July 3, 2015 – 2:38 pm

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Glastonbury 2015 [no label, 2CD]

Live at the Glastonbury Festival, Pyramid Stage, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, UK; June 28, 2015. Very good audio extracted from satellite broadcast.

The Who (at Glastonbury 2015), claims Pete Townshend, have an easy job: “We ‘ave to send you ‘ome ‘appy.”

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If Saturday night was all about American hiphop’s top brass, Sunday at Glastonbury delivered a distinct British flavour courtesy of The Who. Roger Daltrey was quick to make light of Kanye’s antics the previous night, reminding everyone that Elvis Presley was still the king of rock - despite what Mr West may have said.

Closing Glastonbury 2015, Pete Townshend took to the stage alongside Roger Daltrey in full arm-swinging glory, brandishing his guitar with intent. He more than delivered with a two-hour set of vintage rock at its best that pleased a crowd made up of almost as many teen faces as those belonging to the over-40s…

With many here having missed out on more than a few hours sleep, “Pinball Wizard” and “Who’s Next” gave weary revellers one last excuse to let loose. “My Generation” was never going to be anything but a weekend highlight and on tonight’s performance, The Who earned themselves a place in the pantheon of big-hitting Glastonbury greats.

Those who complained that Kanye wasn’t a fitting festival headliner needed look no further than tonight’s bill. Dedicating “Pictures Of Lily” to Paul Weller, who played an earlier set, Daltrey stamped Glastonbury 2015 with a proud watermark that read ‘British rock’. While 15-minute guitar solos can often come across as self-indulgent, tonight they made for a celebration enjoyed as much by the crowd as the band.

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Thanks to knowsley19 for sharing the show at Dime.

Original lineage:
HD Satellite Feed provided by SISLive > 11104 V 5000 @ Eutelsat 12 West A (12.5w) > TBS6983 > DVBDream v2.4b > .ts

Click on the highlighted tracks to download the MP3s (224 kbps). As far as we can ascertain, these tracks have never been officially released on CD.

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Disc 1
Track 101. Who Are You 7:44 (13.0MB)
Track 102. The Seeker 3:40 (6.2MB)
Track 103. The Kids Are Alright 3:37 (6.1MB)
Track 104. I Can See for Miles 5:13 (8.8MB)
Track 105. My Generation 4:27 (7.5MB)
Track 106. Pictures Of Lily 3:29 (5.8MB)
Track 107. Behind Blue Eyes 3:59 (6.7MB)
Track 108. Bargain 6:05 (10.2MB)
Track 109. Join Together 5:41 (9.6MB)
Track 110. You Better You Bet 6:14 (10.5MB)
51 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Love, Reign O’er Me 7:27 (12.5MB)
Track 202. Eminence Front 6:04 (10.2MB)
Track 203. Amazing Journey/Sparks 9:19 (15.7MB)
Track 204. Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me 7:34 (12.7MB)
Track 205. Baba O’Riley 6:42 (11.3MB)
Track 206. Won’t Get Fooled Again 13:30 (22.7MB)
51 mins

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  1. 27 Responses to “THE WHO - GLASTONBURY 2015”

  2. . . . just excellent!!!

    By Christopher Milner on Jul 3, 2015

  3. WOW! Thanks BigO! Great to know that even after 50 years, the Who’s music lives on, even though they’re really “The Two”.

    They’ve always been outstanding live, even when Roger’s voice couldn’t stand up to the strain.

    Their work will stand as a monument to Rock and Roll as long as there is an audience for it.

    By walter on Jul 3, 2015

  4. Killer! How bout posting the Weller set?! :)

    By Dave S on Jul 3, 2015

  5. Great! Thanks Big O!

    If It’s not being overly greedy, do you happen to have The Staves’ Glastonbury appearance from this year too?

    By Gregor on Jul 3, 2015

  6. I tell you what…I have test-fired this set, and it is actually pretty darned good! I don’t know if it is because of being at Glastonbury, which always seems to bring out everyone’s best or just what, but this is the best performance by Daltrey in many a moon, no pun intended. I know his voice is a mere shell of what it once was, but here the performance actually seems geared to it. This is very listenable, very well recorded and would make a very fitting live album if Messrs. Townshend and Daltrey were so inclined to capture their stated last live performances as The Who. I have the Memphis 1975 and Memphis 1980 boots (I was at the 1980 show); this will fit nicely alongside those two. Thanks, BigO folks, for putting this up!

    By Mr. Jimmy on Jul 3, 2015

  7. Maximum R&B!
    Better than that Rolling Stones cover band
    zip coding thru the u.s. right now!

    By The Two on Jul 3, 2015

  8. Thank you!

    By Nick on Jul 4, 2015

  9. I call them the WHO2…some people says Who’s Left?…Townshend is one of the greatest song writers and the music lives on….also cover bands.

    By James on Jul 4, 2015

  10. Roger’s still pretty good! After all, these songs were always pretty demanding. I think he does fairly well given he’s not a young man. Kudos to the geezer!!!

    Pity about the taped scream in ‘Won’t get fooled again’ though. A bit disappointing. If I were The Who, I’d leave that bit for the crowd to fill in. I’m sure any roof in any venue would be blown off.

