May 29, 2015 – 4:48 am

PRINCE R.I.P. 1958-2016

Prince, the songwriter, singer, producer, one-man studio band and consummate showman, died on April 21, 2016 at his residence, Paisley Park, in Chanhassen, Minn, according to a statement from his publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure. He was 57. No cause of death has been given. In a statement, the Carver County sheriff, Jim Olson, said that deputies responded to an emergency call at 9:43 am: “When deputies and medical personnel arrived, they found an unresponsive adult male in the elevator. First responders attempted to provide lifesaving CPR, but were unable to revive the victim. He was pronounced deceased at 10:07 am.” The sheriff’s office said it would continue to investigate his death.

Last week, responding to news reports that Prince’s plane had made an emergency landing because of a health scare, Ms. Noel-Schure said Prince was “fighting the flu.” Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson on June 7, 1958, was a man bursting with music - a wildly prolific songwriter, a virtuoso on guitars, keyboards and drums and a master architect of funk, rock, R&B and pop, even as his music defied genres. In a career that lasted from the late 1970s until an arena tour this year, he was acclaimed as a sex symbol, a musical prodigy and an artist who shaped his career his way, often battling with accepted music-business practices. Prince’s Top 10 hits included “Little Red Corvette,” “When Doves Cry,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Kiss,” and “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”; albums like “Dirty Mind,” “1999” and “Sign O’ the Times” were full-length statements. “Purple Rain” (1984) also won him an Academy Award. - The New York Times

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Louiseville 2015 (First Night) [Free Boot Generation, 1CD]

Live at the Louisville Palace Theatre, Louisville, KY; March 14, 2015 (Early Show). Very good to excellent soundboard.

Ever prolific, in 2014 alone, Prince released two albums - Art Official Age and PLECTRUMELECTRUM - but for his current Ht ‘N Run tour, it’s more an “oldies” trip, which is fine for long-time fans. Sure miss those times when he also threw in interesting covers. Prince will be 57 in June and his funk-as-seduction is still as potent as ever.

Candace Chaney,

“You ready Kentucky?” Prince’s voice penetrated the splay of purple light and swirling fog that filled The Palace Theatre at Saturday’s 11 pm show.

“We’re gonna play nine hits in a row,” he shouted over the crowd’s roar, which erupted into a frenzy - or might I suggest, a Prenzy - as the opening riff of Let’s Go Crazy wafted throughout the auditorium before descending into a slow, funkified version of the tune.

Since Let’s Go Crazy is the opening track to both the album and the film Purple Rain, it was a fitting way to begin a show defined by sultry reiterations of classic hits spanning more than three decades of Prince’s career, with the occasional soulful cover as well as new material from 3RDEYEGIRL woven throughout the evening.

Prince fans throughout the region have been crushing hard on the Purple One since he announced the spontaneous concert eight days before the show, which is the first stop of his Hit ‘N Run tour with the band 3RDEYEGIRL. Prince perfected this unique formula of touring last year in Europe, announcing surprise shows on short notice and adding more to meet demand.

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A message from the Free Boot Generation team

We’re happy to be able to share these with the wider fan community.

We are aware however that the usual suspects will already be burning copies of this to disc and selling it to fans who aren’t aware that this is a free release put together by fans, for fans to share.

We’d ask that if possible you share these releases with as many other fans as you can in order to decrease the number of them being conned into purchasing it. The only person who should make money from Prince’s music is Prince.

Of course in an ideal world you’d be able to pay money to the artist for these recordings, so if you’ve enjoyed these soundboard shows and feel like contributing in some way, perhaps make a donation to a charity which Prince has been involved with in the past.

All the best, and keep on funking!

The FBG team.

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Thanks to the Free Boot Generation; the Reverend for the artwork; and to freddybob99 for sharing the show on the net.

