GLENN FREY R.I.P. 1948-2016

January 19, 2016 – 7:09 am

Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey has died on January 18, 2016 at the age of 67. He died in New York City from complications arising from rheumatoid arthritis, colitis and pneumonia while recovering from intestinal surgery. Frey co-founded the Eagles in 1971 with Don Henley, Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner. He co-wrote Hotel California with Henley, and composed a number of the band’s biggest songs on his own, including Heartache Tonight and Lyin’ Eyes. The Eagles notched up more than 150 million album sales worldwide, with Hotel California and their greatest hits among the best selling in history. The Eagles were one of the great forces of 1970s rock. They may not have had the dynamics of Led Zeppelin or the tangled relationships of Fleetwood Mac, but they dominated the airwaves. AM radio would play the hits, filled with flawless harmonies, while FM stations would spin the longer, unedited album cuts. - wikipedia/BBC

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  1. 67 Responses to “GLENN FREY R.I.P. 1948-2016”

  2. May he rest in peace.

    Back in 1972, I drove a couple hundred miles to see Yes at the Rubber Bowl in Akron. The opening act introduced themselves “Hi, we’re the Eagles from Los Angeles” (not to be confused with the football team from Philly?)

    Lots of great music over the years from those guys. Desperado was one of the best albums ever.

    By dorgunr on Jan 19, 2016

  3. Glenn Frey,David Bowie,Dale Griffin,Dallas Taylor - May you all Rest In Peace. That’s just way too many great musicians leaving us this early in 2016.

    By BTLFAN on Jan 19, 2016

  4. also RIP Clarence “Blowfly” Reid, Otis Clay and Robert Stigwood.

    By barth on Jan 19, 2016

  5. First David Bowie and now this, Still devastated by Davids loss and now this just floors me, totally unexpected and unprepared in fact just saw an interview recently with Glenn where he was ironically discussing his friend Linda Ronstadts unfortunate health problems, He seemed very energetic and looked great, one never knows do we? Like Bowie The Eagles were part of a great soundtrack of the 70s a time when great music was everywhere unlike the fake auto tune enhanced garbage of todays mainstream crap. 2016 is not starting off very well, losing too many legendarry artists already RIP Glenn you are much loved and will be missed

    By COREY M on Jan 19, 2016

  6. I tried to post Frey’s two part appearance on LATER WITH BOB COSTAS yesterday to YouTube….it was pulled because of the smidgens of music in the going to commercial breaks. Shame 40+ minutes of interview could have been enjoyed.

    By Ken Dixon on Jan 19, 2016

  7. May You Rest In Peace Glenn Frey, [thanks for all the great music you gave us]

    By Paul Best on Jan 19, 2016


    By The Russian Assassin on Jan 20, 2016

  9. RIP also to Mic Gillette (Tower of Power) and Gary Loizzo (American Breed).

    By MrBill on Jan 20, 2016

  10. I’m pretty sure that Dallas Taylor has been dead for a year or so.

    By Tom L on Jan 20, 2016

  11. It started with Lemmy and Natalie Cole…
    Glenn Frey, you will be missed.

    By Mia on Jan 20, 2016

  12. RIP Blowfly as well.
    May your M#$%^&^F*&^% azz rest in peace (he’ll understand).

    By dorgunr on Jan 20, 2016

  13. Buffin is gone too? No idea. Damn. One of the most underrated drummers ever! Big influence of me. RIP.

    By Starrwatts on Jan 21, 2016

  14. Glenn Frey’s people want you to think that he died of complications from arthritis, meaning that it was the prescribed medication that contributed to his colonitis, which is what actually killed him. No one wants to mention how cocaine, tobacco and alcohol were factors. Somewhere, there’s an injury lawyer laughing his ass off.

    By Tom L on Jan 21, 2016

  15. one of the causes of glenn frey’s death was given as rheumatoid arthritis, NOT arthritis, which is much different. the medications needed to fight rheumatoid arthritis lower the patients immune system, making that person more susceptible to other ailments, especially infections.

    it is very possible that frey’s lowered immune system couldn’t fight the pneumonia and colitis he contracted.

    without the meds, frey’s joints would have been greatly affected. he would not have been able to play an instrument.

    a person with rheumatoid arthritis cannot have more than one drink of alcohol per week because the medications needed can affect the liver. frey had rheumatoid arthritis for 15 years, there was no mention of liver problems in his obituaries.

    i doubt very much that anyone is “laughing his ass off” at frey’s death.