    By Gregor on Jul 4, 2015

  11. BTW, in artwork and the song list, that is Pinball…
    Great concert for the Who on this tour…

    By ScarRad on Jul 4, 2015

  12. Wouldn’t it have been fun on a tv special to have the casts from each of the shows that featured the Who theme songs up there dancing around while their song played? It could have been fun and unforgettable for the Who and for the actors…

    By ScarRad on Jul 4, 2015

  13. if anyone here is into the dead and wants to listen in to tonites show in chicago.. i believe u can if u click here -

    By darth on Jul 4, 2015

  14. :-)
    Nice of you Darth to offer someone else’s link from Brooklyn Steves to everyone else. Your a real nice asshole piece of shit!
    Fuck you appreciatively Darth!

    By Not Darth on Jul 4, 2015

  15. its not from bklynsteves site first of all. it has nothing whatsoever to do with his site. just because i go to that site and i go to this site and i offered a link to listen to a concert being streamed live on a 3rd site which is totally unrelated to that site or this site doesnt mean it is connected to steves site. it isnt someone elses link as u claim. it is a link to another site. and theres nothing wrong with that. the entire point and idea here is to share. the link isnt mine nor is it steves. steve didnt offer it. nothing i did makes me an asshole nor a piece of shit. u have serious psychological and emotional issues. if i were u i would talk to your doctor about adjusting your medication.
    btw.. the next 2 nites and final shows of the gd50 fare thee well tour will also be streamed at that link if anyone is interested.

    By darth on Jul 4, 2015

  16. Great show. Fun to listen to. But it should be called Pete Townshend & Roger Daltry perform the music of The Who! I saw them in 1971 with Keith. Amazing! To carry on without Keith under The Who moniker, well maybe. But to call it The Who with no Keith and No John Entwhistle seems a little sacrilegious. It’d just Roger & Pete. It’s not The Who!

    By Rev. Bob on Jul 4, 2015

  17. Thank you very very much

    By The Russian Assassin on Jul 4, 2015

  18. GRATEFUL DEAD TURN 50… .how fast do you think you could get the 2015 CHICAGO FARE THEE WELL shows up here for us? Please?

    By The Russian Assassin on Jul 4, 2015

  19. I dug this set! And I concur Dave S., the Weller set would make my day! Saw him here in Indy a week ago. AMAZING!

    By Brett on Jul 4, 2015

  20. hey RA…judging from the 2 Santa Clara shows last weekend they sound like a lounge act…you don’t want to listen to it you will shaking your head…Jerry & Pig gotta be spinning in their grave thinking wtf…?

    By Jerry's Finger on Jul 4, 2015

  21. @The Russian Assassin. Some of these Dead streams are over at LosslesssLegs if you are interested.

    By Je Suis Darth on Jul 4, 2015

  22. I vote for Florence + The Machine’s Glastonbury gig. They did a Foo Fighters cover. Thanks for the Who set Big O!!!!! Y’all are awesome!!

    By Big Dave on Jul 4, 2015

  23. Awesome! - and yet another case of organizers having to rely on a classic rock group to properly entertain a crowd because the headliner from the day before, Kanye West, sucks ass - Kim Kardashian’s to be specific. Thank you big o and bless these guys for carrying on! They somehow make it work after having lost Moonie and Entwisle - whereas Led Zeppelin without Bonzo just isn’t Zeppelin. The sum of the parts. . . and Pink Floyd at Live 8? Christ! THANK YOU GELDOF!

    By Daniel Kershner on Jul 4, 2015

  24. Agreeing in with Rev. Bob - I for one see the splintered legacies of Queen, Kiss, The Who, The Grateful Dead, Lynyrd Skynyrd - who have all took on replacement members and called it the same… In the business end of things, sure — someone “owns” the name.. but there’s many groups out there like Foghat, Molly Hatchet etc etc who are now comprised of replacements of the replacements who are now glorified “cover” bands who have stake and claim to use the band’s logos. Funny how that all works…

    By Woodstock on Jul 4, 2015

  25. Thanks, BigO!!!

    By DanC on Jul 6, 2015

  26. Great show! Thank you, BigO!

    By Josef (Czech republic) on Jul 13, 2015

  27. Thank you Big O. I found this surprisingly good. The band, who Pete T introduces after Baba O’Riley, features Pino Palladino on bass, Zach Starkey on drums and brother Simon Townshend on guitar. As another comment mentioned, Daltrey sings well within his now-restricted range and Townshend is in good guitar form. One of the few bands I regret never having seen. They could certainly tear it up in the day — buy the expanded “Live at Leeds” for proof.

    By Jania on Jul 17, 2015

  28. Many, many thanks for this - and well done in tracking the full Glasto show down!

    The Who were the only band at this year’s Glastonbury festival that wouldn’t let the BBC broadcast their full set here in the UK (both on TV and online), apparently because the band are planning to release a DVD (and, presumably, album/download) of their London Hyde Park show from two days earlier, which is remarkably similar.

    By Nick on Jul 28, 2015

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