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Intro 1:09 (1.9MB)
Track 02. Let’s Go Crazy 6:02 (10.1MB)
Track 03. Take Me With U 2:51 (4.8MB)
Track 04. U Got The Look 3:09 (5.3MB)
Track 05. Funknroll 3:45 (6.3MB)
Track 06. Controversy 6:37 (11.1MB)
Track 07. 1999 3:57 (6.6MB)
Track 08. Little Red Corvette 7:01 (11.8MB)
Track 09. Nothing Compares 2 U 6:52 (11.5MB)
Track 10. Kiss 5:05 (8.5MB)
Track 11. When Doves Cry 1:34 (2.6MB)
Track 12. Nasty Girl 0:16 (456k)
Track 13. Sign O’ The Times 3:03 (5.1MB)
Track 14. Hot Thing 2:30 (4.2MB)
Track 15. I Would Die 4 U 0:55 (1.5MB)
Track 16. Housequake 3:48 (6.4MB)
Track 17. The X’s Face 1:52 (3.1MB)
Track 18. Forever In My Life 3:47 (6.4MB)
Track 19. Pretzelbodylogic including The Sailor’s Hornpipe 9:47 (16.5MB)
Track 20. Purple Rain * 4:16 (7.2MB)
79 mins

* Track 20 was recorded at the same venue on the following day, March 15, 2015.


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  1. 65 Responses to “PRINCE - LOUISVILLE 2015 (FIRST NIGHT)”

  2. If you want this, grab it quick. Prince is no fan of ROIOs.

    By Tony on May 29, 2015

  3. he wont try to stop this one. it is intentionally being allowed. he wouldnt allow a sbd out and of all things one song from the following nite because it was a better take of that particular song etc.. if he didnt want ppl to have this. if u know what i mean. if its not being sold he is ok with it. like his black album for example.. u think he didnt put that out intentionally? probably the biggest selling boot of all time. but was it one?

    on another subject.. there was a recording i had of a 90min jam session perhaps a live performance altho i think it was a studio session by madhouse. it was all instrumental and it was incredible. it was very early in their existence.. possibly in 85 or 86. and it had prince playing guitar all over it. u could hear him laying massive leads on essentially every track. it was definitely not released. i lost that tape but would love to have it again. perhaps bigo could find such a recording and offer it here. please? normally i avoid jazz recordings but i do make exceptions. especially jazz fusion.

    By darth on May 29, 2015

  4. u could hear him laying massive leads on essentially every track.

    you can`t even tell johnny winter from rick derringer.

    By sluggo on May 29, 2015

  5. Sluggo this site is about good sounds and good people so why don’t you just go away

    By marco on May 29, 2015

  6. that didnt sound very good marco. sluggos comment is accurate.

    By barth on May 29, 2015

  7. umm yeah… i had a bootleg once i dont remember the name but it was great maybe it was live maybe not but it was rilly good and i had it like 20 years ago and it was so awesome man and i wish i had it again but there are 100s of boots out there by the singer and im to lazy to do the legwork u know so can someone else spend a few days looking for it coz im too busy trolling and give it to me pretty pls?

    By barth on May 29, 2015

  8. marco, i don`t really appreciate your comment, i try and post GOOD music related items here quite often.

    By sluggo on May 29, 2015

  9. no u dumb ass u try to harass people u fucking idiot. u dont do much more than that. u try to one up others and try to feel better about yourself u fucking asshole. u dont have much more to do than attack harass provoke instigate incite and antagonize. there is no reason for your post about jw / rd above otherwise.
    rick was under johnnys wing for several years and he emulated his chops and learned from the master.. much of his sound he got from johnny and when he joined jimi at the club that day with jim morrison and it was not johnny winter!!!!!! it was rick derringer with 100% absolute certainty no chance whatsofucking ever!!!!! and i dont give a flying rats ass what u believe or think. if u cant tell that it isnt johnny i dont care. rick remembers the event. forget that it says its johnny on the bootleg. johnny repeatedly said he never met jim morrison. for 30 years he claimed it wasnt him. why would u dismiss that???? rick admits it was him.. what the hell is wrong with u .. u idiot?!?!?!?!? dont try to pull that shit on me or anyone else u stupid scumbag. who the hell do u think cares what u appreciate? do u think i appreciate what u do to me?? fuck u .. u stupid slug.

    By darth on May 30, 2015

  10. too much month at the end of the xanax again darthyboy?

    By barth on May 30, 2015


    forgot the link i was laughing so hard!

    By barth on May 30, 2015

  12. yawn….

    By sluggo on May 30, 2015

  13. oh yeah..the argument Darth if you took the time to read it carefully is NOT about johnny jimi and jim morrison .We ALL know Johnny wasn`t part of that, the argument is YOUR silly statement that johnny and jimi never played together. That is the argument you idiot.