    By barth on Jan 21, 2016

  16. Semantics. I’m fully aware of the affects of RA, because I suffer from it myself. I also understand Frey’s motivations for using the meds, which I choose not to. My point is that there were other things that Frey, by his own admission, did to himself for many years that would have contributed to his illness. Even if he quit those things at some point, the damage may have already been done.

    By Tom L on Jan 21, 2016

  17. Anyone who lived life in the fast lane NO PUN INTENDED in the 1970s and beyond has damaged their bodies to some extent, Bowie, Lou Reed, Glenn Frey ecc, although Glenn far less im sure than the other two. Its a miracle that Mick and Keith and Robert and Jimmy are still here considering the things they injested in their lifetimes especially Page and Richards,What you do while young may not affect you then but unfortunetly father time is undefeated, Bottom line getting old is a bitch

    By COREY M on Jan 21, 2016

  18. the sad thing is we are slowly losing our legends,The few remaining ones left, Mick and Keith, Page and Plant,McCartney, Elton. Petty, Springsteen, Neil Young , Townsend and Daltry ecc will be gone also eventually ,and with the sad state of todays mainstream music scene , there wont be anyone left to carr the mantle for future generations, Doubt that we will be talking about any of todays young artists in 40 years like the above mentioned ones sad but true

    By COREY M on Jan 21, 2016

  19. sad but true the dumbass is back! You didn’t think I was done here did you? here are a few more inanities to ignore. Seeing my comments here is a bitch

    By COREY MORON on Jan 21, 2016

  20. re COREY M`s statenment..”the sad state of todays mainstream music scene”..
    why are you listening to it then when there is so much GREAT music and so many great musicians out there ? Do you need the mainstream to guide you in your listening efforts? tsk tsk..

    By sluggo on Jan 21, 2016

  21. ground control to major Tom L- semantics my ass. consider yourself to be very fortunate to not need medication for your rheumatoid arthritis. otherwise u would find it very difficult to type your comments or do normal activities such as bathing dressing and walking. u are probably aware that there is no known cause for RA.

    there is no need for Frey’s family and management to be secretive about the causes of his death. while his earlier habits probably didn’t help, 15 years on medication that lowered his immune system was more likely a major contributing factor to his passing.

    By barth on Jan 21, 2016

  22. pretty low class of you Tom L.

    By sluggo on Jan 21, 2016

  23. It’s sad when a statement like “IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE FOLLOWING UNAUTHORIZED MATERIAL IN CONNECTION WITH THE EAGLES” is issued. It just goes to show that record executives STILL haven’t grasped what the consumer’s want…and never will apparently.
    Instead of rare recordings and live concerts being released we get inundated with pathetic “greatest hits” packages over and over again.
    Rough start to 2016 with all the talent we’ve lost (including right at the end of 2015 as well).

    By FlyLikeAnEagle on Jan 22, 2016

  24. despicable Tom. Boy, what kind of person instigates an attack like that immediately after someone passes? despicable.

    By dropkick sarge on Jan 22, 2016

  25. Try the book “Heaven and Hell: My Life with The Eagles” by founding member Don Felder, he sets things straight.

    By Cydarion on Jan 22, 2016

  26. What I find despicable is when a band’s manager (not his doctor) rushes to emphasize that it was the meds that caused his colitis when in fact there is no truly known “cause”. It smacks of a wrongful death lawsuit in the making.

