October 5, 2016 – 4:58 am

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Stockholm 1992 [no label, 1CD]

Live at the Globen, Stockholm, Sweden; April 3, 1992. Very good FM broadcast.

The Highwaymen were a country music supergroup composed of four of the genre’s biggest artists well known for their pioneering influence on the outlaw country subgenre: Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, and Kris Kristofferson. Active between 1985 and 1995, these four artists recorded three major label albums - Highwaymen (1985); Highwaymen 2 (1990); and The Road Goes On Forever (1995).

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Thanks to amellowsoul for sharing the show at Dime.

amellowsoul noted:

This here isn’t a complete show, but a very nice sounding FM broadcast. Thanks to aikowolf for sharing this on a different tracker. Sometimes mistakenly traded as March 4, 1992 because of the European dd-mm-yyyy way of labeling - per the Johnny Cash Info Center they have it as April 3 - entree too - so I believe that’s correct.

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Track 01. Highwayman 3:00 (7.2MB)
Track 02. Folsom Prison Blues 2:56 (7.0MB)
Track 03. Help Me Make It Through The Night 2:57 (7.1MB)
Track 04. Band Intros 1:20 (3.2MB)
Track 05. Sunday Morning Coming Down 4:20 (10.4MB)
Track 06. The Best Of All Possible Worlds 3:48 (9.1MB)
Track 07. Desperado Waiting For A Train 4:20 (10.4MB)
Track 08. Ring Of Fire 2:55 (7.0MB)
Track 09. Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way 2:20 (5.6MB)
Track 10. Me And Bobby McGee 3:42 (8.9MB)
Track 11. Trouble Man 2:41 (6.4MB)
Track 12. Crazy 3:23 (8.1MB)
Track 13. Ghost Riders In The Sky 3:16 (7.8MB)
Track 14. Don’t Take Your Guns To Town 3:06 (7.4MB)
Track 15. I’ve Always Been Crazy 3:30 (8.4MB)
Track 16. Night Life 4:14 (10.2MB)
Track 17. On The Road Again 2:41 (6.4MB)
55 mins

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  1. 12 Responses to “THE HIGHWAYMEN - STOCKHOLM 1992”

  2. Just Saw Kris Kristofferson-At Hardly Strictly Bluegrass- And He Sang Me And Bobby McGee Thanks For Postings-Good Times…

    By Ron Massie on Oct 5, 2016

  3. Wonderful Stuff! Thanks Big O can’t beat these guys. Always loved The Highwaymen every song a classic and all still sounding on top form -beautifully quality broadcast is joyous too.

    By swappers on Oct 5, 2016

  4. Willie the last of his kind, he`s lost buddies, Cash , Waylon, George Jones and Merle just recently and one day he`ll be gone and real country music will be gone with it.

    By sluggo on Oct 5, 2016

  5. yes,old school country is real country.kris and willie are still with us,this modern day country is garbage,they put on those dumb cowboy hats,pick up a guitar and they think there one close to george jones,willie,kris,cash ect these days,same with the gals,taylor swift and carrie underwood are about as country as new york supermodels,dolly,tammy.patsy,loretta and kitty,that was country

    By Cool hand Howie on Oct 6, 2016

  6. I don’t think of Swift and Underwood as country at all more mainstream pop and we have Nanci Griffith and Emmylou still going strong as do we have Lyle Lovett, Steve Earle, John Prine (though poorly) and the recent post of Dwight was a treat, they all have their roots here I reckon -pure American folk music. These have cast their spell and there is youngster Earle and real country youngster’s coming up through the ranks. It’s not all glitter and pop pap fer shure

    By swappers on Oct 6, 2016

  7. thanks big o! Attention music fans, you should frequent bandcamp if you don’t already-they have 12 or 14 sub categories of “country” music. you can listen to everything free, purchases are usually under 8 US dollars and are often free, available in flac, mp3s @ 320, and physical hard copy. I was looking at the band amplifier for example-I bought a flac soundboard complete show for 6 dollars but was also offered the complete 17 item discography for 52 dollars{70% discount!} which included 6 soundboard shows unavailable elsewhere. I don’t work for bandcamp hahaha but its an incredible resource particularly if you currently feel like you’re running out of options musically, but be prepared to be shocked by how much good {and bad!} NEW music is available!! I go to certain sites and the general impression seems to be that music is winding down-it isn’t but sadly the artists from the 60’s and 70’s are, so go see for yourselves and not just bandcamp…

    By Liquid99 on Oct 6, 2016

  8. Actually kids there’s a new crop of “real” country artists out there for your enjoyment, led by the great Sturgill Simpson. Check out non-pop-country folks like Chris Stapleton, Jamey Johnson, Margo Price, Kacey Musgraves. Just get looking antd don’t let that pop-country Luke Bryan/Faith Hill/Jason Aldean etc. shit ruin either your day or your opinion of country.

    And whoever claimed Johnny Prine is getting along poorly?

    Yeah. WRONG. Saw him in December and he was terrific. Just saw Willie too and he’s starting to slow down. Just a little. But he was still fantastic!

    By Turtles All The Way Down on Oct 7, 2016

  9. Thanks ‘Turtles’ really good to know about John P. I merely got such a shock to see him post-operative on his throat and not looking too well so this is happy news - plus I was going to mention Sturgill a recent discovery to these tired old ears and what a revelation he was! LOVE his work! and thank also in that now I have another list of fine folks to check up on here across the ditch!
    This is why I dig Big O SO much positive exchanges amongst the mutterings gnashing and chattering of teefus from under the rickety rackety bridge you unnerstan . . . .

    By swappers on Oct 7, 2016

  10. hi big o, thank u for this!!

    By jon on Oct 8, 2016

  11. sound is fantastic

    By jon on Oct 8, 2016

  12. hi thank you for all the music big o! liquid99-i absolutely love band camp and similar sites, great resources…

    By raphael on Oct 10, 2016

  13. Adding Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires to the list that Turtles shared, in full agreement on the rest there. And thanks for that Prine recommendation - will have to hit up his next local show.

    By Dave on Oct 15, 2016

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