    By sluggo on May 30, 2015

  14. no in fact it is what the argument was about. if u recall the only time there was a problem for u discerning the sound of johnny verses rick was that famous woke up found myself dead recording. and u insisted it was johnny. u werent the only idiot who insisted of course.. but u were one who did. i told u that i knew for absolute fact that it wasnt johnny. i posted links to articles where johnny was quoted in several locations saying he never met jim. i didnt say he never played with jimi and if i had i misspoke. when and if i did.. i apologized for it. funny how u have a problem with that. he admitted he had. i admitted he did studio sessions with him.
    however.. the subject of rick derringer vs johnny winter wouldnt be here if u were telling the truth here. the reason u brought this up is because youre a damned liar.
    how do i know this?? because i introduced the topic of rick being on the club gig where jimi and jim and (johnny winter) rick derringer are playing after hours show in 68 and u among others said that u clearly hear johnny and i said that rick has picked up the licks that he learned from johnny having played with him for a while in the 60s.
    u argued this with me for a while back n forth. u seem to have forgotten this. but i didnt. there is no other time when there is any confusion between rick and johnny. i never claimed any other jam session.. either live or studio was rick and not johnny so u cant lie your way out of this one u stupid scumbag!!!!
    the only time there was ever any situation where there was confusion was that one day where winter was purported to be on that recording and he wasnt. now u are back pedaling and lying and saying u never said this.
    stick your yawns in a sack u asshole.

    By darth on May 30, 2015

  15. if u cant prove it then it isnt true darth. i need proof of what u say.

    By barth on May 30, 2015

  16. idiot.

    By sluggo on May 30, 2015


    By dropkick sarge on May 30, 2015

  18. I hereby nominate myself for membership in the Free Boot Generation but, by participating on this site, I think I’m already a member in spirit. As always, an amazing show from his Purpleness. Thanks to all those listed above for it’s liberation. I have already made two copies and given them away to friends. May the Funk be with you. PS: If you leave Darth alone, he will likely stop …

    By Johnny Kinkdom on May 31, 2015

  19. great stuff here thanks bigo..had an albert collins live lp one time and the bass player did an extended “sailor`s hornpipe” quite a bit more involved than track 19 .

    By sluggo on May 31, 2015

  20. amazing fidelity, only drawback is the cut off of some tracks….thanks FBG and BigO!

    By Don on Jun 2, 2015

  21. don. which tracks cut off?

    By darth on Jun 2, 2015

  22. I am CONTINUALLY amazed by the quality and consistency of the posts here. THE BIG O is the best! Cheers & Thanks.
    All the Best,

    ps. DARTH and SLUGGO must have nothing to do. Why do they always fight? Are they secretly in Love?

    By John P McNea III on Jun 5, 2015

  23. i dont talk to him unless he attacks me first. pay closer attention.

    By darth on Jun 5, 2015

  24. prince did another one just like this one here where he did 40 songs.. from detroit’s fox theater. also sbd. heres a link -

    By darth on Jun 5, 2015


    By YogaforCynics on Jun 5, 2015

  26. thanks for alerting us yogaforcynics !

    By real 17 on Jun 5, 2015

  27. again this is not true. no matter what name u use it doesnt matter. youre spreading lies. i have never done that. and i have no idea what an illegal site is. the link above is a download to a prince concert from 4-9-15 fox theater detroit michigan 40 trax from the sndbrd with 3rd eye girl. i dl’d it myself and shared the link with yall here. its no skin off my nose if u people dont dl it but if u are a fan of the guy and liked this item from louisville then i would think that a show twice as long from slightly less than a month later would be also of interest. if some idiots are going to dissuade u from clicking it then do w/o it. its your loss.

    By darth on Jun 5, 2015

  28. You’re lying again, darth.

    You posted a link about a year ago. I may have been the first to use it. If not, I was the first to reply to your comment and tell everyone, in capital letters, that you had posted a link the led to a site that tried to install a virus on my computer. Fortunately, my anti-virus software stopped it. For some reason, several other people ignored my warning, clicked on your link, had the same result as me, and also posted comments that your link went to a site with a virus.

    Prove it, you say? I can’t, because I also remember that bigO deleted your entire comment, so there is no way to prove it, even if someone wanted to spend several hours going through thousands of articles here to find it.

