December 27, 2015 – 3:11 pm

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Festival Of Traditional Music 1993 [no label, 1CD]

Featuring Ensemble LS Malati Ida, Kacapi Ensemble and Batak Ensemble.
Live at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany; June 15, 1993. Very good FM broadcast.

And now… for something different.

Unfortunately, there is no much info in English on this show/broadcast. Any background and tracklist (songs were untitled) would be appreciated.

Thanks to herwarth for sharing the show at Dime.

Kacapi indung (large zither)
Suling (bamboo ring flute)
Rebab (bowed lute)

FM (Technics ST-500) > Soundcard (Soundblaster Live!) > Wav > cut [Goldwave] > CD-R > Wav [EAC] > Flac [TLH]

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Track 01. Intro (in German) 3:01 (5.1MB)
Track 02. Ensemble LS Malati Ida - Tembang Sunda piece - Part A 10:01 (16.8MB)
Track 03. Ensemble LS Malati Ida - Tembang Sunda piece - Part B 8:36 (14.4MB)
Track 04. Kacapi Ensemble ? - Part A 8:21 (14.0MB)
Track 05. Kacapi Ensemble ? - Part B 11:54 (20.0MB)
Track 06. Batak Ensemble ? (Sumatera Music) 12:45 (21.4MB)
Track 07. Batak Ensemble ? (Sumatera Music) 3:52 (6.5MB)
59 mins

Note: Two of the tracks have been arbitrarily split for easier access.

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  1. 6 Responses to “VARIOUS - SUNDA MUSIC 1993”

  2. Danke sehr, BigO. Sehr gut !!

    By fred astaire, jr on Dec 27, 2015

  3. brings back fond memories of my music lessons in Indonesia around that time! thanx!

    By Thomas Wiegandt on Dec 28, 2015

  4. I’m a Sundanese… i live in Bandung, Indonesia, West Java… I’m proud with this. This record is Amazing.

    By Derek Hakim on Dec 29, 2015

  5. Sorry 2 songs named Batak Ensemble is not Sunda Music but Sumatera Music in North Sumatera… a Province of Sumatera (Andalas) Island

    By Derek Hakim on Dec 29, 2015

  6. Hello Derek

    Thanks for the feedback. Cheers.

    By bigozine2 on Dec 30, 2015

  7. Loved this! More classic Indian music, please. Ditto on Afro-Cuban/African/Brazilian music. Ali Farka Toure, Fela Kuti, Brazilian batucada, old/new - it doesn’t matter. There’s a big world out there! :)

    By je n'regret rien on Dec 30, 2015

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