnt all going to be there for u. just as all the music offered here isnt going to be to your liking. right?? ok so when something is offered here.. u dont bitch and moan about it.. u say to yourself.. and hopefully only to yourself.. that ull tune in tomorrow and see if something else warrants your interest. and in the mean time there are dozens of other sites that might have something that u can find interest in.
    in fact there were 8 or 9 things in a row here that i didnt want so i went to another site i check out every day and they dont offer a lot i want but they have a cbox on the right side.. and the other fans of the site post comments and many of those comments include links to dl stuff. a couple of items by one guy had been offered for a series of chicago blues sessions on wolf records. i didnt happen to have this. so i asked him if he knew where i could get the full thing. i wasnt sure if he would ever offer all the cds. he had offered what i could best tell 3-4 of them. im a completist with that sort of thing and i wanted it all. he was incredible and shared a link that gave me 31gig / 15 dl’s each at 2gig!!! but it only loads at 50kbps. omg.. thats going to take me 2 weeks cuz each item of this zip thing where i have to get all 15 parts will take me 10 hours. holy crap!!
    but ill deal with that. i have to put in the captcha by hand too but thats ok.. if im here at the puter i can do that or just do it when i am here.
    my point is.. if u dont want something here go elsewhere.. if u dont wanna read what i say .. find something else to read.. but leave me the fuck alone. post something worth reading. stop dictating what i should type. u arent offering anything worth reading when all youre doing is jumping on what i say and trying to fuck with me. get a damned life man!!

    By darth on Apr 30, 2015

  13. i dont believe theres anything at all whatsoever that u know that i dont. seriously. nothing at all whatsoever. ok darth wow thanks for nothing

    By bronze medal on Apr 30, 2015

  14. July 11, 1975.

    45 min plane ride from o’hare chicago > lambert field st. louis.

    By darth the google village idiot on Apr 30, 2015

  15. the plane ride is exactly my point. then a quick limo ride from the airport to the venue. or in fact if the bgs set was earlier in the day as i suggest she had hours so she could have gone from the airport to the hotel and shown up hours later for the show. soundcheck wasnt necessary. they could do it w/o her. normally they do that at 330 or 530pm.
    i dont know where u got the july 11th date.. i dont know that its accurate. in all likelihood its totally fabricated. but if it is in fact accurate then theres the explanation on how it happened. plain and simple.

    By darth on May 1, 2015

  16. Wowzers! Yes, any classic Bee Gees in soundboard is a big deal–but the Bee Gees doing “Can’t Find My Way Home” with Yvonne Elliman! Can’t wait!

    By Brett Alan on May 1, 2015

  17. is that clapton on guitar during cant find my way home,sounds like him and if its not who is it ,great band

    By the duke on May 1, 2015

  18. july 11 1975 may have indeed been the recording date for this show as a gentleman has already noted.

    perhaps robert stigwood persuaded eric clapton to give yvonne elliman the night off to appear on a prestigious american tv show?

    By barth on May 1, 2015

  19. that`s definitely not clapton on guitar on cant find my way home.

    By sluggo on May 1, 2015

  20. Maybe it’s Rick Derringer

    By Je Suis Darth on May 1, 2015

  21. could be johnny winter

    By barth on May 1, 2015

  22. Jimi Hendrix ?

    By Je Suis Darth on May 1, 2015

  23. i think its hugh jorgan.

    By sluggo on May 1, 2015

  24. Well, it’s a hard one thats for sure

    By Je Suis Darth on May 1, 2015

  25. not winter
    not derringer
    not jimi
    not sure

    By not darth on May 2, 2015

  26. Vince Melouney maybe

    By bronze medal on May 2, 2015

  27. Alan Kendall was the guitarist for the 1975 tour, but I think Hugh Jorgan may have been a much better choice.

    By Je Suis Darth on May 2, 2015

  28. again.. he didnt give her the nite off. shes on the show that nite that eric did in missouri. what didnt u understand???

    By darth on May 2, 2015

  29. i dont understand how u can claim that someone is wrong when u have no proof.

    is this another one of those comments that u said u make u make just to annoy people… glen?

