June 8, 2016 – 8:13 pm


…and thanks for the kind words.

+ + + + +


We’ll be taking a break for the next seven to 10 days (or so).

In the meantime… stay well.

Are we having fun yet?

  1. 23 Responses to “WE’RE BACK…”

  2. Taking a much deserved break!! Thank you so very much for all the music over the years!!

    By MCM on Jun 8, 2016

  3. and this better be for ENJOYMENT. haha.

    By Rocdoc on Jun 9, 2016

  4. listening to good music is always fun! have a good break!

    By barth on Jun 9, 2016

  5. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a break. Enjoy.

    By Bevis on Jun 9, 2016

  6. Great opportunity to say THANK YOU for so much music. You bring the noise! (and the joy)

    By DJH on Jun 9, 2016

  7. thanks for all you do guys!

    By sluggo on Jun 10, 2016

  8. Enjoy yourself!

    By Pique on Jun 10, 2016

  9. Grazie per tutta questa bella musica! enjoy your break

    By Ilario on Jun 10, 2016

  10. Big thanks!!!

    By Jon on Jun 10, 2016

  11. Profitez bien de cette pause largement méritée.

    Bravo encore pour votre enthousiasme.

    Thank You, Friends [from 3rd/Sister Lovers]

    By zak on Jun 10, 2016

  12. Enjoy a very well-deserved break, everybody!

    By fr in sc on Jun 11, 2016

  13. Enjoy the break. In the meantime, I’m a little freaked out for the “are we still having fun?” phrase… this deemed year has had very “big” names in music dying.. hope this would not be the case of the dearly beloved Big-O…

    By Lobo on Jun 11, 2016

  14. Thanks for everything you have done for us Big O
    I envisage you of course with an ice-cream being ripped from your grip by seagulls, a hanky ‘pon your head, sleeves rolled up to nearly your elbow trousers rolled up too past your ankles, paddling in the sea dodging the floaters and the condoms with your tootsies in the foam and rain storms of Skegness and a cone of chips in your other hand!?
    Have a great time!

    By swappers on Jun 11, 2016

  15. Thanks for all BigO!! Have a good relaxing time…

    By Dan on Jun 14, 2016

  16. Hope you Have a good Vacation! Hope everyone stays safe & healthy & our thoughts go out to the families of The Orlando Victims. R.I.P. ,

    Just a suggestion for when BigO get’s the Ball rolling again. Les Claypool of Primus & Sean Lennon have put out an AMAZING psychedelic/rock album called THE CLAYPOOL LENNON DELIRIUM. The album is the most BEATLES sounding stuff Sean has put out to date. I HIGHLY suggest heading over to youtube and giving a listen to “Cricket and The Genie” and you will not be disappointed. Pretty Please see if you can find a show off their current Tour. I know they have also been throwing in The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” in the set list as well.



    By Warrenh2000 on Jun 14, 2016

  17. Bon repos & merci!!!

    By Grimoire on Jun 14, 2016

  18. Enjoy your break. I was starting to worry till I realised you were away. Thanks for everything you do. Great music and always interesting articles.

    By Big Trev on Jun 17, 2016

  19. hey warren go to sugarmegs, I saw a claypool/lennon delirium show posted in the new shows area-decent quality.

    By mcm on Jun 17, 2016

  20. Enjoy your vacation. And thanx for many great recordings!

    By Peter on Jun 17, 2016

  21. Have fun. Come back soon. You are missed.

    By jimg on Jun 18, 2016

  22. Have A Good Break. Thanx 4 The Music.

    By tony zimnoch on Jun 18, 2016

  23. Welcome Back

    By Philippe on Jun 19, 2016

  24. Welcome Back Big O
    I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the fruits of your labors. Thank you again and again! Great tunes!!

    By Tapedog on Jun 22, 2016

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