June 12, 2015 – 5:17 am

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Birmingham 1979 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Jefferson Civic Center, Birmingham, AL; January 9, 1979. Fairly to very good soundboard.

Ted Nugent initially gained fame as the lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes before embarking on a solo career. Nugent is also noted for his conservative political views and advocacy of hunting and gun ownership rights. He is a board member of the National Rifle Association and a strong supporter of the Republican Party. Not too long ago, Nugent even appeared on food talk-show Anthony Bourdain: No Reservation where the two end up… blasting guns in the woods! And despite their diverse musical difference, Henry Rollins long has a soft spot for the man.

Thanks to nelsonm55 for sharing the show at Dime.

Unknown Generation CDr Soundboard > EAC > TLH FLAC Level 8

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Track 01. Intro/Stormtroopin’ 3:39 (6.1MB)
Track 02. Just What the Doctor Ordered 4:55 (8.3MB)
Track 03. Free For All 6:23 (10.7MB)
Track 04. Dog Eat Dog 5:10 (8.7MB)
Track 05. Cat Scratch Fever 4:25 (7.4MB)
Track 06. Need You Bad 5:04 (8.5MB)
Track 07. I Got the Feelin’ 4:14 (7.1MB)
Track 08. Blues Jam 3:53 (6.5MB)
Track 09. One Women 6:42 (11.3MB)
Track 10. Good Friends and a Bottle of Wine 2:12 (3.7MB)
Track 11. Satisfied 5:57 (10.0MB)
Track 12. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang 7:42 (12.9MB)
Track 13. Stranglehold (with Smokescreen) 11:48 (19.8MB)
Track 14. Motor City Madhouse 7:17 (12.2MB)
80 mins

Ted Nugent - guitar, vocals
Charlie Huhn - guitar, vocals
David Hull - bass
Cliff Davies - drums

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  1. 45 Responses to “TED NUGENT - BIRMINGHAM, AL 1979”


    By Happy Camper on Jun 12, 2015

  3. I disliked Ted Nugent’s music long before he began spouting his noxious political opinions and unpleasant personality. This show hasn’t changed my mind. When I consider that John Lennon is dead, and Ted Nugent is alive, I conclude that God either hates us or doesn’t exist.

    By Eric (The Other Eric) on Jun 12, 2015

  4. About ten years ago, I went to the NY State Fair with some friends. As it turned out, Ted Nugent was included in the ticket price (while Bob Weir and the Neville Brothers were an additional charge), and my friend’s friend dragged us to see him. After a couple of songs, though, he got sick of the right wing ranting and said “let’s go.” Since he’d dragged me into that shitfest, I couldn’t resist rubbing it in by pointing out that the laughably stupid political commentary was kind of an amusing distraction from the worthless “music.”

    By Willis on Jun 12, 2015

  5. I’ll admit I liked Free For All and Cat Scratch Fever in freshman year of high school. And the man can play the axe, no question. But the stage patter makes Paul Stanley seem like James Joyce. Classic over the top 70s show; thanks for posting.

    By Tony on Jun 12, 2015

  6. the motor city madman schtick was good in the ’70s but ted became the degenerate who sung about the joy of sex with 13 year old girls then devolved into a hostile bile spewing political extremist douche.

    By barth on Jun 12, 2015

  7. The funny thing is:

    Ted was way too much of a pussy to express his stupid pigheaded right wing views back in the 1970’s. For fear of losing his dope smoking, fresh out the Vietnam War, burnout audience!

    By Charva on Jun 12, 2015

  8. Ted has put out a lot of dreck over the years, but he’s capable of some quality music when he’s not too busy with the “madman” shtick. I think the studio version of “Stranglehold” is close to being a perfect rock record: a great groove from the rhythm section, great vocals from Derek St. Holmes, and some very tasty guitar from Ted. In fact, the whole “Ted Nugent” album is pretty darn good, probably his best.

    By MrBill on Jun 12, 2015

  9. ted claims these days that the story he told in ‘77 about crapping his pants to avoid the draft was something he made up for his hippie fans. hes a dipshit either way.


    By barth on Jun 12, 2015

  10. Total asshole. Useless and talentless. We can only hope that one of his guns goes off in his direction while he’s cleaning it and rids the world of him. Or maybe one of his NRA fuck-buddies could do us all a favor and shoot him. In the head.