    By Tom L on Jan 22, 2016

  27. Slugggo ,I agree that there are talented artists out there today,but why should you have to search hard to find them. Classic examples are Neko Case, who if this were the 70s would be as big as Linda Ronstadt was ,also AJ Croce, Jims son who is every bit as talented as his dad but because the mainstream media and powers that be choose to promote the no talent media creations like Miley porn star Cyrus and The Beiber among others people like AJ and Neko Case have to be content with cult followings ,In the 70s and even to some extent the 80s truly talented artists were propery promoted by radio airplay, variety shows ecc, What if the beatles were never on ED Sullivan or radio stations never played their songs, well thats the problem today, When someone like Miley and her cheezy lip syncing porn act gets preferance over someone like Neko Case and AJ Croce has to play small dives around the country. it just ait right, Jim Croce RIP was all over the radio in the early 70s, which is why he is still a household name, Most people dont even know who his son is and thats a shame, same with Neko Case, of course there are other talented artists who cant get their foot in the door in todays music scene as the powers that be continue to promote the garbage

    By COREY M on Jan 22, 2016

  28. Miley, Katy Perry ecc would be better off in the adult film industry than trying to pretend that they have any singing or musical talent same with Lady GAGA,The Beiber should also go away, with todays auto tune world a frog can be made to sound like Sinatra.I believe MTV is what started the downslide as it promoted image over substance, Reality shows like American Idol havent helped either, These days anyone can become famous, talent has nothing to do with it

    By COREY M on Jan 22, 2016

  29. “with todays auto tune world a frog can be made to sound like Sinatra”

    then u should find a good manager and start recording.

    “These days anyone can become famous, talent has nothing to do with it”

    what are u waiting for?

    By barth on Jan 22, 2016

  30. Believe Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan both made albums a while back no doubt with much auto tune enhancement ,Guess Kim Kardasian is next, guess they are considered music stars now, Ho Hum the modern world , Famous for being famous

    By COREY M on Jan 22, 2016

  31. I’m getting dumber. Just read the crap I write, if you can stand it. Good gawd I’m a simpleton. I don’t get out much and I’ve alienated all my friends with my lamebrain horsecrap. Even when I go out I can’t stop spewing the same idiotic crap I puke up here. It’s all about me. I’m as dumb as a stump.

    By COREY MORON on Jan 22, 2016

  32. The imposter is back, so after kicking your ass in politics, world affairs ecc you want another butt whipping humiliation on music and who is and who is not talented, As was the case earlier in the political debates you predictably offer no counter point only incoherent attempts at insults, Assume by your responce that you are a fan of Miley, the Beiber ecc and consider them more worthy of front page media coverage than people like Glenn Frey , David Bowie ecc ?

    By COREY M on Jan 23, 2016

  33. Corey, what does “ecc” mean? I have never seen that abbreviation before.

    By a-wondering on Jan 24, 2016

  34. Agree totally with Fly like an Eagle , How many Best Of’s or remastered versions of the same albums do we need, Why do we need two almost identical versions of remastered Rumours CD s with only slight differences, Why did the Stones reissue that giant Sticky Fingers 45 year anniversary edition with Leeds 71 in the package to try an entice consumers and then charge a whopping $175,00, Cmon Mick why not just release Leeds by itself at an affordable price, I know you have always been a good businessman but at this stage of your life arnt you rich enough

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  35. Agree totally with Fly like an Eagle, Artists and record companies are screwing the paying consumer, I mean how many best ofs and remastered versions of albums do we need ? Why release two remastered versions of rumours at the same time with one containing outtakes and the other an edited show from 77 probably with overdubs

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  36. The Stones take the cake, They reissue yet another remastered giant box set of Sticky Fingers supposedy remastered AGAIN, and attach the Leeds 71 show inside and charge a whopping $175.00 , Why not just release Leeds 71 by itself as thats what the fans want and charge a reasonable price, Cmon Mick arnt you and the fellas rich enough ? Mick went to the London school of economics back in the day so he has always been first and foremost a businessman, meanwhile another big example of fans being totally screwed

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  37. The Rolling Stones take the cake, They recently reissued Sticky Fingers AGAIN this time as a giant box set supposedly remastered AGAIN with the classic 71 Leeds show attached and charge a whopping $175.00. Cmon Mick, why not just release the Leeds show in its entirety for a reasonable price as thats what fans want to hear

