April 13, 2016 – 11:54 am

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Las Vegas 2016 [no label, 2CD]

“A Dream Realized…”, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada; April 8, 2016. Fairly to very good audience recording.

And here’s one for the fans.

Thanks to Limulus for sharing the show at Dime.

Limulus noted:

- First official GN’R Re-union show with “The Big 3″: Slash, Axl, Duff [they did a little warm-up gig in the Troubadour on April 1, 2016 though]
- Axl had injured his leg and was confined to David Grohl’s 2015 live performance throne.
- During the band introduction Axl refers to Slash: “And i think you know this guy: I don’t know what it is, but it’s weird and it’s pissed off and it calls it so SLASH!” - which are about the exact same introduction words from the famous Ritz’88 show!
- Before “Theme from The Godfather” Slash gets an extra introduction from Axl: “And a man who needs no introduction but gets one anyway… ladies and gentlemen: Slash!!!”
- first time Slash played on Axl’s songs: 05) Chinese Democracy, 12) This I Love, 20) Intro/Better
- “Coma” = first time live since April 10, 1993
- “Better” has a dark new intro

external microphones > 24bit/96khz harddisc recording > USB/PC > dEQ > 16bit/44.1khz > dED > FLAC frontend 1.7.1 [level 8]

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Disc 1
Track 101. Intro 3:31 (5.9MB)
Track 102. Axl “Throne-Intro” 1:05 (1.8MB)
Track 103. It’s So Easy 3:03 (5.1MB)
Track 104. Mr Brownstone 4:12 (7.1MB)
Track 105. Chinese Democracy 3:38 (6.1MB)
Track 106. Welcome to the Jungle 4:56 (8.3MB)
Track 107. Double Talkin’ Jive 5:16 (8.9MB)
Track 108. Estranged 9:07 (15.3MB)
Track 109. Live and Let Die (Wings cover) 3:22 (5.7MB)
Track 110. Intro/Rocket Queen 11:01 (18.5MB)
Track 111. Band Introduction 0:56 (1.6MB)
Track 112. You Could Be Mine 5:37 (9.5MB)
Track 113. New Rose (The Damned cover) 3:06 (5.2MB)
Track 114. This I Love 5:40 (9.5MB)
Track 115. Axl Talking 0:19 (531k)
Track 116. Coma 9:44 (16.3MB)
75 mins

Disc 2
Track 201. Slash Introduction 0:15 (433k)
Track 202. Theme from The Godfather 3:04 (5.2MB)
Track 203. Sweet Child O’ Mine 6:23 (10.7MB)
Track 204. Intro/Better 6:28 (10.9MB)
Track 205. Civil War 7:56 (13.3MB)
Track 206. Jam (Wish You Were Here and more) 3:31 (5.9MB)
Track 207. Layla (Derek & The Dominos cover) 3:20 (5.6MB)
Track 208. November Rain 9:59 (16.8MB)
Track 209. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Bob Dylan) 9:39 (16.2MB)
Track 210. Nightrain 8:37 (14.5MB)
Track 211. Patience 5:59 (10.1MB)
Track 212. Paradise City 6:25 (10.8MB)
Track 213. Outro 2:27 (4.1MB)
74 mins

W Axl Rose - vocals (on Dave Grohl’s Rock N’ Roll throne)
Slash - lead guitar
Duff McKagan - bass guitar
Additional Musicians:
Richard Fortus - rhythm guitar
Frank Ferrer - drums
Melissa Reese - keyboards
Dizzy Reed - keyboards

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  1. 9 Responses to “GUNS N’ ROSES - LAS VEGAS 2016”

  2. This version of GnR is 60% full. Also like some many bands the supporting musicians out number the original members. Double Talkin’ Jive indeed…

    By niroopa on Apr 13, 2016

  3. Thanks for posting this BigO…. however… Axl sounds old and decrepit… his voice is horrible, he should knock it on the head and retire. The classic GnR will never be again, even if you have Slash and Duff.

    By Shire Horse on Apr 16, 2016

  4. AXL sounds GREAT!! Come on, Slash, Axl an Duff together. I admit, it would’ve been better with Izzy, but what a great performance! Nobody wants Adler on drums. He wouldn’t last a week.

    By Robert Gallo on Apr 22, 2016

  5. Grace Slick said it best, Old rockers should just hang it up and take up painting like SHE HAS or needlepoint or other rocking chair activities , Very similer to The Stones/ Led Zep/ whats left of The Who ecc. You can never recapture a place in time. Certain artists and their music age better than others, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney have managed to pull it off somehow although still not as good as they were in their primes. At least Robert Plant has the good sense and dignity to continue to refuse these demands for Zep reunions ,He realizes what Mick, Keith, Pete. Roger, and Axl dont ,that you can never recapture the past

    By COREY M on Apr 22, 2016

  6. Something very sad about 60 and 70 somethings trying to act 23 again at a time when they should be bouncing their grandchildren on their knees

    By COREY M on Apr 22, 2016

  7. These nuts are bouncing on your chin while you’re on your knees.

    By COREY MORON on Apr 23, 2016

  8. Who is this faggot idiot Moron, or whoever he is.This is a music blog asshole ,if you dont agree with someone fine but make a point dickbrain

    By Donny Tremaine on Apr 23, 2016

  9. Cloudfare has been very frustrating to deal with sometimes comments dont show up right away or at all in some cases, know others have been frustrated as well in trying to leave comments. Then you have low IQ fools like this Moron person. Why cant cloudfare censor him and people like him from polluting blogs like this and ruining it for others who like to discuss music

    By Wade on Apr 23, 2016

  10. While i agree that Axl and company arnt what they were and The Stones / Who and other old rockers arnt what they were, they are still light years better than the mainstream artists of today and with legends dropping like flies this year, should see as many as you can because you never know who will be next to go, also agree this blog would be better off without idiots like this moron person,been following this blog some time and have never once heard him say anything insightful about music, he just trolls so he can make vulgar comments sort of like a middle school kid who craves attention

    By Chuck in Texas on Apr 23, 2016

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