    By mezz on Jun 12, 2015

  11. I agree with MRBill that STRANGLEHOLD is a great tune - he is, or was capable of making good music, although WANGO TANGO was fucking unbearable. And pretty much everything else about him is unbearable. It’s sad. . .

    By Daniel Kershner on Jun 12, 2015

  12. I don’t like his politics but I will download this because I like his old stuff. Thanks Big O!!

    By Big Dave on Jun 12, 2015

  13. saw ted last year…still love the rock and roll…plus his comedy show…i laughed my ass off the whole time…

    By metaljohn333 on Jun 12, 2015

  14. Like America’s favorite draft dodging “Neacon/ Chickenhawk” “War Criminal” dick Cheney, Ted also dodged the draft. I guess like Dick, he had “other priorities?” Like being a borderline pedafile and Rock Star Pig!

    By Charva on Jun 12, 2015

  15. Blimey! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pretty much 100% outpouring of loathing for an artist in all the years I’ve been visiting this site.
    It’s quite encouraging because over here (the UK) we’re given the impression that the average American is never happier than when he’s killing something (whether it’s blasting birds and deer into kingdom come in the woods or running amok in schools and shopping malls with an ak47).
    Glad to hear so many sensible opinions being voiced her

    By jack bond on Jun 12, 2015

  16. cricky thats a load of bollocks jack! over here in the states we are under the impression that the average brit is a knackered twit on the dole with bad teeth who eats bad food and listens to music that was nicked from americans and is never happier than when hes being a soccer hooligan. give us your sensible opinion when u have one, mate. cheerio!

    By barth on Jun 12, 2015

  17. Gotta admit I have no love for the Nuge myself, but I do enjoy the Amboy Dukes stuff, as long as I don’t dwell on this guy actually being in the band.

    By mackdaddyg on Jun 12, 2015

  18. We salute you Sgt. Limpus DICKWAD! Dumbfuck deprived groin and mentally deficient he may be, BUT he has brought the warring factions of this blog together on common ground as nothing else could.

    By Happy Camper on Jun 12, 2015

  19. oh happy one..wrong page perhaps?

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 12, 2015

  20. All you stuffed shirts! You all are probably too young to wrap your ears around what Ted was famous for. You don’t remember the “Super Concerts” that were held in Large Outdoor venues during the summer. Ted could whip bikini clad women into dancin’ writhing Hot flesh. and us guys would be right beside them playing air guitar. Those were the day’s. Let it Live for the time it was.

    By Popa C on Jun 12, 2015

  21. I don´t know what you all are against him. I like his music. The rest doesn´t interest me. Thanks BigO!

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Jun 12, 2015

  22. I totally missed the nooge as a solo act but was really fond of Journey to the Center of Your Mind and teds guitar abilities .this was early on in “out there” guitar sounds and i was a huge Yardbirds fan and felt no one around was as capable as beck clapton or page in coming up with new unique sounds but Ted`s solo and tone in the amboy dukes was great fun, my .02

    By sluggo on Jun 12, 2015

  23. Josef (Czech republic) i agree 100%.I don`t like a lot of Neil Young`s political stance either but his music is a whole other story.
    I don`t go to music for politics or vice versa.

    By sluggo on Jun 12, 2015

  24. Yes, Popa C!

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Jun 12, 2015

  25. Sluggo, exactly my view.

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Jun 12, 2015

  26. Well, creativity vs. character is unresolvable and subjective. I ignored the motor city motormouth gasbag in his prime as well, but that was my own taste: one man’s steak is another man’s shit sandwich. Enjoying the “music” is fine, but I’d caution that letting the songs excuse a vile personality and beliefs is worth a second thought. A LOT of second thoughts…

    By Happy Camper on Jun 12, 2015

  27. Ted. What an asshole. At one time, during his draft dodging amboy dukes days, Ted was one person but then after he fired everyone in the band because “they wouldn’t work for HIM”. he began this era of suckdum. This shit stinks. He was better when he was playing high schools in the Detroit area and anyone that thinks slingshot is “the perfect rock record” obviously wouldn’t know good music if it came up and bit them in the ass.
    I used to know ted BEFORE this shit and he drove his wife to suicide thru his assholeisms, I think that’s when he reverted to the right wing scum bag that he is today. As far as his guitar playing goes, he hasn’t gotten any better in the last 40 years so he aint shit.

