July 6, 2009 – 4:07 am

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BBC Session 2009 [no label, 1CD]

Live at BBC 6 Music Studios, (”Hub session” for George Lamb Show), London, UK, June 30, 2009. Very good radio broadcast.

What strikes the listener about the French Nouvelle Vague collective is a sense of knowingness about the music and especially the songs. The brainchild of Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux, Nouvelle Vague basically cover songs they like - on their earlier albums, the songs are given either a samba or bossa nova twist. Sometimes, these covers even get a hint of innocence or naivety that’s probably not on the original, which is refreshing - it’s like hearing a brand new song, though there is something quite familiar about them.

Nouvelle Vague were in the BBC studios on June 30 for this short segment where they performed tracks from their new album, 3 - Depeche Mode’s Master And Servant and the Violent Femmes’ Blister In The Sun. On the CD, Master And Servant also features Martin Gore.

Short and sweet (perhaps something like the English weather host George Lamb talked about), Nouvelle Vague also chatted about food addictions, breakfast foods and George Michael.

Thanks to smiler40 for sharing the tracks on the Dime site.

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Track 01. Introduction / interview (1.3MB)
Track 02. Master And Servant (3.9MB)
Track 03. Interview (5.2MB)
Track 04. Blister In The Sun (3.9MB)
Track 05. Closing comments (639k)
Total Time : [11:01]

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  2. It’s always a pleasure to listen to Nouvelle Vague…thanks for this great post…they seem to always add something new to these old great 80’s songs…keep playing!

    By Alex Corvini on Jul 8, 2009

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