April 16, 2016 – 4:44 pm

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CHARLES BRADLEY R.I.P. 1948 - 2017

American soul singer and exuberant live performer Charles Bradley has died on September 23, 2017, it was announced on Saturday. He was 68. Bradley received a diagnosis of stomach cancer last year. Earlier this month, announcing the cancellation of tour dates in the US, South America and Europe, he said that though he had beaten that illness, the cancer had spread to his liver.

“I love all of you out there that made my dreams come true,” he said in a statement then. “When I come back, I’ll come back strong, with God’s love. With God’s will, I’ll be back soon.” On Saturday a statement posted to social media said: “It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of Charles Bradley. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.”

As well as comparisons to James Brown, Bradley’s voice and full-bodied style attracted comparisons to Otis Redding. He released three albums on the Daptone label: No Time for Dreaming (2011), Victim of Love (2013) and Changes (2016). Hit songs included The World (Is Going Up in Flames) and Strictly for You and he performed at festivals including Primavera Sound, Coachella, Lollapalooza and Glastonbury. -

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Austin 2016 [no label, 1CD]

SXSW, NPR Music Showcase, Stubb’s, Austin, Texas; March 16, 2016. Very good audio (ripped from HDTV webcast).

On the Stubb’s stage at SXSW, Charles Bradley ripped through a set that included selections from his killer new record, Changes (released on April 1, 2016). But his real feat was the way he embodied countless classic records spanning the last 50 or 60 years, all while letting his massive voice soar out to the far reaches of the night sky with absolute power and abandon. Whether his arms were outstretched or lugging his microphone stand around the stage as if hauling a great weight, Bradley performed with absolute command of both his voice and his craft.

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At SXSW, soul singer Charles Bradley had only a 40-minute slot. So it’s really a showcase - click here if you want a full-length show. Also, it probably would have been more interesting if he had included the title track from his new album - it’s a cover of a Black Sabbath tune (Bradley had released a version of it as a Record Store Day Black Friday single in 2013). Of the seven songs performed here, only two are from the new album. And after two strong albums, and now with the third, if you are not already a fan, chances are you never will be.

Thanks to indykid for sharing the webcast at Dime.

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Track 01. Love Bug Blues 3:09 (5.3MB)
Track 02. The World (Is Going Up In Flames) 3:54 (6.5MB)
Track 03. How Long 5:00 (8.4MB)
Track 04. Lovin’ You, Baby 5:42 (9.6MB)
Track 05. Nobody But You * 4:24 (7.4MB)
Track 06. In You (I Found A Love) 4:19 (7.3MB)
Track 07. Ain’t It A Sin * 4:05 (6.9MB)
31 mins

* From new album, Changes.

Click here to order Changes.

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  2. Big O…thanks for this and for keeping CB’s 2013 show open. Along with Leon Bridges and The Heavy, this has been a great year for soul. Chaeles Bradley and backing band will have you checking the
    year on the calendar.

    By fred astaire jr on Apr 16, 2016

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