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  38. Do Mick and the fellas really need the money that badly at this point in their lives? Mick went to the London School of economics back in the day and has always considered himself a businessman first and foremost. so what happened to all the downloads that were starting to become available on the stones archives blog a few years ago, guess Sir Mick thought it was bad for business

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  39. Mick attended the London School of economics back in the day so He has always considered himsef first and foremost a businessman, to hell with what fans want i guess for Sir Mick

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  40. Mick attended the London school of economics back in the day and has always considered himself first and foremost a businessman. Whatever happened to all the live shows that were supposed to be available via download from the Stones archives site? After teasing us with a few shows early on including Brussels 73. It all stopped. Suppose Sir Mick felt it was bad for business

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  41. Sir Mick ever the businessman, to hell with the fans

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  42. Hell with the fans to Sir Mick its about business

    By COREY M on Jan 24, 2016

  43. sorry about all the repeats Big O Cloudfare is killng me

    By COREY M on Jan 25, 2016

  44. i recall darth attacking the stones about their other reissue cm and darth sure have a lot of the same interest

    By skinned knees on Jan 25, 2016

  45. corey m- what the fuck is wrong with u??

    By darths keyboard on Jan 25, 2016

  46. Cloudfare is the problem, sorry about the repeats, thought comments wernt going thru

    By COREY M on Jan 25, 2016

  47. Cant figure out Cloudfare,

    By COREY M on Jan 25, 2016

  48. thats cuz yer a friggin moron darth corey.

    By darths keyboard on Jan 25, 2016

  49. It’s funny to see Corey attacking his old friends the Stones. He probably couldn’t wheedle his way into a show on the last tour.

    By Dingus on Jan 25, 2016

  50. To all the Glenn Frey fans I respectfully hope this isn’t too hard a pill to swallow. The inevitability of death is coming for all of us and it was his time. Rest in Peace Old Man.
    To the CLOWNS that believe they are entitled to the Rolling Stones releasing ‘free shows’ or stripped down versions of their remastered material they ARE on on DRUGS!!! The music business as it’s structured today is a Capitalist enterprise. That means you take as much profit from as little while still delivering a quality product. The ROLLING STONES are doing just that. Stop it with the sophomoric School of Economics bullshit. The man has been a ‘Stone for the better part of SIXTY YEARS.

    By John McNea on Jan 29, 2016

  51. Well said John McNea A voice of reason and common sense,

    By skinned knees on Jan 29, 2016

  52. To John,I understand its a business,just give fans things they dont already have at a fair price not recycled material and albums already out there

    By COREY M on Jan 29, 2016

  53. They could have released Leeds 71 by itself,or if they want to make big bucks make it a box set of 5 shows from each of the Mick Taylor years ,examples along with Leeds, throw in madison square garden or Detroit from 69. a good show from the 70 UK tour as well as a couple of 72 and 73 shows, its more about what is being released than the money,dont need anymore recycled stuff

    By COREY M on Jan 29, 2016

  54. The people handling Hendrix and the Doors have got it right and have releast much great live stuff while the stones and Zeppelin are stuck in quicksand

    By COREY M on Jan 29, 2016

  55. release more Mick Taylor shows and not the same od stuff over and over again,more about the content than money

    By COREY M on Jan 29, 2016

  56. Also to Jimmy Page, more live stuff from the vaults please and not more studio remastered albums,example Release the complete 1972 LA forum show in its entirety with no edits or studio enhancements /overdubs, Leave Plants stage banter with the crowd intact instead of the heavaly edited and studio enhanced How the West was won,Fans would be elated

    By COREY M on Jan 30, 2016

  57. Don’t forget Robert Fripp and King Crimson who have quietly and successfully been releasing tons of live shows from their vaults as well as remastering bootlegs and selling them on their own site. You can download entire tours with the good and not so good performances. On top of that the sumptious multi-CD boxsets with multitudes of remasters, new mixes and unreleased material. They operate on a cottage industry level yet manage to make a profit, keep the fans happy and demonstrate to stingy buggers like Pink Floyd (do we really need yet another remaster or version of The Wall?) and Led Zeppelin how to mine their vaults and get everything out there for those that want it. I’ll give the Stones credit where its due… after many years of stinginess and doing nothing, at least they are finally opening up their archive and getting some vintage stuff out there. It might not be as much as one would like, but something is better than nothing.

