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London 1976 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the New Victoria Theatre, London, UK; December 4, 1976. Fairly to very good soundboard.

Doubt anyone in the audience expected Can to play Silent Night (this is what Neil Young and Crazy Horse probably might have sounded like if they had covered the song!).

Thanks to TomP (for tracks 1-3); and to tezeta for sharing the show at Dime.

tezeta noted:

This kick-ass show was probably one of the last Can recorded that year before halting their tour schedule for a holiday and recording Saw Delight in January ‘77. Dig that monstrous “Pinch” and driving “Silent Night”!

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Thanks also to TomP for the front cover; and to fastone for the backcover (modified slightly here).

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Track 01. Don’t Say No 14:13 (23.9MB)
Track 02. Vitamin C 7:33 (12.7MB)
Track 03. Pinch 23:45 (39.9MB)
Track 04. Silent Night 10:27 (17.6MB)
Track 05. Spree 14:53 (25.0MB)
71 mins

Holger Czukay - shortwave radio/receiver, telephone, various electronic doo-dads
Rosko Gee - bass
Michael Karoli - guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - drums
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards

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UPDATED: December 25, 2015

Thanks to tezeta for sharing the complete show at Dime.

tezeta noted:

Just when I thought I had sorted this out… It turns out that one “unknown” show I posted earlier is, hold on to your hats, folks, likely a missing AUD-recorded portion of the concert in question. Thus, the new setlist, to put this date to bed once and for all.

Revised backcover:

Track 01. Don’t Say No 14:13 (23.9MB)
Track 02. Vitamin C 7:33 (12.7MB)
Track 03. Pinch 23:45 (39.9MB)
Track 04. Meadow Sweet 11:46 (19.8MB)
Track 05. A Fan 0:19 (525k)
58 mins

Track 06. Dizzy Dizzy 7:54 (13.3MB)
Track 07. I Want More 15:59 (26.9MB)
Track 08. Cascade Waltz 7:13 (12.1MB)
Track 09. Silent Night 10:27 (17.6MB)
Track 10. Spree 14:53 (25.0MB)
57 mins

Holger Czukay - electronic noise
Rosko Gee - bass
Michael Karoli - guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - drums
Irmin Schmidt - keyboards

Tracks 1-3: TomP’s remastered SBD torrent
Tracks 4-8: Privately shared AUD WAV’s, some partial speed correction on track 4.
Tracks 9-10: wreka’s SBD (or R2R) > C90 share

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  1. 16 Responses to “CAN - CHRISTMAS 1976 (UPDATED DEC 25, 2015 - COMPLETE SHOW)”

  2. Silent Night by Can? Nice and funny surprise! Too bad that Holger Czukay didn’t sing the lyrics, I like his voice. Thanks for this holiday gift!

    By F maj7 on Dec 19, 2015

  3. I got home from a long, miserable day’s treatment at the hospital and have a nothing Christmas to look forward to. Then I spark up the computer and find this.

    Please, BIGO, find a big, warm hug of appreciation in this message just for you. It’s amazing what a big difference to a day something given freely can make. Thank you.

    And a merry Christmas to all.

    By Mojo Teabag on Dec 19, 2015

  4. Well that came as a major surprise, I didn’t know they had ever performed Silent Night live. It was a rather entertaining single which I’d assumed they’d released as an antidote to the usual Xmas novelty singles that make most of us want to run away and hide.
    Nice to see more Can here.

    By Bevis on Dec 21, 2015

  5. Thank you

    By jack bond on Dec 21, 2015

  6. Thank you

    By jack bond on Dec 21, 2015

  7. Great Scots! Many Krimbles………….

    By Timmy on Dec 22, 2015

  8. Thanks a ton for this. Never realized they ever performed Silent Night live. What a great find!

    By treborij on Dec 24, 2015

  9. slight correction: the opening track is Moonshake

    By treborij on Dec 24, 2015

  10. Clearly, the original posting had a change in source and volume at “Silent Night.” Also noticed a repetition of a short section at the beginning of SN - which, once corrected, changed the total time of the track/disc. Many thanks for updating the information. Best wishes!

    By je n'regret rien on Dec 27, 2015

  11. Thanks for the update !

    By Chocoreve on Dec 28, 2015

  12. Ah fantastic…this is so good to hear.

    By Bryan on Feb 20, 2016

  13. Thank you very much

    By mrbelette on Dec 26, 2016

  14. This is great! Big fan of krautrock and I love finding stuff like this. Keep it up!

    By Trevor on Jan 6, 2017

  15. First track is Don’t Say No. Check the album version. Its pretty much the same.

    Also band credits are wrong: bass I’d Rosco Gee. Holger had moved to radio and tapes

    By Kevin on Jan 11, 2017

  16. Hey, Bigo! This is a treat. Thank you for re-upping this

    By Bing Bongong on Dec 17, 2019

  17. Great!!!!
    Thank you for Can!

    By Frank on Dec 20, 2019

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