    By nobsartist on Jun 12, 2015

  28. Hey, it’s our old friend Turd Nugget. Rot in hell you psycho piece of garbage.

    By Ernie Clark on Jun 13, 2015

  29. All you stuffed shirts! You all are probably too young to wrap your ears around what Ted was famous for. You don’t remember the “Super Concerts” that were held in Large Outdoor venues during the summer. Ted could whip bikini clad women into dancin’ writhing Hot flesh. and us guys would be right beside them playing air guitar. Those were the day’s. Let it Live for the time it was.

    I was around for a lot of those concerts. Still think Ted sucks. And he’s an asshole, did I mention that? I can’t believe anyone could seriously argue that he was (and he sure as hell isn’t now) a particularly good or innovative guitarist. Maybe he should have been playing air guitar. I can go to half a dozen local bars on any given weekend night and hear better.

    By mezz on Jun 13, 2015

  30. Subhuman mongrel (what goes around, comes around). Hateful right-wing mouthpiece.

    But going back to the Amboy Dukes, check out “Migrations” and “Scottish Tea”.

    By buster on Jun 13, 2015

  31. ted nugget licks dogs’ butt holes.

    By darth farting on Jun 14, 2015

  32. Saw the Amboy Dukes 1969 in Milwaukee opening for the MC5. Guess who was better? Wasn’t Ted.

    By Roger on Jun 14, 2015

  33. I gotta laugh at all the vitriol that is spewing forth over the little ol’Nuge. What’s even funnier is that every single one of these posts is absolutely 100% spot-on right! Ted was/is a walking, talking, guitar-slinging definition of puberty who is one of the reasons I don’t hear so well anymore.

    By RollingStoner on Jun 14, 2015

  34. Nugent… what an asshole. Once an asshole, always an asshole. This is a dick who believes kids should be allowed to hunt.


    By Bruce Skywater on Jun 14, 2015

  35. ackshoooally I bleeb the nooge and darth have lots in common

    By crispy quentin on Jun 14, 2015

  36. Funny you should mention that… 34 comments so far and not a word from Darth. Hmmm…

    By Bruce Skywater on Jun 14, 2015

  37. @Bruce Skywalker - if a dying child’s last wish is to be able to hunt, then he/she should be able to hunt. Ted supports this, and I think he should be commended for it. I’ve never been hunting and I have no desire to do so, but if someone wants to do it, I’m fine with it. In fact, if someone would deny this to a dying kid who wants to do it, in my opinion that person is a dick and an asshole.

    By MrBill on Jun 17, 2015

  38. I don’t support him financially by buying his records or seeing him live and have not for 30 plus years. Stating that, his first album and Free For All are great albums. That first album has great tunes and amazing guitar work along with the vocals of Derek St. Holmes. I still listen to it to this day. Ted now is in the same category as Donald Trump. He will say anything to get attention. But he has the right to be an asshole.

    By Adam on Jun 17, 2015

  39. Ted now is in the same category as Donald Trump. He will say anything to get attention

    a country that is trillions of dollars in debt and is helping mexico and china rebuild while strangling its own people need someone like Trump to tell it like it is.

    By sluggo on Jun 17, 2015

  40. “Who Killed Bambi?”

    By Charva on Jun 17, 2015

  41. Bambi died ?

    By dropkick sarge on Jun 17, 2015

  42. “But he has the right to be an asshole.”

    yeah Adam like our resident dipshit clown glen…

    the right to be one is a total different thing of actually BEING AN ASSHOLE…!!!

    By Jerry's Finger on Jun 18, 2015

  43. Saw Ted open up for the KISS Reunion tour. He said, “I haven’t been in the Bay Area in over 12 years because of the way you vote.”
    I immediately and very loudly Booed him.
    So yeah, it’s kinda hard to keep the music seperated from the politics, when he’s talking about shit between songs.
    Also, he sounds like crap without a rhythm-guitar player, greedy bastard.

    By Felix on Jun 19, 2015

    I might even pay to see that! Well, no I wouldn’t…

    So why didn’t the limp DICKWAD have the balls to whip out his uzi and mow down everybody whose votes he didn’t approve of? Might not’ve got paid to insult his audience?

    By Happy Camper on Jun 19, 2015

  45. you dont sound so happy .

    …”So why didn’t the limp DICKWAD have the balls to whip out his uzi and mow down everybody whose votes he didn’t approve of? Might not’ve got paid to insult his audience?…”

    By glen darth on Jun 19, 2015

  46. In the same week we have seen Ted Nugent & Roger Waters. Far right-wing followed by far left-wing. I can care less for their political beliefs, I crave the music!

    By Vincent Brennan on Jul 26, 2017

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