May 2, 2015 – 3:34 pm

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Tokyo 2015 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan; April 28, 2015. Fairly to very good audience recording.

It was 49 years ago…

Nearly 49 years after The Beatles became the first pop artist to play the Nippon Budokan, Paul McCartney  returned to the hallowed venue Tuesday (April 28, 2015) as a solo act. It was for the last show of the Japan leg of his Out There tour. The Japan leg was made up of a stop at the 40,000-seat Kyocera Dome in Osaka, three nights at the 55,000-seat Tokyo Dome and a final gig at the Budokan, which seats around 14,000 for concerts.

McCartney debuted the Beatles song “Another Girl” (which originally appeared on the group’s 1965 album Help!) during his April 28 appearance at the Nippon Budokan. The performance marked not only McCartney’s first time playing the song live as a solo artist, but offered a concert airing to a tune that the Beatles themselves never played while they were touring.

McCartney’s gig marked 49 years since the Beatles’ Budokan show in 1966, something he recognized when speaking with NME afterwards. “It was sensational and quite emotional remembering the first time and then experiencing this fantastic audience tonight,” said McCartney. “It was thrilling for us and we think it was probably the best show we did in Japan and it was great to be doing the Budokan 49 years later. It was crazy. We loved it.”

He offered further reflection during a fan Q&A segment posted at his website, looking back on the Beatles’ Budokan visit by remembering the “fans corralled on each street corner” and musing, “It was zany because we’d come from England and the US where it had been mayhem. So when I think of the Budokan show I think of the fans first, and then security second.”

Asked why he wanted to return, McCartney responded, “Why go back and play there again? Just because it was such a special venue to play and I have a particularly special feeling about it. So when someone said there was a possibility of playing there again I jumped at the chance for old times’ sake.” - Various sources

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Thanks to fab1 who recorded the show; and to lady_p for sharing it at Dime.

microphone madness mm-hlsc-1 > sony pcm-m10 > wav (24bit/48kHz) > rx4 (declip, declick) + sound forge (noise reduction/edit, convert to 16bit/44.1kHz) > flac
recorded from North-East stand

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
Track 101. (pre-show music) 4:54 (8.2MB)
Track 102. (intro) 1:34 (2.6MB)
Track 103. Can’t Buy Me Love 2:39 (4.5MB)
Track 104. Save Us 3:21 (5.6MB)
Track 105. All My Loving 2:52 (4.8MB)
Track 106. One After 909 3:31 (5.9MB)
Track 107. Let Me Roll It/Foxy Lady 7:01 (11.8MB)
Track 108. Paperback Writer 4:23 (7.4MB)
Track 109. My Valentine 3:33 (6.0MB)
Track 110. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five 4:12 (7.1MB)
Track 111. Maybe I’m Amazed 5:26 (9.1MB)
Track 112. I’ve Just Seen a Face 3:09 (5.3MB)
Track 113. Another Day 4:05 (6.9MB)
Track 114. Dance Tonight 3:43 (6.3MB)
Track 115. We Can Work It Out 2:58 (5.0MB)
Track 116. And I Love Her 2:49 (4.7MB)
61 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Blackbird 3:52 (6.5MB)
Track 202. New 3:55 (6.6MB)
Track 203. Lady Madonna 3:25 (5.7MB)
Track 204. Another Girl 2:35 (4.3MB)
Track 205. Got To Get You Into My Life 2:55 (4.9MB)
Track 206. Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite! 2:55 (4.9MB)
Track 207. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 3:57 (6.6MB)
Track 208. Back in the USSR 4:06 (6.9MB)
Track 209. Let It Be 4:47 (8.0MB)
Track 210. Live and Let Die 4:10 (7.0MB)
Track 211. Hey Jude 8:53 (14.9MB)
Track 212. (everybody say…) 0:53 (1.5MB)
Track 213. Yesterday 2:24 (4.0MB)
Track 214. (applause) 0:53 (1.5MB)
Track 215. Birthday 3:02 (5.1MB)
Track 216. (talk) 1:50 (3.1MB)
Track 217. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End 6:46 (11.4MB)
Track 218. (applause) 1:51 (3.1MB)
63 mins

Paul McCartney - vocals, bass, guitars, piano
Rusty Anderson - backing vocals, guitars
Brian Ray - backing vocals, bass, guitars
Paul Wickens - backing vocals, keyboards, guitars, percussion, harmonica
Abe Laboriel, Jr - backing vocals, drums, percussion

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  1. 8 Responses to “PAUL McCARTNEY - BUDOKAN 2015”

  2. Thanks for posting this! Saw this tour last fall.. great show.. perhaps best concert I’ve ever attended.. Low and behold Paul is coming back to our area in June.. might just have to see him again..

    By Tom on May 2, 2015

  3. oh how i miss george and john….

    By dropkick sarge on May 2, 2015

  4. I thought he was making up the gigs he missed when he got arrested with a suitcase of weed in 1980…

    This is mostly a Beatles tribute show. Only four solo songs–despite the fact that since “Flaming Pie” he’s made several decent albums.

    I think John would’ve played Japan -and George did, briefly-but the set list wouldn’t have been so Beatles-y.

    By Eric (The Other Eric) on May 4, 2015

  5. Okay, seven.

    By Eric (The Other Eric) on May 4, 2015

  6. Sounds like it was a fun show. Great to hear Paul playing his songs. If he won’t play his Beatles-era tunes, who will? Crazy to let songs this good go unplayed.

    By Jania on May 5, 2015

  7. He played 9 solo tunes (post-Beatles material). Great set list, especially opening with “Can’t Buy me Love” and including “One After 909″ and “Another Girl” (for the first time!).

    By Heybulldog on May 6, 2015

  8. You would think that on the back of the Archives re-release of Venus and Mars and Wings at the Speed of Sound, he would include more Wings stuff and go a bit lighter on the Beatles material… The first part of the set is a bit patchy. Randomly chosen tracks that don’t really go together. One After 909 is basically a filler (and already was when it was played on Let it Be. It wasn’t even worth for consideration when they recorded it originally in 62/63…), so is Another Girl. Dance Tonight is wearing a bit thin and has overstayed its welcome by now. There are songs that have been played on almost every tour that could be given a rest every now and then (Back in the USSR, Lady Madonna…), with Let it Be and Hey Jude both sounding predictable and played on autopilot.
    There is nothing worse than an artist pandering to his audience. Macca is such a big star that he could play unreleased songs and his concerts would still sell out so really he should be a bit more adventurous and leave the ‘best of’ catalogue to the museum and inject a bit of new blood to the procedure!

    By REnaud on May 7, 2015

  9. Wait a minute? His set has become so Beatles heavy that he didn’t play “Band On The Run”?????

    By RY33 on May 25, 2015

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