    The thing is, what’s done is done. These acts have made their fortune, they’re legends and nothing they release will ever harm their reputation. Make the money while they can and keep everybody happy instead of insulting us all with remaster number 12 of such and such an album whilst what’s buried in the vaults remains buried. Times have changed, but too many acts remain stuck with the old outdated model.

    By Bruce Skywater on Jan 30, 2016

  58. anything u want corey m

    bugger off ya bloody wanker… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    By james patrick page on Jan 30, 2016

  59. Agree Bruce, Why some artists do it right and others dont is beyond me, Still dont understand why Page edited out banter, ommited certain songs and did all of that studio trickery to HTWWW, even heard that individual songs were spiced together from different shows which just makes the release a farse

    By COREY M on Jan 30, 2016

  60. Would much rather hear the bootleg Burn like a candle , a warts and all complete show, pretty good sounding for an audience recording plus its real not a Jimmy Page studio album pretending to be live

    By COREY M on Jan 30, 2016

  61. You mentioned King Crimson, other examples are Grateful Dead, Hendrix and The Doors whos live catalogs have been well represented,
    while Zep, The Stones Pink Floyd still have a long way to go

    By COREY M on Jan 30, 2016

  62. Also Bruce on the subject of studio enhancement to live shows ive never had a problem with remastering if it means things like cleaning distortion , raising or reducing certain vocals and or instruments in the mix.Its when they add or replace them in the studio with new ones that the problem starts.It then becomes a deception. It is no longer a real live show.

    By COREY M on Jan 30, 2016

  63. Studio albums sounding slick and perfect is fine no problem,but live should mean warts and all, its really more about the atmosphere and the feeling of being there than perfect sound/performance ecc, things happen at live shows,flubbed vocals,out of tune guitars,blown amps ecc,it should be a document as to what actually happened not fixed and made to sound different

    By COREY M on Jan 30, 2016

  64. warts and all,out of tune guitars,that’s how I like my live recordings. here’s one of my all time favorites

    Hey bigo how about some live Miley Beiber and Katy i wanna here them without autotune

    By COREY MORON on Jan 30, 2016

  65. Yes - Grateful Dead, Doors and Hendrix are indeed other notable worthy examples of opening up the archives and doing something useful with it. I’ll also add Miles Davis into the mix though it’s believed had he lived he definitely wouldn’t had approved of the many shows and recordings excavated from the vaults. Has it tarnished their reputations? No way and the sooner Jimmy Page, Roger Waters, David Gilmour and Nick Mason realise that, the better.

    I too believe that “live” albums should be exactly that. It always makes me laugh and cringe when Thin Lizzy’s “Live And Dangerous” album pops up in greatest live album lists since most of that was done in the studio.

    The thought of Miley, Bieber and Katy Perry minus autotune is frightening but amusing. I suspect we’d end up with something like the infamous Linda McCartney isolated vocal track… and then you have other modern day pop puppets who don’t even go that far, instead miming to pre-recorded vocals so they can concentrate on what’s more important - the dancing and posing.

    By Bruce Skywater on Jan 30, 2016

  66. Actually Miley would have been very successful in the 1970s just not in music but the adult film industry ,Can see her now co starring in a porn flick opposite the legendary BIG if you get my drift John Wadd Holmes , now that i would pay to see

    By COREY M on Jan 30, 2016

  67. Bruce , other examples are the Stones Get your ya yas out, almost all he vocals were redone in the studio,have boots of the 69 garden shows as well as Baltimore that year and the were great so dont get why they did it, also heard that Pete and Roger added vocals and guitars to the super deluxe version of live at leeds another head scratcher

    By COREY M on Jan 30, 2016

  68. I have stopped counting the greats falling dead. Too many — My late Dad saw it coming when he passed out in late March, 2003. Well, some fall dead, some are going blind, you never know what life has in store for you, like a friend says:
    —- You’ve got to live each day like it was your last one!!

    By Serge Zéni on Nov 21, 2017

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