    You KNOW that’s exactly what happened, darth, which is why you keep denying it and telling people to prove it. You know that they can’t, because your comment is gone. Don’t bother to reply to me, I don’t want to read your pathetic bullshit stories.

    By Dingus on Jun 5, 2015

  29. u saying this doesnt mean its true. anyone can say that. that just means youre making ridiculous accusations. there are no links i have ever posted here that would do that. it makes no sense. and of course u have no proof of this. perhaps your antivirus program didnt want u to go to a site that had a file on it that u could download. that doesnt mean its a virus. and there are such things as false positives. every single item i have offered is a file that was uploaded by someone on another site with nothing but a concert or cd on it. no exceptions. a music file will never have a virus. u are making it up completely. u know it and i know it.
    no one else experienced this virus either. they just backed u up cuz they wanted to be part of the bandwagon. thats very par for the course here. big o wouldnt have deleted the entire comment they would have only deleted the link. altho there have now been some cases where entire comments are now missing after only the link had been disabled such as the mark knopfler one from earlier this week.
    besides.. funny how a solid year later as u claim.. now this virus link is suddenly your new thing. ive been posting links here a lot and all of a sudden watch out for my links. right.
    no i dont know that what u are claiming happened.. i am denying what u are claiming.. i am calling u a lying asshole. anyone who has been watching what u have been doing for years here can figure out that u are full of shit. i am denying it because youre making it up. theres no other reason for me to deny it. theres no reason for me to share a link that could or would be a virus. i never got one. so why would i try to send one to unsuspecting people i dont know?? it makes no sense. i dont share links i dont use myself. ever. i am telling ppl who have no clue what the hell theyre talking about to prove it because all theyre doing like u. is lying out their asses. how do u know its gone if u didnt look for it as u claim??? u say u didnt spend those 1000s of hours looking for it. now u know for sure its gone. incredible. if u dont want to read what i say.. then imagine that i dont wanna read your shit either. but thats not stopping u from typing these stupid comments to me is it???

    By darth on Jun 5, 2015

  30. You’re lying, darth. You can deny it all you like, but you know that you’re lying.

    Here’s the link to darth/Glen Frohman’s indictment. He used to deny this, too.

    I used TinyURL because the original link is 348 characters.

    By Dingus on Jun 5, 2015

  31. no actually youre the one who is lying. i have no reason to be lying. i dont deny that u found someones indictment. it isnt me. u need to worry about other things. u dont know me. u know nothing about me. and u should worry about much more important things in your own world. seriously. i shouldnt be this important to u. but clearly u have made me more important than the purpose to which u come to this site. thats ridiculous. and pretty sad too. i understand that because u feel this need to stalk that u are going by what others before u have posted on various newsgroups and so on but dont presume that all the stuff u find online is accurate. it isnt. a newsgroup is only like a message board that isnt monitored for its accuracy and there are no moderators. anyone can post using any name they wish. and trolling is rampant. much as it is here altho every so often things here are moderated to a point.

    By darth on Jun 5, 2015

  32. Shh, indoor voice darth.

    By no mo darth on Jun 5, 2015

  33. glen will you just stop with the bullshit…

    yes you glen frohman….

    hey everyone here are a few pics of the prick in question…darth glen ohiomale54 darthcardz…what ever nane you want to go by glenny you still are a lying con man PRICK…you are as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside clown…!!!

    so have a nice day asshole…hope somebody runs across you there in Columbus one of these days to thank you & I really mean thanks you for giving all of us such non stop laughing entertainment…!!!

    By Jerry's Finger on Jun 5, 2015

  34. You’re lying again, darth.

    darth: “u found someones indictment. it isnt me.”

    Yes, it is U. When I showed you this information on another thread U said:

    “i did what i did from 1980-02. 23 yrs. it cost me a year of my life and approx $700-800 in restitution. yeah it cost me my collection too but from about 18 months after i got back into society til now i have obtained probably 10-20x as many recordings than i ever had.”

    This is your confession, darth. There’s much more, in this article, near the end of the comments:

    Stop lying, darth.

    By Dingus on Jun 5, 2015

  35. how do u know that i posted that? havent u yourself used a dozen id’s on here that werent your own? havent u seen dozens of people doing the same thing? wake up.

