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Birmingham 1992 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Symphony Hall, Birmingham, England, 1992. Very good FM broadcast.

Like Roy Orbison, Gene Pitney had a high-pitched voice that was easily recognisable, and with songs such as Town Without Pity and The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, he was seen as a singer who conveyed a sense of the epic in the movies. While Pitney’s Liberty Valance never made it to the film, the casual listener could also easily mistake the other Bacharach-David tune, Twenty-four Hours From Tulsa, for another song from the movies.

But Pitney was more than a singer. He was an accomplished musician (guitar, piano, drums) and sound engineer. The songs he wrote included He’s A Rebel (The Crystals) and Hello Mary Lou (Rick Nelson).

Given his string of hits, Pitney’s concert could have stretched a couple of hours but to make things more palatable, he had two medleys for his 1992 Birmingham show. While signature tunes such as Town Without Pity, Twenty-four Hours and Liberty Valance were left untouched, long-time fans would have preferred longer versions of Hello Mary Lou, Rubber Ball and She’s A Rebel.

There was a time long before the construction of cineplexes when actors such as Kirk Douglas, Rock Hudson and Paul Newman were seen as matinee idols. And for a generation or more, the screen exploits of these matinee idols would forever be associated with singers such as Gene Pitney. On April 4, 2006, Pitney died of heart disease. He was 66 and was on tour.

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Track 01. Town Without Pity (3.7MB)
Track 02. I Must Be Seeing Things (4.1MB)
Track 03. Nobody Needs Your Love, Like I Do (3.0MB)
Track 04. If I Didn’t Have A Dime (3.7MB)
Track 05. Tower Tall (3.4MB)
Track 06. Canada Highway (4.1MB)
Track 07. Medley: Backstage / Looking Through The Eyes Of Love / It Hurts To Be In Love / Princess In Rags / Just One Smile / Half Heaven, Half Heartache / I’m Gonna Be Strong (15.9MB)
Track 08. Twenty-four Hours From Tulsa (4.0MB)
Track 09. True Love Never Runs Smooth (3.1MB)
Track 10. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (4.8MB)
Track 11. Medley: I Wanna Love My Life Away / Hello Mary Lou / Rubber Ball / She’s A Rebel (8.3MB)
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Track 12. Oceans Away (4.9MB)
Track 13. Heartbreaker/Introductions (5.5MB)
Track 14. Somethings Got A Hold Of My Heart (6.7MB)

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  2. This concert is nice…worth listen to it…you can just hear that he has too much songs to fit into a 50 mins act…a pity!…the quality of this soundboard is a bit flat…but the voice is well balanced…worth listen to it!…enjoy!

    By Alex Corvini on Jul 10, 2009

  3. Reminds me of being a kid !

    By Phil Winans on Jul 5, 2010

  4. Hi! Do you know if and where I can obtain a video recording of Gene Pitneys’ last concert at Symphony Hall Birmingham ?

    I would be most grateful

    By Anne S Hill on Dec 29, 2010

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