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John Peel Top Gear Sessions 1969-1971 [no label, 1CD]

Very good BBC FM broadcasts.

Recently, Lucifer Burns shared a number of Marc Bolan/T Rex BBC shows at The Traders’ Den. Treat these tracks as a companion to the official six-CD Marc Bolan At The BBC (Universal, 2013).

Thanks to Lucifer Burns for all the efforts.

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BBC FM > Analog Chrome Bias (Type II) Cassette > SONY TC-WE635 Cassette Deck (w/Manual Azmuith Adjust) > TASCAM CD-RW900mkII Professional CD Recorde > CDR

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May 5, 1969
Track 01. Misty Coast Of Albany 2:19 (5.6MB)
Track 02. Iscariot 1:52 (4.5MB)
Track 03. Once Upon The Sea Of Abyssinia 2:00 (4.8MB)
Track 04. Misty Mist 1:48 (4.3MB)
Track 05. Chariots Of Silk 2:28 (5.9MB)
Track 06. Scenesof 1:38 (3.9MB)
Marc Bolan - acoustic guitar, vocals
Steve Peregrin Took - bongos, backing vocals

November 17, 1969
07. Wind Cheetah - Official release
Track 08. Hot Love 3:06 (7.5MB)
Track 09. Summertime Blues 3:31 (8.4MB)
Marc Bolan - acoustic guitar, vocals
Micky Finn - bongos, backing vocals

October 27, 1970
Track 10. A Day Laye 1:58 (4.7MB)
Marc Bolan - acoustic guitar, vocals
Micky Finn - bongos, backing vocals

September 3, 1971
Track 11. Girl 2:13 (5.3MB)
Track 12. Life’s A Gas 2:16 (5.4MB)
Track 13. Jeepster 3:10 (7.6MB)
Track 14. Cadillac 2:47 (6.7MB)
Track 15. Sailor’s Of The Highway 2:34 (6.2MB)
Marc Bolan - acoustic guitar, vocals
Micky Finn - bongos, backing vocals
Steve Currie - bass
Bill Legend - drums

36 mins

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  1. 13 Responses to “TYRANNOSAURUS REX - TOP GEAR SESSIONS 1969-1971”

  2. This is amazing and on the anniversary of Marc’s death!

    By Darths Mother on Sep 28, 2016

  3. Just a correction on track listing (don’t want to sound like my son but)
    TR.7 is not “A day Laye” but “Wild Cheetah” it is in fact TR.10 that is “A day Laye” and not “A dark Laye” which is not either a T-REX or a Tyrannosaurus Rex song. Many thanks again BIG-O!!! RIP Marc, Mickey, Steve and the forgotten genius of Steve Peregrin Took!

    By Darths Mother on Sep 28, 2016

  4. Hello Darths Mother

    Thanks for the feedback.

    By bigozine2 on Sep 28, 2016

  5. It’s actually ‘Wind Cheetah’, much as I hate to be pedantic!

    Tanx for a great share

    By Dragonhead on Sep 28, 2016

  6. I stand corrected, thanks Dragonhead, an abundance of past Chemical use and age has made my mind undependable, I should have had a look at the old vinyl first! :)

    By Darths Mother on Sep 28, 2016

  7. There is absolutely no way track 8 Hot Love is from that 1969 session - that’s the full 1971 line up. Still interesting some sessions didn’t make the boxset and always good to hear some vintage Marc.

    By Bruce Skywater on Sep 29, 2016

  8. @DarthsMother - “A Dark Laye”? LOL that was Gloria Jones….

    Seriously, dude, thanks for the tracklist correction, much appreciated - both yourself and Dragonhead.

    BigO - thanks for posting this - hoping one day that all (or all available) BBC sessions will be in the hands of fans… we ain’t getting any younger LOL

    By Stacey Grove on Sep 29, 2016

  9. LOL, no worries Stacey Grove and keep a little Marc in your heart” as they said in the day! Yeah not sure why they kept this off because the sound is great!

    By Darths Mother on Sep 29, 2016

  10. Thanks, Darths Mother :) We all still keep a little Marc in our heart.

    By Stacey Grove on Sep 30, 2016

  11. @Bruce Skywater - good observation, those have to be from 1970 (”brown album” period) or 1971.

    Interesting to see “Cadillac” in a 1971 session that was promoting “Electric Warrior” songs.

    I wonder if Cadillac is from a 1972 session and mislabelled here? or if it really is from 1971 session?

    By Stacey Grove on Sep 30, 2016

  12. Thanks Stacey Grove - glad you also agree that track might have the wrong date. I also think it’s possible that “Summertime Blues” may well date from October 27th 1970 since “Swan” was released that month and that song was one of the tracks on the B side so would had made sense to play something current… it sounds like a similar arrangement to the B side version.

    Always good to hear some unheard Marc. Taken from us way too early.

    By Bruce Skywater on Sep 30, 2016

  13. Just out of interest, the only tracks that did not make it onto the Complete Marc Bolan at the BBC Collection were some newly discovered tracks that were almost unlistenable. Every track that was listenable is on the boxset. The only session that is worth listening to that is not on the collection is in the hands of a hoarder who could not be persuaded to part with it even after being made a very good offer. I got this info from the guy responsible for tracking all the material for this box set down. All the tracks on the above CD are on the box set and other officially released BBC collections.

    On the subject of the track Cadillac. It was an outtake from the Electric Warrior period which is how it appears in a 1971 session even though it was not released till 1972.

    By nutzrocker on Oct 31, 2016

  14. Hi everyone
    How can I obtain a copy of this C.D?
    I have a copy of the vinyl but it has a slightly different track listing.
    The vinyl is a gatefold sleeve, possibly German with no info whatsoever, including any catalogue number. Bootleg?

    By chris cummings on Jan 20, 2018

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