    By darth on Jun 5, 2015

  36. as for that freestar page.. thats a free blog that someone made who was part of a chat room i frequented. he is a psychotic mess. he made 10 or more pages like that about dozens of ppl who he attacked harassed and who he had collected pics of in the rooms he frequented for over a dozen years. he had nothing better to do than make up stories about people. and collected stories that ppl told him that were not that different than the ones u are making up about me and spreading yourself. all u know is what u read and hear from other people. u think youre doing some serious research yet all youre really doing is reading what other people said before u came along. they did that for years too. in fact its been going on since august 98. this is nothing new. ive been dealing with this crap for 17 years. ive heard it all. i heard that i killed people in nyc. i heard that i molested my son. i heard that im running from the law. i heard that i raped women. i heard things u wouldnt believe. i heard that i drugged women and forced them to do things. evidently i forced people to buy recordings on cd dvd vhs etc etc. i have heard that i pirate counterfeit and bootleg. i have heard that i did 6 months a year 2 years 5 years and 10 years in prison. i have heard amazing stories. i heard that i did time in 3 different states. its amazing the stories i have heard. i am not worried about what u or anyone else believes however. if u or anyone doesnt want to dl my links i dont care. theyre not mine really. im just sharing them when i get them from other sites. ppl who did dl them could tell u that theyre perfectly good but thats up to them. they probably couldnt care less. they got the music.. u can do without. im enjoying the 3rd sbd mark knopfler item i offered on his page on here from zurich. and im enjoying the 40 song detroit item from prince i offered above too. i dont care if u want to click my links. theyre for people who do. theres no charge. theyre free. i dont sell anything. i dont care if u think i do or did. its no skin off my nose what u believe. i wont lose sleep over it. i dont care if u think im lying. no one else cares either. it isnt costing me any business if ppl believe u either.
    youre wasting your time here. go back under that rock.

    By darth on Jun 5, 2015

  37. darth- “how do u know that i posted that?”

    ROTFLMFAO!! U never denied it several times before.

    For anyone who wants to find Glen Frohman’s prison release date, go here:

    and click on “Find By Name” and enter his name. I’ll save you some time: it’s 02/23/2004, he was Register Number: 43481-061.

    By Dingus on Jun 5, 2015

  38. u know if u look up james binkley he did a tv show called the relic hunter. check out the name of the character he played on that show.

    By darth on Jun 6, 2015

  39. If U look up darth’s confession, it’s here: /roio/?p=39

    By Dingus on Jun 6, 2015

  40. Whoops! It’s here:

    By Dingus on Jun 6, 2015

  41. no mistaking a post written by darth.

    By no mo darth on Jun 6, 2015

  42. true dat, no mo. no one blathers blabbers and blasphemes like darthyboy especially not on those 500 word bilgewater spews of his.

    By barth on Jun 6, 2015

  43. the posting above that starts out ‘not me…’ isnt my posting.

    By darth on Jun 6, 2015

  44. don’t believe you glen…you lie about other posts so why should any one believe you now or at any time with every post…

    By Jerry's Finger on Jun 6, 2015

    Register Number: 43481-061
    Age: 55
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Released On: 02/23/2004darth: “the years that i collected vhs tapes essentially and only one idiot ever wanted a dmb tape”

    That’s not what your indictment says:

    “The indictment claims Frohman, “on numerous occasions, would either alone or with the assistance of other individuals, tape performances of musical entertainers without the consent of said entertainers and offer these videotapes for sale on the Internet through a Web site.”

    “Frohman also states he has “been running an online business with my tapes for eight years.””

    By bronze medal on Jun 6, 2015

  46. the posting above that starts out ‘not me…’ isnt my posting.

    shhhhh, indoor voice you whiner.

