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PRINCE R.I.P. 1958-2016

Prince, the songwriter, singer, producer, one-man studio band and consummate showman, died on April 21, 2016 at his residence, Paisley Park, in Chanhassen, Minn, according to a statement from his publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure. He was 57. No cause of death has been given. In a statement, the Carver County sheriff, Jim Olson, said that deputies responded to an emergency call at 9:43 am: “When deputies and medical personnel arrived, they found an unresponsive adult male in the elevator. First responders attempted to provide lifesaving CPR, but were unable to revive the victim. He was pronounced deceased at 10:07 am.” The sheriff’s office said it would continue to investigate his death.

Last week, responding to news reports that Prince’s plane had made an emergency landing because of a health scare, Ms. Noel-Schure said Prince was “fighting the flu.” Prince, born Prince Rogers Nelson on June 7, 1958, was a man bursting with music - a wildly prolific songwriter, a virtuoso on guitars, keyboards and drums and a master architect of funk, rock, R&B and pop, even as his music defied genres. In a career that lasted from the late 1970s until an arena tour this year, he was acclaimed as a sex symbol, a musical prodigy and an artist who shaped his career his way, often battling with accepted music-business practices. Prince’s Top 10 hits included “Little Red Corvette,” “When Doves Cry,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” “Kiss,” and “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World”; albums like “Dirty Mind,” “1999” and “Sign O’ the Times” were full-length statements. “Purple Rain” (1984) also won him an Academy Award. - The New York Times

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Crucial - Prince With Miles Davis [Beech Martin BM061, 1CD]

Studio outtakes. Very good soundboard. Slight hiss.

The release is titled “Crucial” & “Prince With Miles Davis” but it’s misleading: they never worked together in a studio - ‘Crucial’ is a Prince solo and ‘Can I Play With U?’ was sent on tape to Miles Davis (in both instrumental and vocal versions) and he added trumpet to the track. -

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Back in 1990, for Miles Davis and Prince fans, the big news was the collaboration between the two and the Crucial bootleg became a much sought-after item, fetching around US$70 or more if one could find it. However, the much-heralded team-up was not to be. The two only appeared on one track - Can I Play With U? (listed as Little Red Riding Hood on the release).

But Davis and Prince did meet up (or sort of on Sticky Wicked), as toejam noted at
1986: Prince attended Miles’s 60th birthday party in NY.
1987: Miles guested on stage for the New Year’s Eve benefit concert at Paisley Park. He played a five-minute solo on “Beautiful Night”.
1988: Miles overdubed a trumpet solo on a Prince/Chaka Khan collaboration “Sticky Wicked” released on Chaka’s CK album (they were never in the studio together though).
1991: Miles died and Prince announced that his next album would feature a 20-minute section devoted to Miles. Nothing more has ever been heard about this project, however the silent track on Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic is said to be in memory of Miles.
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Added extended version of Can I Play With U (see below). Click here for the full write-up.

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Track 01. Paris [Listed as Crucial Love] 1:25 (2.4MB)
02. Power Fantastic [Listed as Fantastic] - omitted *
Track 03. Crucial [Normal Version; different from released version] 7:18 (12.3MB)
04. Last Heart [Listed as Break My Heart] - omitted *
Track 05. Sexual Suicide 3:34 (6.0MB)
Track 06. Girl O’ My Dreams [Listed as Girl In My Dreams] 1:24 (2.3MB)
Track 07. Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got [Listed as Can’t Stop; different from released version] 2:06 (3.5MB)
Track 08. We Can Funk [Prince and George Clinton; different from released version] 5:29 (9.2MB)
Track 09. In A Large Room With No Light [Listed as Welcome 2 The Rat Race] 3:21 (5.6MB)
Track 10. Witness 4 The Prosecution [Listed as Witness] 3:54 (6.6MB)
Track 11. Can I Play With You? [Featuring Miles Davis; listed as Red Riding Hood] 3:46 (6.3MB)
Track 12. Crucial [Extended Version; different from released version] 7:26 (12.5MB)
13. Amandla [Listed as The H Man] - omitted *
40 mins

Track 14. Can I Play With U (Extended) 5:00 (8.4MB)

* Official release.

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  1. 8 Responses to “PRINCE - CRUCIAL [WITH MILES DAVIS] [Updated April 26]”

  2. Huge Loss. Thanks, BigO, for this sweet offering. 2 giants even if it’s only 1 track…

    By TDC on Apr 22, 2016

  3. The Artist … a true musical talent to 360 degrees … his was the first concert of my life, live at Stadio Simonetta Lamberti, Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy; July 18, 1990. Goodbye Mr. Nelson.

    By Domenico on Apr 22, 2016

  4. Should be used to this by now, the year is 1/4 th over and look at how many legends weve lost so far,2016 is going to be a year to remember and not in a good way, All started with Bowie and now this. Was never a huge fan of his but his talent was immense and indisputable, will this never end or at least wait until 2017 to lose another one. Yet another R.I.P. Prince

    By COREY M on Apr 22, 2016

  5. We Can Funk is one of my favorites. Vintage Killer Prince. The Graffiti bridge version lousy. Thanks.

    By Jengiz on Apr 23, 2016

  6. YUK.

    By Timmy on Apr 24, 2016

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure of our amazing visionary, Prince, w/Miles Davis. I love it’s funky tones as well as the jazzy blues. Prince was a unique genius & his legacy of music, as well as his character, will live on forever. We lost a Godly soul.

    By Melanie on May 28, 2016

  8. (cont.) …until we meet in the Afterworld, Prince, where we can always see the sun…

    By Melanie on May 28, 2016

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