    By barth on May 2, 2015

  30. im never wrong sometimes

    By not darth on May 2, 2015

  31. darth, no one gives two shits what you think or say, what don`t u understand???

    By dropkick sarge on May 2, 2015

  32. maybe eric gave yvonne the afternoon off,what don`t u understand???

    By bronze medal on May 3, 2015

  33. darth’s talking about “proof”…LOL…SUCH an amusing little bugger!

    By Willis on May 3, 2015

  34. The real question is why Ms. Elliman is singing solo with the band on “Can’t Find My Way Back Home.” No sign of the BGs on that track. The arrangement sounds pretty much like the EC version. I suspect the co-manager Robt Stigwood just wanted exposure for her on national TV, not a bad thing as she sings beautifully here. Or maybe the BGs just “dug” her singing. Nice version of “To Love Somebody” with the BGs and YE. Sound quality is decent but it sounds more like a cassette tape made on a cheap deck with LN tape (for those who remember that technology). Very little high end, but a professional mix for sure.

    By Jania on May 11, 2015

  35. on the 75 tour that she was currently doing with eric. she sang that song pretty much every single nite. it was her spot. it was probably just a nod to her chops to give her that spot in the bgs show for the performance since it was smack in the middle of the eric tour that was going on anyway. the quality of the recording is as it is because it isnt from a rebrdcst but from the original tapes that the original recordings were made from and not much effort was made to work on the audio as much as perhaps the video quality. had it been made say 7-10 yrs later i think it woulda been a bit better in sound. huge improvements were made in technology in those years.

    By darth on May 11, 2015

  36. youre probably correct Jania- its very likely that robert stigwood wanted elliman do the bee gees tv show for the exposure. “steady as you go” is from her album “rising sun” released the same year.

    as stigwood managed all three artists its very likely that he convinced clapton to give elliman the night off to help enhance the sales of her album which did not produce any hits. btw- ellimans first husband was bill oakes, president of rso records.

    barry & robin gave elliman “love me” which was a top 20 hit on her next album, and the gibb trio also gave her “if i cant have you” a #1 hit in 1977. she was supposed to record “how deep is your love” but stigwood insisted that the bee gees record it instead.

    here are yvonne & the bee gees with “to love somebody” from this show:

    By barth on May 11, 2015

  37. as i said she didnt have the nite off. she played that nite with eric. why cant u idiots read?????
    no one convinced anyone to give anyone the night off at all anywhere. there is no night off. stop making things up here.
    the end of that leg of the tour was just a couple of days away as i explained way up above.
    interestingly when u go to see the clips on youtube there are 19 clips. one must wonder what the other 3 clips are. i didnt check. i guess one could.

    By darth on May 11, 2015

  38. “i didnt check.”

    of course not. its easier for u to just say that u are right and everyone else is wrong.

    then again… this might be another one of those comments u said that u make just to annoy people.

    By barth on May 11, 2015

  39. this might be another one of those comments u said that u make just to annoy people.


    By dropkick sarge on May 11, 2015

  40. …stop making things up here.!….

    famous last words from the queen of fairytales.

    By dropkick sarge on May 11, 2015

  41. “Get a life man”? Wow. Of all people to say that! Take your own advice tool! Reread your post. Jesus Palomino! Anyone who has the time to post that tripe obviously doesn’t have one.Reading your million word response was like a goddamn rectal exam. “Leave you the fuck alone”? Leave us the fuck alone. “Jumping on what you say & fucking with you”? Hell yes. How can we not? Dumb ass fish in a barrel.

    By Starrwatts on May 16, 2015

  42. I’ve heard Yvonne’s version of the Blind Faith song … and wasn’t Clapton also an RSO artist? Ah well, I appreciate Darth’s contributions even if some troll here doesn’t.

    By Dano on Jun 12, 2015

  43. I was at this Sound Stage performance of the Bee Gees and Yvonne Elliman in Chicago with my boyfriend Jim King. I was only 24 years old then and still have the Bee Gees album “Main Course” that he gave me that night. R.I.P. Jim

    By Sandee Geres on Jun 20, 2016

  44. Since many of the songs were from Main Course, do you know of a recorded live performance of “Baby As You Turn Away”?

    By Obed on Apr 1, 2017

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