    By no mo darth on Jun 6, 2015

  47. theres so many places i could start here. first and easiest place is - i sold tapes therefore everyone who sold tapes is glen frohman? or is glen frohman everyone who sold tapes? wait.. glen says he sold tapes for 8 yrs? ok.. so if i say i sold tapes for 23 years how could i be glen frohman?? 8 isnt even close to 23. surely i would know how long i sold tapes. no? where did this # 8 come from?? i have no problem admitting i sold tapes. i surely have no clue about this info u came up with. i dont know why u think it is me however. it is all fascinating. but i dont see the correlation between it and me. i dont like dave matthews. i never collected his music. i dont think i own even one single note ever performed by the man. 100s upon 100s of hours of his music is available to dl free and its extremely easy to obtain but i have no interest. perhaps u are believing without thinking. maybe u went on and on for so long thinking that it was me and u never stopped to think for a minute that it might not be that u didnt realize that hey there could be more than one person out there that fit the mold of someone who sold tapes. ive never been to a dmb show in my life. the last concert i went to was in 95 in nyc.. then i went to 3 in 96. moodies john prine and monkees. nothing at all since til a couple of years ago when i saw hugh laurie and jello biafra. i havent ever ever ever in my life filmed a concert at all. i never owned videotaping equipment and i wouldnt know how to do it. i did photograph concerts with a normal camera that snaps pics but always with negatives and only 2-3x with slides. 2 of those occasions with slides were new order and asia. i dont remember the other if there was one.
    so there was no time that any videotapes were ever made without anyones permission as u claim above. ive never owned a video camera. i have had a couple of audience shot videos but only when i traded for them or bought them at conventions. 98% of my collection was pro shot stuff.. like tv stuff. so maybe u have the wrong guy. hello?!?!?
    ive also never had a web site. never in my life. i had a geocities page where i listed my collection. it offered nothing for sale. it was only a page where i kept track of my collection so i could update it. i didnt own a printer. i still dont. it made it easy to add and change things as i added them to my collection. it had nothing on it cept a list of my collection. it didnt have an email address or way to contact me. nothing whatsoever. it was just a list of my recordings in my collection. it was a free page back in 2000-2002 when it was easy for anyone to make a page even people who knew nothing about web design. it certainly didnt offer anything for sale. no one ever asked me to buy anything from it. i would copy and paste from it to email when ppl asked for a list of what i had by certain artists.. like if someone said what grateful dead do i have or clapton. etc. but i never directed anyone to the page.
    i sold copies of bloopers from xfiles and babylon 5 and so on more than anything u could think i sold. certainly not what u think.
    but u go on believing what u want. i told u.. i wont lose sleep over what u believe. but there are 100s of others who should know that your info is all fraudulent. sure it is probably accurate for someone. not me tho.

    By darth on Jun 6, 2015

  48. this must be another one that darth didnt write…

    By barth on Jun 6, 2015

  49. no its the ones u do using my name that i didnt write.

    By darth on Jun 6, 2015

  50. these last 2 postings are not by me. sigh.

    By darth on Jun 6, 2015

  51. that one above this is also not my posting.

    By darth on Jun 6, 2015

  52. none of these postings are mine. sigh.

    By darth 2 on Jun 6, 2015

  53. ahem. none are mine.

    By darth 1 on Jun 6, 2015

  54. nor are they mine.

    By darth 3 on Jun 6, 2015

  55. will the real darth please stand up & lie.

    By the real darth on Jun 6, 2015

  56. this is a lie

    By liarsparadoxdarth on Jun 7, 2015


    The dark forces were unleashed on poor Grace…Darth knowing the future demanded Ms Slick to tour with HFT 2015…the summer of love and the music that poured forth, does NOT grow old….

    By tunafan on Jun 7, 2015

  58. would love some darth on tuna. haha.

    By darth on Jun 7, 2015

  59. i am the real darth. please bigo make him go away.

    By idarth on Jun 7, 2015

  60. PLEASE GUYS nearly 60 comments on this Prince post, hardly any relate to the music.
    A little respect to BigO and the job they do here providing all this fantastic music

    By Je Suis Darth on Jun 7, 2015

  61. I have to agree with Jay Swee, this is a wonderful website and the comments section really isn’t necessary.

    By Sally Mander on Jun 7, 2015

  62. but youre the one making a bunch of them.

    By darth on Jun 7, 2015

  63. Darth, thanks for the Fox Theater, Detroit link. Fantastic concert, plus all CD covers etc.

    By Ant on Jun 15, 2015

  64. R.I.P.Rogers Nelson

    By zak on Apr 22, 2016

  65. Looking for anyone with a pic of my son from Show #3. He was on stage dancing during dance party, then Prince led him to microphone and told him to “Stand here and watch this” and went to into last encore. Trying to find existence of picture of Prince putting his guitar around my sons neck and letting him hit a few notes. I know I’m probably SOL, but still hoping…

    By amy on May 7, 2016

  66. Or hell, just the audio of last 3 songs he played with my son standing next to him… Thanks!

    By amy on May 7, 2016

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