October 24, 2016 – 3:59 am

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‘We’ll Be Rockin’ In About A Half Hour’ [no label, 2CD]

Pet Sonds Tour. NY State Fair, Chevy Court Stage, Syracuse, NY; August 29, 2016. Very good audience recording.

Katrina Tulloch,

On Monday night, Brian Wilson did seem tired and a bit frail as he took the stage to perform the [Pet Sounds] album from beginning to end, but the gravity of his legendary presence endured. Like a beloved record or CD that crackles or skips, you’ll still cherish it after its prime. The Chevy Court crowd of 19,800 welcomed him with a standing ovation.

Overall, Wilson’s distinctive voice has seen better days. On “God Only Knows,” famously known as Paul McCartney’s favorite song, Wilson pulled back from the mic to sing in his upper register, straining on the words “what I’d be without you.” On “That’s Not Me,” Wilson hit most notes, but slurred a bit and dropped off entirely on higher pitches…

Onstage, Wilson acts like the silent grandpa at stereotypical family gatherings. He won’t leave his easy chair and he doesn’t say much, but he’s the patriarch the family loves, respects and celebrates. No one would be there without him.

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Thanks to dedhed69 who recorded and shared the show at The Traders’ Den.

dedhed69 noted:

Aprox. 20,000 General Admision [I had to grab the spot I know by the board in front by 5:00 pm].

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Pictures by Warren Linhart, posted at - Thanks!

Location: DCFOB
Source: CA-14 [cardioids] > CA- 9200 preamp > Sony PCM-M10 > Scandisc Ultra MicroSD 8gb [class 10]
Settings: CA-9200 preamp at +30db [High Pass Filter or (Bass Roll Off) turned OFF], Sony PCM-M10 record level set at 5
Recording Mode: LPCM [wav] 96.00kHz/24bit
Transfer: Sony PCM-M10 [ SanDisk Ultra [MicroSDHC] 8gb (class10)] > my Laptob HD [by way of USB] > 96.00kHz/24bit.WAV file
Mastering: 96.00kHz/24bit.WAV file > Adobe Audition 3 [fade ins & outs at the beginning & end of show & for +/-db gains & smooth out transitions where needed & remove loud claps.] NO music has been altered or touch!
CD Wave Editor to split tacks and to convert to Flac24 [Level 6]

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Disc 1
Track 101. California Girls 3:41 (8.8MB)
Track 102. I Get Around/Shut Down/Little Deuce Coupe * 6:17 (15.1MB)
Track 103. California Saga: California * 3:08 (7.5MB)
Track 104. Wild Honey ^ 5:18 (12.7MB)
Track 105. Sail On, Sailor @ 4:41 (11.2MB)

Pet Sounds Album (Side 1)
Track 106. Wouldn’t It Be Nice 2:49 (6.8MB)
Track 107. You Still Believe In Me 3:23 (8.1MB)
Track 108. That’s Not Me/Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder) 5:57 (14.3MB)
Track 109. I’m Waiting For The Day 3:14 (7.8MB)
Track 110. Let’s Go Away For Awhile [Instrumental] 2:59 (7.2MB)
Track 111. Sloop John B 3:32 (8.5MB)
45 mins

Disc 2
Pet Sounds Album (Side 2)
Track 201. God Only Knows 3:08 (7.5MB)
Track 202. I Know There’s An Answer 3:28 (8.3MB)
Track 203. Here Today 3:31 (8.5MB)
Track 204. I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times 3:42 (8.9MB)
Track 205. Pet Sounds [Instrumental] 4:39 (11.2MB)
Track 206. Caroline, No 2:22 (5.7MB)
Track 207. Good Vibrations # 4:48 (11.5MB)
Track 208. Help Me Rhonda * $/Barbara Ann */Surfin’ USA */Fun Fun Fun * % 13:49 (33.1MB)
40 mins

* - Al Jardine
^ - Blondie Chaplin

Some phasing [just being honest because of trying to work video camera and health].
@ - Sercurity telling me to shut down the video while I was still audio recording.
# - Good Vibrations recording is substituted with my audio recording from my camera [digital internal steroe mics]. People started to stand up all over. The crowd was going crazy! Mics became unplugged.
$ - My Sony PCM-M10 internal card mics turned on automatically once my external mics became unplugged. This Source recording picks up at “Help Me Rhonda”. No music is missing.
% - My mics are plugged back in when I finally notice. At the end of “Fun Fun Fun”. Too busy trying to video.

Brian Wilson - piano, vocals
Al Jardine - guita, vocals
Blondie Chaplin - guitar, vocals
Matt Jardine - vocals
Gary Griffin - keyboards
Billy Hinsche - keyboards
Nelson Bragg - percusion
Mike D’Amico - drummer
Probyn Gregory - horns
Paul Von Mertens - saxophone, harmonica
Bob Lizik - bass
Nick Walusko - guitar
Darian Sahanaja - keyboards

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  1. 17 Responses to “BRIAN WILSON - SYRACUSE 2016”

  2. Dudes , after great kick ass who shows from da late 69s and great stones from da mid 60s we is back to geezer Muzak , although l would still rather here da old men than da modern fake lipsinkin auto tune shit you dudes can do so much better like you showed wit those great who and stones shows make me happy by keepin it in da 70s wit more who , stones or how’s bout som Led Zep ,Aeurosmith , McCartney and wings , Badfinger , Elton John and some kick ass Rod Stewart , 70s Rock 70s roll 70s rule

    By Boom Boom Mancin on Oct 24, 2016

  3. Oh, I see the idiot corner is back…anyway, if any ROIO probably deserves Boom Boom’s dopey diatribe, it’s this one. You get the sense 50 years after Brian delivered this classic that he has lived off its fumes ever since. We saw a two disc, three disc, at least FOUR reissues of Pet Sounds (the first in 1972 paired with Carl and the Passions, its polar opposite in terms of sound and style as the band was heading toward roots rock.) All you need - ALL you need - is the original. Thanks as always for the music, BigO, this one is probably more historical than musical interest. All that said, Brian by rights should have been with The Who, McCartney, and the rest of the living museum pieces at Desert Trip.

