June 5, 2015 – 2:33 pm

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New York 1968 [no label, 1CD]

Live on WBAI Radio, New York, NY; February 23, 1968 (late night). Very good radio broadcast.

Going by this recording/broadcast date, the release version of Mr Bojangles would only be recorded between July 29 and August 2, 1968.

Years from 1968, when Jerry Jeff Walker dives into Mr Bojangles, you know you’re on familiar ground, there’s just something very comforting in his slightly gravelly voice. And later, he throws out a curve ball, something like this (much to the delight of his audience): “I know that means so fucking much to you, that you can’t live without that song any minute. And then when I’m singing it, you shit the shit with the guy next to you… I know the drill, I’ve been here, I’ve done that, seen that…”

Thanks to JerryRocks for sharing the show at Lossless Legs.

JerryRocks noted:

Discs generously supplied by Des Matthews.
All post transfer processing by Jason Flair (Candleman).
Another Installment Of The Demon In Disguise Project.

retep23 posted the following comment at Lossless Legs:

I remember hearing this version of Mr Bojangles as a kid at the time and never being able to recall where/when. I bought many copies of the JJW 45 but they were never this one, always the one with production. I had a similar experience with Donovan’s Sunshine Superman as I had heard on the radio a version with a longer guitar solo and bought many copies of the 45 figuring there was a different mix distributed somewhere… there was I finally found on a 33rpm sampler called Speed Kills, but I digress. Now I know I heard this on WBAI as a kid (I’m not crazy) they played it more than once. Thanx for the memories.

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Reel > CDR (Standalone transfer more than likely since it was all one track on each disc)
Cdr > Eac > Goldwave (Slight hiss removal, volume balancing, normalization) > CdWav > Flac16 level 8

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

Please Do Not Hammer The Links. Due to the size of some of the files, please be very patient when downloading the tracks. It could be that the server was very busy. The tracks should still be around. Please try again later. Kindly email us at [email protected] if you encounter persistent problems downloading the files.

Track 01. Shell Game 5:24 (9.1MB)
Track 02. Talk 1:46 (3.0MB)
Track 03. Bullfrog Blues 8:57 (15.0MB)
Track 04. Dallas & Maple Leaf rag 2:15 (3.8MB)
Track 05. Let Them High Times Roll Medley 3:55 (6.6MB)
Track 06. Perpetual Bojangles [skip/gap at 8:30] 25:04 (42.1MB)
Track 07. Driftin’ Way Of Life 3:40 (6.2MB)
Track 08. Broken Toys 4:31 (7.6MB)
Track 09. Gertrude 4:26 (7.4MB)
Track 10. Guitar Talkin’ Blues 4:39 (7.8MB)
Track 11. Good Yesterdays Begin Today 5:54 (9.9MB)
Track 12. Gypsy Songman 3:10 (5.3MB)
Track 13. Road To My Mind 4:17 (7.2MB)
Track 14. Maybe Mexico 3:43 (6.3MB)
82 mins

Overburn to fit all the tracks onto one audio CD.

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  2. If Memory Serves, I listened to this Broadcast on that ‘Late Night”. I have been looking for this for Years. Thanks, BigO.

    By Britinvdon on Jun 5, 2015

  3. thanks

    By no mo darth on Jun 5, 2015

  4. now theres something i didnt have. ty vm. i do love all things bromberg. it’d be nice to plunge into them vaults at bai. sigh. the things one could find.

    By darth on Jun 5, 2015

  5. Jerry Jeff was & IS great! Thanx……………….

    By Timmy on Jun 5, 2015

  6. Thanks, BigO!!

    By DanC on Jun 6, 2015

  7. Darth,
    Somewhere on a 120 Minute Cassette I have a WBAI Show with Phil Ochs, Dave Van Ronk and Patrick Sky. If only…

    By Britinvdon on Jun 7, 2015

  8. FWIW, Bromberg’s version of Bojangles on “Demon in Disguise” includes a spoken interlude where he talks about the gig with JJW, this song (”I never got tired of it. Jerry got tired of it sometimes.”) and what might very well have been this session. Never though I’d get a chance to hear it, thanks BigO!

    By drkrick on Jun 8, 2015

  9. thx bigO excellent show! ive been playing jerry jeff’s ‘viva terlingua’ album a lot of the last year or so.

    By barth on Jun 8, 2015

  10. sunday may 31st - Will Holt, songwriter (”Lemon Tree”), with Alzheimer’s disease, 86 died.
    monday june 1st - Jean Ritchie, folk singer, 92 died.
    saturday june 6th - Ronnie Gilbert, folk singer (The Weavers), 88 died.

    all 3 within one week in case anyone was interested.

    By darth on Jun 8, 2015

  11. Listening to this really took me back…these guys were having fun! (cough, cough - wonder what that is?). The guitar styles were very much from the nascent “folk era” the preceded the 60’s; talkin’ blues, rags, arpegio scales - AND THEN there is a very psychadelic side to this ROIO with the reverb, wierdness and such in the studio. Loved it!!! Thanks for sharing.

    By Adam Dean on Jun 10, 2015

  12. Starting at around 4 minutes into Bojangles I’m getting a complete REPLAY of what Jerry Jeff is singing. I re-downloaded the track and it’s still there? This can’t be right, can it? Is the track defective? Anyone know what’s going on…?

    By Ul on Jun 11, 2015

  13. based on the comments, big-o, i will get this!


    By I-) on Jun 11, 2015

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