July 15, 2015 – 2:12 pm

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Las Vegas 1996 [no label, 1CD]

Live at The joint, Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas, NV; May 16, 1996. Very good soundboard (Westwood One Superstar Concert Series).

Robbie Robertson left The Band around 1976 (the group’s final concert being in November 1976). While Richard Manuel passed away in 1986, the other three original members of the Band, Rick Danko, Levon Helm and Garth Hudson, continued touring in the ’90s (Woodstock, the Bob Dylan jubilee, European Tour ‘94) and the ‘93 album Jericho received good critics. They started working on a follow-up in the summer of ‘95, which was released under the title High on the Hog in February 1996. The Band’s  accoustic and laid-back album Jubilation was released in September 1998. Robbie Robertson had no involvement in any of the work done by the reformed Band. It would appear that the “Last Waltz” truly was what it said was for the original five-piece institution known as the Band.

Rick Danko passed away in December 1999; and Levon Helm in April 2012.

Thanks to bluesmax for sharing the show on the net.

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Track 01. Intro 1:55 (3.2MB)
Track 02. Stuff You Gotta Watch 2:59 (5.0MB)
Track 03. Remedy 4:02 (6.8MB)
Track 04. Blind Willie McTell 6:17 (10.6MB)
Track 05. Ophelia 4:09 (7.0MB)
Track 06. The High Price of Love 4:45 (8.0MB)
Track 07. Rag Mama Rag 3:48 (6.4MB)
Track 08. Caledonia Mission 4:08 (6.9MB)
Track 09. Crazy Mama 4:46 (8.0MB)
Track 10. The Weight 6:00 (10.1MB)
Track 11. Stand Up 3:02 (5.1MB)
Track 12. Stage Fright 4:40 (7.8MB)
Track 13. Young Blood 3:12 (5.4MB)
Track 14. Shape I’m In 4:18 (7.2MB)
Track 15. Genetic Method 2:57 (5.0MB)
Track 16. Chest Fever 4:58 (8.4MB)
Track 17. Free Your Mind 5:33 (9.3MB)
Track 18. Westwood One Radio Ad 1:04 (1.8MB)
73 mins

Levon Helm - drums, vocals
Rick Danko - bass, vocals
Garth Hudson - keyboards, sax, accordion
Richard Bell - keyboards
Randy Ciarlante - bass, drums, vocals
Jim Weider- guitar

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  1. 23 Responses to “THE BAND - LAS VEGAS 1996”

  2. thanks big o this is a great sounding show , america’s greatest band still cook’in

    By skinned knees on Jul 15, 2015

  3. Hey folks…could not get this show or several others to download fom your web site this morning…server issue?

    By Kent on Jul 15, 2015

  4. Thanks Big O! Huge Band Fan. The Late Great Danko died in 1999.

    By Joe on Jul 15, 2015

  5. Skinned knees, don’t you mean Canada’s greatest band, plus one American?

    By Lightning Popkins on Jul 15, 2015

  6. you are 100% right Lighting, i got tangled up in how good this sounds and the band where like one big history lesson to me in 1988 a version of the band played at byron bay with Blondie Chaplin,with or without robbie they crossed lots of borders with music and history how about one of the worlds great bands cheers

    By skinned knees on Jul 15, 2015

  7. to me, sadly this is not ” The Band” .
    I was fortunate enough to see the Hawks, and The Band. While this is a great group ,it ain`t ” The Band ”
    The Band is dead…Long Live the Band.

    By sluggo on Jul 15, 2015

  8. Quite Liked the first album this version of the group did but the next was weaker and third, weaker again. Vocals got shittier too. Most of the best songs on all three were covers, especially Atlantic City and Blind Willie McTell. Remedy was THE good original, none the worse for it being The Band by numbers.

    By Sennett DooWop on Jul 15, 2015

  9. We don’t need no Robbie Robertson

    By Matchesmon on Jul 15, 2015

  10. wrong slug - Levon, Ric and Garth were enough to keep the Band. Not just cause you saw the Hawk.

    By Matchesmon on Jul 15, 2015

  11. wrong Matchesmon-3/5ths pantomine don`t cut it.

    By sluggo on Jul 15, 2015

  12. Actually Levon was the first to leave the Hawks/Band.
    Mickey Jones sat behind the drums for a bit while they were backing Bob Dylan. So, to me that wasn`t the Hawks because Levon was front and centre forming that group just as a version of the Band without Robbie and Richard Manuel is just that , a version.

    By sluggo on Jul 15, 2015

  13. I have such a strong reverence for The Band that nothing anyone can say will sway my opinion of the
    importance in modern music of the 5 original and only members of THE BAND.

    By sluggo on Jul 15, 2015

  14. i think its up to the members of the band (any band not this particular band per se) to call themselves what ever they wish. as long as they have the right to use the name and clearly they do / did i think its ok.
    the sound is there and the most important members (pout manuel) seem to be there for the most part in this particular instance so it isnt a huge problem.
    in many cases such as for example deep purple the original band isnt the most famous or known.. its the 2nd line up. same thing goes for beatles and pink floyd and even ramones. there are dozens and dozens of important bands in rock that fit this paradigm. the original isnt necessarily the most important or the best. and its ok if one member leaves. however.. on that note it isnt ok if only one member of an important band is left and keeps the name and hires on a bunch of musicians.. in my opinion anyway. ie - tull and foreigner. even if he owns the name of the band. no i dont accept the band yes since anderson left however i am ok with moraz after wakeman. i can handle kenney after keith in the who but i understand serious fans having a problem with it. keep in mind they didnt try to pull a fast one over on anyone. some bands do. do u know how many shows foreigner did without mick jones?? seriously totally without him at all. and hes the only real actual member of the band!!!!
    ultimately its up to the artists and i guess the label / suits if they allow it for these groups / bands to continue on when a member or two of a known band exits. i dont think it has anything to do with the sound of said band because direction and sound can change from album to album by choice without any personnel alterations so that shouldnt have any say in the subject.
    as far as i know.. and i admit i am not 100% positive here but i dont recall any legal action with the band and its members in so far as their name when they continued on after the last waltz. clearly if there was any robbie lost. but oddly enough i love every member and their output altho frankly i dont think i have anything garth hudson unless hes with the others.

    interesting note.. did yall know he was only allowed to go out on tour with the other members of the band because he told his mother that he was their teacher. lol. its true.