    By Tony Pizza on Oct 24, 2016

  4. have the kids gone to bed yet?

    By sluggo on Oct 25, 2016

  5. Boring..I hung out in San Francisco, NYC and New Orleans in the sixties and never knew anyone who listened to Beach Boys then, and like Tony Pizza said their riding off fame from fifty years ago but not in a good way.

    By Mike Jenner on Oct 25, 2016

  6. Guys show a little respect,This is Brian fucking legend who gave us great top 40 sixties classics as well as Pet Sounds .the greatest pop album of all time

    By Clyde King on Oct 25, 2016

  7. Respect the legends folks,they will all be gone one day just like so many already this year alone.Doubt any modern contemporary artists will be considered legends in 40 years

    By COREY M on Oct 25, 2016

  8. Who was it who called up Brian Wilson and told him him Pet Sounds was the greatest album ever made? John Lennon. So mates a lot of people were listening to the Beach Boys in the 60s including the Beatles, like Paul McCartney - “it was Pet Sounds that blew me out of the water. I figure no one is educated musically ’til they’ve heard that album.”

    By Jon on Oct 25, 2016

  9. Sure Pet Sounds is great , but do we really need umpteen re releases , talk about milking the cash cow . Many artists do the same thing including the Stones and Led Zep , I mean enough already

    By G.W. on Oct 25, 2016

  10. yeah and we all know how valid John Lennon’s musical judgements were - he praised Yoko Ono, David Peel, Elephan’ts Memories

    By yoko no on Oct 25, 2016

  11. I want to make it clear I’m a BIG Beach Boys fan and to these ears they are the best music group the US produced. Their influence is unquestioned. And Brian put a fine solo album together last year. But it’s clear he cannot now physically or musically meet the demands his own music set.

    By Tony Pizza on Oct 25, 2016

  12. Anything by the Boys from Pet Sounds to Holland is outstanding and mostly incredibly inventive in a way others can only dream of - and it’s not only Brian’s stuff, either (and beyond that, I’d take Love You and Today). The music’s there. It’s been done and it casts a huge shadow over so much else, including their own later output. I saw him on this tour and thoroughly enjoyed the show, but - Jardine’s voice aside, I’m not kidding myself. Still, enjoy it while you can.

    By Crazy Chester on Oct 25, 2016

  13. So Tony Pizza are you saying that you are now becoming a member of the Boom Boom school of thought ? 60s and 70s only ? How can anyone be critical of a legend like Brian Wilson

    By Carl on Oct 26, 2016

  14. Pet Sounds is great but check out Today as well as Summer Days summer nights,both are outstanding albums,Brian was ahead of his time and the band was hitting on all cylinders,Pet Sounds great as it is is basically a Brian Wilson solo album,Also check out Sunflower 1970 another great underated gem

    By Chuck in Texas on Oct 26, 2016

  15. It’s Blondie Chaplin singing lead on Sail On Sailor (like the record) right?

    By BillfromPgh on Oct 26, 2016

  16. I saw Brian a couple of months ago on this tour. I’m really glad I did having loved so much Beach Boys music (Chuck, I totally agree with what you say about Sunflower). However, as this recording shows Brian is struggling now. The description at the start says it all. Not only struggling to hit many notes but also at times just disengaging from the whole gig. His band are excellent and often carry the gig

    My feeling is that when we go to his gigs now we are “paying homage” to the man. We buy into the illusion of a Brian Wilson gig, thanking him for all his music, happy that he is still here after all of his troubles. I don’t think any of us really believe that we will actually get a tip top performance from him, but that is not the point. His band do an excellent job and we enjoy the fact that we are seeing him.

    This isnt the way I approach other gigs but with BW I made an exception.

    I am concerned at how frail he appears. The tour itinery looks punishing for a fit 50 year old let alone a 74 year old man who hasn’t been in good health for years.

    By Andy on Oct 30, 2016

  17. Saturation ads for a Brian Wilson concert two months down the line have been running on TV and cable in my area for over two weeks, every 15 minutes - ten weeks before the concert date. “One of the Greatest Musical Achievements Of All Time!” boasts the announcer and shows Brian Wilson seated and waving his hands around. Even in the ads he looks impaired or even handicapped. Some of the other commentators are right, now he’s doing another tour to cash in on a 50 year old album even though he can’t decently perform the material, and trying to sell tickets by promoting himself as one of the greatest composers of all time (according to the ads). The shows obviously have not sold out since these ads have been running every 15 minutes for over two weeks. He needs to stop.

    By Dennis Nelson on Feb 19, 2017

  18. Could someone post the All-star tribute to Brian Wilson from 2001?

    By M.Pardys on May 15, 2017

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