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Irvine/Glendale 1974 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the University of California, Irvine, CA; March 10, 1974. The Sopwith Camel, Glendale, CA; March 9, 1974. Very good FM broadcasts.

Partly because of Donald Fagen’s reluctance to sing onstage, partly due to he and Walter Becker’s perfectionism, and partly because the pairs’ compositions and arrangements were so complex - requiring all manner of studio hardware to reproduce - Steely Dan played very few live concerts during their early career, indeed by the middle of 1974 they had given up touring entirely. -

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Thanks to chill782002 for sharing the tracks at The Traders’ Den.

chill782002 noted: “Got this years ago in a snail mail trade. Sound is excellent.”

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Track 01. Do It Again 8:29 (14.2MB)
Track 02. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number 4:32 (7.6MB)
Track 03. Any Major Dude Will Tell You 3:30 (5.9MB)
Track 04. King Of The World 5:13 (8.8MB)
Track 05. Barrytown 4:37 (7.7MB)
Track 06. My Old School 5:29 (9.2MB)
Track 07. Pretzel Logic 5:39 (9.5MB)
38 mins

Track 08. Bodhisattva 5:10 (8.7MB)
Track 09. The Boston Rag 6:10 (10.4MB)
Track 10. Do It Again 8:18 (13.9MB)
Track 11. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number 4:01 (6.7MB)
Track 12. Any Major Dude Will Tell You 3:31 (5.9MB)
Track 13. King Of The World 4:47 (8.1MB)
Track 14. My Old School 5:36 (9.4MB)
38 mins

Probable Lineup:
Donald Fagen - vocals, keyboards
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter - guitar, pedal steel guitar
Denny Dias - guitars
Michael McDonald - electric piano, vocals
Walter Becker - bass
Royce Jones - vocals, percussion
Jeff Porcaro - drums
Jim Hodder - drums

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  1. 15 Responses to “STEELY DAN - IRVINE/GLENDALE 1974”

  2. Thanks, BigO! You guys ROCK!

    By walter on Mar 30, 2016

  3. awesome, thanks! early 70’s live Dan!

    By muddy on Mar 30, 2016

  4. Steely Dan!!!! My very favorite band!!! I love you Big O!!!! Yay!!!!

    By Big Dave on Mar 31, 2016

  5. I have a short list of Musicians that I would have loved to meet and had time to chat with. The “Skunk” is one of them. Great Line-Up for this period.

    By popa c on Mar 31, 2016

  6. Saw the original band twice.

    They attempted to reconfigure a touring band in 1976 but the musicians were studio guys (Larry Carlton and others). The players wanted to make what they were making in the studio, which was too much for Donald and Walter, so it was scrapped. There’s a rehearsal tape of it out there.

    By Just Bill on Mar 31, 2016

  7. I’m pretty sure the proposed 76 lineup never even got together to rehearse - if you can point me to a copy of the tape I’d like to hear it. The “76 rehearsal tape” I’ve heard is a cover band.I was at Penn State at the time and they even had a tentative date booked!

    By Bill from Pgh on Mar 31, 2016

  8. Great show, but if I had to choose from the very few 74 tour shows that survive, I would go with the Rainbow Theatre, London–holy god it smokes

    By Dougie on Apr 1, 2016

  9. Thanks! These are some of the best quality 74 shows I’ve heard. Lots of high-generation, warbly, tinny recordings are out there but these are nice and clean. Skunk was having a couple good shows here, too - he wasn’t always on and this was before digital tuners. Even his vocals are pretty good on My Old School.

    Compare this recent version - faster is not always better

    By Bill from Pgh on Apr 1, 2016

  10. Good stuff. I wish they’d have the humility to officially release some of this stuff cleaned up.

    By Scope Jackson on Apr 1, 2016

  11. Love this stuff. On this release, the band stays closer to the studio versions than they do on many other surviving ‘74 shows. I generally prefer live versions to have altered arrangements or vastly different improvisations than on the studio release. Otherwise, why not just listen to the original? In this case, it’s nice to have a couple of very tightly-played studio reminiscent gigs just to hear that the Dan were not studio-locked. They played great in the live milieu.

    By Lightning Popkins on Apr 2, 2016

  12. Thanks for these Bigo. They’ve been around for a while but it’s a great post. I’m with Dougie on this, my favourite show from the ‘74 tour is the Rainbow theatre. The JJ’s club concert is great too though, previously posted here. If there is anyone out there with any Steely Dan shows from 1973 that would be really fantastic, but nothing has ever surfaced from that period so far. Oh and Just Bill, if you saw the original band twice you’re a lucky man!

    By Big Trev on Apr 2, 2016

  13. Thank you very much. Looking forward to hearing this one.

    By Bobby Hy on Apr 2, 2016

  14. Thank you very much.

    By HARKONEN on Apr 11, 2016

  15. Passing too soon, RIP Walter Becker, 67. No cause yet given. These are two great performances from 1974 Tour.

    By ScarRad on Sep 3, 2017

  16. Bigo team any chance to re-up this great bootleg?
    Thank you!

    By rochacrimson on Dec 27, 2018

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