    By darth on Jul 16, 2015

  15. this concert shows they still had the right to call them selves THE BAND ,playing some fine rock and roll and to darth ,garth hudson has made a couple of albums with his wife maud and Garth Hudson Presents: A Canadian Celebration of The Band ,every one should hear this ,ENJOY

    By skinned knees on Jul 16, 2015

  16. thats not true darth. ronnie hawkins told hudsons parents that garth would be The Hawks teacher.

    “It was in ‘61 that rockabilly hero Ronnie Hawkins, being persuaded by his backing group The Hawks, talked Garth Hudson’s conservative parents into letting their 24 year old son join the band.”

    “I have an orchestra of talented young men that are suffering from their lack of musical education,” Hawkins, a vulgar rock’n'roller with a great appetite for women, booze and life on the road, told them. “I would like to hire your son Garth to come with us and educate them. I want them to learn notes in a proper way, and I have offered Garth better wages than anyone else, plus a cash bonus for joining us. We will also pay him 10 dollars extra per week for his teaching and buy a new organ so Garth can be heard at his best. Do we have your blessing?”

    “The parents said yes. For the first time the members of what would become The Band were together. Hudson, who could pick up chords just by listening to music and experimented with organ sounds nobody had heard before, improved The Hawks’ music significantly.”

    By barth on Jul 16, 2015

  17. I saw this lineup in Danbury CT and it was stellar. Even if you’re in the same room with only 3/5 of The Band, you are in the presence of Gods who can do no wrong.

    Thanks BigO!

    By Tom L on Jul 16, 2015

  18. couple of off the wall items regarding The Band.
    Remember the Barbarians ..they had a hit with the song “Are you a boy ,or Are you a girl,” ..the drummer Moulty had a hook on one hand, Levon did some of the drumming on that lp.
    Lenny Breau did a release with Rick Danko and Levon.
    Remember the tv show Home Improvements..sometimes there was a band of sorts banging away on trach cans etc..the big biker lookin` guy with long hair and a beard was Mickey Jones who replaced Levon for a time while the band toured with Dylan. Levon was working on an oil rig instead. Eric Clapton came to the Band`d residence Big Pink uninvited to see if he could join them..he was tired of playing the endless soloist with Cream and once he heard the Bands first record he decided that was the music he wanted to do. Joining Delaney and Bonnie partly fulfilled that dream for him.

    By sluggo on Jul 16, 2015

  19. hey barth now you are sounding like darth , In 2002, with his home in foreclosure and Robertson having bought out his stake in The Band, Hudson was forced to declare bankruptcy for the third time, No wonder Levon was Pissed,All those years on the road ,millions of albums sold and no money,”Lesson” read the fine print , He was the sound of the band , Genetic Method Chest Fever
    take about being Ripped Off

    By skinned knees on Jul 16, 2015

  20. sk- if i were sounding like darth i would be babbling incessantly cursing and making many mistakes.

    its a shame that garth and other musicians arent more business savvy. u would think he would have learned something after bankruptcy #1.

    By barth on Jul 16, 2015

  21. Not here to correct anyones opinion :-) about whether or not this should be called the Band or not - taken on its own - its a really good recording for one and yeah i believe that this core group of Levon Helm , Rick Danko and Garth Hudson had every right to call themselves The Band. Thats part of what killed the Band -s that Robbie Robertson didnt see them as a band, but took all the credit and a lot of the money for their success. And as much as any other band from that era, hell from any era the Band really was a band - with everyone contributing. They were all great musicians and singers. OK Garth didnt sing and Robbie shouldn’t have.
    now if Richard Bell , Randy Ciarlante and Jim Weider- wanted to tour as The Band - well yeah I’d take offense at that.

    However- who wrote the crappy piece describing the band and this show?
    Robertson shut down the band on 11/25/1976 after the last Waltz. He didnt want to tour anymore - it wasnt really a group decision. Granted - it was a fine show and great farewell - it wasnt what the rest of the guys wanted.
    “It would appear that the “Last Waltz” truly was what it said was for the original five-piece institution known as the Band.” Yes it would appear thats the case since all but garth and Robbie are gone now - I think thats a pretty safe comment. way to go out on a limb there with a bold prediction

    By dwight on Jul 16, 2015

  22. regardless of the name these ol boys can play.
    My hat is of to the neighbours to the north for providing 4/5ths of the best damn band ever.
    when richard manuel sings a soulful tune my eyes well up like a baby. When rick danko sings the world seems a freindlier place and ol` Lee sings , well, you gotta love a boy from the south with a drawl and an attitude! Garth plays those keys like the devil met him at the crossroads and asked for lessons too and robbie chokes those leads out spare and sparse and economical and that `s why dylan said he was his best lead guitar player ever because his playing just made mathematical sense.

    By dropkick sarge on Jul 17, 2015

  23. go here for a few radio shows about the Band and their first few albums.

    By sluggo on Aug 21, 2015

  24. sweet…!

    will give Robbie’s interview a listen to…thanks so much for this link sluggo…!

    By Jerry's Finger on Aug 22, 2015

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